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Found 102 results

  1. During the movie, we learn that Twilight and Spike both have a counterpart after Pinkie Pie pointed it out that she maybe has a "twin that lives in the city" by City meaning Canterlot since while Fluttershy was passing out flyers for the animal shelter she stated that it was for "Canterlot's Animal Shelter". Now, I do know that many people have pointed out that if so, then Sunset Shimmer must have a human counterpart as well. But which one of the possible theories makes more sense and/or you agree with more? The theories of the real Human Sunset Shimmer that I've seen all over the internet are as follows: - Human Sunset Shimmer is dead by some car accident, or mugger or anything else (some suggest that Pony Sunset killed Human Sunset as well), and Pony Sunset just stole her identity so she could have a home while she stayed in the human world. - Human Sunset Shimmer is the first human Pony Sunset Shimmer met after she crossed the Mirror, putting two and two together, and using the element of surpirse, Pony Sunset Shimmer tossed Human Sunset Shimmer into the portal so as to steal her identity. And now Human Sunset Shimmer is living in Equestria as a Pony, and didn't go back because the portal closed. - Human Sunset Shimmer lives in the city and is in a completely different school, just like Human Twilight Sparkle. HOWEVER, to consider this theory true, one would have to argue why Human Pinkie Pie, that seems to know everyone in Human Canterlot, never pointed out that Sunset Shimmer has a twin sister that lives in the city. - Human Sunset Shimmer ran away from home for one reason or another, and Pony Sunset Shimmer was the one the police found when searching for her, and used said case of "mistaken identity" as a way to live in the human world with a "new" idenity. Human Sunset Shimmer's whereabouts would be unknown in this scenario. - Sunset Shimmer was a Human all along that went into the portal at Canterlot High and fell into Equestria and seeing the possibilities became a student of Princess Celestia. This theory, however, negates several things one of which is: Why didn't Princess Celestia notice that there were two unicorns exactly alike (one being Human Sunset Shimmer, the other being Pony Sunset Shimmer) in Equestria? It would also negate the comic (if the comic can be considered cannon, which is also up for another debate. I mean, did you see how they portrayed Princess Luna in Issue 9? It was completely out of character for her, especially considering how she was portrayed in issues 5, 6, 7 and 8.) So, which theory do you think makes more sense, and why? Do anyone else have a different theory?
  2. Edit: Those pics are NOT mine! When I look at humanized depictions of Fluttershy, they typically are wearing a yellow sweater, and a green skirt with . . . . her pretty pink hair flowing in the breeze . . . . her skin looking as soft as a bab- AAAAH Anyway! Like this basically. *clears throat* Well there's another depiction of her I sometimes see. She's wearing a hijab, usually pink to match her mane. Going to love you? Oh I'm definately going to lov- lo lo la la la la annnnnyway! Is their a particular reason for this style? Was it just a cool concept or does something about the character or her views reflect something about the religion? Just curious.
  3. Sooo, hello to my blog I guess. I'm gonna put here some news about my art and stuff. Anyways, yesterday was a very tiresome day, I've been drawing all day and thinking about my tutorial. I'm drawing in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, so if you're interested in drawing: check this My voice in the video might not be pleasant, but that will do, there are subtitles too. Recently, I've created a patreon, if you like my art support me on patreon . By the way, commissions are open on deviantart. Okay, boring stuff aside, what's your opinion on PeanutButterCrackerManiac? If you checked my deviantart, you probably noticed that I'm drawing only her.
  4. Hello, I'm starwantrix (yesh sounds like ObiWanKenobi, it's ok, I'm jedi too). Here's my stuff. Great and Powerful stuff, be awared of that. (Only my favorite ones will be here, if you want some other pics check my deviantart - That's all for now.
  5. Experimented with camera angles. Used the same methods I used previously to get anatomy just right. Saw some other people post drawings of bikini-clad characters, so I though it'd be ok. Here you go.
  6. Here is my oc in her human form. She is not what I would really like her to be but it's the best I could do under the circumstances.
  7. Just that. I'm curious to hear what everyone's headcanons are for a human mane six! (Plus Luna and Celestia.) Personally mine are as follows: Twilight Sparkle: Black, darker skin and hair straightened. Pinkie Pie: Most likely mixed. Black and white. Lighter skin color, hair kept natural Rarity: French/Korean AppleJack: Mexican, very tan! Gotta expect that from a farmer. Fluttershy: Chinese/Indian Rainbow Dash: Mexican. Same as AppleJack with being darker, since she is out in the sun a lot as an athlete. Luna and Celestia are black, Luna having a darker complexion. Though these aren't really set headcanons, I'm more or less open to most.
  8. Basically what the title says, I'm drawing humanized ponies, starting with the mane 6. So I'll be updating here and there to show them off, in the meantime feel free to drop by and tell me your personal headcanons for human ponies! to start things off, heres a pinkie!
  9. Hello, I'm new here. So here's my art, it's a bit abstract and a bit improvised. And this improvisation ended with Pinkie Pie being turned into a mermaid. Weird, huh? c:/ Well the second picture is just a quick sketch of Pinkie's cutie mark. I guess that's all. By the way, I'm just a novice, so It's quite hard for me, I want to try to draw on a computer, but I don't know how long it will take, probably forever?
  10. I would like to know what you all think the mane six would look like if the where humans. Race/Enthicity- Skin Tone- Height- Build( Slim, Curvy, Thick, Muscular) Features-(describe facial features if you want) Now bear in mind Race Does not only equal skin tone. People can be the same race but have different skin tones (eg sun exposure). What I think: Twilight- White, light olive skin, 5'7 slim build Pinkie Pie- White, Peachy, 5'6 , a little on the thick side, Rainbowdash- White, Tanned, 5'7 Muscular Rarity- White, Peachy, 5'8 Curvy Applejack-White Tanned, Muscular, 5'8 Fluttershy- White, very light, 5'8, Slim What do you think I would like to her you own opinions and please no bashing I dunno why but I guess Celestia would be 5'10
  11. Not happy with how Trixie and (especially) Pinkamena look, but I like how the others came out. Anyway, more to come soon, cuz I gotta learn this style:3
  12. So I took a shot at drawing a humanized Princess Luna :comeatus: I haven't drawn anything pony related in a while so this was really fun to make!
  13. ]] Did a pic of Cadence cause I felt like it
  14. tried a different style this time round
  15. Decided to do a human version of Rainbow and Applejack
  16. This is why I stick to ponies. The drawing is awful, but I posted it here because that was the intention if it came out great. In fact, I was going to post this in the Rainbow Dash fan club, but I don't think they want to see a terrible drawing of their favorite pony. I'm not fishing for compliments. I honestly think it's a terrible drawing.
  17. It's not quite finished and I have to clean it up a little because I don't have a scanner but yea. Human Rarity in her studio about to take a client. Would that be you darling?
  18. Sunset Shimmer had one friend before the events of Equestria Girls, a diary. She abandoned the book in her spiral into darkness, but now, with a chance of redemption, she turns back to her old friend for help. Does writing in her diary help her recover her life? Does it help her when the elements of harmony try to befriend her? What challenges will she even face? It's all in her diary, all you have to do is read it. This story is an epistolary, written entirely from the perspective of Sunset Shimmer making diary entries. This means you are getting both the story as she is writing it as well as the emotions and thoughts she has while reviewing the events she is writing about. Half the story is how and why she writes what she writes. Find the story on FIMfiction here. Pre-read by alt-tap, asylum1388, Monanniverse, and totallynotabrony Edited by Nopony_Important
  19. I got bored so decided to draw fluttershy as an anime character (to the best of my ability). So what do you guys think? Is it good? Any tips? Also if you think I should do another one of a different character then feel free to leave that suggestion too . Gives me something to do at least...
  20. It's Chinese New Year, so here's Cadence wishing everyone a Happy Year of the Goat!
  21. I'm working on making the Mane 6 in a humanized comic type form. But I'm making a challenge for myself in each stage -- preferably something that has to do with the character itself. I'd like some ideas for challenging myself with Fluttershy and Applejack. Challenges are spoilered for those who don't care/ 1st was Rarity Then Pinkie Then was Rainbow Dash I don't feel I fully succeeded here but the challenge was tough. Then Twilight Sparkle I need ideas for Fluttershy and AJ. I was thinking of a frightened picture of Fluttershy, but I don't want to make it something which is so focusing on her negatives. As for AJ the only thing I'm thinking of is a reprise of Rainbow, but different setting. Last point I learned. Cartoons -- unless they avoid focusing on putting the stereotype in the body will remain sexist as long as there are these stereotypes for body types. Something which [for example] explains why super-heroines always look so . . . erm healthy. They need it to offset their athletic builds or they will look like boys.
  22. Now this pairing would gotten me hyped for a cross-universe storyline... Got the idea rattling around in my head for a while, ever since reading through this thread. For those not in the know, tall, dark and handsome on the left is supposed to be the Emperor from Warhammer 40k (or rather 30k). C&C welcome.
  23. I still suck at drawing humans but anyways, let me know what you think of it
  24. I added my own twist to Rainbow Dash, (purposely and accidentally)