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Found 51 results

  1. Assuming virtual reality becomes possible at some point, how would you feel about a VR version of Equestria? Assume there are AI versions of the characters, but at the same intelligence levels as in the show (so no Friendship is Optimal-style superintelligences). Also, what would you want to be capable of doing in this VR? I'd probably immerse myself in there for at least a few hours a day and spend most of my time in Canterlot and Ponyville, as a unicorn.
  2. I got this idea from seeing To Where and Back again. I'm not going to lie, when I saw the mane 6 and everypony else trapped in the cocoons, I got a sort of protective urge that I've never felt on the show. Like if it was an RPG, this is where I would be saying like, "I've got to save them!" Seeing all the characters you've come to love in that situation (and even worse if you wonder about what the cocoons do them, in that not-quite-awake-not-quite-sleeping state) brought quite the heartstring tugging gotta-do-something response out of me in a way that show hasn't before. So I was wondering about that, and I had an interesting hypothetical what-if that I thought would be good to share. --- Somehow you've made it to the center of the Changeling hive, and you see everypony in the cocoons, with the urge to do something. But there's no time! It looks like you can only pick one of them to save! The guards will be here any minute. Who do you pick to save and why? Do you pick who you pick because you love them a lot and want to free them? Or do you pick them cause you think they'll help you against Chrysalis? Or both?
  3. With Valve's claims that brain-interfacing VR technology is closer to reality "than we realize" (for both in-brain chips and external headsets), I started to think last night: (Hypothetical time!) What if there was a VR game that used brain-interfacing technology to created a fully immersive experience in Equestria? This game would be something like this: Imagine not having to look at a screen, but rather, seeing the world of Equestria as if your eyes were looking at it in the real life. Instead of feeling your human body while playing, imagine getting the simulated feeling of having a pony body - hooves, ears, fur, tail, wings/horn, even hearing a completely different voice when you speak (voice depending on how you set the game up). In fact, imagine if your brain could be tricked into experiencing events faster than they could happen in real life (such as being able to live 12 days virtually, with only 6 real-life hours passing)? Gameplay wise, it would likely be a simple slice-of-life game, with interactive dynamic NPCs (possibly even using part of your own brainpower to allow them to function as a real AI) allowing you to truly experience day-to-day life within Equestria. Character wise it could either allow you to live as your own character, or even experience life as one of the canon characters (or even include both options). So if something like this existed, would you play it? Not only that, but how would you play it? Would you play as an OC, or would you want to live a day (or week) in the life of a canon character like Twilight or Pinkie? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on something like this. Now I know a lot of people feel that pretty much all of the 3D pony models are off-key in their own ways, but for me I feel like TheRealDJThed's models come the closest to what the ponies would actually look like in 3D. (However if anyone has different models or art styles that might be a better representation of ponies in 3D, please feel free to include them in your thoughts).
  4. How would you react? Would making recycling a crime solve some problems or worsen them? What would be the penalty for committing this crime? Those are just some questions to get you thinking about this topic. As for me, I would be surprised if it was made a crime, and it would frustrate me as I would be forced to recycle materials instead of choosing to. I think it might solve some problems, like getting more people to recycle, but I also think it would just create some problems like making people feel forced to recycle and frustrating them when they don't know what to recycle and what not to. If it was to be made a crime, I think the penalty for it should be the same as the penalty for littering.
  5. Sometime in the future (centuries from now, or next Tuesday), the human race comes into contact with a space-faring alien civilization. After the initial shock, an agreement for a cultural exchange is made, in which members from both societies have the opportunity to spend a period of time on the other's planet, in the effort to further understand the other, and to foster a spirit of friendship. If you choose to take part, you may either sign up to be transported (via space travel, wormhole, etc.) to the alien home world, where you are tasked with learning about their culture, and to provide a positive representation of Humanity. Alternativly, you may sign up to have one of the aliens to come and live in your home for the same purpose. Your job is to act as a guide in helping them understand human culture, history, and diversity. Should you wish to sign on, which would you choose, and how would it impact your life? For the purpose of this hypothetical scenario, feel free to presume and conditions or complications, such as the physiology, ideology, theology, etc. of the alien race. I have recently been thinking about such a situation a lot, so I thought I would share it here and see what you think.
  6. So, say a villain from any franchise, book or television show just suddenly appeared out of nowhere in your house & immediately recruited you into telling them of this world and aiding in their plans for the domination of these pitiful "human" things. Who would you blindly, and happily follow? And none of this "Well, he seems like a nicer villain that wouldn't be that evil", no, this is full-on war-against-humanity levels of evil we're talkin' here! Me, I'm loyal to Onyxia, Queen of the Black Dragonflight A.K.A Lady Katrina Prestor, the Daughter of the Destroyer and great big ol' honking dragon from warcraft! Clearly she cares about the only important thing, her own flight of dragons and making more of said dragons. Really, how could anyone turn down more dragons? Because Dragons. Dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons.....
  7. What would you want to see if they returned? Do you want the kirin to return? Do you think it's possible? I think it's possible, and I'd love for it to happen because it would be awesome for them to return and they could interact with the mane six and other characters. Autumn Blaze and Pinkie Pie would get along really well, if the day goes uninterrupted they'd probably talk non-stop from sunrise until sundown! It would also be cool if one or two kirin went to the school of friendship to learn about friendship and interact with the student six!
  8. You can only choose one of the following abilities: freezing time, reversing time, or speeding up the passage of time. Which one of these would you choose and why? I'm not talking about time travel. I'm talking about time manipulation. PS: Terminologically, there is a difference between time manipulation and time travel. You don't teleport from one dimension of time to another for example. With time manipulation, you're controlling the flow of time around you―the motion of all the matter in the universe―by either accelerating the rate of motion, reversing it, or halting it completely.
  9. They would share all your experiences from the past, but from now on would have separate experiences as a separate individual. Because of this, they may start to differ from you in beliefs and values. The copy would be of the gender you are attracted to. If you are attracted to multiple genders, take your pick. EDIT: I completely forgot about how likely your children developing genetic defects would be in a relationship like this. If you do this, don't have kids.
  10. So I've been thinking about how fun it might be to replace the characters of the old story/broadway play with mlp characters. I can only think of three off the top of my head Jekyll- Luna Hyde- Nightemare Moon Lisa- Twilight (if people would like this May turn I to an rp later on)
  11. This is very much in the realm of overthinking it, but it's something I've wondered about, and this is probably the best place to talk about it. I'm sure many of you would admit to wanting to interact with and or hug and such, your favorite character(s) in the show. Goodness knows I have. But something always bugged me when I thought of that.. if you translate that sort of interaction into human rules, it gets... weird. You would be inclined to hug your favorite pony, nuzzle with her(or him?), and tell them how much you love them. But If you regard your favorite pony(s) as a human would another human, you wouldn't just hug them, it would be intrusive, or worse. Especially if it was one of the CMCs. I would hug Apple Bloom no problem, but if you tried that with a 3rd grader? Call the police! So wouldn't it work the same if you were a pony in the pony world? Would the rules be the same? The stigmas would be different. As a human you'd be tempted to cuddle them, but you wouldnt do that with other humans. You would have to know them super well or something.. So wouldn't ponies react the same way? Unlike the human rules though. not wearing clothes is seen as normal, but I think interactions between pony to pony would be seen as similar to human to human. But in the instinctiveness to adore one of the xharacters, you might rub them the wrong way. Star Tracker is a pretty cute and funny example of a similar reaction. But if you fangeeked out at your fav, there would be all these ramifications. You're adoring them, but basing on human customs. maybe they would not keen on it. Or maybe they would? In some case? Though you would probably take care to treat said pony the right way too. And this is worse. It's obvious Zephyr was doing things super wrong. I know I would feel bad if I did something to upset Applejack or Twi or someone in this hypothetical casee. That brings me to Fame and Misfortune, which i saw a few days ago. Pretty good and meaningful episode, and I'm glad to say I don't have anything in common with the complaining and nitpicking ponies. But I probably would be one of the supporter ponies. I think I would know when to get out of their manes. That takes into account that they're sort of celebrities too, that adds another layer. And then there's all the cases in the recent months of real people being ultra creepos that are being known. I saw this cute attractive image of Spitfire in her fan club thread, but although I want to love it, things like that just sort of bug me thinking about it, I dwell on it more than I need to or should. I know this is all weird to talk about, and is super unimportant, but it's some hypothetical thing that I've wondered about for some time. What do you think?
  12. If you travled to Equestria and everypony liked you EXCEPT for your favorite pony, would you stay in Equestria or would you leave? If my favorite pony, Twilight Sparkle didn't like me I would be ok because, I'd be able to make other friends.
  13. THIS THEORY ON WHAT COULD HAPPEN NO SALT PLEASE. (Feel free to say what you think would happen though.) Here is the scenario: An unclosable portal opens in the United States probably somewhere where it doesn't interfere with life or pose any danger. The way magic and body forms work in EQG applies in our world. Here is my hypothesis: The portal opens in the southern US somewhere out in the country in a field somewhere. A few hours later a rancher sees this and immediately calls 911, not knowing what else be can do. A squad car pulls up. The cop steps out seeing the portal. After that, the Government is immediately contacted. Military personnel are sent to secure this portal until people can figure out what is going on. On the otherside, some random pony notices the portal right outside of Ponyville. Princess Twilight is notified immediately. Twilight send a message to Princess Celestia. Royal Guards are sent out to secure that side of the portal until they figure out what is going on. The human military personnel take notice of a few ponies carrying spears and wearing yellow or grey armor. Both sides are pretty confused. The heavily armed humans are confused due to the pastel ponies with spears and armor while the pony guards are just confused due seeing some thing carrying some funny object. (They've probably never seen a gun before.) One of the pony guards ask one of the human soldiers to state their business. (Or a CIA agent, because you know.) The man will probably say something about how he and his guys must guard a portal. The pony guard will probably say something similar. A CIA agent (Or whoever deals with this sort of thing) will probably report that these ponies know English. Eventually the media finds out and it ends up all over the news in both worlds. Knowing that Twilight likes to research and note things, she will probably be at the portal site. She'd probably not that our world looks very different from the EQG world. It is a safe bet that Twilight would try to communicate. She'll probably introduce herself as "Princess Twilght." The humans would ask some questions leading to her revealing that there are other princesses and that Celestia is the ruler of Equestria. High level officials such as the president would be notified of this. Both the United Stats and Equestria are countries that prefer diplomacy, so the chances a war between the two are slim to none. A diplomat is sent to let explain that we hope for peace and all that good stuff. A meeting between high ranking government officials and the princess of Equestria is arranged. Things such as world affairs, potential trade deals, tourism, immigration, and the Economy of the two places are discussed along with technology. The princesses are made aware of problems such as North Korea and terrorist groups. Twilight explains magic and all that. Trade deals are made. Both sides agree citizens from both sides to enter the worlds, as long as they have a valid passport. Boarder patrols and guards are put at the portal to make sure no one goes in without a passport. Scientists on both sides would be doing a whole lot of research. Eventually immigration does happen. The fact that humans eat meat is not a problem. (I come to that conclusion thanks to EQG movies and shorts) A way to use some magic in the Human world is discovered or made. Equestria does have meetings with other countries as well. North Korea and terrorist groups don't like Equestria, but can't anything about it due to the human side portal being on U.S. mainland, making them well protected. There is soon a MAJOR leap in technology in Equestria. Magic makes it possible to give Equestrians access to the Human Internet. Human tech is reverse engineered and remade to accommodate the body structure of ponies. Military strength is increased on both sides due to the magic and tech. Transportation in Equestria is changed due to cars being introduced. New items and ideas lead to new talents. This means new types of cutiemarks emerge in future generations of ponies. Let's just hope they don't see the fanart. So, what do you guys think would happen in this scenario? (Man, this took forever to complete)
  14. So I only really collect the Guardians of Harmony range in terms of merch, and I had a few questions regarding them! I'd love to have the mane six, and of course they've done everyone but Rarity as far as I know! Do you think a Rarity will be made?? And also what do you think are the chances of us getting a general release Fluttershy? I know she came in the SDCC set, but I want one I can debox, I wouldn't feel right deboxing her from that gorgeous packaging! Also; who would you like to see made into these kinds of figures?? I'd personally love to see articulated figure versions of Celestia, Luna, Nightmare moon etc (and maybe a discord but he'd need to be immensely articulated haha) Aside from them I'd love to see; - A cutie mark crusader three pack - Big Mac (either in a two pack with Granny Smith or with a vehicle playset? Like a wagon?) - Cadance (and flurryheart?? hehe) - Zecora! - Gilda! -Palace guards (Luna's and Celestia' building maybe?)
  15. Are there any Celebrities that you'd like to do a voice in FiM, either voicing a unique character, or voicing a character based on themselves? Personally, I'd like to see the writers find a character for Chef Gordon Ramsay to voice . Man would that be funny to listen to! (If this is the wrong place for this topic, I'm sorry. I just figured that it qualifies as show discussion)
  16. Try to remember what your thoughts were on My Little Pony before Friendship Is Magic. Then suppose around 10 years ago, Hasbro had approached you and asked for your input on a new My Little Pony TV series. What sort of show do you think you would've come up with? I'm pretty cynical about merch-driven shows, so I can think of two ways I would've interpreted the franchise. The first would be satirical (think Dinosaurs), where Pony Land is basically this shallow, toxic society that's ultimately doomed. The second would be more surreal (think Regular Show), where the characters act out these stereotypical cartoon/sitcom plots but find that there are sugary eldritch monstrosities lurking around every corner of their world.
  17. Y'know how sometimes ponies have that thing where they're eyes go crazy, they do a crooked smile, their voices go all funny, their manes are messed up and they start acting all OOC? Like Twilight in "Lesson Zero", Pinkie Pie in "Party of One", and Fluttershy in "Best Night Ever"? Well, a lot of people say that the ponies are "going insane" from the "stress", but psychological problems like insanity and stress are a bit heavy for a kids' show, especially the idea that something fairly common (like loneliness in Pinkie's case) could cause them, added to the fact that MLP is generally utopian and the fact that insanity doesn't just come and go. My theory is that it's a certain psychological trait unique to those ponies when they experience a great deal of an emotion they do not usually experience. For Pinkie Pie it was loneliness and for Fluttershy it was disappointment (she was disappointed that the animals were running away; the anger came later, possibly as a part of being in "freaky-mode"). Now, for a while I thought "but what about Twilight? Anxiety is an emotion she experiences on the regular", but then I thought maybe it wasn't the anxiety that set her into that state, it was desperation. When she was just worried, that didn't set her off but she got set off when she started getting desperate and doing things like putting the "want-it-need-it" spell on Smarty Pants. If the theory is true, then the state goes away when the emotion goes away. But I have two queries about this. Would Applejack's craziness in "Applebuck Season" have anything to do with this? She did look out of sorts and was acting OOC, but did this stem from an unusual emotion and would, therefore, be in the same category or was she just tired from lack of sleep (ie had she been working at night etc and missed out on sleep?) Could this be the reason for Luna turning into Nightmare Moon? Is this character change what could happen if the state went on for too long or the emotion was too intense or too out-of-the-ordinary? Or is it what happens when an Alicorn goes through it? Or is the Nightmare Moon thing completely different? But, as many fan theorists say, it's just a theory. Or as Twilight might say "Just a hypothesis". Let me know your thoughts.
  18. Bit of a hypothetical I just had sprint across my mindscape. There's alot of talk of what you would do with ponies, or if you were but... Say you were a pony in Equestria, always had been always will. You've never had any idea of what a human was outside of some rare fairy tales from long ago. Your out one day for a trot & out from the bushes comes some human spouting stories about how he somehow got transported here against his will, how in his world all you ponies are part of his favorite show & he begs you dearly to do him one big favor. Something he's always wished for. He wants to ride you. Now, the concept of "riding" carries with it no concept of sexual innuendo in Equestria & as a whole doesn't even come up often outside of some ponies using it as a method to carry their pets or smaller compatriots. You know what the action entails, your just a bit caught off guard by the sudden request. The question is: Do you, as a natural-born pony, allow this sweaty creature you've never seen before to hop on your back?
  19. Since Tirek can drain strength from Earth ponies, which wouldn't normally be considered "magical", could he could drain something from a human? What would it be? I'm thinking intelligence or creativity.
  20. Admit it, we humans are a nasty, warmongering species. Ponies, in contrast, seem to be much more passive than humans, less savage, less mean, and less aggressive. This makes sense as it is a kid's show, but what if Ponies had the same levels of malice as Humanity does?
  21. If the show had ended with one of the seasons so far, which season finales would have been the best and which the worst? Here's my ranking, from best to worst: S4: The worst villain ever has been defeated, and Twilight has found her place in the world. S3: Sense of closure for Twilight (not surprising, since it was supposed to be the last episode). S1: No clear loose ends. S5: Leaves open Starlight Glimmer's redemption plot, but there's a sense of closure nonetheless. S2: Leaves open two freshly-introduced characters, which would have been an abrupt change that lead nowhere. S6: Explicitly leaves open the Chrysalis's revenge plotline and the new changelings. This has no sense of closure whatsoever.
  22. Is there anything in canon/B-canon (comics, Journal of the Two Sisters, etc.) that contradicts the idea? It seems odd that neither Celestia or Luna have ever been married, that we can see, and if any stallion were worthy of marrying an alicorn, it would be the greatest wizard in Equestrian history. Maybe he was the reason Celestia started the School for Gifted Unicorns in the first place.
  23. Feel free to consider this from either your stance or your characters', I usually rarely differentiate. Now I don't mean some hunky werewolf or vampire from some teen romance novel that still looks vaguely like you do. No, I mean relating to some other being that is clearly far from your species & by all means ought be able to kill you without too much trouble on their part. I'm talking either a creature that is clearly predatory with a big enough mouth that could accidentally inhale you whole or one with far too many appendages then you consider biologically viable with a face that seems to be permanently set in an expression of "I may be sincerely considering how to best suck the bodily fluids out of you in the most painful way possible" ,but despite their physical appearance are clearly trying their best to converse and befriend you in as civil as they can manage. Case in point! For example, the Nerubians from Warcraft. For those of you not familiar, they are basically large, sentient spider...centaur...things. Look, there's a reason I ain't bringing up a picture, I don't want the whole of the forums to simultaneously wet themselves. Point is, they're not the slightest bit humanoid & look very much like the things a hero like you gets sent out to slay. And for the most part they are, as their race has suffered very much from the drama that tends to happen in video games where alot of the War gets Crafted. But at one point your character meets up with a band of them that talk to you so civilly that were their mouth-bits capable of it, I'd expect them to have a British accent. When they send you into some...pit to help them out, you come back out with some shrooms for all the world assuming that this may be something they'd consider a tasty treat. When you do fork over the fungus they pause for a moment then look at you drolly and say something to the effect of "We appreciate the effort, we really do...but we do also want you to know that you basically just handed us a pile of poop."
  24. I know this question comes up periodically (okay, ridiculously frequently), and I wanted a feel for what people expect. Personally, I imagine there will be at least one post-movie season, possibly more, simply because Hasbro would probably see it as a waste to have a movie and not push the interest in the toys as much as possible afterwards (maybe even hoping to get new viewers of the show?). Nine seasons? Ten? Even more? It wouldn't surprise me.
  25. It occurred to me that each of the season premiere/finale villains (not counting "Princess Twilight Sparkle or "The Crystalling", which don't have active villains in the same way) can be defined more or less as an opponent to one of the Elements of Harmony: Nightmare Moon: Selfishness, opposing Generosity Discord: Divisiveness, opposing Loyalty Chrysalis: Deception, opposing Honesty Sombra: Cruelty, opposing Kindness Tirek: Powerlessness, opposing Magic Starlight Glimmer: Insincerity, opposing Laughter. Obviously, some of these are stretches (e.g. what are the opposites of magic and laughter?), but is there any validity to this view of the world? Could having to deal with each of the antagonists be connected to a different aspect of their friendship?