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Found 44 results

  1. Life can be unkind sometimes. Not everyone can be fortunate enough to have good parents, a home, friends, food. The list can go on and on. Just like most people in the world I haven't had the easiest life. Many things have gone wrong for me but the worst thing was when I lost all my friends when I started college almost two years ago. For almost two years I had no friends (I still don't) and I felt sorry for myself. I tried hard to make new friends but no one seemed to care. I ended up isolating myself from the outside world and fell into a silent sadness that I refused to share with anyone. This sadness lasted for a while until one night I did one thing I never thought I'd do. I picked up a pen and started writing poetry. I couldn't seem to stop myself. I wrote for hours. Poems, stories, journal entries. You name it. It kept me from losting my sanity completely and kept me stable in my isolation. I don't know when down the line this happened but I eventually found the willpower to live. I was sick of feeling sorry for myself and I no longer wanted to drag on feeling this way. Sure I feel sad once in a while but I get over it fast. So what keeps me going? - WillPower: I try my hardest to control my emotions. Every time I feel sadness I tell myself everything's going to be alright. - Benevolence: I've always cared for others as odd as it may seem. I'm the kind of person who will go out of my way to help or comfort someone in need even if I don't know them. Even if I get nothing in return. - Hope: Nothing bad lasts forever. Things look bad for me sometimes but whenever I feel lost I look up at the heavens and have hope for the future. I'll be okay. - Courage: Things feel difficult at times and sometimes responsibility scares me. Even so, when things look grim I close my eyes and charge in full throttle. I don't have time to fear the outcome so I charge in with hope that things will work out. So what keeps you going? What keeps you from giving up and just letting your life slip away?
  2. Well after recently watching one of the best TV episodes in all of television, I really feel positive. I feel like expressing that positivity into what I see for 2019. The potential for maybe something good to happen to me for once. Maybe it will be the best year of my entire life. Although I'll be the first to admit, the opposite may once again be true, and if it were bad enough it could be my last year of life (You know what I'm implying here), I'm really looking forward to a year in and of itself for the first time, quite literally ever. I know this is about 3 weeks late, but I'll dive into it here. Why exactly do I feel cautiously optimistic about 2019? Well here are a couple of reasons. ~What's coming out in 2019?~ There are some AMAZING things coming out this year. Among them being Toy Story 4, Borderlands 3, Hazbin Hotel, and Long Gone Gulch. Toy Story 4 seems, so far, to be on its way to being a phenomenal ending place for the series (Here's the summary that says so). I really feel the hype on this one. As for Borderlands 3, I'm REALLY excited. It's another Borderlands game, what do I have to say here? As for Hazbin Hotel, it's been shaping up to be among my favorite adult animated shows of all time (I DOUBT it will beat out Rick and Morty and the older seasons of the Simpsons, but I think it will be up there). But nonetheless, definitely loving the dark creativity. And for Long Gone Gulch, the character concepts and the blending of genres are both QUITE intriguing to me. I see it being perhaps among the best of all time with the potential shown by Rawhide's character. I'm sure there's more to be excited about, but these are the main things. Like yes, the Bowser's Inside STory remake is a thing, and yes so are things like Infinity Train. But these are the things that REALLY make me feel like there's hope. Maybe a Chance at Love? <3 I think it's ACTUALLY possible I'll find him. You now, the one. I know it's been a struggle in that department with you know the fact I as of now have a whopping 3 ex-boyfriends at the age of 21, but I've began to become hopeful in recent times I might find the fourth and maybe they'll revise that saying to "the fourth is the charm." But I have hope for a three reasons. Firstly, I have made my own blog post citing what I want in that department, and I'll link it right here. Secondly, over those 3 failed relationships, I gained a better understanding of how to make them work, or at least I'm led to believe so. And last, but not least, the potential move may help out a LOT here. If I moved in with my brother I'd be moving into the second largest city in the state and the seventh largest city in the country (San Antonio, Texas). By my math (and admittedly a few assumptions), that leaves me in that city alone... Just about 10,000 possibilities. Yes, 10 THOUSAND (for a male looking for a relationship with another of the same sex, that's an awful lot of possibilities). At least 1 ought to be compatible? Of course this is all me trying to be positive. The realism of this is still... a bit shaky at the very best.
  3. If you have every wished the shkw could be real like me here is a theory for you. Ever since I got into the show around the time of season 3, the show has always resonated with me and I have always had a desire to meet them in reality. Obviously talking pastel ponies don't exist in our universe but here's where the theory comes in. Scientific theory to be precise. In modern science there is a thing called the string theory. At its most basic or is the idea that at the core of subatomic particles there are these tiny vibrating strings of energy called strings and the frequency at which they vibrate gives rise to our universe and the laws of physics that govern it. When you take this into account along with the theory of multiple universes, with a universe with the strings of that universe vibrating at the right frequency, there very well could be a magical land of Equatria and that just makes me smile ever once in a while.
  4. Look..... this is going to be very hard for me to post. I know the risks of doing so.... but it has to be done. I've felt so guilty all this time and hoped that this might have been resolved quietly without any drama like last time.... like last October.... ironic.. heh... I know there will be a lot of anger with all of this, but I ask people to try to react to this in the most responsible way possible. You all have the right to be angry and outraged, but please, do not let it overtake your behavior here, as we don't want to give the forum staff any extra job of having to do cleanups. I have talked with @PiratePony about this and told him of what I was about to do, I have talked with other members of staff, because I did not want to wade in blind nor did I want them to be taken by surprise when I posted this. They deserve to know my full intentions here.... To give a bit of a context, I was once a Global Moderator on this site (before that I was a Sectional staff member), I worked with the staff on most every matter that I could be working on here on the forums. However, there was one other who also used to do that. His name was Matey, @PiratePony. He was one of the greatest staff members to have ever worked within the forums, having been the treasurer of Poniverse as well at one point. Everything he did, it was so just and he was very understanding with everybody, very engaging and he went by the book..... and for that.... he was terminated within the staff.... See, dramatic things have happened within the staff. This took place back in April. But if I had to think harder about it, this actually took place a bit before that even, when the head of Poniverse, @AppleDashPoni came up with the idea of implementing an NSWF section here on the forums. This was rejected hard by most of us on forum staff, but none were as hard opposed to it as Pirate was.... and I think that is what drew him the ire of @AppleDashPoni. The conversation was not a pleasant one, AppleDash did not seem to understand that we worked as a team and that we reached common agreement before taking an action on something. We did discuss his wish, but in the end, we declined it. Let us now fast forward over to April (even though I did not mention any date previously for the NSFW discussion). Pirate was informing us of the possibilities that we might have in regards to the possible change of leadership. Nothing out of the ordinary, this was information that we should have all been aware about... he was telling us this (and just to be clear, this all took place on Skype)... and then the dreadful message of [5.4.2017 20:01:32] *** Blackjack removed PiratePony from this conversation. *** happened..... this was..... everyone in staff (at least moderators and administrators) reacted negatively to this. And I can safely say here now that no one accepted what AppleDash did and we all protested this harshly. AppleDash had taken the authority to fire Pirate, a Global Moderator, on his own volition without consulting anyone about it, not even the forum's administration. Look..... I am now going to provide you with the log with both the discussion we had about it and the log which @AppleDashPoni himself provided as "evidence" of Pirate "personally attacking" him and "working against the corporation's leadership". Look, when I provide you with the logs of the discussion we had within staff (Global Moderators and Administrators), you will see that some names will be presented as "Anonymous 1" or "Anonymous 2". Those are people who have either requested that their name not be shown or are people I have not been able to contact, so I will show them the dignity and respect for their privacy to not publicize their names. However, the names that will appear there are of mine and AppleDash and of those who have agreed to allow me to show their name. I respect the privacy of people of not wanting to get dragged into some drama, but here come the logs of the conversation we had, though be warned, there will be missing context as I in the end leave the chat, but I have heard that the chat went on, though it was very unfruitful.... I have colored some of the names just to make it a bit easier to keep up with the conversation, on who is saying what. And when there is no space between lines, that would mean that someone is being quoated, for instance when it appears I am saying "And personal attacks, baiting, working against the corporation's leadershipFrom the example you provided, that is false. " this is actually me quoting AppleDash until it reaches "From the..." which is my reply to the quote of his words. Be aware that me editing the "anonymous" parts and putting color to names is the only edit I do. Everything else is completely untouched and raw. Also, another thing to be aware of, AppleDash is actually Blackjack on Skype. That is (or was) his username at least. If you are busy in any way, I suggest you keep this window open still as this might get removed, even though I have talked with the people who would have the biggest say here on the forums and I am in full right to write this. The log: Now, you have read the log of the conversation we all had and you can see it is all hostile. Usually we do not get so hostile, but Pirate's firing came as great shock to us all and it was too much of a surprise, it was just so surreal. To make matters worse, AppleDash did not really want to talk to us or even converse with us as a team, but rather talk to every single one of us "privately". We did not trust that, so we had the discussion within the group chat on Skype anyways because there was no way we were going to trust him with private chats. Better to keep things as transparent as possible. Here is the log that @AppleDashPoni himself provided as "evidence" of Pirate personally attacking him and working against the leadership. I will post it in the form of the link he himself provided as when I copy and paste it over here, it just becomes really messy. Now you basically have full context of what has happened. I just want to say.... I did not expect things to go as they went.... You will ask: "Why? Why now? Why are you bringing this up now of all times and not immediately when it happened?". To be honest.... I thought this might have gotten resolved within staff. I thought that my resignation (and I was expecting more to resign) might put more pressure on AppleDash's leadership and that Pirate would get reinstated.... but... nothing has happened. AppleDash is still the head of Poniverse and PiratePony is still no longer a member of staff. He has not even been apologized to. The people I worked with.... they tried the best they could..... but they were unable to succeed. So things now fall upon the forums as a whole on what type of action they want taken here. I am not trying to start some populist outrage here, but I am doing what I consider to be the right thing to do. People deserve to know about this. Considering that such a gross violation and misconduct of power has been allowed to prevail, the people of Poniverse deserve to know who is leading them. Now.... I intend to lock this commenting section of this blog if I can. Now you will ask why I would do so... because last time, last October when things blew over, when threads were made detailing everything that had happened.... people did not react in the best way in the thread and the anger only grew in those threads with people letting emotion taking more and more over to the point that the staff had to start hiding posts and even hide the thread as it was just so divisive. This is why I ask you, though you can be outraged, to not violate the terms of services of this site.... we all know the rules folks... even if some of our officials and leaders may not.... This might also just be the (former) staffer in me speaking out, trying to conduct public management and trying to contain spread of chaos and... well... you already know guys, heh.... old habits die hard I guess... To summarize this up, Pirate was unjustly fired due to selfish reasons and the current management of Poniverse, or rather, it's current leadership, has shown itself to be untrustworthy and corrupt. Forgive me for using such strong words.... I have tried to stay as neutral in posting this whole thing.... but I think my own thoughts about this whole matter are valid as well. However, @PiratePony If there is anything you wish to say upon this whole matter, I would be happy to unlock the commenting section just for you or to somehow highlight your thoughts upon this whole matter. We are all here for you man.... whether we are just public members or actual members of staff. Btw if I am not able to lock the commenting section here, I ask people to please refrain from commenting here as to keep this clean as possible. Even if this whole thing I am doing here might end up doing nothing, people deserve to be informed. I invite all people who were involved in this matter, please, if you have anything more to add to this, please do so. Don't shoot the messenger folks Jonas out!
  5. It just seems that when I hope or predict something on the show, half the time it doesn't happen, and I end up disappointed. I'm sure some of us can relate. I mean, I get upset when Spike gets neglected, and other people would be upset is Derpy doesn't appear at all in a season. We all have our wants and needs for the show. How about we just got rid of that? If we stop hoping for something we want to happen on the show, we probably won't end up disappointed if what we want doesn't happen! We can just enjoy the show and just not thinking about anything! What do ya think, brahs? No matter what, we win!
  6. I'm thinking about where I want to be in half a decade. I think it's enjoyable thinking about all the possibilities which could still come to be. Where do you think you'll end up? What would you aim for? I'm thinkin', Be married to a lovely woman Own a house and a car Visit South America and/or Pacific islands Finish writing a book and/or start making a video game Save a life What would be on your list? What are your top five ambitions?
  7. Stardust*

    Brick Wall

    There is only so much that one person can take. The pain that you must endure is something that cannot be measured. It is something only you can feel inside, only something that you are going to be the judge of. You can never be who you truly want to be because there is always someone in the way making it hard for you to break through. This is how walls are built. This is how distrust is made. This is how you feel so alone because you can never let the wall down to let others in. Once you start to chip away at the wall, it ends up collapsing on top of you. Crushing any hope that you had, and then comes the project to fix that broken piece of you again, but because you are all alone, it can take forever. You look down one side of your wall and you see holes in it from all over. You look down the other side, it is almost mirrored. All of those gaps are when you felt vulnerable and you were wanting someone to just be able to see who you are, and each and every time it shattered into a million pieces. And each and every time you are left to try and pick up the pieces. By the time you have mended all of the holes you think you are safe. You think that things are going to be okay, you have to pretend. You have to put on that mask each and every day to just make it back to your fortresses. You make sure that others see that everything is fine on the outside so that they don't start trying to chip away at your wall. So you don't have to be back in that same position all over again. Alone you reinforce that wall with mortar crafted from tears. You harden the bricks with the sadness you feel. Eventually you finally run out of tears, the amount of pain you feel just floods over you and you just wish desperately you could cry and let it out. You wish you could just let it all out so you could just feel better, even by a little bit. It's at this point that you have successfully become something that you never thought possible. You have become that person behind that mask. You are the thing that people see, that fake smile, that forced laugh, that conversation that you had a million times that you have it memorized from start to end. The same one every time, and it's so surprising that people can't even tell because you know they don't even care, they are doing it for the same reason, just to hurry up and move on. Not a single person to go to because they all "know" you are fine. How can someone who is so happy and put together be sad? How can they have issues, they are so helpful and always in a good mood. Little do they know that every second of every day they are screaming at you to notice that they are not okay. To notice that they are experiencing such pain that they don't know how to express it. There is so much that needs to be said but because there is never that conversation, everything stays hidden. Living that Facebook Life that you post about. Losing faith in humanity because everyone is so busy with their own lives and how they can step on the little guy faster just to make their way up, that they can't even see what is in their face. Some may be asking why can't you just open up and admit it. Because of the beginning, when you had let someone in, to try and have someone understand what was happening. To try and be honest about how things are going. About being vulnerable. Then realizing that said person was only doing it out of pity. They never really cared. Why would you want to continue to try and open up to people that you think you can trust only to be pushed aside like yesterdays take out. How can you even begin to trust again, especially when your deepest feelings and emotions get made fun of? How can you move forward and just say "Oh, it was just so and so, the next person will be different" When you have no one to confide in because you have pushed so many people away.... You begin to question every motive of every person. You look for every bad quality so you can break the ties much quicker than they can be bonded. Because your anxiety thrives on making someone out to get you when all they are trying to do is get to know you. But when they stop talking to you for a while you start to think that you have done something wrong. The cycles repeats, hope, suspicion, distance, loss, questioning, confusion, pain, hope, suspicion, distance, loss, questioning, confusion, pain. Maybe one day it will stop. Maybe one day there will be that person, that perfect soul that can see through the mask, that can pull back the curtain without tearing down the wall completely, but slowly chip away and continue until it is in ruins, and still be there even when the shattered shell of a human being is left there trembling. Afraid to come into the sun, afraid to move past the rubble of the four walls. One day that person will have enough strength to carry you into the light, and to be with you each step of the way building back up who you are. Finding all of those lost pieces, rediscovering who you were and who you are meant to be. Until then, those four walls are as close as you come to comfort.
  8. Just finished making an Obama Hope Poster parody for Sonata Dusk. Any critique or advice you can give? I'd like to make it as much in the style of the Obama posters while a the same time keeping the EqG look, so any insightful or otherwise helpful advice is appreciated.
  9. Friends Forever's overall quality has been decent at least. Sure, you will get a bad issue here and there, but it's been more consistent. Unfortunately, I can't say the same with the main comics. Since Reflections, the main series has been a major mess outside of Manehattan Mysteries and maybe one other comic. Some comics have problems of their own, but many of them share the very same issues (no pun intended ). Some of them are: The pacing is all over the place. The chapters themselves can be too fast, too slow, putting so much in that nothing flows naturally, or putting in too little so they have to pad it with filler. Siege is the worst arc with this. Long-established characters becoming out of character, flanderized, or both for the sake of the plot. They include: a. Pinkie Pie acting like a random idiot, either to spout jokes or some other reason. Two of the worst examples include her being the vessel to mock people criticizing their work and being dumb enough to fall for a blatant trap that got her trapped in a makeshift jail. b. Rarity being flirtatious "just because." c. All of Ponyville nearly going into civil war over a stupid PLAQUE. d. Celestia for either being useless (including Luna) or completely disregarding warnings by Star Swirl just to enter the mirror and be with Sombra there. e. Twilight acting like a complete idiot who elects to let the ponies suffering suffer more and follow a law that defends the aggressors. d. Flim and Flam, Iron Will, and Lightning Dust choosing to join Chrysalis and be side-villains in Siege. They would never do this; they're antagonists, not villains, especially IW. Then, halfway through, they disappear and don't appear again, degrading the whole side-plot into filler. Introducing new characters that we're supposed to care about, but the arc and characters are written so poorly, the reader can't get invested. a. Great-granduncle Chili Pepper's absence from Rancho Bronco was a focal plot point, but how can I, the reader, care when his absence is unresolved and is backed by Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six being trapped by the idiot ball? b. King Aspen is supposed to be someone we should root for against Well-to-Do, except WtD is a strawman (written to make Aspen look better) and Aspen and WtD are equally detestable. c. Radiant Hope is written to be a flawed character who stuck by King Sombra through all of his trials. But how can I like her when she watched him kill so many ponies, lead the siege of TCE in the first place, and shows no guilt for her actions? To make it worse, she's a complete idiot who supposed to be looked at as naive. I hate using "Mary Sue," but she is one. Nearly every single arc features the entire Mane Six cast. Juggling with six/seven is troublesome enough, but they're repeating a dangerous habit in every single arc. I don't know why, but to thrust the whole cast when you could've used maybe two or three at the most and write a story way better. The destinations and journeys are extremely predictable in these action and adventure arcs. You know they'll face some kind of evil, and it's up to them to solve it and beat them. Nearly every single A/A arc since Reflections feels exactly the same with only window dressing to make it appear different. Therefore, the stories feel less like stories and more like virtual checklists. It feels like every single time IDW writes an A/A arc, it puts its eggs in one basket. As if in order to engage to the audience and differentiate from the show and Friends Forever, they must write grander and grander stories. Quality writing doesn't work that way. You don't need to write ultra-"exciting" action and adventure to wet bronies' whistles. By collecting so many eggs and hoping it'll succeed, the eggs crack, and the yolks bleed through the bark. Just write good stories! Because there are so many consistent flaws in the main comics, and the comics become apparently worse and worse each time with little effort to improve, my faith for the main series sharply fell. I stopped reading the comics entirely after the 2014 Holiday Special because I haven't had time to read it, but I took the chance to read Siege of The Crystal Empire after how much it was panned. As I read it, my heart sank. Its first four-parter arc since Reflections, and it managed to be worse than that. Cliché, but apropos: Siege was the nail in the coffin for me. Until it got consistently better, I gave up on the main series. I took a little peak in FIM #40 (which came out earlier this week). Reading the reactions and skimming the pictures made me realize that the main series wasn't going to improve. I have less faith in it than EQG; if you follow my post and status history, that says something. This edit I found in EQD's discussion blog for #40 sums up its big flaw in a nutshell: Does anyone else here feel a similar loss of faith in the main series, too? If so, do you think it'll improve?
  10. My newest Fan Fic 4 from 4 Chapters done Warning: This is a sad fic. If you cant stand sadness by little colored equines, then don't read. Chapter 1: Happy times Chapter 2: Bad times Chapter 3: The moment you need somepony at most ... Chapter 4: ... then somepony will come to help
  11. Silly Shy


    i hope to make some great friends on here, close and maybe something dramatic like enemies
  12. The lonely routine that was my life became unbearable. So unbearable, in fact, that I decided I had no choice but to run away. I suppose I'm typing this to vent a little; share my story with the world (for those who choose to read it, that is). I packed my things, and when my family wasn't looking, I escaped out our sliding glass back door and headed off into the night, holding my Twilight plushie close. I wore a jacket and a backpack filled with a few things I'd need if all went according to plan. I didn't have a plan B. That is to say, if plan A failed, I considered my only other option as running until the police found me. Not a good plan, but I didn't know what else to do. If you're concerned by this point, don't be. Plan A was successful. Plan A was finding a friend's house and asking if I could stay for a while. I'd thought about frantically rambling about how I couldn't go back; how no one could make me and I would just continue to run if the answer was no. But then I decided that would get me a call to the men in white coats (or something similar) and they would just think I was crazy. So I retained my sanity as I trekked into the night, amongst sidewalks and traffic. I got lost. If you're going to take a shortcut, make certain beforehand that it is actually a shortcut. Sometimes it's just better to backtrack. I eventually found it, though (to my great relief). When my friend's brother opened the door, he acted normally, as if he'd greeted anyone else. Even though it was like 10:00 at night. Long story short, my friend's mom was kind enough to feed me and let me stay for a while. I'm back now.
  13. Hi there, everypony! As we all know, the main goal of the Cutie Mark Crusaders is to get their cutie marks. Now I've seen loads of bronies say that they really hope that the Cutie Mark Crusaders should get their cutie marks. But my question is: why? Wouldn't that mean the end of the Cutie Mark Crusaders? Sure, they'll still be friends, but there won't be any episodes about our favourite fillies chasing their dreams. Besides their desire of getting their cutie marks, they don't really have a base for a good episode (besides character development). Unless season 4 is the final season, I would not really enjoy seeing them get their cutie marks already, because that would probably mean no CMC episodes anymore. I'd like to see what you bronies think! Tell me why it would, or would not be good if they'd get their cutie marks in season 4? I'd love to hear your thoughts about it, or maybe even change my mind! Catch you later! Brohoof, everyone. /)
  14. So I was going along tumblr and I found this This is not mine I am just signal boosting, please click on the link below. Honestly I think this shouldn't be confined to Tumblr, it should be for the whole of the internet, a picture on profiles everywhere, for those people who want to help others. Despite the few who may want to abuse it there should be many many people who have this on their blog, or profile, or whatever. It could become something really big and it could help make some people happier. You could put it on your profiles too!
  15. I'm going to dedicate this one to a friend who feels like he isn't doing so hot...I thought I should use today's quote for him, and anyone who feels like they are losing hope. Keep it awesome, AnonBrony. “No. Don't give up hope just yet. It's the last thing to go. When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.” - Pittacus Lore, I Am Number Four
  16. Its my first blog entry, at least on this site. I'm used to writing about dark things, it is after all, my area of comfort. Many things happened to me in my life, as does everyone but we all have our different ways of expressing it. So im just going to talk. It's...3:43 am now and I cant sleep. Its been 3 days since ive slept well. Im sleeping on the couch because I cant stand sleeping in the same bed as my boyfriend anymore. The part that hurts is the pain of loneliness, the pain of sleeping alone. It makes me think that I dont love him, I dont even want to touch him. And yet, I think I still do. My mind is a mess. As is my heart. Why don't you leave him? Because we have a daughter. My mother took me from my father when I was little and it damaged me for the rest of my life. Now why would I inflict that kind of curse on my daughter? God I want this to work for her, I need it too. I just need to talk about it. I'm going to finish listening to Coast to Coast a.m now.
  17. A couple of days ago I had the time to look up at the sky. I noticed that the clouds were very crisp with the way the sunlight hit them and created their sliver linings. The wind was moving them ever so slowly and wiping the vapor around in such a delicate dance that hypnotized me. I didn't want to stop looking at them. I couldn't stop looking at them. It made me just want to climb up there and sit on them like Pegasi can. Then a thought came to me. A spark of hope flickered in my mind. What if those graceful cloud were were not being tossed around by the wind through forces of mother nature. Instead what if they were being moved by Pegasi? Then I squinted my eyes and searched through the clouds ever so slowly in hopes that I could catch a glimpse of a Rainbow Dash or some other flying weather horses. Then I thought, maybe that there is the possibility of invisible Pegasi or what if what they did in another universe effects ours? Who knows? Of course I then realized that these were ludicrous possibilities and will never exist. But none the less these thoughts put a huge smile on my face.
  18. Jump Cut


    A couple of days ago I had the time to look up at the sky. I noticed that the clouds were very crisp with the way the sunlight hit them and created their sliver linings. The wind was moving them ever so slowly and wiping the vapor around in such a delicate dance that hypnotized me. I didn't want to stop looking at them. I couldn't stop looking at them. It made me just want to climb up there and sit on them like Pegasi can. Then a thought came to me. A spark of hope flickered in my mind. What if those graceful cloud were were not being tossed around by the wind through forces of mother nature. Instead what if they were being moved by Pegasi? Then I squinted my eyes and searched through the clouds ever so slowly in hopes that I could catch a glimpse of a Rainbow Dash or some other flying weather horses. Then I thought, maybe that there is the possibility of invisible Pegasi or what if what they did in another universe effects ours? Who knows? Of course I then realized that these were ludicrous possibilities and will never exist. But none the less these thoughts put a huge smile on my face. So my question is have you ever had crazy thoughts like these while you go through you day? Have you ever thought of what I thought of? Do your MLP thoughts give you hope? How do they make you feel? P.S. I would prefer it if we kept this thread more positive or so happy it makes you sad. But I'm not saying you can post your darker thoughts here. All MLP related thoughts are welcomed.
  19. Childhood Backstory: Skylar was born at Riftwood manor, home to a very wealthy family of status. During his early infant years his parents tried to shape him into a well mannered, strict and 'noble' stallion but from the offset it was clear to see that he would never fit into their vision of the perfect son. Rebellious by nature Skylar resisted them at every turn, he didn't want to be stuck going to boring social gatherings or listening to his parents whittle on about their family history... he just wanted to be free, to live up in the clouds, doing as he wished! One evening Skylar rushed back home, he was out playing with his friends but the rain had become to heavy to continue their game. Dripping wet he reached the large iron gate in front of his home, he tapped gently on the gate and called 'Mom... dad (They always insisted on him using the words mother and father instead) I am home... open up!!'. He pranced around on the spot for a while trying to keep warm, as several minutes past he began to grow worried and wondered if something had happened, as he tapped the gate a second time a small note fluttered down and landed on the sodden earth at his feet. He bent down and scooped up the note with one hoof so he could read it aloud 'My dear Skylar (from his mother then he assumed) your father has decided that he can no longer put up with your problems and cannot risk his standing with the other families because of your wayward nature... this left me in a very difficult place but I have to go with your father to a new location, which I cannot disclose. Though we can not continue to look after you know that I love you and will forever be in my heart... but I must not leave your father. Good bye Skylar, I hope we see each other again some day'. *Skylar let out a slight chuckle* Surely this was some kind of joke, he banged at the gates again louder and yelled ' that was a funny one mom!, Comon open up!'. No one answered and he began to realize the gravity of his situation... it wasn't a joke. As this thought crashed over him the note dropped out of his mouth and fluttered to the ground, landing face down in a puddle of mud and began washing slowly down the hill that lead up to the manor. For many minutes Skylar just stood there, frozen on the spot, it was as if his mind had gone totally blank and couldnt bring himself to believe what he had just read. He began to trot slowly down towards Ponyville, his mind still blank and stunned. The wind and the rain whipped his mane into a mess and the mud was beginning to stain the bottom of his legs. He continued to trot through Ponyville for roughly twenty minutes (though he wasn't keeping track of time), he barely noticed the ponies staring at him and whispering 'Thats Skylar, Mordus's Son... whats he doing out here all alone?' though none bothered to ask what he was doing. Eventually Skylar had left Ponyville all together, though he hardly noticed, and was now standing in the farmlands to the west of the town. In front of him he could see a very old beaten wooden barn looming up in front of him, it looked like it had been abandoned for many months but a small torch still burned defiantly against the assault of the wind and rain. Walking closer he could see that one of the doors was open, peering inside he saw that there were piles upon piles of hay strewn across the floor. Taking a step inside timidly he glanced around, it really did appear to be deserted but then why was there a torch still burning he wondered. Wearily Skylar lead down on top of the pile of hay at the back of the barn and began to cry as he had never cried before. His whole body shook and convulsed while the thoughts of the night finally exploded into his mind, he still couldn't believe that he was alone, that he would never see his parents again and that he had no home. He wept throughout the night, the wind still making the barn creek mournfully and the rain crept in through the roof, making small puddles on the ground. Part 2: A couple of days passed and still Skylar remained inside the barn, everything he had known had been stripped away from him and he didn't know how to face the world outside anymore. One afternoon he woke up to a beam of sunlight shining through the rafters illuminating the area where he laid. Looking up into the beam of light, which reflected in his large deep blue eyes, he whispered to himself ' I am sorry father and mother for letting you down, but I will prove to you and myself that I am strong enough to make you proud'. Still staring into the beam of light he stood up, stretched his small wings, hopped off the pile of hay and trotted towards the door. The large barn door was now illuminated by the brilliant sunlight and as he opened it the light blinded him momentarily.... 'Now it's up to me and me alone' he whispered, plunging into the light beyond. For many weeks Skylar roamed around Ponyville, taking every opportunity to eat though many times he was chased off by Ponies who thought he was just a common thief. One day, after being chased out of town by a few angry Stallions, he found himself wandering again but this time he was drawing close to the borders of the Evergreen Forest. Stopping to catch his breath from exertion of running from the other Stallions (He had never been taught how to fly) he looked up in awe at the massive trees that towered above him, as he was staring he could see many exotic birds of many different shapes and sizes zooming back and forth the branches. He had heard stories about Evergreen Forest, he wondered if it was safe to go inside... but since he was practically chased out of town he had no choice. 'Here we go' he sighed, as he walked through the forest many animals and critters scattered in panic to escape the stranger who walked before them. Skylar led down under the shade of a large apple tree, the sun was becoming to hot now, even for him. As he led in the shade a large red apple smacked him right on the head! 'Ouch!' he yelped, more in surprise than pain. He picked up the ripe, juicy red apple that was lying before him between his two hooves and bit into the apple gratefully, the juices trickling down his face. The apple was gone in a matter of seconds, Skylar had never tasted anything so delicious in his entire life! As he looked around he could see a multitude of other fruit trees surrounding the one he was under... 'I am going to like this place he thought!' trying to cheer himself up. The days were mostly good in Skylars new 'home', he would spend most of his time just watching the various animals going around their daily business in wonder. As he peered into the trees he could see two bright blue birds nuzzling each other lovingly, the sight brought tears to his eyes as he had not been in the company of another pony for many months now and missed having someone to speak to and care about him. As he continued to watch the birds flew away higher up into the trees, still circling around each other entwined in their courtship dance. He began to wonder about how he would learn to fly, he had always shunned his flying lessons when he was younger and had never fully learnt how to fly properly. Ironically it was his dream to get into the Flight Academy one day but he knew that he was still a couple of years to young (now 11 years old) and that he was nowhere near the standard they were looking for. He gazed at his wings as they twitched slightly in the light breeze, 'I have to start somewhere, right?' he thought as he walked towards a clearing in the forest. For the next month or so Skylar practiced his flying every day for as long as his body would let him. The first few days he found even hovering a few feet above the ground extremely difficult, he would flip wildly at the smallest motion or breeze and end up lying on his back stunned. However as days became weeks he learnt how to use the speed of the wind to steady himself and began to figure out the air currents he would need to lift off higher.. when the day came. As the month reached its climax Skylar had become confident enough to try flying above the trees. Nervously he stood in the clearing and shuffled slightly ' I wonder if this a good idea' he thought... 'No! I have to try' he replied to himself with a voice of determination. Beating his wings as hard as he could he began to lift off from the ground, not noticing the pair of green eyes staring at him from the shadows. As he went higher and higher the pace of his heart increased, he felt a surge of excitement that he had never felt in his life before.... 'YIPEE!' He shouted, but as he did so a strong draft caught underneath his wings and launched him further into the sky. He flipped wildly flying through the air, randomly beating his wings trying to slow down, but he crashed through the trees and hit a tree trunk with considerable force. When he awoke he could see two large green eyes staring down at him, they belonged to a grey unicorn with a brilliant blue mane, he looked concerned. 'A-are you okay?' asked the Unicorn nervously, he was about Skylars age and size'. Skylar shot up and immediately hid behind the tree, his eyes wide in panic... 'W-who are you?' he replied while looking for a way to escape (it had been a very long time since he had even seen another pony, let alone talked to one). The unicorn looked taken aback slightly by the reaction of the Pegasus, 'My name is Silverstar' he said with a friendly smile ' I have been watching you for about a week doing your flying exercises, It looks really fun! You look pretty good at it!''. 'You really think so?' he replied as he peeked out from behind the trunk, still eyeing the Unicorn wearily'. 'Of course!' Silverstar said with a grin, ' Whats your name?', 'My name is Skylar' he replied nervously, moving out from behind the tree so he stood about 10 feet in front of Silverstar. They both gazed at each other for several seconds, unsure what to say, until Silverstar finally said ' So, Skylar, what are you doing out here all alone... are you getting some practice in before you go home? '. ' Not exactly....' Skylar replied while turning his head slightly so the unicorn couldnt see the tear tricking down his cheek, ' I.... I live out here by myself... my parents left me because I was a 'problem' for them and no one else would take me in...'. Silverstar let out a loud gasp and rushed over to Skylar to embrace him in a tight hug. Skylar bucked slightly from the shock of the sudden affection... ' What are you doing?' he asked in a panicked voice. Tears we rolling down Silverstars face onto Skylars body, causing small blotches on his white coat... ' That is awful! How could anypony do that to their own Child?! How have you survived out here on your own?' he said with a sob, looking into Skylars eyes. 'Umm... well... I have just been eating the fruit from the trees and getting my water from the streams... it wasn't to hard...'. 'Haven't you been lonely ? ' Silverstar replied, still sobbing, Skylar looked down at the ground and shuffled ' Yes.... it has been very lonely for me ... but I've kept my mind on it by focusing on my flying... but even that is not going very well' he replied with a sigh. They stood there for several minutes, just holding each other... Skylar relished feeling the warmth from his body and already he began to feel the love of friendship eradicating the darkness within his heart. 'Honestly, I think you are a great flyer' said Silverstar as he nuzzled his new friend. 'Have you heard of the flight academy? They are always looking for young stallions like yourself who know the basics of flight, they will give you a place to live, rest , eat, keep warm and meet new friends... they dont judge you by your past or where you have been'. Skylar looked up at Silverstar and replied ' Yes, I've always dreamed studying there, but I thought they would never accept an outcast like me who can barely fly and besides even if they did im still two years too young'. Silverstar looked back at him with a puzzled expression and replied 'haven't you heard, they reduced the age limit about a year ago to ten and opened the gates to any pegasus willing to learn!'. 'REALLY?!' Skylar shouted, while jumping up and down in excitement, 'Thats the best news I've ever heard!!!!' however his expression suddenly dropped and he began to look sullen again. 'Whats wrong?' Silverstar asked, the puzzled expression growing, ' I.... I'm still not good enough for flight academy' he whimpered, ' Look at me, I live in a forest, I have no friends, no family, I cant fly properly... I would just be wasting their time' as the final words left his mouth he broke down crying. Silverstar pawed him gently and said ' Look, my parents know the grand master of the academy well, I will ask them to contact him... and maybe he will even come down and meet you!' however Skylars crying intensified. A look of concern crept across Silverstars face ' Please Skylar, stay here... I will come back as soon as possible with my parents and if possible the Grand Master himself! Please... stay here! ' As he spoke he galloped off as fast as he could to his home several miles away. Roughly an hour passed and Skylar began dozing underneath an old birch tree, the tears had stopped but he wondered if Silverstar would ever come back, even though he had only briefly met him he felt a strong feeling for him inside his heart... one he couldn't describe. As sleep crept upon him a brilliant golden light suddenly erupted into the clearing, sending animals fleeing and branches flying through the air. As Skylar opened his eyes he could see the most glorious white Pegasus he had ever seen trotting towards him, he had large black eyes, a gleaming white coat which shone with brilliance in the afternoon sun, he had a large horn and the biggest wings Skylar had ever seen ( He had never seen an Alicorn before). Something about his very presence made him quiver with love and excitement, this was obviously the fabled Grand Master of the Flight Academy. Skylar bowed awkwardly and almost fell over in the process, his cheeks lit up with the sudden embarrasment, he heard the Grand Master give a deep chuckle before placing his hoof under his chin and lifting Skylars head until their eyes met. When Skylar blinked he found himself in a white room, that seemed to shiver and move oddly, defying the rules of the normal world, as he turned the Grand Master approached him, without opening his mouth he said 'Greetings Skylar, I have watched your for some time now with interest, and must say it is a great honor to meet you.' His voice was deep, soothing and made the air in the room crackle. Skylar weakly replied ' The honor is all mine your... majesty? I am just an outcast Pegasi alone in the world... surely you couldn't have had any interest in me?'. The Grand Master chuckled again, while stroking the hair from Skylars face ' Please, Call me Verilion. Skylar, even though you may doubt yourself and your life has lead you down many dark roads you have something deep inside of you, something more beautiful than the afternoon sun, something more serene than the most peaceful night... it is what I like to call the light within us all... we each have one and each light burns for a different reason, with its own unique color! I can see in your heart that you are a very brave, compassionate and sensitive young stallion with so many glorious things awaiting you in your future.' Skylar was speechless, he stuttered as words failed to leave his mouth. Verilion put his hoof to Skylars mouth and said ' There is no need to speak young stallion, you have endured much but no longer... you are more than welcome to come to the flight academy... I myself would help oversee you as you settle in and make new friends. Also, with permission from his parents, I have permitted Silverstar to live with you for a time if you wish. The choice is yours'. Skylar burst out into tears, and bowed , 'Rise Skylar, I accept you into the Flight Academy, to grow and flourish as you deserve, you will one day become one of the best among us!' With those words a brilliant flash of light erupted from his horn and enveloped them both. Skylar Blinked, as the light slowly ebbed away he could see that he was stood before two huge golden gates, each of which were covered in many fine rubies and emeralds. Behind the gate was the Flight Academy, which he had seen in pictures as a child' towering above. The walls of the Academy were bright white and on each corner a blue tower shot up above the clouds each one with the statue of a famous Pegaus perched on top of them. The roof was made entirely of glass, as was the front of the building, he could see the panels of the roof sliding open and a multitude of Pegaus came streaming out towards the gates. As Skylar was still trying to get used to his surroundings the gates of the academy grinded open, the resulting light made Skylar cover his face with one hoof, but he could make out four shapes approaching. One was Silverstar, the other was the Grand Master and the other two were large unicorns who looked alot like Silverstar, 'Must be his mother and father' he thought to himself. Silverstar walked towards Skylar and embraced his friend in a hug for several moments, when he let go he said ' You never have to be alone now Skylar, you have endured alot of loneliness and pain but now we are all here for you'. As he spoke Silverstars parents trotted over to him and each put one hoof on his shoulders ' We are thrilled to finally meet your Skylar, Silverstar has told us so much about you... what has happened in your past can not be undone but we would like you to stay with us, when your not at the flight academy, to be part of our family!' Skylar began sobbing with joy and managed to reply ' Thank you... thank you all so much'. 'Come Skylar' said the Grand Master, putting a wing over him to steady the now wobbling Pegaus, 'Walk by my side, come see your new home and meet your new friends!' As he spoke the last words the Pegasi that had left the roof earlier all landed simultaneously next to him, all jumping up and down in delight, shouting ' Welcome Skylar, its so great to meet you!' While all gathering around him in a big muddle. 'Thanks' Skylar said weakly, before fainting onto the ground (the excitement had got to much for him). The Grand Master Chuckled again and lifted Skylars body easily onto his back, while he flew off towards the Academy he whispered in Skylars ear' You are home now my Child, you are now free to lead a life.... without limits'.
  20. HELLO FELLOW BROS AND BRONIES Today I want to RESTORE FAITH IN HUMANITY!!!!! *music from " Independence Day ' plays* Tell us good things that have happened to you or your friend, or talk about cool things people do for the homeless, the poor, and the down-hearted. to kick it off....
  21. Today is the day of my fathers funeral. He passed away December 22. I love my daddy, he was my best friend. He was always there always by my side. I could be so wrong and both of us could know this but he would still support me and my choices. He was funny, caring, loving, a gamer, and he was a fellow pony fan. I never really knew if he was big into ponies or just loved seeing the pinatas I made. Either way the ponies made him happy and he was so impressed with each one. He never could wrap his mind around how I did it and it was so cute to see him so interested and fascinated by what I do. These past weeks have been difficult yet peaceful, I am sure I will be an absolute wreck after the funeral but until then I am ok. I would like to share what happened the day before he died. My dad came over to my house to drop off a Christmas care package. The box had a turkey, all the fixings, deserts, tacos, like everything even like 4 more cans of beans. (no one eats the beans.... I got over 20 cans that are just going to sit there, because my dad thought I liked them and I couldn't tell him I didn't... I really appreciated the care pack and the beans made me laugh.) So I got to see my dad and hug him and tell him how much I love him and I gave him one more kiss. With that he left. It doesn't end there no, it gets better. I got an email a few hours later saying this... "Hi Alaynna, I am sorry to say, i wont be able to give you anymore shifts. You are a very good person, and wish you a good luck for future. You can come coming friday to collect your paycheck. Also, please bring your Tshirt." Yeah, I got fired.... they replaced me with their old white girl... so new white girl was canned. This was great news (crappy I lost my job but this would mean I get to spend Christmas with my family.) So at 10pm I called my mom and dad to tell them the good news! I got to talk to my daddy one last time, tell him good night and I love you. He went to bed a couple hours after that and passed in his sleep. Before he told me I love you he said this. "You are far better than you think. I believe in you Alaynna. Shoot for those stars because I know you can reach them. I know you can go further!" I will never stop shooting for those stars daddy, it kind of makes me feel closer to you... One day I will touch those stars dad, I will accomplish all of my hopes and dreams. One day I will join you in the stars daddy. I love you so much. Forever and always I am your little girl. With much love I wrote this for you. It is a promise, to live my life to the fullest each day. Love always, ~PP For my readers, Please take this moment to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. You honestly never know when it is going to be your last day. Let my message to my father inspire you to at least not take for granted. Life is too short to do that. ~~~~ A cute pic of me and my daddy at grad
  22. It's going to be a new year, for better or for worse. I could go on about how much the world has changed, or maybe I should go on about something that is really important to me. You guys have made me happier than anyone outside of the internet. On the outside, I am considered a best friend by many...but never treated like one. You guys really showed me what friendship is all about, and the true meaning of it all through good time and bad times. I have made friends, I have made enemies...but who is more important? Friends, obviously...and your the ones I care for more than anything. Although, my enemies have feelings as well. Enemies...this is a new year, a new time...if you don't forgive me, even if it is one of our faults (most likely both), you are worthy of compassion. If you do, you are my family, and if you don't know, you are my best friend. I would shout names of those through the roof tops that have made me happy, but I can't possibly do that because I have came across so many wonderful people, even it it was for a time being. This year has been very rough for all of us, even those who had to leave the forums for excusable, and unexcusable reasons. I have had a rough year because of family troubles, which i'm sure many of us have, and more beyond. For those who are hurting, make a resolution for yourself tonight this New Year's Eve, set a goal for yourself to get the help you need, to be a brighter person, to fix what is broken...your heart. Your angst is not in vain, but think about how it affects others than yourselves...I'm not saying that you must be happy for everyone. Do it for yourself. Fight on, this is your life and you can't let a pointless emotion kick your butt from wall to wall. Do the positive, think of the positive, be the positive. Treat others how you would treat yourself, and treat yourself how you would treat your best friend! I really do hope 2014 will be full of happiness..come on now, members, FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. Without that magic, there is no laughter, kindness, loyalty, honesty, and generosity. These elements would mean nothing, and neither would magic without these elements of great harmony. I HAVE WISHES FOR A WONDERFUL YEAR! MAKE IT WONDERFUL!
  23. I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG HERE BE THE LYRICS SO YOU CAN SING ALONG: My mind's a kaleidoscope, it thinks too fast Blurs all the colors 'til I can't see past The last mistake, the choice I made Staring in the mirror with myself to blame Sometimes I'm afraid of the thoughts inside Nowhere to hide inside my mind I'm scared that you'll compare and I'll look a lifetime past repair I second guess myself to death, I re-solicit every step What if my words are meaningless? What if my heart's misleading this? I try to capture every moment as it comes to me Bottle up the memories and let them keep me company When the hope of morning starts to fade in me I don't dare let darkness have its way with me And the hope of morning makes me worth the fight I will not be giving in tonight When I'm old and grey, or thirty, or whatever happens first, I'll need you to reassure me I didn't waste a verse Or worse, what if my life's work is reduced to just myself Like never let you get a word in, while I dissect my mental health Or lack thereof, whatever, there's too many things to track I really can't remember if I'm insane or insomniac Now days, all the kids want crazy, wanna diagnose themselves Trade up made up epidemics, pass around prescription pills But my disorder can't be cured by a bottle, blade, or dose Self-disgust and selfishness tend to hold me awfully close But I don't wanna let you see that, I don't want my friends to know Self-disgust and selfishness take me everywhere I go When the hope of morning starts to fade in me I don't dare let darkness have its way with me And the hope of morning makes me worth the fight I will not be giving in tonight Try as I might to keep it together Why is recovery taking forever? Fool the whole world, just until I get better I'm terrified I'll be faking forever (faking forever) On and on I wonder what went wrong inside my head I don't have to have the answers, but tonight I wish I did All the pain I can't explain away won't fade All the the secrets silenced by the shame Don't make me say it Don't make me say it Don't make me say it Don't make me say it (Oh-oh-oh-oh) Don't make me say it Don't make me say it Don't make me say it When the hope of morning starts to fade in me I don't dare let darkness have its way with me And the hope of morning makes me worth the fight I will not be giving in tonight
  24. Hey guys! So, pretty much the only main thing I haven't tried my hand at in the brony fandom is music. So, I said to myself, why not? Here's what resulted: I wish I could say it was made in some fancy $600 program, but it wasn't I made it on a website called Although very limiting, it's actually a pretty cool website if you're just stepping into the music-making world. Like me. Anywayyyyy, hope (Ha! HOPE, get it? Cause, the song... oh nevermind.) you enjoy and feel free to like & subscribe. You know, if you want to. ~SparkBrony