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Found 35 results

  1. My OC was created in MSPaint last year (December of 2018) in MSPaint, by mistake. I was drawing freehand with the mouse. I had previously drawn what I would look like in Equestria Girls style, but I had an idea to make the pony version more "crazy hair", and because of mistakes with the mouse, I got a look that almost spoke directly back to me as being an independent drawing not drawn by myself (I have never experienced that before). In the Equestria Girls version, I had chosen to use the psychopath eyes style (that is eyes you can find in Anime/Manga that have tiny pupils, usually really evil guys (Zarbon when he goes mad, Android 17 in the later part of the series, etc). But what if you put those eyes on a pony? And Splashee was born (even before his name was invented, which was much later). The first drawings are my Vector Art (click on them for larger views). They are all done in Adobe Illustrator so that I can export them in any dimensions ever possible, and with any effects applied afterwards: The other drawings you have seen around are drawn in Adobe Photoshop. Except for the animated profile picture, which was drawn and animated in a pixel/palette program called GraphicsGale (used to do pixel art for retro games, it's free and the best palette managing program you can find). Here is Splashee as a duck for the Role Play (Transformation Time!) which I am part of: Last we have the fun one. Here I am speed drawing Splashee (blank flank, because the cutie mark is not friendly to draw by hand) from a nice side view. The speed is 400% the normal, and the video takes 5 minutes of your time: Other than that, Splashee's name is fun to pronounce, and fun to draw! Any OC related information can be found in the RP Character Sheets on the forum LOL
  2. so the other day i was at college and i over heard a couple of lads( well they are more like the kind of boys who dont have many friends as highschollers whould call them wierdos) talking about bronies well they where more taking the piss and laughing at it as a 18 year old bisexual female the one thing they said really hurt me. some one asked what a brony was and these lads' answer was "well its a bunch of middle age guys who are creeps that like to get off over my little pony" i kept quiet because i didn't want them to think the same of me but yeah would would you do in a similar situation ?
  3. I'm curious if there's any open source software out there that one can use to make instrumental tracks with a PC. I can sing and use Audacity to record my vocals, but I don't have any real instruments to play and record. I did try using LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) and made a small little thing with it, but I'm looking for something that has actual instruments in it's sound library instead of just...wubz. Also, a layout with musical bars would be a godsend, I can time a tune much better that way... Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone, Im back after a long haitus and im going to be starting up a series of episodes on how to draw MLP characters, on youtube. I just did a intro video so please leave feedback either here or there, Im hoping to update with a new video every 2 weeks. I did a post a while back going over the same things i mentioned in the video, The video will be uploaded here in about 2 hours. Please leave feedback!
  5. Hi Everyone! Just writing this on a bit of a whim here~ But would anyone be interested in a complete in depth video tutorial in real time of how to draw Ponies? Im not a master at drawing ponies, or at drawing anything really... but learning how to draw mlp was hard for me, i wont lie. When i first started drawing ponies I just wished that there was a tutorial somewhere where beginners and advanced artists could learn how to draw ponies and not just in the normal side view... I hate it when tutorials say things like "draw the leg bent like this" because the person who is trying to learn how to draw won't realize there's actually multiple bends in the leg due to the amount of bones in a leg. They won't realize how long some of those sections should be compared to other sections. They won't know how the leg actually should look. They just know it can bend the way it did in the tutorial they saw. Yes, you can break a pony down into simple shapes and lines like many how to draw videos explain but the tutorial only shows you how to draw in that particular pose or stance. If you know how these things work and why these things work, you can draw that thing in any pose with any angle and it'll look right. My tutorial(s) will be a long video or a series of videos probably uploaded to youtube where im drawing in real time and explaining what im doing at the same time. Id go over Basics first, like the skeleton and muscle structure using simple shapes, trying to show how in different styles, suchas the shows and my own, the skeleton should still be important and shouldn't be ignored. Then id move on to the actual "How to draw" part of the video, Id try to break it down into parts. Faces, legs, wings, ect.. before moving onto full body examples. Id use the mane six and some background characters for reference so you can look at them and see what im talking about when i talk about diversity. Ie Face shapes. Later down the track, id show how to gesture draw, and show how to draw different poses, perspectives, expressions, how colour and backgrounds can change the "feel" of the drawing. Let me know what y'all think~ I wont be offended if people think itll be boring, i will be doing alot of talking XD
  6. Hello Everyone! I am currently working on a youtube channel to make my own Pony animations. While I am working on my first video, I decided to make a tutorial to show people how to make there own! Here is the video: If you find the video hard to follow, here is how to do it written down: Link To Pony Creator: CODES TO USE IN PONY CREATOR: 1: 000005000352336000018325006026013000344000000000 2: 000316355007348359010340006010288000354000000000 3: 000316355026348359007354006001284001357000000000 4: 000300356032003348010346025351260034343000000000 5: 000333356032003348010341025351256089322000000000 6: 000341351024003348008346025347292064337000000000 7: 000344354016013348356351027342315057348000000000 8: 000350358008302348017351350355309057349000000000 9: 000358000000302357017015352345333057332000000000 10: 000008358348302002018343009349349049328000000000 11: 000321358359334356018342005010000017339000000000 Full Tutorial: Step 1: Go to Pony Creator (link above) Step 2: Create the pony you want to animate Step 3: Paste the first code found above in the "pose" section under "advanced" (at the bottom) of the pony creator game. Then save the image in a new folder. Step 4: Repeat Step 3 for ever single code. Step 5: Move all Frames saved into a video editing software. Step 6: Make each frame move approximately 4 pixels (I find this to work best) in one direction. Then your done ================================================================ Post any questions in the comments
  7. I've been trying to figure it out on my own, but I'm still unsure as to how I'm able to post a blog. Could somepony please lend me a hoof? Thanks
  8. I seem to be making topics like this a bit too often, but yet again ... lend your tips and knowledge. Together, let us create the ultimate how to guide!
  9. I'm having a little trouble drawing spread pegasus wings, whether from the front or from the side. More specifically, I'm having a hard time nailing the shape and positioning of the individual protruding feathers. Any advice? If you like, I could post my attempts at drawing them.
  10. There comes a time when we all realize ... That we have been normal for too long. How does one strange? ... Seriously though, what are some ways a person can seem completely weird?
  11. Since you are reading this post, I shall assume you (the reader) are a brony. So, what tactics might you advise one take to develop a full mlp obsession? How might one perfect their bronyness?
  12. Ok, so I've just started doing some drawings with pencil and paper, but I'd like to be able to move my ideas along to a more finished product. I see all of the OC's that people are creating with the finished look of the show with the colors and all that. Is there a particular application/process that is used to get one of these finished pony OC creations? I'm sure there's more than one way to skin a cat(pony?), so any and all methods are welcome.
  13. Well, by demand of this status I will write a guide detailing on how to raise your very own Snake Pony! First off, What is a Snake Pony? Well, a Snake Pony, Serpony, Ponaga, Lamia Pony, whatever you prefer, is exactly that. A combination of both snake and pony. The pony part being the head and torso and the snake part being the waist and down. Examples: Next: Hatching and Raising your Snake Pony. Hatching your Snake Pony egg is no easy task, I assure you. You must keep the egg(s) at a relatively warm and steady temperature and constantly keep them moist. Vigilance is key because you do not want them to dry out or they could die D: That would be terrible! After your little ones hatch, they like to feed on tiny insects and small plants. So keeping some of those around would help. Being half snake, they need at least some sun to keep their temperatures up. An hour or two a day of sunbathing should prove sufficient, if not longer. Watch out when they are teething, they may want to bite you. It is not fatal at a young age, but can cause discomfort or skin damage. Shedding is a weird time in a Snake Ponies life as well. Just try to keep something abrasive that they could wrap around to allow them to shed easier. If your Snake Pony wraps around you, don't panic, it is probably showing affection. Third: Growing up and Maturity. Snake Ponies do get cutie marks just like regular ponies. Push your Snake Pony in the direction of some of the things it likes to do and see what it's true talent is! By this age in a Snake Ponies life, they will need to eat higher amounts of calories and other nutrients it needs. Being omnivores, this means that they do eat meat. Small rodents, birds, even fish sometimes, should prove sufficient. Snake Ponies prefer to eat fruits over vegetables as well, for some strange reason I never understood... If your Snake Pony feels that it does not need your support anymore, do not hold it back. Snake Ponies prefer to be solitary creatures later in life. Let it go enjoy itself. Miscellaneous Tips and Stuff. Grooming and Clothing: Snake Ponies often adorn themselves with various paints, feathers, or jewelry. This is natural, just let them keep it. They often only wear loincloths if they ever clothe them self at all. Maybe provide one for yours just in case. Keep your Snake Ponies mane neat and tidy, as it does get dirty and tangled quickly. Being Bitten and Treatment. If you do ever get bit by your Snake Pony, do not panic, as this will make the venom travel faster. Calmly make your way to the nearest facility that houses anti-venom whilst applying pressure to the wound. However, if you are wrapped and bound by your Snake Pony, then bit, I'm sorry. You shouldn't live much longer... Temperament and Emotions. Snake Ponies do get angered rather quickly, so try your best to be nice to them at all times. They show affection much like a cat or dog, in the sense that you may just get a dead animal in your lap. > . > Snake Ponies like sharp, shiny objects and are attracted to them. Do not get in their way when they have such a thing in their sight. Various Magic Abilities. If your Snake Pony happens to be a Unicorn (sorry Snake Ponies cannot grow wings), their magic develops much like a regular Unicorn although it is much more limited. They can usually only teleport small distances, levitate objects, and usually learn one special magic talent unique to them. For example: My Snake Pony can create branches and ledges to wrap onto or hang off of on various surfaces. Hmm. This would be the end of the guide, however I know I missed quite a few things. If you have any questions or comments on how to raise your Snake Pony, please ask and I will answer it to the best of my abilities and put it into the guide! Do not be afraid, there are no bad questions! I hope you liked this, and have fun raising your own Snake Pony! TL;DR?? = Go back up and read it, it's freakin' Snake Ponies!
  14. This may be the dumbest question in history. Anyways. I have heard of the full editor where I can make my signature, and use smilies that aren't computer faces (Like : D and : ) stuff like that), and stuff like that. But no matter how hard I try, I don't see a "Full Editor" button, or when I click on a topic it doesn't pop up. I was about to chuck my computer out the window out of frustration, so I finally came to ask the question. How can I turn on/access the full editor? o3o
  15. Erm, so i've been wondering about how do bronies or people do digital art thing, like oc's, comics and stuff. But i don't actually know how did they actually 'DID' that, i know they might have known they used photoshop and that sorts of programs, but i still don't know how they do it, and how can i DO it. So, how do they actually make it so good? (P.S, not sure i've made this post before)
  16. I have just got into vectoring in photoshop. And just learn how use pen tool. However do wonder if there any thing need to keep in mind while vectoring, Like thinks to do, and things to not do. If you have any adivce to give, it would be much appricated.
  17. Well, I guess this counts as pony art, since it's show-related Don't be surprised, the video is not supposed to be serious, it's just a small joke PS. I don't normally talk like that, I was just making fun of some howto videos
  18. Welcome! I posting this topic to (try) help future Fanfic writers. But the first thing: What is a Fanfic? "Fan fiction, or fanfiction (often abbreviated as fan fic, fanfic, or simply fic), is a broadly defined fan labor term for stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator. Works of fan fiction are rarely commissioned or authorized by the original work's owner, creator, or publisher; also, they are almost never professionally published. Due to these works' not being published, stories often contain a disclaimer stating that the creator of the work owns none of the original characters. Fan fiction is defined by being both related to its subject's canonical fictional universe and simultaneously existing outside the canon of that universe. Most fan fiction writers assume that their work is read primarily by other fans, and therefore tend to presume that their readers have knowledge of the canon universe (created by a professional writer) in which their works are based." - Wikipedia. A fanfic is a mere literary tale, made ??by fans for fans. Fans who share the same interests. Like a book, the fanfic tackles worlds and universes that you find interesting on your favorite show. But with a different course. If you are prepared to write a fanfic, read the tips below to orient yourself and put your hands on the dirty! 1- How to Plan Your Story: => Choice of Characters: The choice of characters seems to be an easy step to creating your first story, but I say it: is not. It is a difficult step, but it is easier than creating your own. The choice of characters already created from the show involves understanding their actions and their main characteristics to make a dialogue flow naturally as a beginning of a river. When choosing a character (or more), several questions have to be made ??to yourself to understand the character and what he has to offer in your story: "What he does?" "What are his wishes?" "He is funny or serious?" "What he likes?" "He is extremely shy or overtly extrovert?" "What makes him different from others?" "What are his fears?" "What he dislikes?" "What characteristics does he have?" All these issues are important to your character. They make you delve into his personality, life and relationships. I will make an example from Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie is outgoing, and is always ready to make the others smile. Is always smiling and laughing. Her dialogues involves random and dynamic subjects as to confuse people. She loves to sing, no matter what kind of music she just wants to make other characters smile. Twilight Sparkle is smart and when it comes to Science and Magic she always takes note 10. She is lively when it comes to a subject of her interest. She is quiet, but if somepony annoy her, Twilight can be furious. Can we follow up with a short dialogue? An example follows below: - Example used from Sweet Twinkie Snapshots written by Burritos on FiMFiction and used with permission from the author. In this short we see how Pinkie Pie likes to be totally random and Twilight is her opposite, taking things seriously. Pinkie can be random and Twilight serious, but not make them bad characters. Demonstrate defects in them will make look more real, more alive. Everyone has defects, nobody is perfect. Is in these defects, and those qualities that make us unique. Just as the characters that you choose or that you create. => Character Creation: The first step in the creation of characters is something that we have played quite up there: people (or ponies with human personalities, and vice versa) has advantages, flaws and foibles; these three items are essential. If you feel more comfortable creating someone like you, go ahead! It's easier and saves a huge amount of time to create. But then comes the problem: If you put all your characteristics, will be left a very little to add in other characters. Ironically, it is much easier to create a good amount of characters if you take your characteristics and divide them equally. You are known for being stubborn, lack of innocence, be good with people, be outgoing, be adventurous, have a hothead and talking too much? Good! Means you can create seven different characters by using only those characteristics! If any of your friends have traits, for example, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and your story is a comedy, you have one of the things that will make readers laugh, just use without exaggeration. If your character does not have advantages, defects and fears, he/she will be considered a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. But what is a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu? A Mary Sue/Gary Stu Character is a character without any defects, fears, and in one word: Perfect. And that's bad, because anypony is perfect and YOU know that. So don't make your OC a perfect Pony. In the choice of Pony Breeds, we have these: Pegasus, Unicorn, Earth Ponies, and Alicorns. Remember these names, you will probably use these names on the story. Now with their characteristics: Pegasus: Many pegasus has the personality and the main characteristic of being impatient. With him, everything has to be fast, nothing to be slow! If something is not of his interest, he simply ignores it and runs away in search of something interesting to do. Unicorn: By using magic to any kind of personal affairs, are more known for being graceful and elegant creatures. Are not much of use brute force and prefer to stay with the "feet on the floor." Has a strong personality and express deliberately when tension appears or something goes wrong than planned. Earth Pony: Are more diligent in get what they want by being more "hand-in-mass" and not rely on wings or spells to do simple or complicated things for them. Are easily seen as ponies patients and very polite. But it varies from character to character. Alicorn: Their characteristics and personalities are somewhat mixed as it can have the patience of a Earth Pony and the impatience of a Pegasus. Define their characteristics and personalities; advantages and disadvantages; qualities and defects; are completely at your discretion. Created a character? Great, now do not take the essence of that for no reason! This error is stupidly common and condemns various stories. Has a timid and weak character? Don't do she/he extroverted and strong without any convincing explanation, or your readers will NOT accept so easily. => Setting: The location of the environment is not necessary to be that obvious; it can serve as a sort of mystery and sometimes, it is necessary that the reader does not even know where the character is. For example, a character was shot and woke while it was carried. It is obvious that you will describe everything he sees and every place wherever he goes, but it's not always good to talk about where he is, or the essence will be destroyed. The setting can be discovered along with the character, describing the few items or props that he sees in the present scenario. The style varies from author to author. => Time and Place in History: Not only is ideal to know the time when the story takes place, but also you should not commit slips towards it. If the story is passed only in Equestria, it becomes much easier, because of the past is very much like this in My Little Pony, except a few things like that 1000 years ago there was not Ponyville. The rest is completely free until they turn Canon (official) and it also depends on the willingness of the writer to actually be based on other thoughts of other writers. The rest is pure freedom. 2- Textual Organization: => Narration: Everything on the Fanfic depends of the narrator, the voice that tells your story. The narrator-character in 1st person account of the history of which he participates, as well as the narrator, as well as character. He has an intimate relationship with the other elements of the narrative. This proximity to the narrated world reveals facts and situations which a narrator outside could not know. At the same time, this same proximity makes the narrative is partially impregnated by the point of view of the narrator and the character. Example of character narrating: - Example take from Good Things Come by Greatodyer with permission from the author. In this example, the character describes what is around he and who is with him. The observer-narrator tells the story from the outside, in 3rd person, without participating in the character's actions. He knows all the facts and narrates with certain neutrality, presents the facts and characters without many emotions. Do not have intimate knowledge of the characters or the experienced actions. The verb tense (past or present) in the narration varies from author to author. Example of observer-narrator: - Example take from You Make My Whole Life Worthwhile by Steel Resolve. Take with permission from author. In this scene we see the description of events that took place in the past weeks between Pinkie, Fluttershy and Rarity. The narrator-God varies using the 3rd person to 1st person, there are narrative moments that describes the 3rd, as other 1st. This narrator knows all thoughts of all the characters, he knows where everything is happening as it is happening and why it is happening, and can show things that the characters do not have access, such as a trap later on. There is also the narrator who is there in the third person and is more like an "invisible" character. In this case what you do will be a description of what the characters are seeing and, depending on the occasion, you should do mystery and not say what they see. Example of narrator-God: - Example take from Long Road To Friendship by The Albinocorn on FiMFiction with permission from the author. Then would come one of the possible questions: What is the right narration? Simple: None of then. There is no "right narration" but there is an appropriate for each Fanfic you write. I, for example, used the "narrator-God" for my story "The End of Immortality". This narrator is the easiest of all, and for me, when it comes to new writers is the most recommended. As you know, it tells almost everything on the Fanfic and is easy. Even for me who is writing for two years still uses it! Why it is important narration and description in a Fanfic? One day, Fluttershy (member of the Sonic Rainboom Forum) commented on a topic of Rari3 something very simple, but very important: "Dialogues are good, thoughts are amazing and descriptions are what makes your Story. You have to remember that." You have to remember that, is what Fluttershy was talking about. You can't only have one of these in your Fanfic, you need to put all of these in your Fanfic. And then you have a good Fanfic. But now we going to final satge: 3- How to Start Writing: Now, without further ado, let's start planning your first story: => Visualization: Many say it is unnecessary to plan a Fanfic, but the lack of planning causes problems as: Unnecessary elongation of chapters: Because of not knowing how the chapters end, the writers get lost not knowing when you are finished creating chapters sometimes tiny, sometimes huge. Abandon of the story: there are writers who cannot write in an improvised way for a long time and there comes a time that they can't improvise, thus giving up and calling erroneously "Writer's Block". Planning is important to know precisely when and how the story will begin and end. No need to plan EVERYTHING that happens, but at least learn the basics of beginning, middle and end. Knowing the end, on the other hand, is REALLY necessary, or else the story will stretch and stretch... and stretch... until only a few readers keep reading, and most of these only come with the hope that the writer knows the end of it. => Originality Do not try to be SO original, even if it is REALLY original, is not enough to classify as a good story. The ideal is: you have a good idea, but you know how to develop it. I'm not saying to appeal to the cliche or anything, but should not find that a bad idea just because it has been used at other times. Whoever seeks perfectionism in writing, hardly goes anywhere. My Fanfic is Good?: Honestly? Who should say this is the writer himself to himself. If you not feel well with your story, give up because you will hardly get through what you really wanted it. Of course, do not need to find that his story is "The Best Stories Of All Time", but you have to like what you writting. You need to love it and use it as inspiration to continue working with it, without it you will not continue (you don't want to waste your time, right?). => Updates: Put in your mind that you should never set a date for an update, but not abandon Fanfic for a long time! Readers can go away and you do not want that! Always remember to write a little every day. 100 words or 200 is enough and at the end of the week you have 1400 words (if is 200)! See? It is not so bad! And never put it in front of your work, dating, and studies, the internet can wait, but not your life. Life first, then Ponies (though they are almost the same thing...). If the story is large and / or you take too long to write, it is good to let the reader warned. Update every two months, but if the reader does not have such information, will end up giving up for the slowness of the story, so do not forget: be honest and say that the interval between chapters is/can be great. Read these tips and have an idea in mind? Is confident of yourself and of the Fanfic? You with your hand itching to write? Put into practice and start! That's all folks! Hope it helped you! And I'm sorry for any mistakes, I'm brazilian (and the translator is garbage...). I hope you share your Stories here, I'll be very happy to read them!
  19. Ok, I am going to my first Con ever in my life (MLP-MSP), and have been digging around the internet and this forum to try to find a concise or at least clearer topic as to how to prepare for a convention of really any kind. I am fairly eccentric, but my social skills have been quite dulled over the past few years because I went from fairly large high school (over 2000 students) to a teeny tiny town of about 130 whom I rarely converse with at all. I am not very in tune with the hustle and bustle of cities and people and really feel like my adulthood is still something I am growing into (I'm 23 and married, but yet I ordered my first pizza delivery last year as a small but IMO a significant example. Registering for the hotel for MLP-MSP is actually the first time I've ever booked a hotel room too). So as far as MLP-MSP goes, I am super excited, yet quite terrified at the same time. I won't back down because I've been waiting 6 months (I registered and got everything set up back in January), but I worry my fears and stress may get to me. So, if anything, I want this to be like "How to Pony Con; for Noobs" Post anything you think would be valuable for those who are planning to go to their first Con (I am sure I'm not the only one with such fears). Anything you wish you had brought, how much money would be wise to start off with that isn't part of the registration and hotel booking, how to find like-minded fans, what to be prepared for, and really anything else you have learned and wish to have others know so that they can all enjoy themselves and have fun to the utmost! To me, this Con will be a stepping stone in my life to whole different world. I've never met another brony IRL, and I've always wanted to go an anime Con but never did because anime is such a vast medium with diverse genres that it's too overwhelming. But a Brony Convention....MLP is a huge part of my life now, and due the miniscule amounts of media I consume, MLP is pretty much everything that isn't anime. MLP is the first thing I've ever been a fan of, and I just want to make the most of it without my anxiety and ill-feelings get in the way.
  20. I found out that there are a lot of people on this forums who draws, but want to give up drawing,they say that they will never be able to draw, that they skills are not good enough etc. ... WRONG . ALL . . . THOSE . THINGS ...ARE WRONG. I actually found it out today, when i decided to redraw 4 years old picture. I remember when exactly i drew it. I also remember how proud was i when i drew it... (i have to say i already drew for 2 years) and also how i started to hate it... because it wasn't good enough... I adored so many artists on Deviantart and kept telling myself that i will never able to draw like them. "ohhh i wish i could draw like this guy... but i never will.. thats impossible..." Its not. I can tell you. Its rly not. Back to art. Like i said, i took my 4 years old drawing , and today i sat down are redrew it.. Here is the result, after daily drawing for 4 years. So message for all hopeless artists on this forum.. don't give up..never..ever
  21. literally The same as the title, how do i shade neatly and properly, i've been having some trouble with it
  22. hey, anyone know where I can learn to improve my drawing skills, and/or want to teach me. It would be appreciated, I need to be able to concept my game as my concept artist just quit. I am not very good but I'm a fast learner, I promise.
  23. Hello all! Well incase you missed it, I was present on the latest episode of Physics With Wing and spent nearly three hours explaining in detail how to draw ponies. This was Win & Lugi's birthday stream so happy birthday to them too! Just scroll to "previously on physics with wing" at the bottom and choose the first vid there; Skip to around the 30 min mark if you want to get right into the tutorial since I had technical issues at the start (thanks windows 8) I'd like to think I cover the basics of getting to grips with drawing ponies and I hope this can be of use to you all.
  24. I started a topic, but accidentally tagged it with 'Lightning Dust', instead of 'Rainbow Dash' and I don't know how to edit the topic-let alone change the tags. I've checked the FAQ page, but couldn't find anything referring to this particular problem. Help?
  25. Ok everypony, I had someone asked me how I do my avatar artwork. So I thought I'd post a quick tutorial on my process. I hope this helps anyone who's thinking of working on one themselves. I use Photoshop CS5 and a Bamboo tablet on my laptop. I start out by doing a base sketch to get proportions correct, and get a general idea of how I want the character positioned. In my case, I've made about 4 different ones to work with. Each is on it's own layer so I can lock them and make them invisible once I'm finished with them. Next, I draw out the outlines of the character and add in all the expressions and mane styles, etc. Note, I have this on it's own separate layer from the base sketch, so i can reuse the bases. On another layer, set below the outline, I set a colour layer, so all colour will be applied behind the outlines without disturbing them. I fill in the background on yet another separate layer, in case I want to add effects or other colours later. Lastly, the detail layer. Set on top of all three of the other layers (base not included). I use this layer for the shimmer in the eye, and the glint on glasses, or other minute details which I want to add. Lastly, when all is said and done, I can copy all the layers and merge them into one and save as a jpeg. This is also the stage when I add lens flair to the unicorn pics, as the render only works properly on a single layer at a time. For a more detailed drawing guide, I'd like to direct you to This gives a full set of stages for drawing ponies, and techniques for getting the proportions right. Hope you found this helpful!