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Found 4 results

  1. So I have been watching these And I realized that he is entirely correct. Before I get into this, please no "it's just a kids show" in the comments. So sure, Equestria is said to be a place about Friendship and happiness, but it' not. First of all let' talk about the Rulers, some would Argue that the Tree of Harmony is the true ruler and creates Alicorns as tools to fight evil, but let' focus on the more important "Rulers" I'm talking about Celestia and Luna (more Celestia than luna). So Celestia is not exactly evil, but is definitely not far from it. To start off, have you ever noticed how all of the pony inhabited places are lovely and song really have any problems( more on that later). Well let' not forget about the rest of Equestria, the parts that are in poverty, if Celestia was truly nice than she would help the other Races, such as the Griffins. Ever notice how the Griffins live in Poverty, and some could say that all of that has been fixed, but I doubt that that small place that we saw was all of the Griffins society, so why does Celestia not help them? Well song say that they song have the Recourses because Unicorns pretty much rule the world(more on that later as well) and have an endless supply of materials via magic. I think that Celestia only helps her people as we have sort of heard her alute to. That also might be why Sombre was straight up destroyed, no second chances or anything, as we have seen, they have almost no mercy on anything that could pose a threat. It's obvious that discord doesn't count, because I'm pretty sure that destroying a being that can literally do anything they want wouldn't be the best move on the Political side of things. So now to talk more about the enemies. Celestia had no leniency on Luna/Nightmare Moon because her power would be questioned, and and Luna/Nightmare Moon really posed a threat. Celestia probably could have just banished her to the moon for a quarter of the time because feelings usually dont take 1000 years to Air out( I guess?) And Nightmare Moon came to be because of feelings that built up. Now before I get any deeper in I just wanna say that if you think about it than nothing is really evil, only different points of view and objectives that some disagree with. But also about pretty much above this point I said about Celestia isn't entirely her fault. I mean, you make something one of the most powerful known beings, and however good they are, they can't always think about everyone. Being powerful is hard and most powerful things become corrupt because their scared that something might take them out of power. The way I look at it is pretty much you being born into something that your, for the most part good at, and also have the power to keep people from taking that ONE thing that your good at away. So of course things become corrupt to power.Celestia is not perfect. But i think she does her best and i dont really think that anypony can do better than her. Now my view on Celestia might seem really Passive aggressive, and sorry for my bad Sentence structure, but bare with me. ( I just had to delete half of this topic because it countered all my points) another it seems that no matter how I word it this topic keeps looping back around and I end up supporting the other end so that's what I'm gonna do( pretty much making this topic useless). But another point I want to mention is that if Equestria is such a nice place, than why is their a caste system. Sure you could say that every society has some sort of caste system, but it' different when literally 1/3 of a regions population can literally do anything they want. Yes I'm talking about the unicorns, they are pretty much on top as most people can see. But I guess that this sis not our world. And what may seem so bad to us is natural there, and probably shouldnt be interfered with. Sort of off topic, but as an example I'm gonna say, what about the holocaust. Sure it was a bad thing(in most people's eyes) but i think thats whats done is done. And under no circumstances should you alter the past, or interfere with things you dont understand. Like if you were to somehow put an end to Equestrias Caste system, them What? And if you went back in time to kill Hitler, then for all you know the world wouldn't be here. Back on topic again. To wrap this pointless jumble of words up I think that Equestria is the norm for Equestria and our world is the Norm for our World. If Equestria looked at our planet how we look at theirs than they would probably think that a ot of things are worse here. But that' just how things work. And I do believe that Equestria IS a better place than earth. But I bet if we put together a Montage of all the good things that happen on earth(excluding the bad) something else might think that this place is better. But countering my point again, I do think Equestria is a much better place. And I would live there in a heartbeat. let me know what you thought about this. Please no mean comments( if there are any anyways) and again, please no "it' just a show" And if you could or could try to, how would you change Equestria for the better. Also again, would you go there if given the choice.
  2. What if the Pie family and Daring Do stood on a giant, spherical boulder that was 90 times the size of the boulder that almost crushed Pinkie Pie in "Maud Pie"? An ordinary giant boulder.
  3. Do you have a huge crush on someone? and you think there the one but there married/in a relationship?,If so please tell me if you have a huge crush on someone and you think there the one but they are married or in a relationship does it break you're heart? Tell me about mine in messages please.
  4. So every morning my school has a little 5-10 minute broadcast on the TVs in each classroom. The program is run by the students; teachers are very little involved in the broadcast. There's two students who talk about upcoming activities/sports/anything else going on. After they finish that, they move on to the birthdays. This is where the fun started.. While they're saying the birthdays, the TV just has "Happy Birthday!" on it. There is music played in the background, and a kid announces who's birthday it is. Now, at this moment, I was half asleep (this happened today). I heard the first few notes of the song, then my eyes widened, and I was like, "Hey, this sounds like Tomb's remix of Discord. Neat.". Then, THE VOCALS CAME IN. I SHOT straight up, and my face must have been like !@!#!@#$!@$! ! It WAS Tomb's remix of Discord! I was flipping out, and then the song faded away, and the announcements continued. So, that moment was just amazing. I was thinking, "Is there a brony on the announcement team?!", and I'm actually trying to contact the director of the broadcast to see if she knows who picked that song to be played. I only know of two other bronies at my school, and they are both freshmen, like me. If this guy/girl is a brony, then that would be so awesome, because I don't know any senior bronies. If I find out who chose Discord to be played, I am going to ask him to play Party With Pinkie (because it's more obvious that it's related to MLP). I just thought that I should share this with you all, and forgive me if this post sounds confusing in any way; I am STILL excited xD! UPDATE: This school is in a town near Fillydelphia, but not in Filly itself. And I found out who chose the song! He's actually a sophomore, and he IS a brony! We had a small conversation on Facebook, and we're friends now. Another one of his friends is a brony as well, and well, now we're friends too! So today, I gained 2 new brony friends! I say this day went well!