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Found 156 results

  1. This isn't just things that mildly scare you like death. If you're gonna think of that then don't bother, no, this is about the REAL stuff. the stuff that keeps you up at night Tell me what would utterly terrify you down to your very soul For me: Open water, especially at night I've replicated several situations in my dreams where I'm eaten by a sea monster. We haven't explored most of the oceans and so to my brain it stands to reason that with my luck, I'd be the proof that some giant predator exists under there. I know it's not that likely but it doesn't matter. I don't want to find out. Just some of the things that I don't want to have the pleasure of greeting. And this, this is the king of NOPE.JPG Any of these things will make me quit life immediately The dreams are already terrifying. Getting eaten isn't fun no matter what weird fetish you have when its a giant toothed predator underwater 100x larger than you.
  2. Heya everyone! I'd just like to mention that over the past few months, I've been working with a few other folks on the production of an audiobook - specifically, The Needle, by Rambling Writer. It's by far the most ambitious reading project I've undertaken so far {let alone complete}, so if anyone would check it out, well... I think it would be awesome. :p
  3. I may have this in the wrong section, if so, please tell me how to move it, or tell me where to put it =3 Anyway: I have a youtube channel, a one where i've played horror games, and i want to know some mlp horror games. currently i have played the Flutter island trilogy, the Luna games, and Raritygame.exe and Muffins.exe but in the wake of trying to find some more, i sadly have had no luck if people can know of any (Exe games are fine) so anything you know of, feel free to tell
  4. --- Horror fanfiction of cartoon shows? Like MLP, there are infamous horror fanfictions of every cartoon. From demons to cannibalism, there are horrible things written about even the most innocent cartoons. What are some horrid fanfictions have you read/hear of in other fandoms? What do you think of fanfictions like those overall? Tell us!
  5. Hello everypony... lately I've been thinking, and this really makes me sad and nearly made me cry a river earlier today. I was thinking about the future, like how I will drift after i leave school, and so will my friends... that and MLP FiM how long will it last? i want it to last forever but i have no clue if it will. i guess you could say... I don't want to grow up, i wanna be young forever because I'm afraid everything around me will no longer be around... thanks for those of you who read this, it feels good to let this out.
  6. I think we've needed this for a long time, especially since the new Twilight Zone series came out this year. A question for everyone here: What are your favorite Twilight Zone episodes? Personally, my top 10 (All except 1 are from the original series): The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Time Enough at Last A Stop at Willoughby To Serve Man The After Hours Walking Distance Long Distance Call A Traveler (2019) Living Doll The Obsolete Man I'd also ask what your favorite series is, but I feel like there's not really going to be basically anyone who isn't going to say the original anthology's 5-season run, because there is not really much denying that that is better than most of the Twilight Zone series from after that... Well, of course other TZ related discussions can go here too.
  7. Sometimes less is more. A proper description in the right spot can help make a story. Too much description, however, can cost you. Oddly enough, it can really cost you in a horror story. The trap beginners fall into is the idea that gore = fear. That’s not necessarily true. The right amount of blood, the right amount of description, and the right amount of direct action can make a horror story. The wrong amount can leave you with something like Jeff the Killer. Why does less tend to be more in a horror story? Well, the reason boils down to the psyche of the person. Meaning derived is meaning described. For the average person, the things the mind comes up with tend to be scarier than whatever you actively describe. Consider, for instance, the famous shower scene of Psycho. Each shot is deliberately cut such that we rarely, if at all, see the victim being stabbed: Additionally, there’s far less blood here. This has the effect of keeping us in the dark as to the extent of the injuries. Less blood can bring us more alarm. Too much blood and too much gore, however, has the opposite effect. Take a story like Jeff the Killer. You get more a feel of something written by an edgy 12-year old. The story becomes satire and loses its horror element. It becomes something that you may fear or take seriously as a child but does not age. As a writer, you’re constantly striving for what you can’t quite achieve: ageless. In many cases, the less blood and gore you use, the better off you’re going to be. The exception tends to be satire. Generally speaking, using less blood is better enjoyed because blood has become almost a cliche these days. This by no means is to say you should never use a drop of the stuff. But toe the line. It will help you greatly. Lay the ground work, but let your reader’s mind do the rest.
  8. Epilogue I sat in my office, feet up and resting on my desk as I nursed a glass of whiskey in my magic aura, surveying my office. "I used to be the top detective, the best in Equestria. Aristocrats and Bureaucrats alike would all come to me to solve their mysteries. I had such a high intuition, I could solve such mysteries within a day or two." I grunted and snorted through my nostrils "That was until the events that took place two years ago."Chapter One Friday, January 21st, year of Celestia 1920I was sitting at his desk, writing up the report of a rather peculiar case, when the letter slid under the crack ofmy office door. Without even getting up, I used his magic to lift the letter up and open it."Detective Nocturne, I am writing to ask you for your assistance. I cannot tell you via this letter, nor can I come to your office, please come to, 23 Link Avenue, Canterlot at your soonest available. I will tell you more when you are there.Sincerely, A hopeful client"I snorted a little after reading the letter "Canterlot? Perhaps another missing silver spoon case" I think to himself as I looked at my calendar, "All clear, guess with the slow intake, I could take a trip up there" I sigh "Should solve it within a day or so" I say to myself before downing the rest of my whiskey and getting up, stretching my back.After packing my bag and shrugging into my coat and scarf, I put on my hat and walked out of my office, locking the door behind me. As I passed my boss's office, I slips my job card under the door, alerting my boss that I would be leaving Manehatten and didn't know when I would be back.Exiting the building that housed the agency I worked for and entered into the driver's side of my black Cadillac and begun the drive to Canterlot.The drive to Canterlot took nearly half the day, and then another three hours to get to the address mentioned in the letter. I had then parked just outside of the mansion that spanned across a couple hundred acres. Exiting my vehicle, I stretch my back once more and checking that my Colt New Service revolver was holstered, I would then walk through the large wrought iron gates that opened up to the path that lead towards the mansion.Arriving at the large double doors, possibly made of dark oak wood, I lifted my hand and grasped the large iron knocker and knocked on the door, expecting to either be greeted by an elderly servant or for the doors to just creak open into dead darkness, as cliche as it was in my mind. What greeted me as the doors opened, how-ever, was not what I expected.As the doors swung open, I was greeted by the well lit entrance hall, and standing there, was a sight to behold. Standing there, was none other than Diamond Cutter, the only daughter and heiress of the Mason family fortune and business. She was absolutely stunning. Long, slim legs that could go on for mile, a slim yet slender body with curves in all the right places, long flowing nut brown mane and tail with streaks of pink and purple, and her eyes, the bluest eyes I had ever gazed into, they were so clear, so pure, more so than the purest of diamonds in all of Equestria. I had to cast a subtle calming spell on myself to ground myself back in reality as I could have gazed into those blue pools that were her eyes for the rest of my life.With a cough to clear my throat, I had begun to speak "Miss Cutter, I'm De.." I begun but she then, with her soft, tender voice, cut in "Detective Nocturne? Oh thank the stars, please do come in, I'll explain in a bit" she says, leading the way into the mansion, and I, a warm blooded stallion, followed without second thought.We soon arrived at the even more well lit entertainment room, where a roaring fireplace was lit and there were plenty of book shelves and plush sofas and armchairs. Diamond soon gestured for me to sit, and not wanting to be rude, I sat in one of the offered armchairs. "Where do I begin?" she asks as she pours the two of us a glass of whiskey each, and whiskey being my drink of choice, I of course accepted. "You should perhaps start from the beginning, ma'am" I say in the most gentle tone I could muster.Diamond nodded and sat down opposite me, sipping on her whiskey. "As you must know by now, I am Diamond Cutter, the only daughter and heiress to my father, Quartz Mason's fortune and business" she starts and closes her eyes, "As you well know, my family have been stone masons for decades, and we are the best in the business" she says, opening her eyes and looking right at me with those blue pupils of hers, "Father would often go away, to other cities and states for his work, and at the times he would stay for a bit longer as a break, he would always let me know" she says, sighing very softly. I wanted to reach out and hold her hand to comfort her, but I minded my place and waited for her to continue. "But this time, it was different, he had let me know he would go to some island off the coast of Baltimare, he didn't tell me why he was going there, only that he would be back in a month or two." she says and sips some more on her whiskey "That was four months ago, and he hasn't returned, nor has he sent me any letters telling me he was staying longer" she says, "I fear he may have run afoul of someone or something there, please Detective, my father isn't one to abandon me and his business, you must find him, I'll do anything for you." Diamond pleaded with me, playing at the strings of my heart and my better nature.Chapter Two My eyes had been lowered, doing my best to not gaze upon the beauty that was before me, but as Diamond had finished telling me of her predicament, I looked up, only for our eyes to meet and I felt her look of worry and her gentle, soft, tone, tug at the strings of my heart.With a gulp of my whiskey and another subtle calming spell on myself, I pretend to be in thought, swirling the remnants of my whiskey in my glass before I look up once more, already having had made up my mind. "Alright miss Cutter, I will do this" I say to her, giving her my best confident smile "I will need to see your father's study and workplace how-ever, in case he left any clue as to where he had gone and why" I say to her, noticing she had finished her whiskey and was waiting for me."O-of course Detective, please follow me" Diamond says, waiting for me to stand up before leading me over towards where her father's study was. She took out a set of keys and unlocked the door "Father had forbade me to enter unless it was an emergency" she says softly to me.I give her an awkward chuckle as I look at her "I think this would classify as an emergency, ma'am" I say to her before I walked into the study. I looked around, and instead of what I would see in most studies, Quartz's study was immaculate. The walls were lined with bookshelves, and those that weren't had either photos or maps of the cities and states of Equestria. On his desk, were letters, forms and charters piled in separate piles, neatly."Thank you miss Cutter, I will find you should I need you" I say to her, as I had noticed her unease of being where she had last seen her father. After she left, I had begun poking around, looking for anything out of place, glancing over various letters and charters, but of course they were all legalese and full of terms that my mind couldn't grasp.Shaking my head, I put the letters and charters back where I found them and had sat down on the plush office chair that was at the desk, rubbing my temples, this was going to be harder than I initially thought, and I had already committed myself to the task.A sigh of resignation escaped my lips as i sat up from my slumped position, and that is when I noticed it, a solitary envelope, half opened and looking out of place as it had seemingly been hastily put back on the desk. "Must have been mixed up with the others and fell out" I think to myself, as I pick the letter up and begin reading it. It did indeed entail a very high profile job at the small island of Darkmoore, a small inconspicuous island off the coasts of Baltimare.Darkmoore, was, unassuming, only those in the know, would know that the island's main income was from the export of oil. I sighed, now knowing where I needed to go to, I stood up from the chair, that had until then, offered its comfort to my tired body. After hastily writing down the co-ordinates, I put the letter back and made my way out of the office and looked for the lady of the house.It took me no time at all, as I found her once more in the entertainment room, sipping on another glass of whiskey, and smoking a cigarette. I quietly clear my throat, alerting her of my presence. She looks up "Detective? What have you found?" she asks me and I give her, once more, my best confident smile, though I was of course, of no certainty that I would find her father, "Your father had been offered a very high profile job in the island of Darkmoore" I say "I have the co-ordinates and will set sail by the beginning of the next morning" I assure her, before placing a hand on the head of the sofa she was sitting on "I will find him" I tell her, though it was a lie, as I had no clue as to where to start.Diamond looked up at me once more, and I could tell she had been crying. I pitied her, such a young, beautiful mare to have to go through something like this, it was inconceivable. "My going rate is a down payment of 10,000 bits, to cover expenses such as travel, food and accommodation" I say to her, as she nods and writes down a check for the amount, "Thank you, I will ask for the rest after I have closed the case" I say to her, as she nods and then gets up, showing me out of the mansion.As I once more, walked through the gates, I looked back at the mansion and felt a pang of pain in my heart. I gave her false hope, something I loathed, but what else could I have done? Told her that the chances of finding her father, let alone finding him alive were slim to none? I couldn't bring myself to do it, and so with a heavy sigh, I once more got into the driver's side of my Cadillac and then drove off to the motel I had chosen to spend the night at.After having paid the fee for my room, a humble room with a small desk and a single bed, I started making preparations for my imminent departure.
  9. Has anyone here played Cry of Fear? If so, what are your thoughts on the game?
  10. I fear of plenty of things. I could explain them in a lot of detail but I think I'll just make a list of what I fear MOST. Here goes: War - War is something I've feared for years. Especially nuclear war. Hearing about it just makes my skin crawl. I actually planned an escape route out of the country if it were to happen. Disease Outbreak - I have a bit of a paranoia with germs. When I hear about outbreaks of things like Ebola, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and ect. my paranoia goes overboard! Murder - I live in a relatively safe place. Still, there are a few sketchy people that pop up around here. I'm afraid one of them will pull out a gun/knife and try to kill me. Car crashes - I usually take the bus to places but sometimes my family members offer to drive me. I fear one day some drunk on the road will kill us. Death it's self - I fear the Reaper more than anything. Life is precious. It's something you can't get back.
  11. Now I don't mean horror horror like genuinely frightening.. But how do you guys feel about horror themed episodes. Like zombie ponies. ( Within the bounds of the shows demographic I mean. No flesh eating. Make the ponies glow unnatural colors then do something silly to another pony to spread it ) Horror conventions and tropes that have been used in a lot of kids cartoons before, but with enough cuteness to counterbalance and keep it silly and fun.
  12. until
    Hello people, join me on the poniverse discord to read the 4th chapter of Into the Depths!
  13. Wow, this blog kinda died, didn't it? I've been busy with IRL things and unfortunately have not kept up with my intended drawing schedule. So, my skill has not increased that much. I have drawn some doodles, though. There are more, but these are the ones I consider presentable. Please note, these are very rough and not intended to be finished drawings. I'll probably make one of these into a full drawing, but only later when I have improved dramatically. Anyways, here are the doodles: Inspired by random things I've seen. Enjoy!
  14. What's your favorite horror movie series? This is a tough one as I havn't wacthed horror in a while. Saw is definitely one of my favorites though many times there is a simple way to get out of the trap that they don't use. It also has too many WTF didn't you die 40 sequels ago? Other than that the Sleepaway Camp series was pretty creepy though the last film which was basically a spin off was stupid as hell -_-
  15. Don't Turn Away <<Don't Give Into the Pain>> Don't Try to Hide <<Though They're Screaming Your Name>> Don't Close Your Eyes <<God Knows What Lies Behind Them>> Don't Turn Off the Light <<Never Sleep, Never Die>> Whisper by Evanescence RP Forum: Coming Soon! RP Playlist: Coming Soon! ------- An Introduction Hello and welcome to Where Life Goes, the long-overdue reboot to a roleplay I hosted quite a while ago, under a different name (Asyum: Shudder ('Stage One')) A few days back, when I started debating a tentative return to the forums, I also decided that I liked the concept too much to just let it die, so here we are! As stated in the previous roleplay's introductory ramble, the storyline was born from my love of the arcane, as well as heavily influenced by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale. This is a two part RP, with this one being followed by its sequel and finale: And What Follows It. In the spirit of the previous roleplays, there will not be a set player limit, I will allow continued submissions until everyone feel's we've gained enough ground. ------- The Setting In an time of blissful peace and seemingly limitless prosperity, Equestria's beloved rulers call upon the best and brightest of the age to assist them in their time of need. The summons arrive on your doorstep with little fanfare, and quite a bit more mystery than you're strictly comfortable with. The letter is simple and to the point: The Princesses require your help with a rather... dangerous mission, something they will not be able to handle themselves. Your summons are polite, and give you ample opportunity to reject said mission. But even so... what could be so terrible that the alicorns themselves could not tackle it? Surely that means you shouldn't go! If they can't do it, you certainly can't! Right? Right? ------- Your Character The premise is pretty simple, though actually a little different from the original RP. (No more tossing people into scary places willie-nillie!) Your character receives a royal summons to meet with the Princesses in Canterlot. Should you accept the summons, you and the rest of your compatriots will be debriefed on the contents and objective of the mission they wish for you to carry out. Afterwords, the real fun begins. What is this grand and important mission? Why can't the alicorns handle it themselves? Will I be gratuitously murdering red-shirt NPCs along the way? Only one way to find out. -------- The Rules No god-modding or power-playing. Respect your fellow participants Respect the DM. Follow all basic RP and General Rules for MLP Forums Limited Alicorn use, sorry fam :C All in all, I don’t think I’m asking for much. So please, follow the rules. ---------- The Players Roefire played by @BlackShardNixium Techno Universal played by @Techno Universal Elias Benmansour played by @Biohazarddallas
  16. I bought the Friday the 13th Parts 1-8 film series in October because the game got me interested in watching them and I wanted to know more about the series. Outside of the first film, I don’t think I had seen the others. So far, I have seen 1-5. For those of you who have seen them all, which do you think is the best? How about the worst? If you are really interested, I would love to see you rank them from worst to best.
  17. Was there ever a movie scene from your childhood that scared you for months on end? It doesn't even have to be from a horror movie. For example, I remember seeing Stephen King's IT as a child and the scene where the kid is pulled into the drain with that clown's wide, tooth-filled mouth opening was enough for me to stay at least ten feet away from every sewer drain in existence for well over a year. Or, the scene in Labyrinth where Sarah falls down a hole and there are hands poking out of the wall, supporting her and making faces that talk. ;~; Scared the hell out of me. So, any scene in particular that scared you as a child?
  18. YOU ARE STUDENTS WHO HAS EXTRAORDINARY ABILITIES AND ARE THE ULTIMATE IN SOMETHING. WHETHER YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE GAMBLER, ULTIMATE POP SENSATION, ULTIMATE BASEBALL STAR ETC.. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVING THE CHANCE TO ATTEND HOPE'S PEAK HIGH SCHOOL, THE HIGH SCHOOL WHERE GRADUATES ARE GUARANTEED SUCCESS FOR LIFE! HOW-EVER, NOTHING AS IT SEEMS... Premise: As you are the ultimate whatever (baseball star, pop sensation, gambler etc..) you have been given the chance to attend Hope's Peak High School, where graduates are guaranteed success for life. How-ever, nothing as it seems, the moment you go to the main hall to meet with everyone else, you find yourself getting dizzy and then you find yourself in a class room by yourself, your head resting on a desk. When you leave the classroom, you find out that it wasn't just you that it happened to, but to all the other 14 students that were invited to attend. You are then all called to the gymnasium, where you meet Headmaster Monokuma, where he gives you the low down of what has happened, and then tells you, the only way to graduate is to kill someone else and not be caught. So, the question is.. Can you all survive in a communal life in this warped version of the academy, will you become friends and team up to try and find a way out without killing, or will you succumb to the pressure and kill a fellow student and friend in the hopes you won't get caught and graduate to freedom? Only time will tell Rules: 1. this is a murder/horror mystery, but even then, I still wish to stay on here, so keep everything to PG 13+ only (that means swearing, violence, level of gore, stuff like that)| 2. Obviously both RP section and Forum rules applies here 3. While this will be ultimately based in Equestria, it will be following the storyline of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, so it is best you brush up on your knowledge of the game and anime 4. I will be playing as my own OC, but from time to time will also act as the Headmaster Monokuma 5. Above all else have fun! Sign ups: (maximum of 14) 1. @driz has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Lorianne "Lory" Vox (as the Ultimate voice actor) 2. @Acnologia has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Clayton (as the Ultimate Smith) and Orion (as the Ultimate Strongman) 3. @Techno Universal has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Techno Universal and Glitch Universal (as the Ultimate Computer Program Designers) 4. @Drago Ryder has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Maia (as the Ultimate Musician) and Gale (as the Ultimate Companion)
  19. Hey guys just thought I'd come here and show you guys the first chapter of the new fanfic I've been working on. A trip into the Yaket Mountains north of the Crystal Empire takes a dark, lovecraftian like twist. Let me know what you think:
  20. This is my first grimdark reading, It's pretty cringy hearing me try to pull off a Sweetie Belle impression though.
  21. What would we do without our dose of creepiness and WTF? today i have a special gift you you horror lovers, if you like creepy stuff like me you may enjoy these materials, no screamers in any of those videos, guaranteed. In my last entry i mentioned that in the entry #5 of this saga i would make a special, but how 'bout some warm up with a prelude to horror? Today i show you the most WTF videos i ever saw and the theme is "Horror in Black and White, what does it mean? all these videos are in black and white and some are designed specifically to make you feel chills. No cheap horror is a quality horror that not even your blankets will make you feel safe! Of course is my job to present you this videos but the work of this exquisite material belong to their respective creators, so grab some sodas, prepare your snacks, be with friends because this is going to be good! no description as i used to just watch them as a surprice That thing by Sofia Rincon. Sueño Real by lanimibusband Trogort by Principe Subliminal The peanut Vendor Bonus material: Father Sigygis I warn you, if you are specially sensitive about horror stuff i must insist to close this entry and go watch something else but since i know you won't, delight yourself.
  22. NOTICE READ THIS FIRST: I HATE TO SAY THIS, BUT PLEASE DON'T REWRITE THIS STORY, CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN OR POST IT ANYWHERE ELSE I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A GROUCHY OLD LADY, BUT JUST BE RESPECTFUL AND DON'T STEAL ANYBODY'S HARD WORK IF STOLEN YOU WILL BE REPORTED ITS NOT THE BEST STORY I WILL ADMIT TO THAT, BUT ITS SOMETHING I WORKED HARD ON I WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO ENJOY IT WHEN THEY READ IT NOT FOR IT TO BE STOLEN, BUT WITH THAT OUT OF THE WAY HOPE YOU ENJOY MY LITTLE STORY. I know there should be commas and stuff in certain places, but I posted it anyways so sorry if any parts become confusing, but I do hope you enjoy my little story. Chaos belongs to me she is my OC Aria belongs to Demonwolfspirit And the pony crew belongs to Hasbro And without further ado here is my little story I do hope you enjoy it. =) The Chaotic puppeteer It was a beautiful summer day all the pony folk were out and about looking at stands or standing around chatting. The heat rose well above the 90's so it was a relief to all the ponies when they saw the pegasi preparing for rain showers. After about 5 minutes or so the downpour started the ponies relieved to feel the rain some were running from it while others were enjoying the relief it brought to them. Chaos who was lost in thought did not really notice the rain nor paid much attention to it she headed to Canterlot where she knew Celestia would be. She flew over the castle surveying her possible entrances she lands on a cloud so not to seem suspicious to the royal guards not that they could do much harm to her, but she did not want to risk it." Hmm it will take some slight planning, but it is doable those walls won't keep you safe forever Celestia I will get you." After carefully surveying the area and thinking through her options she chooses a royal guard to control using her magic she gets into the soldiers head, " now my puppet let's have a little fun." She slowly starts to pick away at his mind bringing him deeper into insanity showing him images of death that was caused by his hooves, " aww now look what you did you were suppose to protect them how they can trust you? Celestia will do away with you and you will be known as the royal guard who has failed his kingdom, his princess and his people." The royal guard tries to get the images out by smashing his head into a wall blood slipping down his face " get out GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT," the other guards rushed over to try and control him, " get a hold of yourself everything is going to be alright, n no NOOOOO STAY BACK " he runs off . " You can run, but you can't hide my little puppet " her lips form a small grin " your fellow guards will fall and you will be responsible you can't escape what your destined to do so your better off just accepting it. NO I I WILL NEVER GIVE IN, well he's a toughie to break that will be no issue though he will surely just kill himself in his own world of madness " laughs to herself " this will be fun to watch, but I will have to replace him there is many more where he came from." He runs trying to escape the images and haunting words being chanted in his head, " MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT ALL STOP," tears streaming down his face. He bashes his head into a tree wanting to make it stop blood starting to cover his face he sits down continuing to be plagued by the images he looks at his sword getting lost in thought he removes it from its sheath, " it will all end here " he digs the sword into his head carving the skin away until it flops over his now exposed skull he lifts a near by rock. Taking a deep breath he smashes it into his head blood hitting the ground his body soon drops his brain exposed to the cool air as it leaks out onto the grass. Chaos walks up to him " well is it that a shame I suppose he was to weak minded to handle it, o well there's always more puppets to play with " *she flies off.* " Celestia was probably informed of the guard, but that will be no problem Luna should suffice just fine as my next puppet." She lands some distance away from the castle to scope it out* " well with the guards occupied this should be a rather easy entry." She flies silently to Luna's balcony landing she places a soundproof shield around the room so not to alert the guards of her plan. " Time to have a little chaotic fun " she laughs to herself as she steps in. " So your the one responsible for the death of the guard, well aren't you a smart one princess, but its already to late for you," she slips into her mind before Luna can react causing her to see images of her sister getting all the praise while she lies in her shadow. " No I am your princess as well love me as you do her," the ponies ignore her words giving all their adoration to Celestia, " AFTER ALL I HAVE DONE FOR YOU, YOU IGNORE ME WELL SISTER YOUR TIME OF REIGN WILL END WITH YOUR BLOOD SPILLED NO MORE WILL THESE PONIES ADMIRE YOU NOW DIE!" the anger builds up within her transforming her into Nightmare Moon. " Well this was unexpected, but no matter " she changes the images of her own blood being spilled by Celestia herself " N NO YOU ARE NOT STRONGER THEN I YOU SHALL BE THE ONE TO DIE!" Nightmare Moon flies up in an attempt to break free to act on her words, but as she goes to make her escape she takes her very own life. Chaos ends the torment walking over to her barely living body, " well princess you will be spilling her blood " she laughs to herself, " but who knew a crash to the wall would break your little fragile neck well let's end that life of yours " she twist her neck a little further the bones cracking as her body goes limp. " There now that's better " she lifts her up giving her new puppet a try " you look so sad let's turn that frown upside down " she finds a needle and some thread she sews the sides of her mouth up into a big happy eerie smile " there we go perfect." She lifts her up once again her ear turns slightly " well seems we have a guest Luna " she turns her head slightly with a grin on her face laughing " I suppose two puppets are better then one your not much of a fighter without your friends little pony you'll be easy to dispose of." Placing Nightmare Moon's body down she takes a few steps towards Twilight " my friends will come and kill you for this o will they now? Who knew you were such a funny little pony your friends won't be coming " she lifts the body of Nightmare Moon up " now you be a good little pony and stay still " Twilight tries to remain strong and goes to attack, but her eyes soon widen as she is pinned to the wall by Nightmare Moon's horn with a boost of adrenaline sent throughout her body she makes an attempt to remove the horn. " Well that was easier then I thought " she walks up to Twilight's body " fight all you want my little pony you have already lost " she digs it in deeper and her body soon goes limp she removes the horn letting the body drop to the floor " your sad as well I will have to fix that " she sews both sides of her mouth forming it into once again an eerie smile. She takes a look at both her new toys " hmm something is missing " she looks them over once again " that's it " she takes the needle and thread sewing both their eyes open so they remain open. " Their perfect now time to retrieve Celestia she will make a perfect addition to my collection " she smirks as she takes to the sky with her new puppets she lands on a cloud big enough to hold herself and her new puppets she scouts out the area to ensure she will not be caught." It will be tough, but manageable " she controls both puppets seeing through their eyes she leads them carefully through the darkened halls of the castle " now where could you be hiding Celestia? Guess I suppose I should set the bait " through her control she uses the voice of Twilight to bring her out " Twilight is that you?" She steps out into the dim lit hallway " o thank goodness your here and safe, but these walls are not safe for you Twilight there is a murderer wandering these halls that has yet to be caught. Please return home my faithful student " with no response she steps closer " Twilight?" Her eyes widen when she sees the puppets before her laughter could be heard echoing through the hall as Chaos walks up " you like them princess? W what have you DONE YOU MONSTER!! o come now princess monster is such a harsh word don't you think? You will pay for what you have you done " tears start to form and fall down her face " well here comes the waterworks its so hard to find a strong minded ruler these days they all seem to well cry over such little things." With anger building up she charges Chaos wanting nothing more then her death " you'll have to do better then that " princess Celestia charges once again, but is soon halted by the puppets who have crossed their horns forming an x in front of her neck. She walks over to her with a smirk formed on her face " go ahead princess attack me, but I suppose the nice mare that I am I will let you in on a little secret " she grabs her face whispering " any movement and your dead princess " she laughs as she shoves her face away causing Nightmare Moon to stab her through her lower jaw lifting her off the ground. Celestia struggled desperately wanting to escape from the pain, but she soon felt tearing as her lower jaw was ripped away from her mouth her tongue hung out as her jaw landed with a thud. Celestia screamed out, but barely any sound was heard " what was that princess you want to join them? Well if that's what you want Twilight be a dear and help Celestia " Twilight looks over at Celestia who's eyes are now wide with fear Twilight nods and walks over " o Twilight don't ruin her perfect skull." Twilight looks at Chaos giving a nod then back at Celestia she steps closer lowering her head to her chest Celestia full of fear tries to escape, but Nightmare Moon holds her in place " there is no escape for you princess just accept your fate." Celestia unable to move gave up in defeat as Twilight starts to use her horn to carve a sun design through all the layers of skin, muscle, tissue and bone upon reaching her heart she uses a small amount of magic to cause it to explode blood coloring in the sun design." Well aren't you an artistic one Twilight you even colored it in " she walks over taking her needle and thread out once again sewing her eyes open " there we go her jaw maybe gone, but its workable " she lines them up taking a look at them " now its time to play hide and seek with our final little princess I am sure she will be alerted after this little finding " she flies off through a window using her magic to have them follow escaping just in time as the guards barge through the door leading into the hallway, but all that was found was Celestia's lower jaw they look to the window only to see the silent night. Chaos flew from Canterlot to the Crystal Empire upon her arrival royal guards swarmed the area " word spread faster then I thought, but that won't be a problem." She scouts out the area as usual looking for a possible entryway where she won't be caught she lands on a cloud leaving her puppets behind another cloud so not to be seen. She spots Shining Armor giving commands " well I just found my way in " she looks at the cloud removing Twilight from behind it " you will be the bait " she sends her down managing to get her through a doorway without being seen, " the hard part is over now to set the trap for the little prince." She has Twilight walk into a dark room using Twilight's voice she attempts to lure him in, " Shining Armor where are you? I am so scared I don't want to die I heard about Celestia and Luna's deaths she starts to cry." His ears turn towards the voice " Twiley is that you? Y yes please don't let me die " she cries " I would never let anything harm you or Cadance " he follows the crying which leads him to a dark room " Twiley you in here? Please don't let me die protect me " she gets up walking towards him " you know I wi, his eyes widen as he gets a glimpse of Twilight's face " w what are you? Your not my sister s stay away from me " she steps closer to him causing him to back up he tries to step towards the door to make a run for it, but as soon as he turns he collides with something " what di," his eyes widen once again as he looks at the figure before him princess " C Celestia? No this can't be WHO DID THIS?" Chaos steps out of the darkness with Nightmare Moon " don't you just love my work little prince? Y YOU DID THIS YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN " he goes to charge her, " I will kill you on my own your killing ends HERE! O yawn your not the first to say that nor will you be the last now be a dear and stay still " she forces him down to the floor " there now that's much better " she looks at Celestia " I suppose its your turn just remember don't damage the head." She nods and walks over to him "Celestia please if you can hear me in that corpses body " tears start to form " please spare my life " Celestia looks at him placing her head down she forces her horn into the side of his left eye socket carving around it hearing his screams of pain she steps away seeing it hang out of the socket " now Celestia we can't leave the little prince in such pain please do remove it its not like hes using it anyways " she laughs to herself. Celestia leans her head back down placing her horn through the eye with one quick tug it detaches from the socket she steps back the eye remaining on her horn " now this must come to an end before your little soldiers come and find us now Twilight why not show your brother how much you love him." Twilight walks over looking at him " Twiley I will always love you *he goes silent for a moment* and I know nothing will stop you from killing me "your words are so touching I may just spare you" r really? No " laughs," but before you do go " she uses her needle and thread to sew what eye he has left open along with sewing the sides of his mouth into a big grin " there much better." He hangs his head low in defeat as his tears hit the floor " now Twilight finish him we have a little princess to find " Twilight nods and looks at him she uses her magic to twist his neck breaking it she continues to twist it until it detaches " well that was unexpected, but will do she walks over," but I must sew it back on more work for me " she uses her needle and thread to attach his head back to his body " there we go. A stallion is a nice edition to my collection now to find the last little princess " she walks off leading her puppets along with her she moves along the darkness not wanting to alert the guards she soon arrives to their bedroom looking at shining armor she smirks " now lover boy go in there and comfort your precious little princess." Shining Armor opens the door slightly peeking in " "Cadance are you ok? Shining armor I am glad to see your still safe no sign of the killer yet? "No, but even if they did come I would protect you with my life I love you Cadance and will not allow any harm to come to you" I love you to Shining Armor and together we can stop them. "Yes we can now I must be off to make sure everything is safe, but before I leave please let me take you into my arms in case this is the last time we see each other" don't speak like that Shining Armor neither of us will die we will fight them together "just please come into my arms." Cadance walks over to him as she nears him she freezes " S Shining Armor? "Come into my arms" Cadance your not my Shining Armor " tears forms as she cries upon seeing the site of her husband " WHERE IS HE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM? "I am right here now come, " he steps closer to her managing to get his arms around her she struggles to get out of his grip, but is unable to " why are y you doing this? I love you " she cries harder her eyes suddenly widening as he stabs through her chest " well would you look at that they say true love is hard to find, but here it is before my very eyes, " she screams out as her heart is torn out she looks at him seeing her heart on his horn " seems you wanted her love forever how cute." She walks over to sew her eyes open and her mouth into a big grin " there now my collection is finally completed now time to go home " she leaves the castle having her puppets follow behind her once home she sets them up in her bedroom. " There we go she turns her head hearing her bedroom door open "hi there honey how was your day?" It was good what is all this? "Its a small hobby you like them Discord?" Why yes I do I heard something was killing the princess's, but never imagined it was you "now Discord killing is such a harsh word I merely gave them new life" that is true honey. "Maybe we can rule their kingdoms together as the new king and queen" I would like that a lot, but before we do that will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" A big smile forms on her face she hugs him causing them both to fall to the floor " yes yes yes yes good, " he hugs her and they share a quick kiss. The wedding day soon arrives she comes out as beautiful as can be in her wedding dress made by Rarity of course she walks down the aisle passed the puppets who are all nicely dressed she walks up to Discord with a huge smile on her face. " I love you so much Discord, I love you as well Chaos " she smiles as their vows are said and the rings placed on each other Discord lifts her veil to seal their love with a kiss. " CHAOS YOUR PANCAKES ARE READY " she groggily wakes up lifting up her Discord face mask " should have known it was just a dream ARE YOU UP CHAOS? YES I WILL BE RIGHT DOWN ALRIGHT I will get you somehow Aria for ruining my dream " *she puts her Discord slippers on which laughs whenever she steps down " now where did I put that bathrobe?" She looks around the room " ah ha there it is " she levitates it over putting it on she gets one wing through, but notices her other wing is failing to do the same." Come on get through the hole now " she tries to get her wing through once again, but ends up falling over which causes her wing to go through the hole she gets up looking. " Finally I should have a word with the pony that made this stupid bathrobe " she leaves her room going downstairs her Discord slippers laughing the whole way there Aria cringes hearing the laughter " I really hate those slippers, but every time I get rid of them they just come floating back on in " the sound soon stops as Chaos arrives in the kitchen and takes a seat " its about time you got down here, I had bathrobe trouble, o I see so how was your sleep? It was very good and chaotic until you woke me up. Sorry about that just thought you would want some breakfast, its fine would have woken up sooner or later, so what was your dream about anyways?" She explains the dream " and well Discord and I was getting married then you woke me up " she looks over at her Aria's eyes are wide and her pancake falls off her fork, " o um well that's uh quite the dream hey a girl can dream can't she?" THE END or is it? *chaos laughs* I do hope you enjoyed my little dark story I have written my oc Chaos is not with Discord, but in the story she had a crush on him, but has decided to walk solo for now not sure why I decided to post that o well, but here is a picture of the notorious chaotic puppeteer herself Chaos she is right down there.
  23. Hello! Today i wanted to start a topic about my favorite Horror franchise Amityville ! ( i have searched for a tread about this but couldnt find one, but i have seen that horror treads exist in this section so i guess its okay to talk about that as long as im not mention anything gruesome i think ) Warning! Real Tragic Events. Read only if you want. After this events the house was called cursed and Jay Anson published a book about the lutz family and their events based on the ( maybe ) true story they told. And here is a list of films based on the Amityville Story : Puh....thats it. Hope you liked that little overview over the series. I love the Amityville series because every movie was made with another director and features a complete different style and experience. The Movies are not to gory like some other horror series and have more suspense. I have watched all the movies until the last 3 and watched all documentarys except of Shattered Hopes and the Interview with Defeo.I have the first part of Shattered Hopes though. My Favorites are part 2,4,6,remake,haunting. My least favorites are 3 and Asylum. And i just like all the other parts. How about you? Has this post helped you in any way, learning more about the films and the story behind the films? What are you favorite or not so favorite movies? Watched any movies or Documentarys of this at all? Let me know I really, really hope this Tread is okay.
  24. Are their any horror stories where the main character has amnesia?
  25. So after a million years of wait, I finally got my Freddy Krueger glove replica in the mail. It's smaller than the original of course cause I've got small hands but it looks amazing. I'm so glad I got it. Here's a video: