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Found 35 results

  1. Has anyone else ever wondered why some stallions, such as Big Macintosh and Shining Armor, have hooves coloured differently to the rest of their bodies, yet most others don't? And even more strangely, Big Mac's hooves were the same colour as the rest of his body as a colt, yet Trouble Shoes' were even whiter than they are today? Theory 1: Blood Pressure The reason that some heavy stallions have coloured hooves may be their higher level of blood pressure. This may also explain why Trouble Shoes had whiter hooves when he was shown as a colt in the rodeo, as his apparent higher level of activity would have increased his blood pressure, thus increasing the whiteness of his hooves. Big Mac, on the other hoof (literally), grew up with much slower-paced activity. But what about ponies like Gladmane, who appear the same weight as the likes of Big Mac, you may ask? They're just a different type. Then again, I'm no scientist. Maybe Trouble Shoes' hooves simply got browner the same way my Converse shoes have (even though they're only two weeks old). They didn't get much whiter when he came back into the rodeo as a stallion. Or maybe it just differs from pony to pony. Theory 2: Skin Loss This theory suggests that while all stallions are born with furry skin around their hooves, there is one kind that loses that skin with weight. The reason Trouble Shoes lost his hoof skin at an earlier age than Big Macintosh may simply be that he had weaker skin. As for if mares can have coloured hooves, I just can't say.
  2. How did you feel when Derpy sacrificed herself to save Twilight from turning into a statue? All things that happened was unexpected for me. First Princess Cadance, then Princess Celestia Princess and Luna and finally Twilig-nope Derpy with her horn hat. She sure fooled Grubber though. I felt both honored and sad when Derpy was the one that turned into a statue. At the same time, I was also in quite a shock and had chills all over my body when that quick chaos happened. I knew if Discord was here (not the balloon version that Pinkie Pie made), he would snap all the villains but what Derpy did, was amazing. Finally, MLP movie gave a very special role to Derpy, although she is not from mane 6. I, myself do not love Derpy the most but I was too emotional on that part. Also, I was sad when we only see cutie mark crusaders only in one scene with no dialogue. Fluttershy's dialogues were so few too and she was my favorite out of mane six. Afterall, I loved the movie, it was more than I expected and it was sure surprising and amazing. So, how did you feel when Derpy sacrificed herself?
  3. What animation error can you remember the most? As for me, over all other animation errors, I remember the green apple that gets spit out as a red apple the most. Even over Cyclops Noteworthy, the alicorn filly at the Magic Kindergarden, and Derpy Hooves. I don't know why, but I don't really consider those to be animation errors, even though they really are. If you want to know about the animation errors for the show, there is a series on Youtube called "My Little Bloopers: Mistakes are FOREVER." There, all the errors are pointed out. Some of them are: -Cheerilee's wrong tail -AJ's missing freckles -Double wing/hoof/head/horn/whatever -Bad layering
  4. Hello everybody as the topic name says hoof bumps/claw bumps for everybody.
  5. This is a sketch I made, It took me about three days, so I hope it looks pretty good!!! The Princess Luna is my #2 favorite character in the entire show, so I just had to sketch her!!! I hope you all like it!!!
  6. Humans express their emotions mostly through their face, arm or leg movements. When you think about it, ponies have quite a few ways of demonstrating their emotions through their bodies that we don't have. I've been thinking about this idea ever since I read a story on FIMFiction called 'Moodwings', which I thought was a fantastic and unique story, and I wanted to make a discussion topic, because I personally see lot's of potential. Disclaimer: I'm gonna lay it out there right now that there there's many, many, many examples in the show where these body languages aren't used when they could have been used, are used when they didn't need to be, etc. Being a TV show, there's inconsistencies everywhere, and I'm sure accurate portrayal of something subtle like pony body language is not what the animators are making their priority, 24/7. But even more than that, these explanations are not all there is to this concept, either. I don't pretend to be expert on this. Explaining things like body language is complex to begin with, and there are always exceptions and variables on the individual situation at hand, that result in all kinds of tell-tale body language signs being used or not being used. There's also plenty of examples where body language signs are used for no particularly known reason at all. So take this topic with a grain of salt, and picture it how it would implement in Equestria as a basic concept that tries to explain common emotions and their common body language signs, and nothing more. Thanks :3 BTW: Model is mostly Dashie, cause she's best pony, and cause she has wings, a main part of this explanation. Hogging it to Dash gives ya'll an opportunity to post examples of the other ponies in your own examples of emotion depiction, as well, if you want -- Ears: Unlike humans, whose' ears are next to pointless when it comes to body language seeing as how (most people) can't really move theirs a whole lot for it to make an actual noticeable difference, ponies' ears are very flexible, and we've seen them used numerous times as an indication for mood. Happy ponies, as well as generally content ponies have their ears in an upwards fashion. Sad, unhappy or angry ponies, even ponies in a generally negative mood will often have their ears flattened or pointed a bit downwards. Shock, surprise, nervousness and focus are often examples of when flattened and downwards ears are used, as well, it would seem. As if 'battening down' their ears is some sort of jolt reaction, anxious from nervousness, and also used when a pony is trying their best to concentrate on something difficult at hand, or, just in suspense of something intense or fun. Hooves: Although ponies often use their hooves to express emotion in the air or by placing them against their own bodies, much similar to us humans, they do have natural things they do that humans don't; after all, these are hooves, not hands. Along with ears, hooves are a basic body language all ponies have. Sometimes it's obvious what hooves are being used for, other times, not so much. Perhaps one of the most interesting yet common uses of a front hoof is when one front hoof is picked up over the other three. A pony can be demonstrating excitement, surprise, a friendly greeting, or sign of contentment when talking with friends. They could also be displaying a sense of defense or being taken aback. Some ponies will do it simply because they're confused or baffled. Wings: Pegasi possess wings, an entirely unique way to demonstrate emotion that Earth ponies and Unicorns do not have. For the most part, wings are put away for disuse next to a ponies' body, but they often flare up, even when a pegasus doesn't plan on flying any time soon. Pegasi's wings will fluff up to demonstrate shock, showing passive irritance or fluttering their wings open like how a peacock does it's tail feathers, to show off. Timid ponies may often droop their wings to show shyness or as a generally submissive behavior. They may even do it when they're disturbed, or feel extremely awkward. Other times, their wings may refuse to fluff out when desired, due to fear.
  7. What do you think of the way the animation and physical anatomy of the ponies? Something about this show that we must admit is that... it uses Flash animation and some pretty basic, large, soft designs for easier animation There's quite a few animations, poses, facial expressions, things that the pony and equine characters do, but especially the pony characters do that... has variable aesthetic appeal visually. Do you ever feel that you have trouble getting a feel for exactly where their limb joints are located? I imagine that the ponies have skeletons and bones, but sometimes, the actions they make with their hooves start to use cheap cartoony anatomical inconsistency and their front limbs in particular start acting like human arms with functioning elbows. The picking up of things with hooves I don't mind, since it is depicted so blatantly that we have to just assume that their is some unspoken granular jamming or some suction mechanism at the bottom of their hooves, but there's quite a few other things with the animation and anatomy. What bugs you, and what anatomical aspects. bodily design aspects do you like? I do like it that she show bothers to animate their manes moving around and bouncing around realistically.
  8. I drew a Derpy! Really really fast XD It's just a quick doodle, so some of the colours are wrong, the proportions are a bit dodgy and the shadows are funky. Outlined in ink, shaded with pencil, shadows with texta [i have no idea why I did that but I did]
  9. Everyone likes to say Dinky is Derpy's daughter. Despite their race difference of pegasus and unicorn they look very similar. When Sisterhooves Social came along Amethyst Star/Sparkler was added to the Hooves family as Dinky's older sister. Makes sense. But wait! In the Mysyterious Mare Do Well episode we see Amethyst having a picnic with Tootsie Flute Granted, it doesn't HAVE to mean they're related,(she could be foalsitting, after all) but given the way the fandom hitched onto Derpy/Dinky/Doctor Hooves and then added on Amethyst it's a shame poor Tootsie doesn't get more love.
  10. Well, I guess this counts as pony art, since it's show-related Don't be surprised, the video is not supposed to be serious, it's just a small joke PS. I don't normally talk like that, I was just making fun of some howto videos
  11. I thought it might be cool to post this thing I drew here and see what people think of it. Hope you like it.
  13. Hi there, I'm Kurtis Hahn and I'm a 14 Year old Male. This being my first sketch I though I would make it of Derpy Hooves I would love some critique. I'm trying to find my place in the Brony community whether it be music, art, or stories "When All Else Fails Ctrl+Alt+Delete" - King Kurtis
  14. Santa Hooves! yay! another month and he will break into twilights house and give her presents MUAHAHA
  15. This topic was inspired by a user named @JellyBean, who gave me permission to use her OC for this. While you may or may not find her OC as adorable as I do, you can't deny that their is a definite uniqueness in her OC by giving her actual hooves. (Granted, I don't many OC's, so I don't know if this already is a common thing) The design is a simple addition, it's not overly obtrusive. Some may feel it takes away from the cartoony feel a bit by adding in needless realism, but I like it. In terms of the show, Celestia and Luna and even Cadence SEEM to have hooves, but going by the flashback with filly Twilight where Cadence DOESN'T have them, we have to conclude that they're purely a fashion accessory and not real, unless Luna REALLY likes making her hooves sparkle. JellyBean OC
  16. Finally!!! Damn, it's been four WEEKS since I drew anything, I hate that...stahp it, school. :'/ Anyways, I love Octavia, she's one of my favorite background ponies, so, I thought, "I must draw her...I MUST!!!!" This took me a long time because, school work has taken up most of my time... Why, summer? Why you gotz to just get up and leave? :'( Well, I finished it nevertheless. I hope you all like it!!!! I'll try my best to upload more drawings WAY more often. ;3 Please give me feedback, I think I know where I went wrong, but I'd very much like to hear it from you!!!! Enjoy!!!!
  17. I've noticed that there isn't much love for our Princess Celestia out there, Luna is great, but I still love our awesome princess, so I decided to try to capture her awsomnation on paper!!!! Hope yall' bronies and Pegasisters like this drawing of Celestia!!!!! :-D
  18. This time I actually got a piece of paper, and pencil to sketch Dashy, this is actually the first time I've drawn a MLP pony, so I hope it looks pretty good.Hope you all like it!! :-) /)
  19. The materials from my last entry have been made into stuff! Yay! Anyway... First, I made my hooves. You can't tell, but the color is very nice. On the right are my back hooves and on the left are my front hooves. I showed them from the back and front. The back does have the paper fasteners but I think it looks neat xD I'm not sure if I'll use these because they are a bit silly. Then, I made my tail. The tail is absolutely ridiculous. I'll have to attach it to a belt as well, to get it on. And its so...flat. And like the hooves, not sure if I'll use it. Finally, the cutie mark. On the right, its shown on the foam of my tail, so you get the idea. On the left, its shown on the skirt I'm planning to wear. I mean, come on, the skirt just screams Twilight Sparkle. I'll say more about that in my next entry. I thought of showing you how the hooves look on me, but I'd rather not...
  20. Yep. I've got some foam and fabric and paper fasteners to start making my cosplay costume! Yay. As you can see, I have two sheets of dark blue foam, to make my tail. I have one sheet of pink foam for the stripe in my tail. I have five sheets of purple foam, one for the stripe in my tail, and the other four to make...well to make hooves! Not sure if I'll actually use the hooves and tail in the end of it all...but whatever. And then I can put them together with those paper fasteners. The fabric is to make my cutie mark, two in fact. I've got dark pink and white, although you can't really tell with my silly picture there. This'll be fun.
  21. Ihei

    Ask Derpy

    Ask me anything! I can and will reply in full character of Derpy, so it will be fun! I like funny, personal, weird, creepy, cute, and favorites! I also LOVE preferences!
  22. Ok so this has been a question that I've been hesitant to say anything about, but I finally had to ask after failing to find it on google, and just outta plain curiosity. So what exactly does the coloring around the hoofs have to do with anything? Like what is it? Does it just show the hoofs or something? Is it shoes? I'm pretty sure it isn't seeing as the shoes have this different look and I can tell what they are, but I can't seem to get the coloring and what its really suppose to be. I feel kinda dumb for asking this, because the answers probably going to come and I'll be making physical contact between my desk and my face afterwards, but I just have to ask. I also notice that in the show its only really on Stallions, the one I can think of who has it right now is big mac, and I don't know what it is really. I understand normal ponies have a difference of color around the hooves, but the majority of the MLP ponies don't, infact I don't see it around any Mares in MLP, just stallions. So yeah, without more rambling I'm just curious but what is it suppose to be? I'm sorry for my dumb questions, but well.. Idk I'm dumb I ask alot of dumb questions, so I guess you may as well get use to it . Thanks in advance!
  23. Hey y'all! even though I told myself yesterday I wasn't gonna try to make a drawing for hearts and hooves day I was bored so I ended up drawing one anyways . So yeah here it is. Now before anypony says so I know for a fact that the mouth looks weird. I was trying to make it look right and like hes holding it but everything I tried just didn't look quite right.. I'm not really sure why . So sorry if that looks odd, I was just experimenting with stuff, and I didn't have any good references to go by. So its kinda sloopy looking. If anypony can provide some insight on how to fix that problem it would be much appreciated . I'll leave the rest of the picture up to y'all to judge, I just wanted to point out the obvious before anypony did . As always this was drawn with GIMP. Using my mouse. I used a reference picture of Fluttershy for the pose, and I used a reference of my OC for colors and stuff, but I'm slowing trying to get better at not needing reference as much. Theres probably a good majority of this I could draw without a reference honestly . I just wanna make sure everythings right. Anyways I'll stop rambling. Happy Hearts and Hooves day! Both to the singles (Like me) and the people who are spending it with a special somepony <3 Later y'all! And a wonderful hearts and hooves day! Ps. If you can't tell I'm almost as bad at drawing hearts then I am at drawing circles. Feel free to scold me for my terrible looking hearts . Oh and if you missed my latest project check it out!