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Found 14 results

  1. There hasn't been a topic about this so... The last thing I did was bump my toe on a corner of a wall. Didn't hurt that much though.
  2. So i meant this girl online and we chated on and off for 5 years she is currently 19 and im 24 well recently we got to talking and she loves me i guess, i feel the same way and we even send each other letters but I have a severe problem! she hasnt messaged me since weds and i am worrying myself literally sick! she has some problems herself such as panic attacks maybe some ptsd from terrible childhood experiences which makes me worry even more! so what do i do? Shes in Houston Texas which frankly scares the heck out of me as all the gang violence, rapes and crashes ive even went as far as to search obituaries to no avail and news feeds around Houston to no avail. A certain family member of her from what she tells me slaves her pretty hard in helping her family member start a business to the point where the poor girl becomes exhausted and may have ended her back in the ER because of panic attacks! Im literally holding a letter she sent me and crying my eyes out thinking of anything happening to her! So heres my question! what should i do???? Should I call the police and ask them to confirm if shes alive or not? I already contacted a local hospital and kindly asked them to check with other hospitals mental health facilities etc! Help me all this worry is making me feel psychotic no joke! I keep imaging her dead in a car crash, raped and beaten, in a mental institution what should I do what CAN I do to ease this pain and worry? ive tried calling her prolly 400 times ive texted her prolly 800 times and NOTHING, sometimes her phone rings sometimes it sends me to voice mail prolly because of bad service and still nothing. I have never FELT so USELESS if I come to find out anything has happened to her I honestly and truly feel like my heart cant take it! If any of you fine people could help my weary soul out that would be great, this knot in my chest and throat feels like and elephant! Btw if anyone lives in or around Houston PM me! I might literally start a search party! she goes by the name Bailey Bushes online..... just in case anyone has heard of her handle before, cause you know of the millions of bronies and pegasisters we all know each other!
  3. I have confession to make.......... when I get really depressed, I hurt myself.... I will sometimes lock myself up in my room and just..... mess legs up..... with blade..... even though I've had good times recently, it always comes back... feeling of worthlessness..... I feel like I have no place......... why does this happen so much?
  4. by something or someone/somepony, what would you do? I'll answer mine later.
  5. Johnny Cash, with Hurt. God knows this world hurts sometimes.
  6. Say as a human you lived in Equestria for awhile. And typical HIE happens, thus a pony develops feelings for and asks you out. What would be best way to turn down a pony? Assuming you still want to the pony's friend and totally not break their heart. Remember you are talking to a being who can feel and cry like a human, so if you turn her or him too harshly, (Like callimg them a flithy an animal) they may hate you. For me, personally it depends which asks. If it were say Twilight Sparkle, I would be over joyed that a loser like me could get such a fine woman... mare. But nonetheless, I'll have my Commander Shepard face on and get all Mass Effect with the sapient alien cartoon pony.
  7. Use headphones if possible, no loud sounds in the video.
  8. Title says it all, what is the worst injury that you have ever received? Mine is 3 years back, i was visiting a friend that i have known for 18 years but only get to see about once a year, we were riding up and down his estate (which is on a hill) on pushbikes and decided to have a race from the top of the hill to the bottom. I get about halfway down the hill and a van starts coming up the hill on the wrong side of the road, so i hop on the pavement and continue, the van mounts the curb and i panic slamming my breaks on, i fly over the vans bonnet and wake up on the pavement, thinking i'm fine i get up and yell abuse at the driver and lift up my left arm, the driver looks shocked and drives off, my friend starts screaming, i look at my arm and see my hand flopped down. I had managed to snap my arm clean in half, bone sticking out, the whole deal, i carry my hand back into the house and we get an ambulance out, the first response guy tells me there's a 70% chance they will have to amputate my arm (something to do with dirt infecting the bone marrow). 3 Years down the line, i have two large scars down my arm and metal plates attached to my bone, it hurts when i move it too much and i cant lift weights or play guitar again, and being in England means that it gets rather cold in winter, which chills the plates in my arm making it rather painful. All in all, worst experience of my life, and the only bike crash i have ever had, strangely enough.
  9. I think I made enough polls, so I'll just make a hurt-heal topic. This time with pegasi, next time with earth ponies. Rainbow Dash - 20 Fluttershy - 20 Derpy - 20 Scootaloo - 20 Spitfire - 20 Soarin - 20
  10. Here is how the game will work. I will post a list of characters from the show, all starting with 0 health. You are allowed to heal 1 pony and harm another. When that pony reaches -10 health, they will die. Dead ponies can not receive any more health or cannot be harmed. PONIES: Rainbow Dash: 4 Rarity: 6 Applejack: 4 Pinkie Pie: 5 Twilight Sparkle: 6 Fluttershy: 5
  11. Yea so whenever I eat something hot or cold my teeth fucking hurt. It's been driving crazy ever since I was six. I can't bite into ice-cream or buritos, it fucking sucks :/
  12. So, I was just wondering; has anyone ever said anything to you that has hurt your feelings, without them meaning to? And if so, how? Let me explain a little, I was just playing Minecraft on the computer, and the keyboard and mouse ran out of battery at the same time Now, I didn't get mad or anything like that, because I had literally JUST started the world, i'd had enough time to cut down one tree I took the batteries out, threw them in the bin and went to get some more. My mother, sat in the same room as me turned around and said "You even make throwing batteries away sound aggressive" This just got me thinking, that actually hurt quite a bit. Mainly because during my school days I had a history, and was well known for being a bit of an ass, for lack of a better term. I used to be a prick, I was even kicked out of school for certain reasons involving violence. Over these past few years though, i've calmed down a lot and gotten help, generally turned myself around. Hearing that though, made me think, is that really how people still see me? Anyway, I was just wondering, as I said before - has anyone ever said anything to you that has hurt your feelings or anything along those lines, without them intentionally trying to be mean.
  13. First off, I just looked at my Pony Hypnosis blaug entry. Over 1,000 views. Well then. And, per usual, I am so exhausted that this will hopefully be brief. So today was the first track & field meet of the season. It was against two other schools, so nothing terribly intense. I was slated to run the 1,500m and the 4x400m. Ran exactly my personal record (PR) for the 1,500m (4:38), so hopefully I can drop down into the 4:20's by May. I was the first leg of our 4x400m team because I'm great on the starting gun. I felt like I was running insanely slow, but as I lay on the side of the track and slowly lost consciousness, my coach told me I ran a 54.7. That's a 2+ second PR off of my BEST time ever. And it is only the first meet of the season. Oh, and this 400-split was the fastest of all of the 4x400-splits for my school at this meet - including the four guys on the Varsity team. Yeah. Good day. Now I'm going to pass out on my keyboard. - Kolth