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Found 13 results

  1. Hello and welcome to the Forum Homework Help Thread. Here you can ask someone to PM you one-on-one to get the help you need. MLP Forums does not guarantee the accuracy or quality of the help you receive. If you are a student in need of help or just want to learn something new please post the topic or specific issue/subject/question you need help on, and someone will be able to help you, either in PM or in the thread. NOTE: When giving assistance it is HIGHLY suggested that if you supply an answer, you give a thorough explanation of how you derived your solution. Without that information it is difficult for someone to actually learn and improve, which is really the most important aspect of education. -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Helpful Sites: Good for beginner-intermediate coding Good for Science, Math, Economics and Humanities. Free online college courses. (No credit) Great for aspiring students wanting to learn something new. Has a wide variety of subjects.
  2. About how many hours of homework do you get? (That is if your still in school) For me here's the breakdown for this semester, I'm a freshman in highschool Art: 15 to 30 min Health: 15 to 30 min English 9: 1 hour Physical Science: 1 hour French : 15 min Total About: 3 hours 30 minutes What about you guys?
  3. Re-upload of the original one. This is for a friend who needs help for his math project for it is about statistics.
  4. Was there ever a project you had to do for school which counted for a good chunk of your mark, but you hated it with EVERY FIBRE OF YOUR BEING? And you HAD to do this, otherwise you might fail the course. I just finished up a project just like this yesterday night... or rather, 2:30 AM in the morning. Got only 5 hours of sleep. It basically involved me wiring things to a breadboard, distinguishing the wires from LEDs, adding ground wires, and so forth. It was... I don't even want to think about it, but I felt like burning down my school and throwing molotovs at crowds of people. I hadn't felt that much rage or frustration in a long while.
  5. Hey There so i got a homework for my economy class and the homework is to interview an entrepreneur.(asking him about his jobs,this that etc) and i wanted to do mine different from the others. i think i could get an A for this so i just need to find some entrepreneur. I'm Gonna do it with voice Interview via Skype you can add me on skype : skycr4ftdie the deadline is November 25th please halp
  6. I got a homework today: Make an own website. I need to make two pages: one with pictures and one with text. And i don't have any ideas about what should i write and about where i can make it. Can anypony help me? Thanks
  7. Here's the questions I need help with. It's about MACROMOLECULES. 9) Many common lipids are _____ and _____. This is what I'm stuck on so far, and if there's more I will update. DUE TOMORROW!!! My Notes are attached below. ALPS7sciencecourseinformation2015-2016.docx
  8. can somebody do my homework? heres what you have to do: select 4 plants or animals from the tropical rainforest, find a image and state how they are adapted update: many people have been wondering why I am asking and if I should be asking, the reason is I have scouts and have much more homework
  9. Hi everypony! : D I have found a very nice PowerPoint alternative. It is called Prezi (you can check it out here: I was really bored of that every presentation in my school is made with PowerPoint. Then I made my last homework with Prezi and the other students and the teacher were amazed. Everybody asked such things: "How have you done this?" or "How could you make it in PowerPoint?". Hehe... that was fun. So if you want to be "different", feel free to use this great software (it has a free version too, which can be used for 30 days). /)*(\ *brohoof*
  10. OK, so this time I believe I've used the search bar thoroughly and made sure that there isn't a thread like this already. If there is, shame on me. Seeing as most of the people on this thread seem to be high school students (according to poll, amirite?) I thought it would be useful for people to ask homework questions on here. Especially because I often times find myself doing homework and searching for answers....while also with the MLPforums tab open. Hopefully enough people participate such that questions can be answered quickly!
  11. I know that it's completely crazy but I'd like your input in a questionnaire for my Graphic Design coursework. The more people I get to take it, the better the results I'll get and I realised I know the most amount of people on this website. The Questionnaire is about a strategy board game. Question 1: What to you enjoy doing in your spare time? (Choose 2) Read Play Video Games Watch TV Surf the net Socialise Exercise Question 2: What to you find most interesting in a board game? (Choose 1) Having fun with others Strategy Screwing your friends over Questions Something Silly Other (please specify) Question 3: How often do you play board games? (Choose 1) Every day 4-6 times a week 1-3 times a week Once a fortnight Once a month 2-11 times a year Once a year Never Question 4: How much would you be willing to pay for a board game if bought new? (Choose 1) £0.01-£1.00 £1.01-£5.00 £5.01-£10.00 £10.01-£50.00 £50.01-£100.00 £100 or more Question 5: What main colour would you want on a board game? (Choose 1) Blue Yellow Red Green Orange Pink Purple Other Question 6: What is your favourite board game from this list? (Choose 1) Chess Checkers Monopoly Scrabble Cluedo RISK The Game of Life Snakes and Ladders Othello Trivial Pursuit Backgammon Battleship 4 in a row Pictionary Cranium Question 7: Who long would you like your game to last? (Choose 1) 0-10 mins 11-30 mins 31-59 mins 60 or more mins Question 8: How in depth do you like your board game to be? (Choose 1) Easy to play, not much depth Easy to play, interesting special abilities Easy to play, hard to master Small learning curve Large learning curve, lots of depth Question 9: What sort of theme would you like from a board game? (Choose 1) Stone Age Middle Aged Victorian Steampunk Samurai Fantasy Sci Fi Modern War Modern Day Other (Please Specify) Question 10: What do you want your player to be? (Choose 1) Random items Little people/Characters Representations of different teams Other Question 11: Would you like 3D components to be implemented into the game? (Choose 1) No A bit to improve the aesthetics Different Levels to the board Say what you will about it, but it might just work.
  12. A member of another forum I frequent asked this question and I thought I'd pose it to you all as well. How do you stay organized while taking a full load of courses in college? I'm in school part time right now and working full time, but plan on going to school full time in the fall. Because school is only part time for me right now, most of stress comes from balancing finances. Right now I am actually looking for a planner that would work for me to keep track of school, finances, work, everything in one place. I'm pretty forgetful which is a huge problem sometimes! I had a fantastic planner in middle school (when I didn't really need one lol) that was perfect, but I can't find them now. I've been looking for something like this, but in a kawaii style. Impossible to find. Maybe they are considered old school now, idk. Oh well. Sorry to go off topic! XD As far as school goes, I always begin my assignments the same day that they are assigned. If I have enough time, I complete it. If I don't, I just begin it even if all I have is 10 minutes to read over the assignment again. That way I have mentally begun it and it becomes more difficult to forget about the assignment. I also do all of the readings assigned for my classes ahead of time, take notes in class, and then that evening read over all of my notes. That way, by the time the exam comes around, I have been studying all along and am prepared. No cramming or heavy study sessions necessary. I already know the material. The most advice I can give is do not get behind. School is always a priority over anything else because you only get one shot at it. If I need to take a day off of work, I do. Financially that is very taxing, but if I have to for school, I will. It is worth it in the long run, atleast for me where I am right now in my life. How do you all manage a full load of college courses? Any study or organizational tips?
  13. Hello and happy new year to you all. I've been having good vacations but for me it's time to think about school again. Now, for the middle of January, I'm supposed to show a choreography in front of the class (or the teacher). Dancing is not my thing at all so I struggled a bit with finding an idea but I got some movements and a song. Here's the song I chose for my choreography (Do not judge me : Okay, so I planned on doing a movement for each city named in the song, but, being a canadian who never left the province of Quebec even once, I don't know what would represent most of those towns, especially those from the USA. However, I know that many of you live in the USA and could probably lend me a hoof. All I need to know is something that would illustrate those cities that I could demonstrate in a movement. All help is welcome . List of cities: -Yonkers -Kissimmee -Hollywood (Done) -Milwaukee -Hershey -San Anton -Monkey Island (Done) -Hong Kong (Done) -Timbuktu -Wagga Wagga -Honolulu (Done) -Paris (Done) -Montreal (Done, obviously ) -Buenos Aires