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Found 12 results

  1. How cool would that be? You would have all the mane 6 (and maybe some others) with all different sorts of tastes. Rainbow would taste like Blueberry, Fluttershy would taste like Banana, Twilight would taste like a mix of red fruits, etc. Hasbro is losing millions by ignoring this idea.
  2. Hey every pony! got a favorite ice cream flavor(s) post it here! I'll start it off, i like..... Oreo Cookie Dough and Cake batter om nom nom nom
  3. There are many flavors of ice cream out there! You have your generic flavors, and then some combinations that are way outside the box (such as garlic ice cream o.o). Take a good hard look at the user above you and let 'em know what flavor comes to mind! You can also include ice cream bars, custard, frozen yogurt, etc. Be creative, be friendly, and have fun! *Side note: I did a scan to see if there's a similar thread, but didn't find any. If there is an existing one, however, feel free to merge this into it.
  4. Before anyone whines that Twilight isn't here, she's in the Mane Six Edition: Anyway, yes, more MLP Ice Creams!! Such a fun little project. This time it's the three senior princesses; Princess (Best Pony) Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadence. Let me know how you like it!! Next time I think I'll draw the villains' ice creams.
  5. Twilight: ??? Pinkie Pie: Birthday Cake Applejack: ??? Rainbow Dash: Super Hero Flutershy: ??? Rarity: Rocky Road Spike: Neapolitan (You can do sherberts too!) Tell me your ideas, and I'll talk to you guys later! *whispers* ~Love you guys!!! <3
  6. Pretty much as the title says. I saw this on another site I go on and thought this would be cute. The ice cream flavor above me is non-existent. The most delicious flavor.
  7. what is the most extreme thing you would. do for a Klondike bar?
  8. Simple, you name your favorite flavored type of Ice cream. Who ever's below you shall like a dislikes your flavor of ice cream. Rate it if you want too or in any way if possible. Just to make things interesting and fun . Ex:chocolate I like it,10/10! Dislike it, big thumbs down! bleh! Vanilla Ill Start off. Red Velvet Ice cream
  9. Derp, I got the mane idea from the colors from a poster in my school. Hope you like it!
  10. So in the new episode, Rarity eats a lot of ice cream. I mean a lot. How? Is it possible she's bulimic ? [edited: Misused word. originally anorexic]
  11. This threads purpose is to once and for all solve the question on all our minds: Cup or cone? There comes a time, in every man, woman and child's life, when they are asked the simple question of how they would like their ice cream a cup...or cone? This is the kind of debate out father fought for in World War One, so I say, go forth and debate! oh yeah...and a poll. I always enjoy eating my Ice cream in a cup, or more so a bowl, as I dislike cones, but I still chew on the cones because I like the texture of it in my mouth. Oh yeah, and sprinkles, lets debate about that as well.
  12. I don't think I've posted this yet. (If it's a repost, I'm sorry!) It's from a few days ago, and actually the clothes are supposed to be cyan, since my god tier aspect is apprently Mind now... but GOSH I LOVE ICE CREAM!