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Found 14 results

  1. Yo, hows it going all you EDM loving people! - This is a thread where you can listen to mixes made by fellow forums members, and if your a DJ yourself go ahead and post your own as well. - Anything EDM related is welcome but please keep it edm relevant and use a website that allows us to listen to your mixes without having to sign up for an account, like youtube, mixcloud, or soundcloud. - if posting from mixcloud use the specific song url and the player will work on this website to make listening easy. - this is also a good place to have your mixes critiqued if you wish. - don't be afraid to just chat about mixes and new songs as well. - im not going to ban explicit stuff but try to keep it at a lower level or mark your mix as '(contains explicit content)' to warn people so we can keep this topic up without any possible issues. So what are you waiting for, post your mixes and get listening!! don't forget to follow the topic if you want to keep up to date with it!
  2. well here it is! my secong Original Song is out ^^ you can download the track for free under here SECOND HIGH.mp3
  3. so, this is my first original song i created. and yes my name is WingStel cause my OC is called Stealthy Wing... add Stel with wing... here is DJ. WingStel XD you can also download it for free under here ^^ FIRST RISE.mp3
  4. Hey Everypony! I made a new beat! It is not mastered but i hope that you guys like it. I like to get some feedback. I like to hear your reactions. Greetings from me, Dashner ( Also known as a member of the Neon Brothers). Neon Brothers - Neon Booting.mp3
  5. I made a remix of "My Past is Not Today", happy listening - i hope you like it [ PS: Feedback wanted
  6. I dont think i ever posted about this song but its one of my most popular songs with the brony community. Featuring the sweet guitar solos of my friend SlightlyAmiss (now known as SrightryAmiss) this dance tune was inspired by the Season Two premiere
  7. Start at 2:30, the first half is still bleh
  8. Hello... I recently finished up a song featuring Silver Spoon and I made some lyrics for it. I want it to be my first song to have lyrics in it and I need some help on it. I want it to sound similar to Fade Into Darkness by Avicii. Anyone willing to help?
  9. So this is a song a made a long time ago, just thought i would upload it I gone done used a Charlie Chaplin speech to express the new thought of Discord. Mind you This was based on when discord was first reformed ages ago XD luefhbdncsoyeqdr Tell meh what ya'll reckon!
  10. She's not perfect but it was still fun making it Also im not even sure what genre it is. I'm pretty sure its house tho.... meh. Hope you guys enjoy and feedback is more than welcome.
  11. Does anybody know of any really well known and acclaimed pony artists who specifically make house music, opposed know, dubstep and trance?
  12. This is a song that i made I wouldnt normally listen to it but i kinda like it anyway
  13. Yeah, even more. My favorite genre is House, although Techno and Electronica are also acceptable. I also would like more reccomendations for Drum N' Bass and Disco artists. Here are some examples of what I listen to: And if anyone can find a Brony artist who does MAINLY House music (Like SimGretina), you get a cookie!
  14. Here's an instrumental house track I uploaded 5 days ago. It's probably the most fun song I've made so far. It's pretty obviously inspired by the episode "Wonderbolts Academy." Enjoy!