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Found 4 results

  1. Heya everypony I run GearHeart, a hypnosis org, and one of the types of files we’ve been making is pony transformation hypno (every variant linked here is SFW). If you want your body to feel like it’s a pony from the show, this’ll do the job pretty well. Y’all may have heard about HypnoPonies (now Equestrian Souls) back in the day; they made files that have you perceive yourself as a character from the show in both body and mind. GearHeart’s pony hypno the same genre of stuff, but without the personality elements-- replacing people’s identities with characters from the show has been and continues to cause serious psychology problems in some users, so we’re erring away from it for safety reasons. No flak towards Equestrian Souls; personality files are their niche of content, and they do their best to make it safe. Anyways, GearHeart pony transformation files. Before I list them, fair warning-- feeling like a cute pone can make you not want to change back. So, some find not just pony transformation files, but imagining oneself as a pony, pleasurable and addictive. A very large amount of pony hypno users end up going the otherkin route and identify fully with being a pony after seeing and feeling their body as one for a while. Because a majority of users choose to be female pones, you also see a gradual shift in the userbase’s gender identity over the years. Right now, over half the pony hypno population is MtF. Which is fine. I’m a trans woman too. Just, don’t listen to these files unless you’re fine with your gender and species identity changing, potentially permanently. The files also give you the ability to feel roleplay text commands. Links to a playlist where you can select between a pegasus, unicorn, alicorn, earth pony, or bat pony: SFW Male to Stallion SFW Male to Female to Mare I recently made a cure file for species dysphoria that acts like a psychological reset and undoes species dysphoria and the effects of transformation hypno. If you want the psychological reset to reinforce a pony identity, here’s a version for that. GearHeart also has tulpa hypno and guided meditations, in addition to a thriving Discord community dedicated to hypno safety and creation. Thanks everypony <3
  2. Hello, friends. Hope you're doing well. This hypnosis experiment is still going quite well. It's feeling better and more comfortable to "be a Pegasus" as the days go by. I still can't believe it's working so vividly, you know? Maybe I'm just very susceptible to hypnosis...I don't know. Side note: I think my taste buds are getting more sensitive or something, because fruits and veggies taste like food from Heaven now. Lol. I didn't eat too many fruits or veggies before this experiment, but now I specifically search for them when I'm at the store or at a restaurant. Very interesting... Also, a few days ago, I listened to the hypnosis trigger reinforcement file. Very successful. I read a tip saying you should imagine yourself in your Pony form, in front of a mirror, right after a hypnosis session. I tried it, and I was able to clearly see myself picking up my hooves and smiling at them. It was wild. ***#4 - The First Negative Effect*** Hey, y'all. Hope you're doing well. I'm gonna try something different and use bullet points this time around. ...Things are going quite well. Yesterday, on my way home from college, I said a trigger phrase while driving. Probably not the best idea I've had, but I'm glad I did. It was by far the best "transformation" I've had yet. The sensations are definitely getting stronger. ...I hadn't felt any negative effects of this experiment...until a few nights ago. I listened to the Generic Pegasus file, my main hypnosis file, after a long tiring day. It worked well, of course, but afterwards I felt dizzy and kinda nauseous for the rest of the night. So...lesson learned: don't listen to files when I'm dead tired. ...The next night, as I was about to go to sleep, I got some cabin socks out of my drawer and put them over my hands to simulate hooves. Then I got into bed and said a trigger phrase. It worked exceptionally well. It was pretty dark in my room, so I could only make out the shapes of my hands, and they legit looked and felt like hooves! It was amazing! ...Earlier this week, I listened to the Pony Body Reinforcement file. Another great session. I could really feel the change in my neck and hands this time. Well, that pretty much takes this journal up-to-date. Thanks for reading, and have a good rest of the day, y'all.
  3. Hello again, everypony. Hope you're doing well. Here are some interesting tidbits about my experiment so far. And yes, I realize how legitimately crazy this all sounds, but I'm just 100 percent typing up exactly how I feel during this hypnosis experiment. I'm not making any of this up. So, with that out of the way, let's begin. Ever since "becoming a Pegasus," I've noticed that I can feel my "new form" even when I don't use any trigger phrases from the hypnosis files. For example, I can feel my pony ears pretty much all day. Heck, I can feel them right now! Even when I'm driving in my car, I can feel my pony ears "brushing against the ceiling." Lol. It's the weirdest sensation. And speaking of pony ears, I have found that it feels absolutely amazing to scratch behind them. Like...I can't even describe how good it feels. Also, I can feel my tail during some parts of the day. No joke. I can feel it...kinda swishing back and forth, even when I'm sitting down. It's the craziest thing. Also, it feels weird to interlock my fingers it's unnatural. Interesting tidbit. And, by far the most interesting...When I look in the mirror now, something my human face. It's...almost unfamiliar...I'm keeping a close eye here. And finally, my wings feel like they're coming in much faster when I say trigger phrases now. Yesterday, they shot out in just a few seconds. It was awesome! That's about it for now. I'm wishing you all a pleasant rest of your day. Peace, Valiant
  4. Hello, everypony. So, I've noticed a few behavioral changes since I've started this Pony Hypnosis thing. One of the most interesting changes is this: Apples are freaking DELICIOUS now. Seriously. I can't get enough! Lol. I mean, apples were alright before, but now...every bite is heaven! Haha. And don't get me started on apple pies...this is a change I never anticipated. Another change I've noticed is this: I seem to be more caring of others and what they have to say to me. Like, I seem to listen better. And I'm not just saying that...I seem to be more aware of things. And speaking of listening better, it feels like I can hear birds chirping outside more clearly and distinctly. It's neat. Finally, I'm a lot happier and...more positive, it feels like. I don't know why. I'm just reporting my findings during this experiment. No negative effects so far. I'm sure there'll be something, but so far...nope. Onward, then.