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Found 46 results

  1. You know, among other related interests that MLP:FiM has generated among its fans and general viewers, I believe that MLP:FiM has definitely generated interest in Horses and Equestrian culture (I mean Real Equestrian culture); and I do wonder if there are any Bronies or anybody who is basically into MLP:FiM who actually rides real Horses and/or Ponies or at least thinks about giving it a try. Imagine riding in a Pony pulled cart, much like this: Who would love to see something like that as an activity at a future Brony convention? Could you see MLP:FiM influencing a renewed broader interest in riding Horses (whether Horseback or Horse drawn vehicles), perhaps with the help of the Brony movement? Feel free to share your thoughts.
  2. I am currently on duty watching pregnant mares. Babies will be due soon. Once we they are here I will post some good pictures. Below is a sample of one that was born in 2013.
  3. Hi everyone This is a doodle I drew this afternoon as part of my drawing lessons at my animation studies. It took me like... 5-10 min, not very much. I hope you'll like this doodle
  4. After reading a certain post about the latest episode; I decided to try an experiment with everybody (and “every-pony”): First, write the first thing that came to mind when you read the title of this topic “Hot Horse”. You may also post a picture. Second, read everyone else’s first reactions and feel free to reply to them. Some if not many of you might know the equestrian meaning of “Hot Horse” at first glance, while others might not.
  5. I gotta advertise this for those that haven't played it... y'all NEED to play the small horse custom stories for Amnesia... If you like ponies, if you're on the internet way too much, if you enjoy hilarious horror... PLAY THIS GAME!!! For those who don't know, I got into MLP from this was so crazy and wacko, that I had to discover the origins of the I watched the show, and ended up loving it! but back on track, if you haven't played it, please download it here!!the-small-horse-epic-journey/c13ag it's well worth your time! Many lets players such as Ratchetness, Cinnamontoastken, Jacktherbert, Pewdiepie and many others have had fun with it, and so should you!
  6. A Houyhnhnm is one of a race of intelligent Horses from an island south of Australia (not Tasmania to the east). These horses keep a race of barbaric Humans called "Yahoos", named after the Horses' word for "evil". They also practice eugenics (and possibly racism), they never fall ill, their personality is cold and "perfect", and they never lie. Also, they do not mourn or celebrate death; they dismiss it as a trip to the "First Mother". * By contrast, the "sunny" (and "stormy") Equestrians, or "sapient ponies", are in, many ways like us. They live in a different world, they don't have Humans (shut up, Lyra Heartstrings!), they just accept you whoever you are (unless you're a "monster" like Discord or Queen Chrysalis. Or Krastos.), and they do fall ill and die, in which they wail in sorrows. What if a Houyhnhnm (as enountered by Lemuel Gulliver) meets a Pony in Equestria (or vice versa)? Will they start some sort of flame war, between the Equestrian's changeable emotions, and the Houyhnhnm's cold perfectionism? Though it'll be something nice to watch: what will the Equines do to each other? Please come up with your results! Thanks! EDIT: * First Mother - a possible Houyhnhnm deity/goddess, alongside "Law and Reason". This might become a strong debate if this falls into Equestrian ears, which comes with the controversial possible interpretation: "THE FIRST MOTHER OF YOURS IS OUR QUEEN FAUST!"
  7. Welcome to the would you rather game!! It's a simple game. You answer the would you rather question above you and then leave one for the next person to answer. EX: Me: Would you rather become a cat or become a dog person 2: Cat Would you rather eat only chocolate candy for the rest of the year or eat fruit candy for the rest of the year. Person 3: Fruit Would you rather be forced to walk on your knees all day or walk backwards all day Get it? Okay! Start! Would you rather be an only child or have 10 siblings?
  8. 1. Twilight Sparkle, groaning as she is upset ("Uurgh!") 2. The galloping sound effect used for FiM ponies (it sounds somewhat different from actual horse gallops, even on hard surfaces) 3. The trotting sound effect for FiM ponies (ditto). Some people who make FiM animations have managed to use these sounds, so where would you find these sounds and other stock FiM sound effects?
  9. Ever seen big horses like drafts, Clydesdale, Shires, Percherons etc..? I don't see them commonly, but in the city I saw 2 draft horses pulling a carriage, and they where big indeed.
  10. I was listening to "hearts as strong as horses" and that got me thinking - everyone is a pony - and ponies and horses are kinda like 2 different things.. are there any actual HORSES in equestria? That clown horse Troubleshoes seemed to be the most horsey but I am unsure if he's a mule or not..
  11. When I say horse famous it typically means Bronies that are famous for their animations or Voice acting or podcasts etc. I have so many favorites that I can't name them here. XD (I'm lazy) Who is your favorite horse famous Brony?
  12. I mean, she's like a foot taller than everypony else, is it possible she's a horse, and the citizens of Equestria are just ponies? they are little ponies.
  13. So i was using my new V5 drawguide as a reference to draw my OC in a.. umm.. i forget the term but the pose with the front legs up and stuff I got half way through making it, as I started with the body first.. by the time i got to the point to start making the head i realized.. I made my OC the headless horse without even realizing xD Lol Here's my drawguide image which I used assist in getting the correct pose Hope you's like ⁿ-ⁿ
  14. What would it be like if MLP:FiM also attracted an audience of actual horses and ponies, instead of bronies, all because the main characters are horses like them? Also, would horses and ponies enjoy, or dislike the show? And why?
  15. If you visit a horse farm, and find out by accident that some of the horses working there are actually the Mane Six hiding among the other horses and ponies for some purpose you shouldn't know, what would you do? Because ponies are horses, after all.
  16. Here's another horsey-looking pony... I really must learn to do vectors...
  17. Wolfie and Leroy are my alter egos... Sometimes they don't get along.
  18. So we all know the fandom has a lot of Horse famous ponies. Have you ever seen any on the forums? Or do you have any theories that some are here but hiding with false identities? Personally I know BronyDanceParty has an account here but he abandoned it. I also have a theory that I<3KPALot has an account here but I have no evidence to prove it except an account or two that looks like it would be hers. And for people who don't care and felt there time was wasted here, here's a gif of Twilight eating a bird:
  19. It took me a while but the final product was definitely worth the effort. Image:
  20. This thread is dedicated to the cute and intelligent Shetland Pony, a hardy little race of stubborn horses from the island of Shetland, north of Scotland. These stocky little horses may have also contributed to the creation of the MLP franchise, starting from its original, "My Pretty Ponies". Do you notice any similarities between this doll, and the real horses from Shetland? What are your thoughts, and comments, on this breed of horse?
  21. I found this site that I thought was interesting, that lists a bunch of different words people use to describe horses. Here are some of the more interesting ones I saw. Words for Horse Filly (female young horse under 4) Colt (male young horse under 4) Barn Sour (a horse that doesn’t like to leave the barn) Broodmare (a breeding horse) Foal (baby horse) Gelding (neutered male horse) Hard Keeper (horse who’s weight is hard to maintain) Jeanette (offspring of a Stud and Jennie) Mare (adult horse) Mule (horse/donkey offspring) Pony (small horse breed, NOT a baby horse) Purebred (horse that is theoretically perfect for breeding) Rogue (horse with bad temper) Sire (father of a horse) Stallion (non-neutered adult male horse) Weanling (a just-weaned horse) Yearling (a horse just barely under or approaching 1 year old)
  22. My art work that not my little pony. I enjoy drawing cartoon style horses and foals. Again I’m not a expert, but when I show my friends my drawings they enjoy horse ones that in black white. That what these are my cartoon style sketches of horses or foals, depends how you look at them.
  23. QUAD KNIGHT "Once in a world like ours....There lived a Dreamer... A Dreamer whom dreams of Knighthood, to show that he had loyalty, valor, and most of all; purpose. "But that Dreamer was a horse named Domino. He was the smallest horse in the land, too small to even reach the apples on the shortest of trees, let alone become a Knight. "So the Dreamer...remained a Dreamer. But one Moonlit night, an old and wicked entity awoke on the Moon. Slowly, it plunged the Lunar Kingdom into darkness. The Lunar Princess sent her best to combat the Evil, but all was lost... "The Moon became cursed, and things turned for the worst; the Stars in the heavens, all fell to Earth. If nothing was done soon, the Sun would also fall, dooming all into eternal darkness... "But before the Princess fell, she sent her Spirit Animal, a Lunar Moth named Crescent, down to Earth with her families heirloom; the Heroes Helm! With it, one whom is fated to wear it can control the power of the Stars... "...But heroes...can come in any shape or size..." Thanks for taking a read! This is my upcoming game that I've been working on since mid April this year. I made everything but the music all myself, so it's been a tough road. I'll try updating this Topic every once in the blue, so keep an eye out if you're interested in this game! Need all the supporters I can get! Q: What is this game about? Glad ya asked. It's a Platformer based off the Kirby and Yoshi's Island games. It's simple and easy with a colorful sort of art style, which is similar to that of crayons as you'll note. Though the main 'gimmick' behind this game is STAR POWER. When you control Domino, you'll collect different types of Stars that you can use. There are 25 different Stars that have unique abilities that can help fight enemies, solve puzzles, or help you with platforming. The game works a little like the classic Castlevania's in that you'll find different Items on the go and have to make the best of the situation at hand. You'll also control Crescent and use her to aim at targets when you shoot Powers or the such. She also does a few other neat tricks, making her very useful! Q: How long or tough is the game? Currently, the game is not Greenlit on Steam Greenlight nor is it completed. Right now, I'm in need of a few Beta Testers before I try the Greenlight scene again and release this Demo. If we're talking about the Demo, the Demo has 3 Main Levels, a Shop, and a Boss you can unlock if you collect enough "Fallen Stars". The first level is straight-forward and teaches you the mechanics. The Second one is more exploration and doesn't hold your hand. The Third Level is the toughest and longest, but if you have good platforming skills you'll do okay. If we're talking about the Full Game when completed, there will be over 50 Main Levels + Bonus Levels, 6 Worlds, 256 total Stars to collect and LOTS of secret stuff. The game will take a good 12 hours not including 100% completion or Hard Mode. Q: What's the goal in the game? In the story, Domino is chosen by the Heroes Helm and becomes the new Hero to save the Moon. This was completely unexpected to Crescent, whom is royalty, and she sees it as a joke and isn't very kind to Domino through the beginning of the adventure. So they have a complex relationship. In order to get to the Moon from Earth, they need to use the Star Bridge. Problem is, all the Stars have fallen, so they now have to collect as many Stars as possible to rebuild it. Interesting note; The Worlds in the game are based on them Ascending towards the Moon. They get higher and higher into the Sky before finally reaching the Moon. Q: Interesting Features? This game has Costumes! LOTS of Costumes! This Demo only has nine at the moment, but there will more than likely be a hundred if this game releases! There's also Hard Mode and a few other secret things I'm working on. Q: Images? Videos? Some of this stuff is a little old, but the game has remained relatively the same: Video of gameplay: Here's my Twitter if you want updates on occasion: And here's the latest Demo! It's in a Zip Folder, containing the game and a document which lists some info on where to send feedback(Or you can post feedback here! I'll listen!) It's 49 Megabytes: The game has Controller Support, but I personally like using the Keyboard+Mouse the best. Try both! And you can change the controls however ya like! Thanks & Support "Quad Knight"!
  24. Officialy endorsed by Artemis. "Make a thread." - Artemis ~~~ What is MLPForums' Species Relations? The Species Relations team is a specialized force of MLPForums users dedicated to the goal of ending species inequality and horse superiority. We're a dedicated staff that aims to help everyone be equals and have a good time on the forums. "Geez, that sounds sweet! How can I join?" All applicants can fill out the form below to help the Species Relations team in the fight to end speciesism and species inequality. Name: "How can you help the Species Relations team?" : "Are you a horse or not a horse?" ~~~ I'm looking forward to seeing all of the motivated and proud activists who are willing to join the new revolution! See you all on the political battlefield! - O~