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Found 10 results

  1. Title: Hurricane Fluttershy Air Date: March 24, 2012 Synopsis: Fluttershy struggles to overcome her fear of public humiliation so she can help Rainbow Dash and the other pegasi create a Tornado powerful enough to lift the water required for Rainy Season up into the cloud-producing city of Cloudsdale. Yay for more Fluttershy!
  2. Welcome, one and all, to the season two wrap-up of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! We've only three more episodes to go before the finale. Will these final few episodes be the best of the best, or will they all suck Cranky Doodle Donkey's Skanky Noodle Honkey? Let's find out with tonight's episode: "Hurricane Fluttershy". - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So this episode opens up with Rainbow Dash (great start) flying around in the sky doing something I don't care about. I know, Rainbow Dash flying around doing something I don't care about is a pretty non-specific thing considering that's most of her screentime anyway, but trust me, it's just another one of those times. At least this time it's something plot-related, as she calls all pegasi in Ponyville for an important meeting. Fluttershy sees this and dicks out, until Rainbow Dash discovers her hiding as a tree. Hey! Remember that line in "Over a Barrel" or some shit when Fluttershy said she'd like to be a tree? Well that became a meme at some point. Don't you just love memes? Especially when they have no comedic grounding whatsoever? Here's an idea: don't dress up as a tree in front of the place you don't want to be. Just fuck off somewhere. After the title sequence slits my throat until I puke blue liquids all over my bathroom floor and pass out, only to have my corpse mutilated by Cheerilee and subsequently thrown into a trash compactor where my brains are then salvaged and repackaged as ground beef at a grocery store, we see that Rainbow Dash's meeting is regarding getting the water from Ponyville up to Cloudsdale using a wing-powered tornado so that rain water can be made. Why is this episode called Hurricane Fluttershy then? Did the writers not know that tornadoes and hurricanes are two completely different things? Anyways, Spitfire of the Wonderbolts will be here to monitor their progress, and Rainbow Dash would vastly enjoy impressing her by beating the record of wing-power. Everyone must be at the top of their game, and everyone except for Fluttershy is excited take part. Therefore, she pretends to be sick. See this? THIS is what happens when you agree to "substitute" for Rarity! However, Rainbow Dash pours cold water all over her and her bullshit is revealed. Fluttershy explains she has "stage fright" in a sense, and that she can't perform in front of people, comparing this tornado thing to a performance. And....I can understand this. I mean, the way Rainbow Dash is treating it, it is more like a performance than some kind of matter-of-course duty. As Fluttershy remembers the flying fuck-ups she's orchestrated at flight camp, Rainbow Dash explains that she needs everyone's support, including her. Fluttershy initially turns Rainbow Dash down, but after seeing her disappointment, decides she's gay game. Later, Twilight shows up with some fan doo-hickey that tells the pegasi how fast they're going. Thunderlane, a side-character we don't care about, reaches 9.3 wing-power, and Rainbow Dash manages to hit 16.5 wing-power. The goal is that everyone can work themselves to hit 10.0 wing-power by the end of the week, but Fluttershy becomes the weak-link at only 0.5 wing-power. Fluttershy has a breakdown afterwards. Holy...shit. So she runs away into the woods in what's an interestingly emotional moment, to be comforted by random wildlife swine. One of the animals (I don't know what the fuck it is) reminds Fluttershy that she told him/her/it/gender-ambiguous-pretentious-fucker/them that they shouldn't give up or something, and that motivates her to train her ass off. The animals help her as she breezes through a classic and mildly amusing training montage to overcome her fears. So she does, coming back to the ring in an admittedly awesome way, but is disappointed when the most she cracks up to be is 2.3 wing-power. Isn't that, like, less than one? Rainbow Dash tries to convince her that she's still worth having in the event, but all for not. Fluttershy snaps again, and when Spike mentions that they still have enough power to do the tornado and even possibly break the record, Rainbow Dash is still not happy that Fluttershy isn't up to par. What's this? Rainbow Dash showing empathy? Impossible! If season four taught us anything, it's that Rainbow Dash is still a pompous bitch cunt! ... Oh, right, sorry, this is the good season of this show. We actually have character development and shit. Well, we're going to have to call the one pony we know that's good at cheering up friends............................................Diamond Tiara. At the event, we learn that Thunderlane was in-fact not faking being sick, and a flu hospitalized him and seven other ponies. Now they won't even have enough wing-power to create a tornado with enough strength to make the water to Cloudsdale. Worst of all, Spitfire's already here! Dash decides to give it all they've got and fuck the record. Fluttershy shows up for moral support, but they just barely made it to the 800 WP minimum before everyone breaks. Rainbow Dash orders them to try again, and so they do, but the team once more are just barely making it to the 800 minimum. This means that Fluttershy has to help in order to make a difference. She must do it for Equestria! She most do it for Rainbow Dash! She must do it for hers-wait a minute. What kind of a tornado blows outward? Shouldn't everything be lifted up into the air, and not be pushed away? What kind of fuckery is this? Meanwhile, while I have a existential crisis, Fluttershy actually managed to help out and blow that water sky-high! This is usually where I say "Shipping #1,483 confirmed" or something, but let's face it. Flutterdash is older than time itself. In the end, Fluttershy learned that no matter how small the contribution, everyone's input is important. And so concludes "Hurricane Fluttershy". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You know what? To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Sure, the physics are a point of debate, and Fluttershy's second breakdown felt a little repetitive, but look at all the great stuff that took place in this episode. Rainbow Dash actually displays strong empathy for change, and we manage to tap further into Fluttershy's psyche, building off of "Putting Your Hoof Down". On top of that, all the dynamic development going on between Dash and Fluttershy is off the charts, and while this episode didn't have me rolling on the floor, some of the comedic points are worth-while as well. When I was younger, I used to write this episode off as just an okay piece of skippable filler, but up on re-examination, this one is really special. I think the minor issues with it can be surpassed by the well-complemented writing overall here, and it's enough for me to give "Hurricane Fluttershy" a solid 10/10. Definitely an improvement over last episode's near-royal-fuck-up-opus. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, friends, there's only two more episodes until the beginning of the finale. I wonder what will transpire. ... ... My guess is nationwide conversion to fascism and runny diarrhea everywhere, but what do I know? I was only born in Hell. Until next review!
  3. Okay, so I noticed something in Hurricane Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash's goal is to get over 1000 wingpower for the tornado. However, at the time they need to make the tornado to transport the water, they're in danger of not having enough wingpower to even lift the water (800 WP.) This kinda doesn't make sense. The idea is that each pony needs 10.0 WP in order to beat 1000 WP. This would mean that if every pony were flying at 10.0 WP, there would have to be at least 100 ponies. However, there are 8 pegasi out with the feather flu. This would mean there are, minimum, 92 ponies. If they're flying with 10.0 WP, they'd still have 920 WP, which is plenty to lift the water. Heck, it would even still beat Fillydelphia's record of 910, which is what RD was really looking to do. I suppose it's possible that not everyone is flying with 10.0 WP, but at the same time, we saw that some ponies were flying with more than 10.0 WP, like Rainbow, who had 16.5 WP, and that was before training. There might also be fewer than 100 pegasi, total, but that would mean that they'd need more than 10.0 WP each in order to break 1000, and RD said that 10.0 WP would be enough for each pony. I can't ascertain the specifics 100%, but any way you slice it, it just doesn't add up. They would have to have made the number of sick ponies a lot larger in order to have it make sense. Around 20 would probably have been best. This would put them at 80 ponies, flying at 10.0 WP, would put them just at 800 WP, but it would still be believable, because it's still possible that not everypony would have had 10.0 WP. Anyway, this is a real nitpick, but it's always sorta bugged me. What are your thoughts on this? Does this make sense, or no? Is this believable or not? Do you have your own explanation? Let's discuss.
  4. Note: For the collection of other "Pick a Flaw" episode threads, head over to the "Pick a Flaw" blog portal (which'll be updated periodically) or check the list at the bottom of the OP (hidden under the "spoiler" tag). Season two is widely regarded as the best (or most favorite) amongst so many bronies because plenty of them were very well-done. One of the biggest examples of why is this episode, considered to be one of the most popular episodes in not just season two, but the overall series. Hell, some have it in their top spot. Putting Your Hoof Down may be my most favorite Fluttershy episode, but when looking at it objectively, it's definitely one of the worst of season two (second-worst behind Dragon Quest and ahead of Mare Do Well and May the Best Pet Win!). On the other hand, Hurricane Fluttershy is much lower on my personal favorite lists, but it's easily the best Fluttershy episode. It has plenty of nicely done humor with a blend of old-fashioned technology. But the best part is the exploration of Fluttershy's internal conflict. Previously, Fluttershy was basically shy, but this episode evolved that into something much, much deeper. It was stage fright brought from the consequences of her being bullied as a filly. The whole episode was about rooting for her and triumphing despite not being the best or fastest of the bunch, and it works because so many people can relate to her. That said, it isn't perfect. There are flaws that stand out. But if there's one thing that really holds back HF from being the cream of the crop (if I were to put a current best-to-worst list, this wouldn't crack the top ten — maybe fifteen, either), it's the final act. Fluttershy leaves the training facility because she feels she's not a cut above the rest despite her drastic improvement. But in the next act, on the day everyone was supposed to fly, eight fliers, many of them really good and fast, fall for the "feather flu" offscreen. By doing this, it gives the writers an excuse for Fluttershy to come back and eventually save the day. Here's the big problem with it. By using this obvious contrivance, you marginalize not only the moral you're trying to teach, but also her whole conflict. As this episode was about Fluttershy overcoming a very serious internal crisis as a result of being bullied, it's very important to not make any story-based event feel organic. This shortcut was lazy and damaged the story's integrity.
  5. How plausible do these theories seem? There was an all-adults party back then in Cloudsdale and everypony had some "guilty fun". But the adults soon regretted and became ashamed of what happened. The foals heard Freudian slips like "play rough" and "tough fun". And that's why many of the foals at Flight Camp came of as jerks. They weren't really cruel. They just got confused and mislead. Trixie was underrated for nearly her whole life, despite being a great show pony. Even when Trixie finally got an official career, she still got little to no notice. And soon, Trixie didn't get anypony's attention. She was alone, on the stage, looking at the lifeless rows of seats. Overtime, Trixie got mentally tormented by rows of quiet, empty seats. So Trixie became a travelling showpony. Trixie did what she did to obtain and maintain an audience.
  6. LIGHTNING RIDER MINI-COMIC: THE TEST FLIGHT I've always wanted to write my own fan-fiction of my OC, Lightning Rider, and I really wanted them to be drawn as a comic. Before going into the main series, which I've planned for, I first tried to make a mini-comic to test myself if I can manage to handle the work, and I'm glad I can. Right now, I'm currently working on the next episode, but this is so far the complete version I've made. =) I hope you will enjoy this one. ^^ *This comic actually occurred around the events of "Hurricane Fluttershy", just to let you know. A brief explanation about my OC: Lightning Rider is a pegasus pony currently living in Ponyville. The ponies who usually accompany him are Thunderlane and Mercury. His special talent is fast-flying, but he's having a hard time trying to realize his full potential. In all his life, he lived with insecurities, fears, and personal doubts, wishing to live a simpler life; never wanting to become the best, but his friends, especially Thunderlane, don't want him to think like that, and they will try to help him all they can for him to do his best in every situation he'll be in. Although it won't be easy convincing him to be because he is highly self-effacing. It will be Lightning's greatest challenge if he would take the path to find himself.
  7. What were your first impression upon hearing about the Wonderbolts and how has your opinion on them changed over time-if at all? Who is your favorite or least favorite and why?
  8. I love the episode, and it wouldn't have been a satisfying ending if Fluttershy didn't get her moment of glory, but they clearly should have had enough wingpower to get that hurricane going. Rainbow claimed that if every pegasi could hit at least 10 wingpower they could hit or exceed a goal of 1000, meaning there should have been about 100 pegasi. Accounting for Fluttershy's 5 and assuming Rainbow was holding back during her demonstration(she can fly fast enough to do a sonic rainboom after all) let's put her actual number around 25 wingpower(Flying in a circle is different than straight line speed so she couldn't build up as much momentum). Even with 8 sick, they still should have hit 930, 10 above the previous record. Even with all the present pegasi, they barely managed to hit 800, so that means for them to have hit Rainbow's goal of 1000, every one of the missing pegasi had to have flying 25 wingpower, WAY above the goal of 10, and 8.5 ahead of Rainbow's own 16.5. Of course the only pegasi to get sick are fricken MACHINES, right?
  9. What are you expecting to get out of it? Made any preparations? I live a little north of Ashland, VA. I had plans for a Nightmare Night party this weekend but it looks like that's not going to happen.
  10. I have no idea why I find this guy so hilarious... but I do! Has the community settled on a name for him yet?