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Found 29 results

  1. I was in various hotels these 2 weeks while on a trip and noticed that most hotels dont have the 13th floor. I also notied that most airplanes dont have the 13th row I traveled with. Whats up with that?
  2. Do you enjoy staying at hotels? Do you like that home away from home experience? Personally I love staying at hotels. (Maybe because my parents never want me around) Anyway, what's your opinion?
  3. read please... ... I have a room ( on a non party floor Thursday~ Monday morning) and am looking for EITHER more room mates (a Max of 5) OR somepony that has a room and had a (half queen bed) available. ... I am changing $125 per person per night. If interested PLEASE text me at 916-990-4054 With your name and/or your convention name. If you currently have a room then you may contact me and we can talk... Thank everypony ... Nicklepony
  4. I just booked a room at the SFO Hyatt Regency (where BABSCon 2019 is taking place), and am looking for roommates to split the cost. The room will be somewhere between the 6th and 8th floors, will have two queen-sized beds, and I've requested that the hotel not give me a room with windows facing the atrium, since according to online reviews, the light and sound flooding in from the atrium makes it difficult to get to sleep. I can only make it between Friday and Sunday, so I've selected a check-in date of Friday 4/19 and a check-out date of Sunday 4/21. I'm 31 and male, and I won't exceed a total of four people for the room; I've found that five or more can be uncomfortable. With two people (including myself), the cost will be about $152 per person, ~$101 per person for three, and about $76 per person for four. My only real stipulations are that this isn't a party room (no alcohol please) and you must be able to keep your hands to yourself (saying this due to a personal experience).
  5. So I and my dad made a bet where if I save up $1200, he will for sure take me to BABSCON. He also said when I get to $500 he will book us some hotel rooms. And I need to know when the booking link goes up and how fast they sell out.
  6. Hello, I have a room booked for Thur-Sun and I can accommodate 1 other to split costs with. If any one is interested please let me know I'm not sure how long the spot will last. Room details are 1 king bed (I have a air mattress/bag that I can/will provide) and should be near the event.
  7. so this is my first time ever going to a convention out of state and i was wondering if anyone is doing a split hotel deal. i got my plane tickets and now i just need to figure out the hotel XD
  8. ok so here's the thing. I got a reservation booked at the Hyatt (aka where the conventions is) starting on the March 29th and valid until the morning of April 2nd. The room has 2 queen beds My rates are a flat $150 per pony. A little about me. I have been to BABS con from the beginning. 1 year I was part of the gophers (a branch of staff/attendee that puts in work time for the con and such). The next year I joined as full fledged staff member working for table top gaming. ...this year I'm lso on Staff s @nd in command of Tabletop. (a glorified title I don't think I'm 100% worthy of but that beside the point) ... why does this matter? It is important that I let you know that I am dedicated to this convention and love it!!! I want to host a room that is a friendly environment for all my ponies (aka roomies). If you still need crash space contact me and I will tell you more. I hope to hear from you and even if I don't hope your con is an awesome one!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. BlackLace

    Room Available

    I just secured a room at the Hyatt from Friday, March 30th, to Sunday, April 2nd, but I forgot that we needed to pay our phone bill tomorrow and we're short so I'm offering up the other bed in our room for $100 a head for up to two other people. Message me for details and questions. My phone number is 5595362217 and texting me is the best way to get ahold of me. Just let me know it's about the room.
  10. go to conroomies for more information! Looking for 4-6 roomies.
  11. hey, I've got space available for anyone looking for a room from Thursday night to Monday morning. I had 2 others, and both had a last minuet change of plans. so I've got a two bed room in the con hotel with just myself at the moment. I'm a vendor, so i'll out of the room for the most part, and will need to sleep so not a party room. hit me up here or at
  12. Yo! So me and my GF were planning on spending one last pony-convention together before I head off to AZ for personal biz. In any case, she's insisted on paying for the room, but didn't until it was too late (cuz she's a dumb dumb, but she's my dumb dumb <3). So, in turn, if there's anyone looking to split the cost of a room for the duration of the con, and looking for two dorks to crash with, it'd be appreciated. Thanks guys! <3
  14. In the words of Sanic the Hegehog, "xxx_sm0k1ng_1s_4_dumb0t$_xxx" So I went to visit Japan last year, right? You know how it goes, family trip, you get dragged into going, already been there a thousand times . . . couldn't get any more complicated than that, right? Well, I wouldn't exactly say it was "complicated", but it was certainly something . . . different. Firstly, I'll start with the present. I'm doing the "National Pony Writing Month" with my entry being, "My Little Pony: Equestrian Redemption", a sequel to an unfinished series that I started back in 2015. I deleted everything because I thought it was terrible (it was), but it's coming back better than ever. So be on the look out for that. Also, because fifty-thousand words is a bit of a challenge, I might not be writing here for the rest of the month. Sorry 'bout that. I guess I'll be taking my hiatus early. No worries because for those of you who joined our Discord Server: You'll be able to hear from me all month. The purpose of the server (which I don't believe I explained too well in the previous entry) is to be a more public, more reliable way to show off the source material for many of these blogs, as well as giving more people a chance to offer suggestions and input for past and future entries. Our server offers users to "listen in" (All audio, no voice) on the conversations my friends and I have during the making of these entries. If you wish to join in on the conversation (and you are "deemed fit") you can ask us and we'd be more than glad to grant "special access" and give input during the calls. It's a good step forward and if more people join in, this blog could live on for a much longer time. There will be another link at the bottom of the post for those willing to join. (Discord is a pretty cool program. I'd recommend it even for non-gamers who use Skype. Discord is much, much more organized than what the name advertises.) And now for the past, which is the focus of this story. I believe I mentioned visiting Japan? So we'll start from there. Japan is a nice place to visit and has a lot of interesting exhibits to cast your eyes on. My favorite aesthetically? The Sankeien Garden. It's nice to walk around; and although I have a vague memory of it, I do remember we arrived at the last 30 minutes until close. (Fun Fact: I believe those gardens were featured in Sword Art Online [don't ask me what episode]. If you visit the site, you can actually see a lot of the same bridges and ponds. Again, I don't know the exact garden name, but I do know it was that one.) My favorite humorously? The Poop Museum. The name says it all. Look it up, I dare 'ya So what made this trip special? Why is this trip different from all other trips? Not to mention, why am I writing a blog about it? Well, I was going to tell you eventually. . . On the last night of my five-day vacation, I stayed at a "Capsule Hotel". If you don't know what those are, I'm not surprised. Capsule Hotels are, on the face, neat little one-person rooms all stacked up on top of each other. Each hallway is filled with at least forty of these things, but it's still an interesting concept. Of course, that's on the face, but what's behind the mask? In the words of Michael Rosen: "That's an interesting story, and I'll tell you." First thing that should give you a big red symbol is the fact that they divide the males from females between differing floors; but you should've probably expected such a thing, so I'll keep going. Secondly, if you look very closely behind the counter, you can see the shower room. Filled to the brim with nude men; how subtle. Now, I know that we in the west see something like that as taboo, but here in east? Nah, it's fine. Let the kid jump around in the back of the car! we're not driving nearly as fast as we should! Luckily, I didn't take a shower that night; though, by the end of the night, I probably should've. Capsule Hotels are a breeding place for claustrophobia. Despite being armed to the teeth with alarm clocks and televisions (funny story), those capsules are very, very small; (It's about three feet in height.) and again, you're stuck in a room with about fifty other people who don't know where they're going (there was a bar under the hotel). The Televisions! What can I say? No headphone jack? 24 hours a day scripted p-rnography? n o t b a d. :awuh: (Guilty as charged) So other than the suggestive stimulation playing on the television, everything else was pretty normal. Each individual compartment came with their own blanket and pillow, alarm clock (I said that), and radio (still no headphone jack ). Only other thing that happened was that at about four in the morning some random Japanese man, shirtless and possibly wasted, climbed into my capsule. I had to kick him out. -RealityPublishing Discord (check us out!):
  15. Just like it say i was wondering how long it took to get confirmation about getting a room at holiday inn my friend and bought our tickets but now need a room his mom made a reservation for babs at the holiday in but still no confirmation on it.
  16. Looking for Roommates for Whinny City Pony Con. Send me a message if you are doing the same. Looking to join a group or person with a hotel room. Willing to get a hotel room myself if I need to and add people if interested.
  17. Hi people while i'm new around here, and to USA in general i'm going on 3 week trip to USA and will stop at Whinny Con to meet with a friend from USA on general i try to keep my budget low (3 weeks is a long time) so we are looking into finding people to share a room with on the 1-3.4 we plan to book 2 nights for the con. if anyone is interested we expect it to be around 50~60 USD for the 2 nights (as in 50~60 total)
  18. A friend and I were planning on going to BronyCon this year. However, as we all know, life gets in the way sometimes and he won't be able to go. That means I have a room with 2 beds and only one of me. I've considered pushing the beds together and have one big ass bed but having a roommate will be a lot more fun! So here's the deal: I have a 2 queen room at the Sheraton near the convention center. I have it booked from Thursday July 31st through Monday August 4th. I'm hoping to find not only a roommate, but someone to hang out with as well. Cons are waaaaay more fun when you have a friend to hang out with while you're there. While gender isn't an issue, age kinda is. I would really prefer someone 21 or older. So that's the gist of it. If all this sounds pretty good to you, send me a pm and we'll go over the details. If not, then I hope to see you at BronyCon anyway!
  19. So I reserved my room for BronyCon 2014 a little while ago. I'll be getting my badge soon, I'm still deciding whether or not I’m going to be a sponsor or not. Anyway, I'm making this thread since it turns out I may have some room for a few more people. If anyone is having trouble finding a hotel or wants someone to split the costs with let me know. I'll make updates to this thread to let anyone know who's interested. This will be my 4th BronyCon and as always I know everybody who goes will have an amazing experience. Follow the thread! BTW, The hotel is the Hilton. I stayed there last year and had no problems at all.
  20. Just wanted to spare you ponies the aggravation I just went through with the Hyatt. You can't get the $112 rate for Friday or Saturday nights. It's sold out, per Amy Taylor, the hotel's Director of Revenue Management The TL:DR version is that I called six times, was transferred eight times, spent about 70 minutes total time on hold. I only went to that much effort because I was told early on by two different reservations agents that $112 was the rate, but something was wrong with their computer system which was preventing them from fixing it, and if I called the in-house reservations team on Monday, it would be resolved. It was never resolved. Please, save yourselves the frustration! The $112 rate is gone for Friday and Saturday! EDIT TO ADD: I shot the BABScon site an email about the rate, so they've already updated their website. Carry on!
  21. Continued from my previous thread. I need y'all to give me and three other guys my age (15) stupid things to do in a hotel to occupy our free time. Go!
  22. Apparently, the hotels in Sochi are very cruddy. Here are just of few of the "amenities" that they offer. I'll bring more tomorrow, I've gotta get some sleep. "Friendly sign in the bathroom. Wish there was a bin or something..." Getting on ski lifts... you're doing it wrong New Olympic event! Bowel movement! I'll bring three more later. Don't forget to add your own, and if you can't wait check out the Sochi Fails Twitter account. (I'm not affiliated with them, they are just my source)
  23. Hayo! This is me. I need stupid ideas to keep myself entertained in a hotel room with three other males in Florida for one week straight. Post below. Make sure they're safe. I'm already wearing a Nic Cage mask and dragging a potato around.
  24. So, did Rarity steal to make her dresses? I mean, that's not okay Rarity. That's the opposite of generosity. She just sang a whole freakin' song about generosity, then she steals from a hotel.
  25. Fillies and Gentlecolts, I'd like to share my very first PMV with you . It took me roughly a month of very lazy work, and I really enjoyed it Editing pony videos is a very relaxing way of productively unproductive work, and if you are wondering whatever to give it a try or not, I can reccomend it wholly But anyway, you came here for the video, right ? So, here it is : Note : The quality is quite bad for about the first 30 seconds, it took me roughly these 30 secs of footage to learn not to save in low quality avi The quality gets better after the 30 secs. http-~~-// With this video, I'd like to thank @, and @@thegoodhen for being ones of the most awesome people I have ever met, being great friends and for bringing me endless cheer over the last month :3 Another thanks goes to the brony community as whole, for improving my life a lot over the summer That's quite all. Thank you for watching, and if you have anything to say about the video, please do so :3 It's my first creation and I'd love to get some feedback on it