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Found 17 results

  1. Okay, for this forum game, you will need a music library of some kind (e.g. iPod, MP3 Player, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) that has a shuffle option. You will be using the first song that plays in shuffle's title for the answer of the question above you, and then come up with a question (e.g. What will you name your first-born, What is your favorite color, How would you describe your love life, etc.) for the next member. Example: User 1 - What will you name your first-born? User 2 - Bad What were your first words? User 3 - This is War ...And so on. Okay, I shall start with this question: What makes you laugh?
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this if not, I apologise but I'm looking for pals! My gamecentre is << Sapphire >> There may be spaces, if not, try without the spaces. But the > < are included. Please add me so we can gift hearts to one another -_-
  3. Hey I was just wondered had anyone notice that music that they downloaded off Itunes play much loader and fuller then music they imported off a cd? Or is it just me?
  4. I thought I might pair these two for pictures: Two generations...5 years apart from each other.
  5. im asking this question cause im bored and want to now what most people have on there ipod i have everything from reggae to dubstep except metal and classical i mean classical is ok but i prefer keeping my ear drums from exploding
  6. I personally like mobile gaming even though it's not "Hard Core" I play GTA III and Max Payne Mobile. Also a bit of Dead Trigger Anyone play mobile games? If so which ones?
  7. So I just made an account on the Twitter app 'Vine'. I was wondering what your opinions are on it, and whether many people actually use it often. So far I haven't put any videos up, I've just been liking other people's vines. So, thoughts?
  8. Geek0zoid

    Mobile Gamers

    There are plenty of handheld systems like the 3DS and PS Vita, but there is another breed of handheld gaming; Apple products. I play games on Apple devices from time to time, but I mostly just stick to games like Mario, Sonic, GTA, and that sort of thing. But, I know people who call themselves gamer... but mobile games on Apple products are all they play. Personally, if all someone plays is games on Apple devices, I don't consider them a gamer. Though, I know a lot of people who think otherwise. That's fine with me. That's just my thoughts.
  9. Definitely not perfect, but I kind of like how this turned out. Wings are a real bitch, let me tell ya that. Also, somebody suggested that I should make the hoofs bigger if I intend on keeping the necks as long as they are. So, there you go. I've had that song stuck in head for days Here's the deviantART page if you are so inclined.
  10. I created a Rainbow Dash iPod/iPhone wallpaper using a transparent picture of her eye and a transparent picture of her cutie mark. Feel free to use it if you'd like.
  11. You may or may not have seen my 3 Ipod backgrounds I have up, if you want to check them out the links are below this. So since I probably am going to be continuing to make these I decided to make a thread to house all of the new backgrounds, the 3 are going to remain up, but from now on all of them are going to posted in this thread. Now that I've got that out of the way, to get started on this thread have a Derpy background. Completed VVVVVVV The quote is from a song, and yes it's supposed to be a bit blurry. RD- Lyra- Twilight-
  12. I wanted this to be simple, and the reason for the white background is that with the colors the entire thing would look strange, then I thought cracks would be cool, so firstly should I remove the cracks or no? Secondly what do you think of it? (oh and Loyalty should be blurry)
  13. Here's the new one, (seriously these are really fun to do) It's Lyra's cutie mark, like my last one I wouldn't mind some criticisms to help me improve.
  14. I thought it would be fun to do an iPod background, so this is the result, I might actually do some more of these. I would like to know and criticisms you have on it so I can improve.
  15. I can't find anyone to play Tap Tap 4 Revenge with and I like playing with others. Who wants to play? If so, my name on Tap Tap is the same as on the forums. Message me!
  16. I got an Ipod 4g, and I just want to know what apps are fun to play or are just good to have?
  17. Whats your (pony related) wallpaper? Here's my desktop I like it because it has that factor while still being all windows like. Here's my iPod wallpaper