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Found 1 result

  1. Here I am.One year later,and still with the same passion that dragged me here on the first place. I'm not precisely the most social of the people on the real world,and I just wanted to make a few friends somewhere,and a place where to stay and be myself,and,one rainy day, I wanted to find that place,and that leaded me to end browsing through the internet and finding a topic from this place,and then I thought that I had found what I wanted so hard during that time.I never regretted the choice of making an account here,and I still don't regret it today. I just wanted to give thanks to everyone on this place. You helped me more than you can think, and, thanks for you all being open to someone like me, I started to be more confident of myself, which made my life better on all the senses. I suck at writting that kind of things... :l I don't know what more to say now.I shared my personal thoughts,and I'm really happy of joining this place. But,of course,there're a few people that are really close to me,and I can consider true friends. Without any hesitation,this people are those who really influected me positively,and I can consider my true friends here: :The most idiot of the ponies by far,but also a person that I know that I can trust.Also,our random conversations practically make my days.Also,platonic crush <3 :A person that I can laugh about practically everything,lel.But also one of the people that I trust the most here.If I have a problem,I know which person I can trust the most to tell it.Do not change,and stay huggable :v *hugs* :I could say a lot of things about my Cackle Brother,and expand it for like 20 more lines,but,with the help of an anonymous user,I wrote a poem for him: Oh,and he also hates Lyra,and is the president of the Lyra Hate Club. <3 :He's a weirdo.That's the best to describe this weird Twily,Coffee and Guns fan.But also a good friend,that always makes me laugh during our conversations *hugs* :v :Pinkeh!! :3 This person is awesome,simple as that.She loves Kaneki Ken,and gives me some of the weirdest nights of my life,for the ammount of surrealist conversation that we both have.Oh,and if you're reading this,you'll get this-> :n( :My very first friend that I made here,and also best Senpai 4 ever <3 But,being serious for one moment,he's a really nice person,and I always enjoy our conversations. Did I got noticed by you...? <3 :Stormfury-Senpai! <3 Another great individual,whose actions and words make people feel better.You really like to wub people,and you deserve the title of Super Senpai <3 :You were missing like a million years,but now you're here again,so you deserve a mention <3 You helped me more than you think,and i want to give you all the posible thanks to you.For being there.For being near me. Those people are the ones that influected me the most,and helped me to become a better person,but,even if you didn't got named here,you're really important to me.Don't forget that <3