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Found 39 results

  1. DivineGlow1000

    Hug a user!

    Everyone likes hugs don’t they? Hopefully everyone here does! @Tacodidra @TwilySparky @Rikifive @Twilight Luna @Phosphor @Mellow Mane @shyabetes3939 @Partialgeek514 @Fluttershy Friend @Mirage @Dynamo Pad @EpicEnergy @DEFENDER @Lord Valtasar @Ganondorf8 @PathfinderCS @R.D.Dash @Alexshy @Arc Flash @MidnightDawn @Midnight Solace @Crimson storm @Cash In I give all of you hugs and hugs to Celestia and Luna as well!
  2. Midnight Solace


    Midnight x Twilight Just a drawing of loving pony hugs. It kinda reminds me of my friends here on the forums as Twilight, comforting me. And again, my stupid photo taking.
  3. P-Princess Luna asked ME out for a date? How in the world could I say no to that?
  4. Vintjack Greasymane

    Do you ever hug your friends?

    Hey there, pals! I thought I could pop by with this simple question, if you don't mind me askin'! Do you ever hug your friends? I do it with some, probably because when we first met we did this, and so this became tradition...I wouldn't know honestly, but this works out with only some of them, and only after we hung out and everybody has to go home.
  5. meck-can-ik pony

    emotions Share your feels

    Share your emotions here on what just made you cry, For me just now it was the amount of people who gave me emotion icons in such a short time and two followers in less than 2 minutes I thought was kinda cool.
  6. Scarlett ChB

    Time for some cute hugs!

    This is basically like the boop business by @Totally Lyra except hugs. so to get started: *hugs* @Fluttershy Friend (his idea) @Totally Lyra kind pony! @CypherHoof you know, chat chat chat @Techno Universal king of capes @Superwholock roleplayer with me @Twilight Witch we had a fun rp some time before @Alexshy lunabooper other random ponies: @Sparklefan1234 @Mr Dash @Travlein @LostVagabond @SparklingSwirls Enjoy!
  7. I don't know what I'd do, theres no one above me...
  8. Magic Gypsy Dice

    Come up with a weird law!

    Come up with a weird law! Questioning Joe: Does it have to logical? Me: What is logic?! Here is a example: "It is illegal to poke a pheasant with a object made out of red oak"
  9. Out of all the characters I would like to give a hug to, I would say Fluttershy and Scootaloo, especially after Flight to the Finish.
  10. Magic Gypsy Dice

    come up with a useless superpower

    Come up with a useless superpower... Ok not useless but slightly useless How about 75% useless and 25%Cool? For example "Icy Hands" Her Hands can change temperature from room temperature to really cold. Now let the fun begin!!
  11. If you could hug any pony (as much as you want), which one and why? I Personally would hug fluttershy because she's the cutest pony <3, but I want to know what you think!
  12. Motion Spark

    A present for my enemy...

    well, I made this for Berry Pie, because out of a conversation in the Random Chat Thread, he said that one of his dreams is to hug Pinkie Pie, this was one of the most adorable and heart warming things I've read recently, so I thought to myself that the least I could do is an artwork for him. I hope you like it enemy Also I wanted to push my abilities in traditional painting, because they're almost non-existent, so I "traditionaly" painted this in SAI and added the special effects in photoshop, like the bg, adjusted some levels to hide some flaws LOL, the pink effect and the pattern, which gives a style of an old canvas, which I like. critiques are welcome as well... I just had to atach the file, because it's extremelly heavy -_- EDIT: whoops! I FORGOT TO SAY THAT I DID IT WITH THE MOUSE LOL
  13. dead


    Why is it ok for girl and man to hug, girl and girl to hug, but if a guy hugs a guy you get a weird look? I just want to know why it is so weird (it's really not weird). Also if anyone wants a hug, you get hugs from me
  14. ~~Just hug them =3 ~~ With text (*glomp*, *hugs*, *cuddles*, whatever), with images: or with video hugs (if you can find one, I mean ), whatever sort of hug you'd like to give them
  15. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    Ask Hugoholic

    Like title says, ask away :v
  16. Familly, friends, hobos, anyone really. when was the last time you hugged, and how frequently do you hug? (also, optional question, which of the mane 6 would you want to hug the most?)
  17. Golurk

    How Huggable Are You?

    Most of us have been hugged before. If you haven't, I feel very sorry for you. But, for those of us that have, this begs a question: in general, how huggable are you as a person? Basically, if you offered someone a hug (assuming they aren't unfond of hugs), how likely would they be to accept? Myself, I like to think I'm very huggable. I get hugs a lot from others, and to this day only one person has ever denied a hug from me. I blame it on my warm personality and "gentle giant" appearance. People are generally comfortable around me, which I guess sometimes translates to hugs. So, MLP Forums. Who can share the love?
  18. I made this a while back for my brother and his girlfriend. Sorry in advance for the bad picture taking, don't have scanner. I hope you like it, worked really hard on it. btw, I realized a minute ago, that it looks like the stallion has to left arms, but you get my point
  19. Lunas Husband

    The user above you just hugged you...

    "I for one love a good hug! and even better when its from good friends!... even better when its my man!!" ~Me.... Ah Truth be told I love to play games on here... I like the one with the kissing in it... but I'm spoken for.. and truth be told I don't think he would really like for me to be kissing all of you good ponies on the forums... I don't blame him.. So I like to get hugs... so I'm just going to cut out the middle man and make this... The user above you, just hugged you.. what are you going to do?
  20. Sorry if this is the wrong section for this topic And I couldn't find any other topic like this through searching, so apologies if this is a duplicate Let's say you had to pick a piece of music that would play throughout your time on the forums- a MLPForums theme, let's say- which is fitting (not necessarily one you like a lot), though it doesn't need to be pony music. What would you pick? At the moment, this is the main theme that comes to my mind (though my mind may change ): How about for you?
  21. Hey guys.. been away in the forums for quite a long time.. i kinda stumble upon this site.. i didn't really need it.. made me feels fuzzy though, nice relaxing site.. I was thinking some of us might contribute to it,, (give others some hugs and love) Here's the site: maybe share it to people that needs some cheering up.. Your thoughts?
  22. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

    One year anniversary

    Well, this is it, I guess. When I first joined forums I did not expect to ever reach this point. I joined this place as it appeared to be a friendly one and at that point of life I desperately needed friends. I was unsure about my english, confused about size of forums and on top of all very shy and unable to approach total strangers even on the internet. I won't lie, my first days here were not easy, but it was already a relief, because from very first day I had friends who I could rely on and who allowed me to forget about all the stress I've been through in my real life. I got support, we were also having fun and in all of this my english was improving. Not to mention my shyness slowly disappearing, at least on the internet. It was honestly one of best decisions in my life to come here. Before forums being a brony was uneasy experience to me. I knew no bronies at all (the one who introduced me to the show... we barely even talked shortly after that) and it made me feel insecure around others, I wanted to get out of closet, but at the same time I knew that people like even my parents would be very angry about that part of me. I needed place like this, place where I could be 100% myself withot being worried of someone judging me over such trivial matters. Now I write all this... year after joining forums. It was a long year, full of changes in my life. But also full of fun both irl and here. I won't be bugging people with all the meetings with friends irl and stuff like that. It is not why I am writing this. But I remember all that happened during me being here. I remember silly truth or dare games with some of my first friends (and how I dared Sugar Cube to post a love poem on Artemis's profile roflmao), I remember all the randomness I took part in in forum games or status updates. About how I spammed people with hugs. About how Sugar Cube dared me to change my old name (Sajtan92) into Hugoholic unaware of the fact that soon everyone here will know me as Hugoholic. I remember my first friends, Blue Bay and our Borderlands 2 playing, SkyStorm and how she kept trying to get rid of my shyness (and how it ended with success, because she is just to stubborn to give up XD), Friendship Cannon, who sadly is not with us anymore and all the others who joined me later (it would take forever to write down all names lol). I want to say it to all to You, thank You. Thank You for being as awesome as You are right now, for all this funny stuff I saw there, for being with me both in good and bad times. For milions of hugs I got (xD) and... overall for everything. I suck at writing things like this lol I'd also like to mention "few" users by their names. I hope they won't be angry, if they will be I will hug them to death :comeatus: So.. *COUGH COUGH* Special thanks to: -Blue Bay - You were my first friend here. Literally first friend so You will be first here as well xD We don't talk that much anymore (I think it is time to change it) but I still consider You a friend. Thank You for being the first one who managed to survive with as annoying human being as me XD *hugs him* :v -SkyStorm - first pegasister friend (who I was so freaking shy to send PM to first XD) - like before we don't talk as often as we did anymore (even if we still are in touch) but You honestly helped me a lot on my first days. Because of You I started to feel more confident about myself. You were always a great friend to me and You can count on me every time You need help. Also You know, that I love Your OC, silly filly :comeatus: *TACKLE HUG FOR SKYSTORM* -Sugar Cube - one of my best friends here <3 creator of my current username, silly filly (one year older than me, but I don't care, filly You are, deal with it! ), another very supportive person and awesome moderator for few months. Creator of almighty blog entry "100 reasons why I love Applejack" and poor victim of my evil poem which she posted on Artemis's profile. You are lucky You don't live any closer or I'd hug You to death :3 *hugs tight* :3 -Dsanders - we don't talk that much anymore, but it's because of You why I became friends with Sugar Cube and for that fact itself I am grateful. You also were a fun guy who I always enjoyed to talk with (even if timezones were against us 90% of time) and also supported me on my worse days. We kinda talk less often now sadly, but I still wish all the best to You and that You and Pink Mist will eventually meet irl and Your relationship will go outside the internet *hugs* :3 -Wingnut - one of my older friends here (I can call him my dad lol) but also a great guy and recently - a moderator. You helped me a lot in some points in my life, I always could've trusted You with all my personal problems. Such things I do not forget. BUT I STILL AM ANGRY ON YOU FOR PRETENDING TO BE SUGAR CUBE XD *hugs anyway* fineee xD -CadetGrey - SKYNEEERD and owner of one of cutest OCs on forums. Despite young age You are one of smartest people, somebody I can always rely on and You prove that the Netherlands are indeed a great place. I really wish that one day I could come over there, hug You irl and try some of Dutch dishes :comeatus: Also, I love Your voice *huggles* <3 -Felix - a young silly filly who I can always rely on and a great friend. We had our long break (sadly) but now everything is back to normal and I hope You enjoy talking with me as much as I enjoy talking to You You will always be one of my besties so don't even suggest that eventually You will be alone. You won't be alone for as long as I live. Deal with it. *hugs* :3 -Lightwing - creator of my fanclub (lol) and good friend who I can always laugh with about... everything actually. Trying hard to prove I am in love with Fluttershy or with any other pony. Don't worry, Lighty. I won't let You win in Your little game :comeatus: Oh, he is also my acolyte in hugs XD *hugs* -Anilewe - polish pegasisterrr <3 You are just awesome photographer and person and we really have to meet eventually. I remember times when You were supporting me and I always enjoyed talking with You. You are one of few people from Poland who I know as members of this fandom, but You are really one of best examples of them BIG HUG TO YOU *hugs* -SCS - marry me irl. topkek. lol ... ok, now seriously, You too were very supportive of me and are best admin I ever saw :comeatus: I also enjoyed our ridiculous conversations that had no point at all xD *hugs* -Spirit Rush - one of my newer friends, but a really cool guy and great artist. :comeatus: And I can't wait to see more of Your drawings :3 Oh, also You are great friend too! *hugs* -Nature of Fluttershy/Peachie - real sweetheart who too was very helpful at some points of my existance here, fellow Fluttershy fan and fun, lovable person :3 We need to talk more often! *huggles :33* -Blue Snowfire - You helped me a lot recently, and I am not going to forget that. Besides I love our conversations xD ehh..guess... *HUGS* xD -Diva Pony - probably oldest member of this forum who always offers me great advices, support and a great chat. I was unsure about messaging You first, but I definitely don't regret it! *hugs* -Amelia The Writer - person who I have most often talked with via Private Messages on forums :v You are always great friend to me and Your OC is so cute :3 Thanks for being there for me all the time *hugs* :3 -Nihi The Brony - another great friend of mine who was very supportive recently and overall was great friend... sadly once again nothing original to write haha *hugs* -Wind Song - real sweatheart with very positive attitude :comeatus: I am glad to finally have Your skype name xD *hugs* -Quirky Username - great friend who I love joking around with. I miss our times when we were playing Prop Hunt XD Maybe one day Princess Luna will hug You irl :comeatus: *hugs* xD -The Leafon Pinkeh - what can I say to You... oh, I know... *HUGS* XD -LatinoChurro - we don't talk that much anymore, but You always was a great friend for me. And for that You have a hug *hugs* :3 -Naomii - one of newer friends who I love talking with and who is just exploding with overly positive attitude XD *hugs* :33 -Jennabun - great supportive friend and fellow Fluttershy fan. I just fail to see a single bad thing about You *hugs* -Artemis - You first helped me to get around forums a bit and You deserve a cup of coffee from me for being a good and helpful friend xD *gives him cup of coffee* Oh, and also *hugs* xD -Wolfie - You supported me greatly in most recent days, without You and few other people all this would probably go a lot worse and for that support I am eternally grateful :3 *hugs him tight* -Sparklie/Swirlie - we had our harder days sometimes, but in the very end we are and hopefully always will be friends *hugs* :3 -Wubsy - young silly filly, but also great friend. Don't worry, we will play Prop Hunt xD *hugs* x3 -Miss Reaper - because she too is a sweetheart and her avatar itself makes me like her so muuuch :333 *huuugs* -Otty - cuz she is just awesome :3 *huugs* :33 -And same about Cacklefruit -And Rising shine xD And everyone else on my friendlist and outside it. You all are awesome and You all have a big hug from me Sorry if I forgot about someone... I did my best not to, but there are just too many people to mention xD And hopefully this year on forums will be awesome too TOO LONG DIDN'T READ FOR WOLFIE It was great time and hopefully future too will be. Thanks and hugs for everyone XD
  23. So, I just realized something- I've only been on here as of now about three months, but already I feel closer to the lot of you. This forum has really put a positive spin on my views and has made me actually care about people more. I really do care about you all. But enough of my sob story, who here would you like to hug or brohoof irl? I prefer hugs, but some people here don't like hugs, so brohoofs will do. My hug list: • Artemis • Bladed & Verses • Champion RD92 • Dannedanker • DaReaper • Endgame (Gone Airborn) • Erio Touwa (Soundgarden) • Flipturn Costava • Friendship_Cannon • Kyoshi • Lowline Thrash • Miss Earl Grey • Nature of Fluttershy • Pink Mist • ProjectRKA • Red & Moon • Repsol rave • Sakurako Ohmuro (Dawn) • Sanderspie • SCS • Sir Lunashy • Sir. Flutter Hooves • Sonicrules831 • SmartyPants • The Paris Swing Cake • TheInsaneShane • Vinyl~ • WheatlyCore • Zygen I know there's more, but this is all I can think of right now. Sorry for making this weird and awkward. I'll go hide in the corner now.
  24. “Rainbow Dash hates dresses/skirts.” “Rainbow Dash hates pink.” “Rainbow Dash hates fashion.” “Rainbow Dash hates hugs.” "Rainbow Dash hates singing." Am I the only one that doesn't like these misconceptions of Rainbow Dash? Some fans seem to think she hates these things even though evidence shows that it’s the opposite. “Rainbow Dash hates dresses.” Now, we've seen her wear at least 3 or 4 dresses in the show, and she's had no objections to them. The only time I can think of was in Inspiration Manifestation when Rarity put that dress on Rainbow, but I think anyone would freak out if they were in the middle of something and all of sudden a dress appeared on them. And it looked rather heavy, so, yeah... The Gala dress: They say “Diamonds are a girls’ best friend” and apparently that includes Rainbow Dash. And I just love her Gala dress! The Bridesmaid's dress: She looks pretty happy to be a bridesmaid, especially since later during the rehearsal, she and Rarity were giggling. The Coronation dress: This is probably the only dress that doesn't have rainbows in it, and she still looks great! And the Fall Formal dress from EqG: And her EqG outfit: A pink skirt, no less. I’ve seen a lot of fans complain about how her wearing a skirt and how “she would never wear one/she hates skirts.” Really? She’s worn dresses, why should skirts be any different? And it’s not like it’s all she wears. We’ve seen her in pants: Soooo…what’s the big deal? She’s not even wearing a super girly one. Not all skirts are girly, you know. There’s plenty of sporty and cool-looking ones that she’d probably wear. Anyway, I find it hard to believe that she hates dresses. If she did, we’d certainly know it, as she’s not afraid to say her opinion. “Rainbow Dash hates pink.” The idea that she hates pink just comes out of nowhere. I’ve gone through screenshots on MLP Wikia and found quite a few pictures of her with pink things. S1E3 - The Ticket Master: Of all the different-colored blankets in the world to have and she chose a pink one. And if it was a gift, she has no problem using it. S1E7 - Dragonshy: Here she’s playing with a pinkish-purple ball. S2E7 - May the Best Pet Win: She’s wearing a pink scarf in the photo shoot for the Style part of her competition. Also, Dash seems to have no problem with that super, sparkly, purple backdrop. S2E9 - Sweet and Elite: Dash playing with a pink balloon. There’s plenty of balloons of many colors in that room, but she chose a pink one. Might be a bit of a stretch, but I thought I’d include it anyway. S3E6 - Sleepless in Ponyville: Nice sleeping bag, Dash! Where'd ya get it, cuz I want one! If that isn't proof that she likes pink, then I don't know what is. S4E12 - Pinkie Pride: Out of all the party hats she could’ve worn for her birthday, she chose pink. Not sure if she had any say in what the cake looked like, but there’s a lot of pink frosting on it. Am I forgetting something? …Oh yes…her eyes! So, while it may not be her favorite color (or is it?), she definitely doesn’t hate the color. I wouldn’t be if surprised she liked every color of the rainbow, heh. Anyway, not sure where fans got the idea that she hates pink. Is it because it’s a “girly” color, and since she’s a tomboy she MUST hate all girly things? There was a time when pink was a masculine color, and blue was the feminine one. So, she should also hate blue because it was once a girly color, even though she IS blue herself, a rather girly blue, might I add. But, I don’t think Dash would care about that stuff. Pink would be just another color to her. I must say, though, she looks really good in pink. “Rainbow Dash hates fashion.” For a pony who supposedly hates fashion, she sure was excited about being in a fashion show in Suited for Success. When Rarity told her friends that the fashion show was going to be fun, Dash didn’t go “Fun? You call on being a stage with weird outfits fun?” Nope. Her reaction: “Oh! I love fun things! ” In Luna Eclipsed, it looks like Dash made the Shadowbolts costume herself. She was the only one out of the girls to see them up close. And the stitching implies that it was amateurly made, so she most likely sewed it herself, but she made it good enough to not fall apart from all the flying and movement she was doing. Then, there was her little photo shoot in May the Best Pet Win for the “Style” part of her competition. She was basically modelling with each of the animals. She even let Rarity put makeup on her: And she had no problem helping Rarity with her business when she needed it like in Rarity Takes Manehatten and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils. “Rainbow hates hugs.” Oh yeah, she really hates them with a passion! There are plenty of other hug scenes like in part 2 of the pilot episode, Dragon Quest with Twilight, Rarity and Spike; in Rarity Takes Manehatten, and the fact that she hugged Daring Do. "Rainbow Dash hates singing." Yeah, she said it was weird for ponies to burst into song, and yet she's done that very thing herself. Winter-Wrap Up anyone? She sings the first line. And every time she does sing in the show, she makes an epic show of it, like in Find a Pet song, or even the Junior Speedsters song/chant. So, I find that hard to believe...and I'm still waiting for a Rainbow Dash song, Hasbro. :okiedokielokie: So, yeah, I just wanted to express my thoughts on these things. Is it really that hard to imagine Dash liking these things? She may be a tomboy, but not all tomboys are the same. There’s no Tomboy Code that says she must hate all girly things, or that she should stick to the stereotype. Being Rainbow Dash, I don't think she'd like being put into a tiny box like that. I’m a bit of a tomboy myself, and I certainly don’t hate feminine things. While I prefer to wear jeans and shirts and no makeup, I still don’t mind dressing up every now and then. I like that she has a girly side, but I am a girl myself, so that’s no surprise. I just love those little moments in the show where her girly side comes out. If Rarity can be tough as nails when she needs to be, then Rainbow Dash certainly can have her girly moments. So, yeah...that's all I've got. Sorry, if it's too long, I seem to have a habit of making long posts. And this is my first topic, so woo-hoo!
  25. ~ Indigo Windigo ~

    You Are Hugged My The Person Above You

    No need to explain, the title tells it all. Now who am I going to hug? (Becareful the food is stuck on my face as you see because of the food bowl)