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Found 4 results

  1. Things are about to get hot and saucy. Not like that! Hot sauces are something that I recently have delved into. After hearing about them and seeing them in different videos, I wanted to give them a shot. Never thought I would like them but they are quite delicious. <3 Though I haven't tried many. So I want to ask, what hot sauces have YOU tried? Got any favorites? Any least favorites? Have at thee! I could probably find some new ones to try. :3 I have only tried two: Sriracha and Texas Pete. Both are good, Texas Pete isn't as strong but I am really warming up (ha) to Sriracha on meats. Behold! Sriracha hot sauce!
  2. Howdy from the spicy South! I've got a project in life to find a hot sauce for pretty much everything, and sometimes that involves swapping recipes. I just finished a fatalii-mango hot sauce (Sriracha consistency) that is cooling down right now, and I've got a bhut jolokia-pineapple salsa that is the second hottest thing I've ever attempted to eat. Sriracha-lime cupcakes have also been baked, though I seem to be the only one that liked them. Have any good recipes, spicy finds or stories to share?
  3. I gotta wonder... Has anyone tried this? I kind of want to try it, but my first reaction is "gross!" Just wondered if anyone else was brave enough to try it, and if so... how was it?
  4. When I was in high school, I had been asked by my troll friend to swallow a spoon full of hot sauce. I was up for the challenge, and ready to go. I stared at the malicious sauce and thought to myself it'll just be spicy for a few minutes. I was bit worried and hesitant before taking it. I had gulped it down with no fear. I awaited my bodies reaction. My throat, burning. Stomach, burning. Everything, burning. It was horrible! I felt like I had just embodied a volcano. I tried getting some sort of liquid to cleanse the burning within my throat. My friends were slow to act and didn't get me water as they were troubled with their laughter. It had been a good 5-10 minutes before one of my friends went inside their house to bring me water. I felt paralyzed, drooling mindlessly out of my mouth, with a ever lasting burn withing my digestive system. I had to wait an hour before my body could function well; without the thought of my body being on fire. I had claimed the $5 I had been promised for committing myself to the challenge. I told myself, "Never again."