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Found 44 results

  1. This may have been asked before, so please refer me to another thread if it has. I wondered if the ponies know about horses? Big Macintosh and Celestia are bigger than the other ponies, and I wondered if they could be horses. But Big Macintosh is Applejack's brother, so probably not. But there are differences. For instance, you can see a division between his hoofs and the hair of his pasterns. Was he adopted?
  2. I have three: Jerry, Hooves and of course a black horse named Luna!
  3. If you could learn something about horses, what would it be? I'm going home for the week to visit my parents who have 2 horses, and I was curious if there was something you guys wanted to learn about them, to which I could try to make a video of some sort of you all Just a fun idea!
  4. Caught wind of Black Sabbath's Iron Man on the radio not too long ago and I thought to myself how well that fits Maud! I can totally see her standing still as heavy machinery bolts and forms her suit around her or standing as passively as always while bullets ping off her metal shell. Sure, she's not quite the same millionaire playboy archetype as Tony Stark but she's just as well known for her acerbic wit. As stoic as she can be, think that can fit right in there with Stark's inclination to be a bit..."flippant" with others. Maybe just replace the alcohol gags I keep hearing about him with geology, and there ya go! "That mare is playing Galaga. Thought we wouldn't notice. But we did." Maybe... thinking Applejack would make a good Captain A-Mare-Ica. That same sorta super-strong symbol of home-grown American values! Strong, dependable, trustworthy and....well, bluntly honest! And, admittedly, think I do get that idea that Captain might not be as up to date on culture or anything 'modern' like ol' AJ might! "I do! I understood that reference!" Seems too that the fandom likes to portray Rainbow Dash as Thor, Pinkie as Deadpool and so on. Now I'm not too up-to-date myself on comic book heros, but you let me know which cannonical ponies remind you of certain comic book superheros!
  5. That moment when Amazon has pretty much got you figured out.
  6. (Do not know if Sugarcube corner is the right place for this, mods, use your modly powers to solve this problem if it's not) As the question says, have you ever had a keen interest in riding/looking after a horse because of MLP. Has the program made you think of taking up equestrian as a hobby? Personally it has on me. I'm trying really hard to learn how to ride horses and if possible i'll try to enter races or shows when I'm good enough. I have to master the fundamentals first before I can try to learn more advanced types of riding (like cantering and galloping) Same apply's for Ponies...
  7. Do all horses, including ponies and many equines, come from the Pleistocene era?
  8. I was listening to "hearts as strong as horses" and that got me thinking - everyone is a pony - and ponies and horses are kinda like 2 different things.. are there any actual HORSES in equestria? That clown horse Troubleshoes seemed to be the most horsey but I am unsure if he's a mule or not..
  9. Would our horses freak out the MLP FIM ponies? In a nutshell I'll try summarize Rarity's thoughts on our horses. Rarity: Ugh! Those horses from the human world are so hideous and oversized! Look at those creepy tiny eyes! Do they even bathe?! They smell foul! Their overly long faces are creepy and ugly! They don't even speak and are stupider than Pinkie Pie.
  10. I've been tryign to draw horses for as long as I can remember and it's only been in the last few months that I've actually gotten anywhere with it!! I'm pretty astounded as to just how far I've come with it but there's still a lot of improvement to be done, so if you have any tips for me please share. (Note: Some of these are drawn on iscribble and are of poor quality)
  11. On today's episode of Infrequent Ramblings About the Occasional Ponysode With No Consistent Schedule to Speak Of... Source: S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique
  12. Apparantly, English has a very developed vocabulary for horses. We've got different words for all the horse parts, horse things, and horse movements. So I was wondering what other languages have in the way of equine-specific vocabulary, and if they are used in the dubs of the show much? When I went to Europe, I got a horse riding lesson in Slovakia. My Czech is good enough to be compatible with Slovak, but when the instructor got out the technical terms, I was lost and had to work off of context. Apparently, they have words for horse-left and horse-right, like starboard and port on a ship. It would be a shame to be born into a language without a ready suppy of horse puns.
  13. I work at a local equestrian center for at least 4 hours a week. While I don't ride (I want to learn when I get time and money), I lead, halter, tack, feed, groom, etc. the horses, and of course clean out stalls . Anyone here work around horses, as opposed to just riding them?
  14. Horses in different settings. One of the things I do for fun...
  15. So something came into my line of vision recently. There is currently a lawsuit battle going on between Blue Buffalo and Purina, the one a well known maker of dog/cat food, and the other a known name among the high end price wise dog/cat food lovers. Now I have two cats and a hedgehog who all eat Blue Buffalo, and this thus I am waiting to see how this battle will end. But it got me thinking about how everyone treats their pets differently. So I thought it'd be a fun discussion about how we spoil our pets and things we may avoid in the abundance that is the pet care market. List where they sleep, what they eat, do they have toys, what do you give for treats, and how close is that pet to you. Are there any pets you wish you had? Are there any beloved pets you miss? This topic isn't just what pet you have, explain how you care it, because how we care for our pets says a lot about us, and a lot about how much they mean to us. Some may say my two cats (and hedgehog) are spoiled rotten. They get Blue Buffalo food, have their own bedroom, a plethora of toys, and a lot of attention. I don't see them as spoiled though. Their "bedroom" is area behind a tiny closet in our front entryway. It's big enough for a desk to fit in (it's about 4' by 6' room). My husband and I have no use for that area because it's just so inconvenient as a storage space, so I decided to put my cats' litterbox, bed, and water in there. Their litter doesn't permeate the house, I can lock them in if there are guests or we are doing something where they could get in the way or hurt, and because the one has attacked my husband's feet at night since he was a kitten, a convenient way to allow us some peace and quiet at night. My hedgehog has a large clear plastic bin for a cage, not very fancy but he does have a smaller one above it that he climb through a tube to get to. I feed them all Blue Buffalo because I know what my husbands' parents feed the farm cats, and believe me, they are not very healthy looking. They do not grow very big and their poop stinks to high heaven and they are constantly eating (they are free fed, yet they all look immensely skinny and don't hunt). \ Toys...they have lots of toys, but most I get for free or extremely discounted prices. I have so many because they tend to go through them slowly but surely (for the plush ones) and I tend to step on and break their plastic jingle balls, which one of them loves to play with (he even picks them up in his mouth, carries it to a higher part of the room, drops it and chases it with glee). So, most of the toys I get are backups. My hedgehog has 3 small stuffed animals (all deer), that he's had since he was a baby. His cage has to be "just so" or he will dig under his fleece liner and tear the place apart. His stuffed animals have very specific places or he will throw a fit. He also has an area with fleece scraps he plays in and has a big salt lick horse dish as a wheel, which I made myself (it's super quiet). I let him sleep on me during the day when I am doing homework or reading at home, and sometimes I let him chase the cats. They don't want anything to do with my hedgehog and he knows it. When I let him run around, he beelines for the cats, chasing them around until they leave the room I am watching him in ( I don't want him getting hurt or behind anything). So yeah, they are a bit spoiled. But not in a rich way. We are humble people, but I see my pets as my children and friends. One cat even calls me "mama" (it's really adorable). My husband doesn't see it that way, but every animal I ever had, I have cherished immensely. These are the first pets in my life that are all my own, I am wholly and fully responsible for their well-being and want to see them all live long, happy lives. I used to have a wolf-husky named Velcro when I was a kid. I loved that dog, and I was the only one he really liked, but when I went into foster care, he was put down by the DNR because he was 3/4 wolf. I miss him to this day. I also had a rescue hamster when I was a kid. He was 2 when we got him, but he lived 3 more years (that's super old for a hamster). All I remember was that he bit my sister a lot...
  16. So what if one day you woke up turned on the news and the top story is "all horses and ponies in the world mysteriously change colour and now have strange symbols on their buttocks". In said situation how would you react? P.S just realized I should have posted this to sugarcube corner, hopefully the mods will move it there.
  17. Warrior Cats by "Erin Hunter" Sonic sparkledogs (annoying wolf OCs) wolves horses cats foxes To the point that there is so much shipping, and unusual-looking animals everywhere, missing the point and focus of the original shows or concepts: We all wonder what caused these poor franchises to attract such a miserable crowd of an audience, such as those teenage girls to create awful works of art. Tl;dr: What caused these franchises to attract teenage girls?
  18. 1. Turn their heads around when standing. 2. Stamp their feet while standing. 3. Derping.
  19. You've seen Applejack kick at apple trees for fruit. Now, seeing that horses can like to eat apples, is it possible for a horse to attempt to kick a tree so that it can eat the food that rains down from the branches?
  20. I'm curious since I own a norwegian fjord named Sven and mom owns another norwegian fjord named Oscar. And yes, these are real horses. My mom has been crazy for horses since she was a little girl and I got riding lessons when I was around 10 years old. I've owned Sven for about 4 or 5 years and we keep him and Oscar at a horse ranch where we pay to keep them there and to keep them feed. If you have any other questions about Sven or Oscar, feel free to post or message me. Also, attached to this is a photo of me and Sven visiting my high school for my Comparative Anatomy class.
  21. I just thought i´d share my newest Painting with you guys,maybe i can even get some feedback? Tried out a lot of new things with this one. Unfortunately, i messed up the composition a bit. :/
  22. Hypothetically speaking, if a pony from Equestria was to see how earth horses are treated on earth (not in a bad sense of way, but as riding animals and beasts of burden), do you think they'll feel appalled?
  23. Hello everypony! I've recently just uploaded an orchestral cover of one the Season 4's songs, "Hearts as Strong as Horses." Can you guys maybe check it out and give some feedback on it? I would love hear all of your opinions! ^.^ Thank you so much guys! - TMM P.S. I'll be working on more orchestral covers, so if you liked this, think about subscribing.
  24. Since the last horse won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes in the 1970s, about a dozen horses have won the first two races only to come up short in the third. The owners of those horses took the loss with grace and humility. Instead, they said they were grateful their horse just had a shot to rewrite racing history. Steve Coburn, the owner of California Chrome, isn't taking it lying down. Instead, in a dramatic outburst, he called out the flawed practice of allowing fresh horses to compete in the Belmont after the Triple Crown hopefuls are already tired from running two previous races close together. Tonalist, the Belmont winner, didn't participate in the Kentucky Derby or Preakness. Unless the rules change, Coburn doesn't expect to see another Triple Crown in his lifetime. I don't either, to be honest. The current drought is longer than the one between the '40s and the 's70s and there is no end in sight.