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Found 9 results

  1. Don't know if this goes in General Discussion or Forum Lounge but the Favorite Member thread is in here so I'll go with this one. So, if you were gay, (That is if you aren't already) which member would you go gay for. I've been talking to new people recently, so maybe some of the other male Pinkie fans I talk to.
  2. I interviewed senpai Fizz in PM, asking him many questions about stuff! Now you all can really see how awesome Fizz is! Question 1: 1. Who is your favorite pony? :3 It's official! Rainbow Dash is the true waifu! His opinion is fact and your feeble headcanon is not 2. Where did you get you name "Fizz" From? Ahhhhh so that's the super secret past story behind the name!!! ahhhhh so dank nnn 3. What is your favorite song? lol pink floyd 4. How long have YOU been a brony? Oh snap he just burned on alicorn Twilight! no newfags here 5. Out of all the History textbooks, who do you think is the most amazing individual to have lived? I don't know that guy lol, yay nazis <3 Aryanne 6. If you could go back in time, what year would you go to? =3 I myself would go back in time and be Hitler's friend #edgy 7. If you could have any guy in the whole world, who would it be? LOL 8. What is the most amazing MLP fanfic you've ever read? I surprisingly read that yet, but all my fanfics are still better they are so good that I don't upload them 9. What about the most amazing actual book you've ever read? >Not including Mein Kampf 10. What's your favorite videogame? I didn't even know he played Smash bros, 1v1 me I'll destroy you 11. What is your opinion on the 2016 US presidential candidates? (I think that's what the people who are fighting for president are called idk) Lol Bernie Sanders. #TeamDonaldTrump!!! 12. Do you own any Purell Advanced hand sanitizer? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH HE DOES OWN SOME 13. And, one last question! (Although the answer may be obvious) If you had the chance to go to Equestria, would you go? :3 What would you do? That's it for the questions! But unfortunately for him if he goes anywhere near my waifus he's gonna get rekt (Loljk) Now you know more about the amazing Fizz! I might do another one of these sometime =3
  3. The fact that you are not worshiping Fizz right now is shocking, to say the absolute least! Fizz is the most adorable and amazing guy alive, and it pains me to see that he is not getting the love and worship that he deserves! I love Fizz more than anyone else in the entire universe! I dema-- no, I plead to you all that you accept Fizz as your saviour. He is the best friend I could ever ask for, and I want you all to make that same statement as well. I love him too much 0///0 I just want him to have more loving and amazing friends...
  4. Fizz is the cutest and nicest friend in the entire universe, and I want you all to be his friend too! I think you all will very much enjoy spending time with him :^) So please message him! He will absolutely love talking to you all, and you will become addicted to his adorableness (:
  5. If there was a homosexual character on the show, how would it affect your opinion on the show? I mean a mare who has a canon wife or fillyfriend or a stallion who has a canon husband or coltfriend. I don't mean one who will talk about homosexuality all the time. It is shown in the same way as a heterosexual couple like Mr. and Mrs. Cake. You know they are married, but they don't flaunt it around. They could be side ponies and not the focus of any episode. I personally would not have any other opinion. I may like Hasbro more for growing up and having a gay character, but I'm not going to think the show would be different. I don't think the show would change at all. This is in the debate pit because it seems to fit there most.
  6. I wanted to know what the Bronies thought of this new way to look at the whole Christianty vs LGBT conflict. Bronies usually get tagged on with the LGBT community, despite that most Bronies are in fact not inherently Homosexual. Are there only two ways of looking at LGBT, or is there a Third Way? Watch the video below and give me your thoughts, all I ask. on
  7. It's funny that there was just a thread about Frozen posted and I find this Wow really and it's probably just because of the ending which I will not spoil but if you've seen it, you'd know how stupid this whole thing is. So discuss away!
  8. During my time on the internet it has come to my attention that it seems there is more controversy in the US than here in Britain, especially in regards to sexuality, race and scientific theories. I don't mean to judge anywhere I've never been so I thought I'd put together a little survey and I thought it would be interesting to find out where people are from and what is usually perceived as being controversial or even taboo in their area. It would also be intriguing to see what individuals find personally to be taboo I'll start us off: I'm from Leeds, West Yorkshire (a county in the north of England but not anywhere near Scotland) and because of a fairly multicultural population, many of which are students, there is very little which is controversial and even less which is taboo there. Being gay doesn't raise any eyebrows and religious people are in the minority (a creationist is almost impossible to find). It is all very liberal and aside from the occasional skin-head there aren't many cases of racism, homophobia etc. Because of this lack of taboo, I'm intrigued by what is controversial in other places so how about you guys?
  9. This is something I think is worth sharing.