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Found 25 results

  1. No need to explain too much, but is there any place in the world you would like to live in besides your home (unless you really like your current home!)? You can be pretty open about this (you can say you want to live in the sky or underwater), but lets keep it 21st century unless you have to go overboard. Personally, I'm probably going to have to move out of my hometown in Austin, Texas anyways despite it's great here since my career is going to require me moving elsewhere. I'm thinking about Dallas since it's not too far from home, they have jobs for my career, and it's still in Texas, if I decide I don't want to ever live outside of Texas. Or maybe I want to live in Denver; I haven't been there, but I'm sure it's pretty up there next to the Rockies, as well as the scenery (it's flat in Texas), and maybe I'll get into skiiing or something (and get out of the heat!). And no, I'm not thinking about moving out of the states. Anyone from these parts I mentioned?
  2. I have some decisions to make about housing because of very adverse decisions made by the landlady of where I am living now. There are many routes to go and innumerable variances in various traits, and one of them is to rent a house or apartment myself and then seek out roommates, rather than the other way around which I have been doing for years. I am utterly inexperienced with this and thus I ask you all for advice. I have been living in a house with up to 5 occupants for over two years here, renting out a room for 350/month (including utilities). I have been very complacent and unimaginative with regards to housing, but I was forced not to be when she decided to evict me due to the supposed effect my gender non-conformity has on her business there (the effect is pretty much zero). There is a wildly unpredictable legal component here which will affect costs and timetables since I have to fight in court even for the 60 days she must give me, and to raise the discrimination issue (this is illegal under the federal Fair Housing Act and HUD's interpretation of the protected Sex category, in case anyone is in a similar position). Do I rely purely on state law and try to leave by 28 December, or do I rely on federal protection and appeal a loss which seems likely (I might get a judge who agrees with a pro-trans interpretation, though) after the state's statute is followed? Is turning this into a protracted siege worth the costs financially? Will HUD or any organization assist me with appeals? However, the other component is even more important, the housing strategy. Do I look for low-income subsidized housing (I'm disabled and get benefits for that), or do I look for a room? What filters do I use to prevent both information overload and endangering myself with a bad situation? What is my cut-off financially and with regards to public transit? Yesterday and today, I had a rather important realization, one that is late and I am rather embarrassed about given my identification as a strategist and tactician: I could rent a 3+ bedroom and then bring in roommates to sustain that, giving me control and saving me from having to rely on the tolerance and whims of other people. Of course, I have never done something like this in my life, and this is the largest public place I am a member of on which such a question is within decorum. I also would be preferring bronies and furries in such a circumstance, so it's also somewhat relevant to bronydom. I have minimal knowledge of this process and thus need advice. Are such places usually furnished? Are there costs involved that I am not aware of (beyond utilities or having to suffer if a room is vacant)? Is there a high likelihood even with proper vetting and precautions, I will have to contend with bad roommates? Will finding suitable roommates take over a month usually? Is it considered reasonable to lower my share of expenses and increase those of the others (like, if there are 4 of us, have them pay over 25% each and me less) if I oversee the place and pay the landlord? Should I actually look more towards buying a house with some sort of home loan instead (I have nothing for collateral and am already 6k in debt, but have decent credit ratings), and then rent the remaining bedrooms as I would if I was only renting the place to pay for the mortgage and utilities? I thank you all in advance for your assistance. I hope I can pursue this option so I can for once be in charge of things and provide a suitable place for upstanding bronies and furries and others to live.
  3. When I'm sick, All I do it stay in bed and get online with my laptop. And that's all I do all day. Well ok when I need to get to the TV or get some food or use the bathroom I do get up depending on how sick I am. Usually colds don't bog me down too much and I can do stuff normally but fevers just render me useless So for me, Sick days are spent in bed curled up with my MLP blanket with a bowl of hot soup while watching some MLP :3 What about you guys?
  4. I suddenly found myself wondering today, as I browsed Octavia's Hall in my under-construction home with a half-asleep mini-chicken in my lap, what kind of lives you guys lead. Like, in my case, who would expect a 17-year-old farmgirl who lives on a homestead with 7 other family members (To be specific, my mom, gramma, granpaw, aunt, uncle, and their two girls,) clears out forest every other day, and drinks her morning tea dark and strong to be a fan of a show about multicolored talking ponies with tattoos on their butts? (Not my family, that's for sure! It's alright though, they don't really care--actually, my mom and grandma watch it with me sometimes!--and the two girls LOVE watching it with me.) So, what are you guys like? What are your daily lives like? Are you a City Slicker, or a Farmgirl/boy like myself? Are you American, Asian, Scandinavian, Indian, Latino? Are you happy with your lives? what do you want to do? SO MANY QUESTIONS. I'm sorry if all these questions seem a bit personal, but I've just got this inexplicable urge to find out the faces behind the screen names. EDIT : Well, I suppose it's unfair of me to ask you all that without telling you about myself. You all definitely don't have to say this much. I just feel like talking today. I'm Lexie (I don't mind divulging my nickname,) and as I said before, I'm a seventeen year old farmgirl in Tennessee. I'm a junior in high school and I'm not totally sure what I want to do with my future, career-wise. I already know my major goals in life. One: Make enough money that I can get a bus, renovate it with beds and cabinets and tables, and cruise the USA (I'm a wanderluster. I want to be a nomad.) Two: Write and illustrate and publish a graphic novel. Three : Honestly, I'm not sure. Other than my roots being stuck in the ground and not having a published piece, I'm pretty content with my life. I'll become discontent eventually. Until then, I'm good. The chicken I mentioned earlier who was in my lap was Lady Gaga, my favorite chicken on the entire farm. I guess this is rambling, but she's important to me and I want to take her with me on the road (although I will have some other chickens with me, too. Chickens don't do well alone. They get very sad without other girls to cluck to) She's a very funny looking bird; firstly, she's a mini bantam, which means she's a very small chicken (The difference between a bantam and a mini bantam is that a bantam is just a miniature version of another species of chicken, while a mini bantam is a tiny species of chicken which has no larger counterparts.) Second is her looks, for which we named her. She is a very sleek, thin bird and her head looks kind of hawk-like. Her plumage is grey blue with reddy-orange highlights, which are stains for the infamous Tennessee read clay. Her neck feather are quite poofy, and the ones going down the front of her neck are VERY poofy. She also has feathers growing down her legs and only stopping at her feet. She's an odd one. She's also one of the sweetest birds on the farm. I'll pick her up and she'll have a one-second panic before realizing it's me, and then she'll just cuddle up with me and I'll feed her some treats and pet her until she falls asleep or gives me a little peck, meaning she wants to go back out. sometimes, when I'm on the porch, she'll just fly up to my lap and settle down. I think she might've been a kitty in a previous life. I gather the eggs on the farm. It's the one solid duty I have; my other jobs are just 'help out wherever I can'. I gather them from the chicken coops where the chickens lay, under the coops where the ducks lay, and, if I'm feeling adventurous and/or have on long pants, in the brambles, where the guinea hens (really funny-looking, loud birds) like to hide theirs. Tricky buggers. guinea hen eggs are small and round, but BOY, OH BOY are they rich! Totally worth a few nicks and scratches. I also help milk the goats and and part-time goatherd. We have six; two adult girls, thee young girls, one adult guy (who we only bought to get the big girls preggers. More kids in the spring! We're gonna give him away soon. If you have billies around girls, the girls' milk starts to taste really musky and bad.) Jorja, on of the young ones, is also the only brown one and is by far the most bull-headed, tricky, sassy goat we have. One time, when I was in the pen, I bent over to pick up the food bowl. the little crab-apple jumped on my back, and then jumped from my back, over the fence! I had to chase her in the woods for twenty minutes. Damn goat. The other goats names' are; Ollie (the head goat), P.I.T.A. (Pain in the Ass), Madonna (holy hell, she is LOUD,) and Lyra (there was another goat we bought with her that I named Bon-Bon, because they always stuck together and they reminded me of two certain background ponies. She passed away recently. Lyra was very sad.) In case it isn't really obvious by now, this mare right here--> is one of my favorite ponies. So, that's it for the rambling on my farm life. If you looked at me, you'd probably think 'hippie'. I wouldn't blame you; I sport green John Lennon glasses, poofy auburn hair, and usually a tank top or sweater (depending on the weather) and a skirt with moccasins or sandals. I also have way too many rings, necklaces and bracelets 9I only wear one or tow at a time though, I just have a mondo-collection0. I also have a lot of earring but I wear this one pair a lot; One earring is a pink triangle, and the other is a yellow star. I dunno. I just like them. I draw a lot, but I also love clay and bottle and vase and mask and jewelry making. Crafts is a love of mine I really want to embrace more. I really like reading. ANYTHING. I mean it. I LOVE knowledge. I'll also watch almost anything. I really like fantasy, historical fiction, and psychological thrillers. I really don't know what else to add at this point. oh well. My break's over anyhow. I gotta go finish painting my room! Have a lovely day, everypony
  5. Home can be many different things... I call place where I can go and be safe home. Home where I can express my feelings freely and where I can enjoy things and not worry about them. I don't have to worry what other people think about me when I'm at home. My fears feel more distant and negativity goes away I can be happy. I can be the one who I really am. I don't need to put on some masks and pretend to be someone else. Home still doesn't mean that all bad goes away. There are bad things in world and they never go away, but at home you don't need to worry about that. Well you can worry if you want. but what is the reason of worrying if you can be happy? I'm now truly happy I can be first time ever the one who I really am! I always hided it, because I wasn't home yet, but on this one happy day I searched Google My Little Pony Forum and guess what came first. I was peeking here long couple months and I saw this place was different. There was something special here, something unique... Then I decided to join and the feeling got stronger over time. Until I figured it out. I can call MLP Forums my home and YOU guys did it. YOU are awesome don't ever forget that. Home is amazing feeling and I hope all of you can experience it if you haven't yet. What is your home? How you define home? What are your experiences with home?
  6. Just where do the cows live? And do they live together? Is it that barn from Boast Busters, or would that not be possible, since there was a stampede? And how does Daisy Jo earn money?
  7. Does anyone know what the name of Starlight Glimmer's hometown was called? I mean does it have a name? Also who are Starlight's parents?
  8. When somebody says “home”, what do you imagine? What set of particular visions illuminates in your mind? Do you perceive a physical place? Or an object? Or something entirely different? “Castle Sweet Castle” explores these interesting questions through a series of thought-provoking concepts. “Twilight's Kingdom” saw Twilight's home, the Golden Oak Library, which Twilight resided in during her life in Ponyville, destroyed in a monumental explosion. Perhaps we didn't realize it at the time, but a part of Twilight's world was shattered at that moment. Initially, the sight of falling debris and wreckage was a shock to her, but Twilight managed to hurdle those feelings of loss by channeling excitement about her new home which sprouted out of the box – with it came new opportunities for adventure and exploration. But time doesn't heal all wounds, and the wound inflicted by the loss of her home – the home that sheltered some of her most precious memories – was deeply stricken. Experience shows that the truth is, sometimes you simply don't know what you had until it's gone. The sense of loss and discomfort inevitably resurfaced, this time rendering Twilight incapable of feeling comfortable in her current residence. Her shiny new Castle only served as a reminder of what used to be. A shallow, empty collection of beautiful but dull corridors, a place that served as a house, but not a home. A roof, but not a shelter. In the same way that a clock does not create time but merely represents it, a house does not create a home, it merely tries to represent one. The ReMane 5 quickly take note of Twilight's bizarre change in behavior, and realize that something feels seriously off. Twilight does not like her new place, so much so that she'd prefer anything over having to spend time inside. The 5 have to figure out why. After sending her off with Spike, the cast of friends get to work making the Castle feel as welcoming and comfortable as possible. The fatal flaw in their plan is that they understand the issue, but are self-centered in their solution. While Twilight certainly loves and appreciates her friends, a collection of things that her friends enjoy is not necessarily going to make her feel at home. They created what appeared to be the perfect home – but the reality of the situation is that what makes a “home” is different for each individual. Instead of formulating Twilight's vision of a home, they subconsciously channeled their own vision. After stalling for more time, the friends rethink their approach. They realize that cramming in a bunch of objects, even if they were objects Twilight would appreciate, won't work. It's not about quantity, it's about quality. What Twilight misses most from the Library isn't necessarily the size and shape of the rooms & corridors, or the objects inside, but rather, the memories ingrained in those rooms. Some things in life are priceless. Memories are one of such things. They cannot be bought, sold, or traded. They simply are, and where they reside depends on where they were made. After a super catchy song and its reprise, Twilight's Castle breathes new life with the addition of a chandelier made out of the roots of the Golden Oak Library, with gems immortalizing the Libraries memories attached. No longer was the Castle seen as a burden. It was now an addition to the memories, and not just a sore reminder. It may only be a fraction of the old Library, but it's enough to make a dramatic difference for Twilight. My only complaint about the tail end of the episode, however, is the removal of the picture of the Mane 6. That would have been a nice touch. The old saying rings true – home is where the heart is. With the help of her friends, Twilight found her home once again. It was no longer a place to be avoided, but rather a place to confide in. A true “home”. This episode works on many different levels. The humor works (Twilight's crazy salon mane style, Spike's one-liners). Spike's role is welcomed, and executed well. I appreciate the notion that not only did Twilight lose a home, but so did Spike. He and his feelings mattered too, and its good to see the episode bring it up. The truth behind what makes a “home” is one of the most interesting, mature, and important morals in FiM. “Home” can be whatever you make it out to be, and whatever matters to you, whether its a physical place or not. I can relate whole-heartedly to Twilight's inner feeling of homesickness. I've bounced around from home to home throughout my life. Two out of the many houses I've lived in I've considered comfortable, real homes. The rest, like the one I currently reside in, felt more like roofs than shelters. The feeling of loss that occurs when you lose a home can feel like everything is falling apart. You lose a sense of safety and identity. It makes you question who you really are, and what you aspire for in life, and what you feel you're missing, what kind of spark you need to feel welcome again. Re-finding a home is like regaining that spark. To conclude this review/discussion/introspection of Castle Sweet Castle and its core message and concepts, and how its relatable, I'll say that I find the episode to be notably underrated. It's one of FiM's best and most mature episodes, one that can be appreciated by a lot of people.
  9. where does she live? it seems throughout season 1 she lives with rarity, but in Sisterhooves social it seems she lives with her parents and is living with Rarity for a week. where exactly does she live?
  10. Here we have a small 2 minute movie about my hometown Bremen, during the year 1937. At first we see the Bremer Marktplatz with it's weekly Grünmarkt, which is still held today. We see the old Renaissance Rathaus, which is the seat of our local goverment. The camera shows the entrance to the böttcherstraße, over the markt, toward to unser lieb frauenkirche. We also see the back then new Karstadt Mall, to the left of the Obernstraße. Some visitors come out of the Ratskeller, visit the Parkhotel with the Hollersee and then go to the Weser Island Teerhof. From the Teerhof island, we see the houses on der Schlachte and the historical Bremen Port. Almost all of the Port was destroyed during the War. The visitor makes a little boat tour through the port. He goes past the Atlas-Werft, goes past the europahafen and then goes to the überseehafen. There are also some things that aren't chronlogically ordered. Alot of these things still stand in my city, only the port is now off, which was a big catastrophe for Bremen.
  11. So I was just wondering what its like around the world. Like the title asks what's it like where you live. I live in north Carolina, its usually warm here, I live in a nice neighbor hood with plenty of "kids" my age. We don't usually get rain if we do its either a monsoon and lasts days or weeks or it lasts a few hours. The school I go to is huge made of brick and almost a century old. The town I live in is on the small side and is pretty old so most of the buildings have been around for awhile. A show HomeFront is shot here in a small part of town that we call "downtown". Most of the people are really nice here they wave and shake your hand when you meet them. So that's a bit of what its like where I live what about you guys?
  12. What is the typical day in your life? What do you do with your life, and what types of family members and people do you interact with? I like these types of thread because the demystify us and prevent us from just being some static image that people build up.
  13. I'm talking about strange / creepy stuff. There was this one time i put some sugar in a cup, preparing tea. I started boiling water when someone knocked at the door - it was just a friend who dropped by, we talked for like 30 minutes. Afterwards, i boiled some water again, poured it in and saw a whirling school of ants drowning scalded to their deaths in my cup.
  14. So where do you live, and what does it look like out your window at home or work? Here's mine (its a thumbnail, click for full size): I live in Jupiter, FL. About a half hour north of West Palm Beach. This is the view out the window in my living room. Do you live somewhere interesting? Take a picture and share.
  15. Navagating to topics from the home page always logs me out, be it from notifications drop down, the "recently discussed topics" area or the "Topics i've participated in". I'd say it does this 100% of the time now. It doesn't happen nearly as much (10% or so frequency) when I go through the corresponding part of the site map when navigating from the home page to specific topic. Also if I post a reply in a topic and the page reloads to update the thread, I get logged out. If this has been repeated a number of times in the forum please delete this post mods, or merge it with acceptable thread. Thanks. =)
  16. So what is up with Scootaloo i mean she is basically homeless, without family and disabled i mean really there is hardly any information her given in the show and she has to get something going for her. Her cutie mark should be the least of her worries . So can someone tell me if any of these things are or will be addressed soon in the show. It is kind of getting a tad depressing every time i watch a CMC episode i have trouble enjoying it because i feel bad for Scootaloo.
  17. so yeah, my best friend is about to go live in the city groningen, and he asked if i would like to be roommates. now i think this would be epic, i would be away from all the shit i have at home and i would finally have my very own place. not to mention i would be living with my very best friend! but, it would be the first time i move out, like i lived with my family for the past 18 years. so, are there any people who have experience with somehing like this? and is this a good idea?
  18. Say you are in possession of a fully functional teleportation machine that does not screw up your molecules and safely sends you from one place to the other, where would you go? nothing is far fetched, it could be any place on Earth, any planet in the universe, or any fictional place; where would you like to be teleported?
  19. All of the Mane Six, all of the major background and secondary ponies, and all of the princesses are coming to Earth in Pony form to attend a Party you are being forced to host for them. You are given a 10,000 Dollar Budget to work with plus any personal wealth you would be willing to use. You have three months to prepare the party. You can invite any friends you want also. What would be your reaction to this? How would you handle this? Do you even think you could manage it?
  20. Welcome to Art Rivals. this is a contest i have started for one purpose and that is to drive our art community forward. Now for the rules. this is a set of 10 challenges and you have 2 week to finish each challenge. the challenges are #1 your own oc #2 your rivals oc #3 one of the mane six #4 one of the background ponies #5 two or more ponies in one pic #6 youtube video tribute #7 fan-fic tribute #8 short comic #9 non-pony art #10 commission of your choosing Now how to challenge someone to be your rival/ get challenged to be a rival. First off is how to get challenged. what you need to do is post your best pic and a creative challenge to the world Example and now how to challenge someone it is actual vary simple. if you see someone you would like to challenge quote them. then use the challenge to come up with a good challenge of your own. Example IT is I Fanglore and IT IS ON To accept a challenge send both me and the challenger a note of acceptance and a link to the thread that you will be running it on. I will then add that link to this thread under Ongoing Challenges Every two weeks you both will post a pic on the thread and it will be voted on by viewers. You two will also write short critiques on each others pic. Voting will continue until the next pic is posted then the winner of that round will be chosen. After the 10th pic is voted on. The one with the most wins is the winner and in case of a tie you have one week to draw a pic with a topic of your and your rival's choosing. when the winner is announced i will put him/her under the winners section of this thread. Ongoing Challenges Fanglore VS The Dork Lord Winners ps to those who are already amazing artists and are wanting to support this. I need some commissions to be donated for the winners. if your interested in donating one or more send me a note
  21. My sister in law makes $200000000000000000000000000000 a year training monkies to kill world leaders from home. You can too! Just visit! It's 100% free! My sister in law quit her job because of! Note: this is a parody of spam e-mails and comments. does not exist.
  22. AnonyPoni


    Walk a hundred miles Then walk a hundred more Away from the place you used to know Embrace all the change Find a way to rearrange Your feelings inside, never let them show That's the life I led That's all I've ever had Fleeting scenes of memories passing by But it never bothered me, No I've never shed a tear And I never ever stopped and wondered why Till I found you. Till I found my friends. And now I've come to hope This is where my journey ends. I have said goodbye A thousand times before And I'll try, I'll try To hold on to something more For the very first time I don't want to be alone For the first time I can Say that I am home I don't wanna say goodbye 'Cuz I am home - Home (Zecora's Song) by MandoPony As I write this, I'm sitting in the terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport waiting for my flight to Brussels, Belgium. As many of you already know, I'm moving there. Life has moved fast in the last few months. I only learned about this in late April, and immediately we went into "moving mode" We've rented out our house in St. Louis, bought a Minivan, sold the old cars, put things into storage, and shipped our other things. Right after we were done with that, we were moved on a military Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF) as we waited for my dad's change of command. After that, we drove to Michigan and toured there, then drove to New Jersey to live with relatives for a while. It feels like we're nomads. This isn't the first time I've moved, and it probably won't be the last. In all, this will be my tenth move. I rarely get to live somewhere for over a year or two, and I often don't get to keep friendships. When I make friends, I know that I'll leave them in a very short time. Yeah, there's facebook and all that but a lot of people just don't remember me. When I moved, I left one life and had to start another. Until I over a year ago, when I became a Brony and joined the MLP forums. I was surprised how welcoming the community was. I almost feel like I grew up here, so to speak. I made friends, goofed off, discussed, been enlightened, and have been comforted by these forums. There is something homely about it. That's what this is to me. It's like my home. It's a home I don't have to leave when I move. I may not be the most active guy here, but I still always consider this to be the place I belong to on the Internet, and right now the world. So I'm off to Belgium, a new adventure in my life. Just know that I'll stay here, because this is home.
  23. WOOOO! Finally my parents have battled through the harsh mid winter "spring weather" and I will be going home tomorrow from university! I actually can't wait I'm so excited it's amazing what 3 days away from your family (despite being away from them for 10 weeks already) will do to you when you expected to be able to see them so much sooner! For the first time in my life I actually think that I dislike snow, I always used to pray for more and more hoping for snow days off school and sledging. But this year it's been a hindrance to my plans! (evil cackle). In other news, I've also started looking to upgrade my computer ! I'm as bad as Rarity at the moment, fussing over every little detail and trying to squeeze as much as I can out of my budget. It doesn't help that I'm easily distracted by flashing lights and suddenly thought it a necessity to have a window and LED's, despite most likely having my computer under my desk. But yeah, after waiting for 4 year+ to finally be able to get a new one, I can't wait ! + whats with the predictions of a white Easter? I honestly can't believe we might have a white Easter and not a white Christmas ><!
  24. After you moved and went to another area (if you did), what's the Biggest thing you first noticed when you got there? It doesn't have to be instant, but atleast within the first month or so. The biggest thing I noticed when I moved was how warm and humid the air was, the air here is just over all different than it is in England, where the air's more "crispy" and colder. Breathing was.... it was pretty weird for the first few months, even after I got in school. I got used to it though after 3-4 months, but for some reason it feels like you're breathing car fumes with no smell. Not that I would breathe in car fumes on purpose, it's weird, but it's cool I guess.
  25. Since we been going over the same topics again and again. I feel like injecting some topics to the community to see if we get some other discussion up. Let talk about the town your living in right now, how is it and where does it need improvement? My Town is small and pretty peaceful but being far from other cities (about 40 miles from one of the major cities) Everything pretty good, supplies and stuff is more expensive but not too much about a small percentage. I would like a stronger internet access out here that is reliable. other than that its perfect in my view