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Found 99 results

  1. Mesme Rize

    My little pony Ice Cream Bars

    How cool would that be? You would have all the mane 6 (and maybe some others) with all different sorts of tastes. Rainbow would taste like Blueberry, Fluttershy would taste like Banana, Twilight would taste like a mix of red fruits, etc. Hasbro is losing millions by ignoring this idea.
  2. rainbowdashacademy

    KIdRobot idea

    OK, if Funko stops doing vinyl and pop figures of my little pony then would you brony fans love to see the rainbow factory of kidrobot company make some versions of their own as MLP FIM because they already have their versions of mystery figures of the CAREBEARS enjoy your wonderbolts Academy where your magimathic skills take to the skies I'm Rainbowdash see'ya !
  3. Rikifive

    Art of the Dress | Puzzle Game

    Remember when I said, that the "Art of the Dress" event with @Rarity and all the amazing dresses members have drawn filled me with inspiration? I mentioned a puzzle game (click my reply above for more information) and I kept thinking about it. Soooo... I couldn't resist! I've drawn a concept art showing how more or less it could look like. Disclaimer: Carousel Boutique background, all the gems, elements of harmony, spool of rainbow thread and the Rainbow's dress sketch weren't made by me. I've made hourglass, menu scroll, cursor and the rest. Now the general idea is, that Rarity would be sewing a different dress for each level. The first levels would take place in Ponyville, where Rarity would make the dresses for the Gala, nothing fancy. There would be some cutscenes and some other basic stuff. With progress, she'd be moving to different places, where dresses would follow different styles. Levels 2-X would take place in Manehattan. Levels 3-X would take place in the Crystal Empire. Levels 4-X would take place in Canterlot. Busy and demanding ponies - fits great for more difficult levels, that require more work in less amount of time. Rarity's Boutique would be such a great location. (and perhaps more...) Now talking about some inspiration from that thread and event altogether--- I'd like to mention something, that gave me that one more sparkle. I haven't seen many -- actually I don't really recall seeing any dresses inspired by the Crystal Empire. I have to say, that @bornAgainEquestrian's dress is absolutely great. As for the game itself - there would be some bonuses, that would impact the field by destroying things here and there; there would be upgrades to these to give that feeling of progress/improvement. Also, this time I'd totally go for Full HD resolution as the default one! As much as I love pixel art, I think this one would perform better with high-resolution smooth art. If I'd knew about that event sooner, perhaps (with a huuuge question mark) I'd attempt to create that game, or at least come up with a demo for that event, like it was with Twilight's day. The huuuuuge question mark is because I suspect that game would take way longer to program, so I'd probably need a lot of time. These events made me think of a possible idea of making a game/minigame for each pony from the mane six and I happen to have some more ideas already, but I won't reveal these yet! The Bookhorse Minigame Art of the Dress Puzzle Game ???????????????? ??????????? ???????????????? ??????????? ???????????????? ??????????? - not sure yet - ----------- Oh I wish I wouldn't have to be bothered by my job - There are so many exciting things to do! Either way, that's all for now; Thank you for visiting!
  4. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    Could Princess Skystar do BMX?

    Hey all, It's been a while since I've been on this site and honestly I don't come here often (if ever!) because I'm so busy with other stuff in life (no not gonna tell you the details of that). So I'm writing this fanfic where the Mane 6, Tempest (aka Fizzlepop) and Princess Skystar end up on Earth and get taken in by an older teen - Xavier - and his mom - Joyce - in their tiny basement. He develops an affinity for Tempest as a GF and Skystar starts to look to him as a supportive brother. Later in the story after getting motivated by his new pony friends, he decides to try get back on his skateboard, having quit years ago after losing a sponsorship due to getting in trouble as a young teen and getting into car mechanics as a job. (fun fact: I got the idea for this element/part of the story from "Time to be Awesome") SPOILERS AHEAD... I have a fun chapter in mind where Xavier decides to take them all to the park. I knew Pinkie would love skateboarding (Rappin' History of the wonderbolts anyone?) and Tempest would likely enjoy parkour, volleyball, and maybe rollerskating. For Skystar though, what could she do? I thought back to her long, slender hippogriff frame and very strong skeletal structure (doubt me? see this movie screencap as an example) and her hand-like front feet. Suddenly BMX came to mind. Hooves can pedal no problem and talons can grip handlebars. For added benefit, wings can add stability during tricks. Might have to make the seat a little high though. What do you think? Link to my fanfic
  5. I am in the middle of writing a children's book called Mouse in the Coffee Cup. I might collab with someone to help illustrate it. Depends if i find anyone interested. Story Mouse is a very tired and lonely character. He doesn't act anything like his siblings who are active and social. One day, Mouse discovers a substance to change his behavior; coffee. Mouse starts to use coffee more and more often eventually changing him... and not in a good way. Mouse learns the dark journey of addiction.
  6. Mlppotterwhoovian

    Should dr whooves regenerate?

    Should dr whooves regenerate? If so, which dr should he be?
  7. NoraNut8592


    I've had this idea for a while now, but I'm not sure that this is the appropriate location for it, if it is not, please correct me. Here's the plot: It starts with the protagonist at school, who then sees a boy sitting under a tree during recess, this boy has a note book and is drawing ponies. Then there is some dialogue between the two, during which the protagonist takes the notebook from the boy and rips up all the drawings. Later, the protagonist goes to bed and has an odd dream, they are in a strange place that they have never seen before. It's a forest that seems pretty normal, then they start to explore. After a short while they stumble upon a pony, (appearance TBD) the pony then explains this: "Wow, a human! And a real one at that. You're probably wondering where you are aren't you? Well, you're in the dream world. A place created entirely by one boy, in his imagination of course. No one actually has the power to create such a place. "In this place, you can grow stronger by gaining LOVE. You want some LOVE right? Here, I'll give you some of mine." You probably get the picture by now, right? This is based off of UNDERTALE, by Toby Fox. This is by no means a copy of UNDERTALE, I have a completely original story and some ideas for a combat system, just not the means to bring this to life. If there is enough interest, I will elaborate more on the entire game and start searching for a coder, a graphical designer, and a musician, to bring it all together, and hopefully actually make this dream of mine a reality. So, who's with me?
  8. This might sound a bit unusual but I've considered becoming a comedian in this fandom, to help better describe imagine a popular comedian such as Jim Gaffigan or will Ferrell, i'd come up with pony related jokes, and jokes relating to the fandom, not exactly equestria itself (such as if I was actually a pony in the MLP universe) but I'd make jokes and tell stories about relatable things that the fandom shares and relates to, just like how a traditional comedian would talk about relatable and normal things everyone does etc. I may need help and advice getting this together and do you think it's a good idea? Thanks a lot
  9. Iced_Coffee Nerd

    Online Forum Currency?

    I was thinking of an online currency for the forums. Like bits, and it'll show up on the top right of the page. You could get this by doing things like.. - Getting a new rank - Becoming a mod - Signing up for PFU (Pink Fluffy Unicorns I think?) - And donating You could also get bits by buying them as well. Plus there should be a shop where you can exchange your bits for things such as.. - Custom ranks - Extension to your signature (Basically if your limit is 600x100, you could go up to 700x200) - MORE bits - And plenty more! I know this idea wouldn't work, but it'd really cool because it would allow people to get on the forums more. Thanks for reading my idea!
  10. Well, I'm gonna try and write a story in the "The Last of Us" style MLP universe. No, it won't be from Joel and Ellie's point of view, or from any big character in the games point of view. It'll be completely original characters, and their experiences and stories as they go through and witness Joel and Ellie's travels. It's my first time writing a story/book thing, so I'm looking for a bit of helpful critique. It's still a work in progress, but I'm trying to do something I think will be really cool and special. You can find the story, or at least the very first part, here Ya, I know, no actual chapters yet. I'm working on it!
  11. Gearbox10mm

    Scootaloo's Wings

    I have noticed something about Scootaloo's wings and want to know if anyone else agrees with my theory. So in season 5 episode 13, Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep?, during the dream sequence Scootaloo's wings grew enormously large and she was able to fly. OK now fast forward to episode 17, Brotherhooves Social. I first noticed that Scootaloo kept her wings folded at her side like most adult pegasi generally do. Thinking back, I can not remember ever seeing her do that before. She did it again in episode 18 as well, the episode were she got her cutie mark with a wing on it. Were I'm going with this is, are these clues that her wings are actually beginning to grow and she will learn to fly in the near future? Or am I simply reading too much into it? Did she have her wings folded before in a scene that I can't remember? What do you think on this?
  12. Ok so, after a few months now, I've decided that I want to be able to start another MLP fanmade YouTube series and it's somewhat similar to "Bride of Discord" but the story and character pairrings are very different. You should know by now that I am adding 7 of my O.Cs into the story but not all of them are going to be paired with all of the mane 6 (and Starlight). Some of them are going to pair up with some of the side characters later in the series. But the story will feature Tirek as the main antagonist in this series. It starts off with Tirek escaping from his prison a little early while Twilight and her friends are just hanging out. Pretty soon the Princesses Celestia and Luna inform them of some ponies with strange powers who are going to be joining forces with them to protect Equestria a lot more easier. As soon as they arrive, the mane 6 and the rogue 6 (that's my name for the them and they're all stallions) start greeting each other. Of course, Celestia also tells them that Tirek has broken free and is exacting his revenge on the mane 6 for ruining his plans. The rogues are prepared for what lies ahead and so are the mane 6, but they're all a bit worried. I'll tell you the rest of the story later on if anyone is interested in helping me with this. I'll need someone to help animate the series (which should be similar to the animation of "Bride of Discord") and I'll need some more voice actors, I think me and my friend John can do fine on the script.
  13. LHfunk

    Better Idea for Side Series

    So back in May I made an entry about the second book I have thought of writing. Well, that has just kind of sat in my brain for a bit, until recently. A few days ago I checked out the anime Monster Musume and found it was pretty good. It's funny and entertaining. It's also an ecchi anime. I also started reading the manga, which is basically the same as the anime. To sum it up, basically it's the same as real life except there are species of half human creatures (like centaurs and lamias) exist and are attempting to integrate into human culture. The story follows of the protagonist who's name I can't spell who was accidentally made into a host for a lamia. Hilarious antics ensue where more half human girls end up living with him and they all attempt to seduce him. There's a bit more to it than that, but that's the best short summary I've got. Anyway, on to my original point. I think I should have the kids all transform into these half human creatures. I think this would work better, since they could more easily blend into normal humans society. I thought of a name for the book: Unhuman. You know, like Unmirrored? I think it could do with some work though. What do you guys think? (Please answer, it takes five seconds.)
  14. There is another topic about why he isn't an Alicorn, but would it actually be a good idea for him? We already have five now, and they all are princesses of course. I am for it since we haven't had a prince Alicorn yet, and he seems to be perfect to be one. He is related to one after all I can see why people may be against this too, as again, we have five already. Honestly though, I don't see a big deal with six either, as long as there wouldn't be too many added. So, what are your opinions?
  15. gabbylikespie

    a theory...

    So I found this theory on the internet and I wanted to share it with you guys. Lets just say, we all have a destined SO in our life. So when this SO of yours dies, he/she will be your guardian angel for life. Protecting you. How i said it was pretty lame :\ but anyways when you come to think of it, its pretty cool.
  16. As I'm sure many of you are all too aware, The forums don't allow the use of foreign languages at all. I for one, do not agree with this, and I know I'm not alone. English isn't the only language out there, and I feel that it's extremely restrictive to outright bar the use of other languages. I spend the vast majority of my time roleplaying, and as a roleplayer, I feel that characters who are bilingual or don't know the vernacular are restricted from being portrayed as they truly are, and their players are forced to have them speak English at all times, which takes away from the immersion quite a bit. So here are my ideas on how to relax the foreign language policy: If you're going to use a foreign language, please provide a translation! Italicize it, spoiler it, or add it line by line. Whatever you do, make sure you add the English translation! Observe the other global rules. Just because you're using another language doesn't mean you can go overboard with the foul language or be sexually explicit. 25% / 75% ratio. No more than roughly 25% of your post can be in another language, even with the translation provided. Posting solely in a language other than English is prohibited. Going off the above rule, the use of foreign languages may be relaxed, it doesn't mean that you can post something completely in Russian or Japanese. This is an English language site, so most of your post must be in English. This is just my opinion and idea, and I'll try to tweak / add to it if there's enough interest, but I would love to hear from others regardless of whether or not they agree with me. Any and all suggestions are also very much welcomed! Help me expand this idea to cover all areas of the site!
  17. LHfunk

    Battlebot Robot Idea

    So, in my last entry I talked about the first episode of the new season of Battlebots. At the bottom I put in my idea for a robot. Here's what I wrote: What I have in mind is a weapon similar to Nightmare's: a giant razor blade. However, rather than having it vertical (or even horizontal), I would have it diagonal. Most bots or pretty well protected on the top or sides (usually both) bot some bots have vulnerabilities that you could only get at with something coming in down and from the side. The problems with this design are that it would have to be heavy enough that it wouldn't almost flip every time it hit something, and the blade would have to be strong enough to survive an impact with a vertical or horizontal spinner which could potentially jam it. The mechanisms would also be hard to align, and there's of course the all important choosing of the name. Outward appearance (like paint job and aesthetic design) are also important. However, if I ever was able to design and build this robot, I feel like it could potentially do very well (note the potentially). That's more about the primary idea and possible problems with it. However, no robot is complete without a good name and design. The design I'm thinking of is that it's made to look as though a large razor blade was launched and stuck into a wall. The design would be simple and provide a way to armor it. Next, of course, is the name. The idea I've got is Trial by Combat. What it has to do with a razor blade in a wall I have no idea, but it sounds awesome. So, that's the idea I've. What would you design it like? What would you name it?
  18. LaserPewPew

    Mini-series for Pinkamena?

    When I was just randomly looking up cute Pinkamena pictures for some reason I really thought that she may have some potential in some kind of way. Giving her an episode dedicated to this split persona of Pinkie pie would be nice but I think having some spin-off type thing that has her as a separate character instead of a split persona would be much better. I thought maybe it would be a really creative idea to give her an 8-10 episode mini-series about some other more depressing world she has to face. What do you guys think? Do you think having a short mini-series for Pinkamena would be a good idea or do you think some character should get a mini-series instead?
  19. LHfunk

    Side Series Idea

    So I have had a few ideas for other books, but one developed farther than the rest. The idea is that a group of kids is accidentally transformed into mythological creatures (so far I've got dragon, pegasus, unicorn, gryphon, and elf). My plan is for this series to run along Unmirrored and the two eventually converge and there is one big thing at the end. I decided to link them through two ways: One, a genetics company where the kids are transformed. Two, one of the characters in the second series is Alex's girlfriend. One more thing: The point of this blog was to hear feedback and thoughts, So, what are your thoughts? I do want to know. Thanks for reading and (hopefully) commenting!
  20. at work today and seeing bits and pices of the debate a funny idea came across me, each of the mane 6 run for president, I wonder how they will try to sell themselves? (for president nothing more) or who would be the top of the mane 6 in the debates? share your thoughts and heck we could have a fun games out of it or a good lol if all else fails
  21. Frith is Magick

    Chainmail Ponies

    Hello all. As a hobby I enjoy making chainmail stuff, and I'd like to take my hobby to the next level. I would like to make and sell all sorts of chainmail goods featuring pony colour schemes and images, as well as non-pony projects as well, both selling things I make and doing commissions. Unfortunately, buying the neccessary materials in the neccessary quantity is a very large investment, and a very large risk, thus before taking that risk, I would like to gauge interest. I would be grateful if you would reply with whether or not you would be interested in paying for such goods. I'm not taking orders, and you don't need to feel obliged to buy anything if you do express interest, this is just to get a feel for a market. Bear in mind depending on the size and detail of these projects, the price could be anywhere from $40-$200+. Thank you for your time and sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I don't have any Pony stuff yet but here are a couple things I've made: These were all made with home made rings. My goal is to purchase higher quality rings for anything intended for sale so that it will look better. Also sorry for the image size...
  22. If you don't know what Amazon Prime Air is. It's basically a drone service for delivering packages. Here are my thoughts on this drone delivery service. I believe that it's completely impractical, and I have several criticisms, why I don't think this idea will take off. The first is weather it's not always going to sunshine, and rainbows. If their are high winds, or a heavy downpour, relying on a toy to fly your nick knacks to your door. Dose not sound very effective. My second criticism is cost. Maintaining a fleet of drones sounds expensive. You have to recharge them, repair them, and clean them. All of this would add up, making using a drone service more expensive, than just having some one deliver your package to your house. My third problem with this idea, is people. I don't trust people not to screw with these drones. Wether they shoot at them with a gun, or jam the guidance system, and cause them to crash. Some people are already willing to shine lasers into the cockpits of Jet Planes. There's no telling what some idiot would do to a drone. Any way that's my rant why drones delivering your package, is a terrible idea. What do you think? Is drone delivery the way of the future, or is it a pointless gimmick.
  23. Sound effects can be a cool thing to add... Right?... Well this concept comes from a hope within... Imaging "you" making a topic. You want to make an interesting topic. You want to also make it seem funny. You click a button that has sound effects you can use when another person clicks on the topic. Like rarity's Oooooohhh! This can be something huge for this website. Other ideas can include adding music for the theme of the topic. Like the instrumental of the FIM intro. Anyways thank you for reading... Bye!
  24. I come up with this concept awhile back and I feel like I should share it. Miss Pie's Home for Peculiar Fillies Pinkie Pie finds a group of orphan fillies and decides to find a home for them. The fillies are based on individual parts of Pinkie. Cinnamon Bun (female) is based on Pinkie's ability at making sweets. She is the leader of the filly group. Slipstick and Sight Gag (male and female) are based on Pinkie's ability at making ponies laugh. Party Planner (male) is based on Pinkie's ability at planning parties. Melody Musical (female) is based on Pinkie's ability to sing random songs out of nowhere. Sourdough (male) is based on Pinkie's hidden sadness, craziness and anger (Pinkamena).
  25. Harmony Spark

    Writing Sugar, Spice, Nice

    Here is my concept artwork for my new comic series, Sugar, Spice, Nice. Where the teenage Powerpuff Girls reunite after 5 years of social pressure and life-changing decisions and now continue to fight crime and save the day. As a fan, I always wanted to imagine the Powerpuff Girls grown older and face conflicts that normal teens experience whilst also containing the original show's campy charm, innocence, humour, and its dark side as well. The comic series centres around the Powerpuff Girls now 16 years old and getting back together after they split up years ago, and have now promised to defend Townsville once again whilst also having normal lives. The Girls also learn some newly discovered powers by channeling their inner ingredients (sugar, spice and everything nice) to still save the day but also have slice of life problems such as exams, social media, boys etc. The comics features the villains from the original such as Mojo Jojo and HIM, whilst also establishing characters, like the Rowdyruff Boys and Professor Utonium. Blossom - the leader of the group. She has pink eyes, long ruffled red hair and wears a red bow with long ribbons. She wears a pink and black striped long sleeve top with dark pink leggings and black sneakers. Her signature colour is pink and her ingredient is everything nice. Blossom is the level-headed of the group, she is smart, kind and wise beyond her years. She is a huge fan of the 80s and is into retro culture, especially music, but people often think she's a hipster or nerd. Blossom always considers options before making a decision and always tries to save the day but to do it in the right way. She is also quite shy and socially awkward around her peers at Townsville High (although she is very good at Science and Maths) and normally is friends with her own sisters. But she is the best person in school to go for advice and can support her peers about their fears and doubts. She does, however, have a certain need to have everything in control and has self-confidence issues because of her introvertedness. Despite her being the most mature of the group, Blossom is also neurotic and can worry over small details or panic when she cant find the answer to a question. She has a deep devotion to her sisters and will do anything to be with them. Even in the pilot comic, a depressed Blossom reminisced about the days of fighting crime and was the first to try and get her sisters back together. Blossom gets along better with Bubbles because of her compassion and although she argues with Buttercup due to her stubbornness, Blossom admires her tenacity. Even though she may argue with her sisters, she acts like a motherly figure whenever they are scared or lonely. Her signature power is ice breath, which she can use to freeze anything that is in her path, and her new power is manipulating her element: everything nice (which is the positive emotions of her loved ones). Although she despises him, Blossom develops a reluctant crush on Brick, the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys. Bubbles - the sweetheart of the group. She has blonde hair in a ponytail with a curved fringe and baby blue eyes. She wears a black and blue striped blouse with a dark blue long skirt and black lace pumps. Her signature colour is blue and her ingredient is sugar. Bubbles is still naive and sweet as before but she has changed throughout the decade. She is smarter, braver and shows to be very observant sometimes. She is also very techno-savvy, has a fondness of anime and loves the Internet, particularly social media: Her kindness and good nature makes her very popular at Townsville High but she is quite good at schoolwork (mostly English and Geography) Even though she is beautiful, she always inspires others to be beautiful in their own way. But despite her popularity, her best friends are always her two sisters. She does get into fights with her sisters, like the rest of them do, but she is always the first to make amends. Bubbles looks up to her sisters as she tries to be tough and smart like them. Before the series, Bubbles left the group because she thought she wasn't good at being a superhero and was considered a weak link. She then left to join the popular girls who often use Bubbles' naïveté to their advantage and can push her around, even though she claims that they're good friends. When Bubbles' "fair weather friends" abandon her, Blossom was nearby as she fell down a cliff into the sea. Bubbles finds her sister drowning and saves her just in time. After a long talk, Blossom tells Bubbles that she has more courage and strength than she realised as she faced many villains and still beat them all. Her signature power is the sonic scream, but her new power is manipulating her element: sugar to increase her power as a last resort. She has a longtime crush on Boomer, one of the Rowdyruff Boys. Buttercup - the tomboy of the group. She has black punk style hair with her original tufts at the ends and has light green eyes. She wears a black and green striped tank top with dark green ripped jeans and black army boots. Her signature colour is green and her ingredient is spice. Buttercup is the most feisty and tough of the group as she's always ready to fight crime and save the day. She is more masculine from the others since she acts this way. Prior to the series' events, Buttercup used to think being a girl was a weakness and that she was too different from the other girls. She then left the group to become a bully to everyone, hanging out with many of the boys at high school, despite being tortured by them whenever Buttercup disagrees on something. Blossom eventually confronts her twisted sister and after a long talk, she taught Buttercup how to use words instead of violence to solve her problems, which helped prove to Buttercup that women can be tough and heroic just like men but doing ladylike things does not make them weak. So after reuniting with her sisters, Buttercup does things like playing video games and skateboarding but develops a feminine side by doing shopping and make-up. Buttercup is also very loyal towards her sisters and will crush anyone who tries to hurt them. She does tend to criticise them, which particularly annoys Blossom, therefore coming off as sarcastic and makes snarky remarks but only for having fun. Her signature power is lightning and electricity, but her new power is manipulating her element: spice as a one-only power needed for emergencies. She has a progressing crush on Butch, one of the Rowdyruff Boys. These profiles are still working in progress but they're a final draft The other characters such as the Professor are included as well as a new character I created, which is supplied to be the son of Talking Dog. Professor Utonium - he is the Powerpuff Girls' creator and their father. He is a self-employed scientist who cares deeply for his daughters and tries to do everything he can to be a good father. Since the Girls are the only family he has, he loves spending time with them but can get overly protective with the Girls, especially since they are fighting evil. In the pilot comic, The Professor was devastated when the Powerpuff Girls split up years ago and as the family split apart, he was lonelier than ever and became depressed. Fortunately, when Blossom was the only one who wanted to bring the Girls back together, the Professor gave her all of the support and advice to help Blossom get her sisters. Now that the Girls are back together, they not only treat themselves better, but treat the Professor better and the family reunites. Now, the Professor tries to figure out ways to control and train the Girls' developed powers and skills, while looking after them. He is also a shoulder to cry on whenever the Girls have a dilemma and he can always find some advice that will help them, but even he doesn't know all the answers. Despite being a scientist, the Professor does have an immature streak and can act childish on occasion, though it sometimes embarrasses the Girls (but they often join in) he is also a hopeless romantic and tries to find love but often fails due to nerves or putting the Powerpuff Girls before romance. He also likes doing puzzles, solving mysteries and reading retro comics. Neutron - the Powerpuff Girls' pet Dalmatian dog and the son of Talking Dog from the original show. Named after a sub-atomic particle, Neutron is a cynical, down-to-earth yet loyal pet with a passion for science, he is coloured white and covered in black spots with a black atom-shaped patch on his eye. After being adopted by the Girls, he is part of the family and even helps the Girls when it comes to crime. He's fed Chemical X by accident and becomes super powered like the Girls. Since the Powerpuff Hotline phone doesn't work anymore and the now teenage Powerpuff Girls are embarrassed to use a preschool toy phone, Neutron has a superpower skill of picking distress signals and can easily sense danger by his heightened senses. Despite being the son of Talking Dog, Neutron doesn't talk or even bark since the Chemical X he drank has severed his vocal chords as a side effect, disabling him to speak, so Neutron often uses body language and his mood is often shown in his expressions. He also has the same powers as the Girls such as super-speed, super-strength and can shoot lasers from his eyes. Neutron is very sardonic and can become a huge critic to the actions of other people, so he often goes along with it or tries to show what they did wrong since he does care; he maybe the most pessimistic of the family but he loves the Girls and the Professor to no end. Neutron is also very intelligent, even more so than normal Dalmatians as he can do most household chores on his own like cleaning the dishes, taking out the trash, reading the newspaper etc. despite being a cute little puppy, he acts like a practical, responsible adult. There are secondary characters, particularly Robin and the reformed Princess Morbucks, as well as that jerk Mitch Princess "Phoenix" Morbucks - one of the Powerpuff Girls oldest enemies, who is now the first reformed villain as she's now best friends with the Girls themselves. She has long red curly hair and wears a gold circlet, a yellow top with a small black belt, blue jeans and black boots. In the original, Princess was a spoilt, ungrateful, greedy brat who desired power and wanted to be a Powerpuff Girl (even though she lacked the powers or attitude of one). But after a decade, the teenage Princess has completely changed. She is now generous, loving, humble and apologetic whenever she makes the slightest mistake. This was because during the 5 years of the PPG split up, Princess' father suffered a kidney failure and that he needed a donor in order to survive. Princess felt terrible since he was the only family she had and that she would be left alone. Fortunately, an old man decided to give up his kidney as the donor to save Princess' father. And the donor was a success. However since her father never thanked that old man for the donor, Princess discovered the power of generosity and how important it was enough to save a life. From then on, Princess dedicated her life to reform herself and become a generous friend and person. At first, the Powerpuff Girls thought this whole reformation was just a trick, but after Princess invites them over to her family mansion for a sleepover, they find that Princess really is lonely and just wants to be liked and respected, especially after her spoilt brat behaviour all those years ago. She has no ill intention of destroying the Powerpuff Girls or even to become one, she just wants to follow in their footsteps and be a good hero like them. Princess isn't a goody-two shoes however, as she does have a feisty, no-nonsense attitude and hates it when others condescend her or her friends. She is a huge drama queen and is the most sophisticated girl, but she can use her skills to help the PPG in a situation. Princess sometimes acts selfish but when she does realise this, she deeply regrets it. Though reluctant at first, the Powerpuff Girls think of Princess as a generous, supportive friend. She also allies the Girls in crime with a superhero alter-ego, the Phoenix. Robin Synder - one of the Powerpuff Girls' closest friends since childhood. She has dark brown hair with streaks of teal, blue eyes, ear piercing and wears mostly nature inspired clothes, like a forest hoodie, tiger striped jeans and a circlet made out of branches. Robin is the most introverted of Townsville High as she is aloof, sarcastic and sometimes acts cold. But the Powerpuff Girls know inside her heart, Robin is still the same girl inside. Robin mostly hates Townsville High and is against with pretty much every decision the school makes, up to a point where she protests. Robin is diagnosed with dyslexia, so the school constantly condescends her because of her condition and think she can't handle anything. Robin becomes a rebel since the school treats her this way so people are unsure why the PPG like Robin as their best friend. Like Blossom, Robin is mature and a workaholic, but she has a strong sense of moral. Robin is also into nature and likes camping, hiking, kanoeing and dreams of being a woodland biologist. She is also best friends with Princess, despite them being polar opposites, and they have supported each other whilst the PPG split up. She also has an orange tabby cat named Ginger. And of course the Rowdyruff Boys; As the male counterparts of the Powerpuff Girls, the Rowdyruff Boys are considered one of the toughest villains the Girls have to face, but for a personal reason. It is explained that before the Girls split up 5 years ago, the Boys left Townsville and became homeless thieves. After finding out the Girls reunited and are fighting crime again years later, the Boys decide to get revenge on the Girls by returning to Townsville and manipulated the principal of Townsville High into enrolling them into school so they can get closer to the Girls. The Rowdyruff Boys are shown to be far more cunning, powerful and disturbed than before. They also develop a facade of being the sterotypical dream-boat boyfriend by looking handsome and acting sweet. Their main goal is of course defeating the Girls but they also try to seduce the Girls for their own sinister plans. But they also develop reluctant albeit sweet romantic feelings for the Powerpuff Girls but they often hide it. In the series, each of the Boys represent different elements of the villains that raised them: HIM and Mojo Jojo. Brick - the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys. He has dark orange ruffled hair, has blood red eyes and wears a red baseball cap. He also wears a red and black striped long sleeve shirt with black jeans and red sneakers. His signature colour is red and his ingredient is 'puppy dog tails'. Brick is manipulative, power-hungry and arrogant. He is the smartest of the Boys, rivalling Blossom's intelligence, which makes him the one who thinks of all the plans. However, he can underestimate the Girls abilities and his plans eventually go wrong, but since Brick is so stubborn, he often tries to shift the blame onto his brothers. While Blossom leads her sisters by kindness and respect, Brick leads his brothers by abuse and submission, he even mentally abuses Boomer due to his dimwittedness. He threatens anyone who cross him and can manipulate anyone in order to get what he wants. Brick also has a lust for power and can be the most formidable of the Rowdyruff Boys. He represents a element of Mojo Jojo, as he is incredibly smart and is a master manipulator. Brick, along with his brothers, have a special power that his kisses can hypnotise the Girls into lovestruck stupor, becoming their puppets. This especially is rooted by his ladies' man persona and can be almost like a male siren; seducing any girl and luring her into a trap. His signature power are (in contrast to Blossom's ice powers) fire powers. He has a hidden crush on Blossom but he often ignores this to trick or even kill her. Boomer - the klutzy one of the Boys. He has blonde tousled hair, has sea blue eyes, wears a dark blue and black shirt with black jeans and dark blue sneakers. His signature colour is dark blue and his ingredient is 'snips'. Boomer is the lesser evil of the Boys as he is nicer, optimistic and more polite than his brothers, but he still has a dark side that even his brothers are afraid of. That being Boomer is the most destructive, has constant mood swings and is obsessed with crushing things. While Bubbles is sweet and naive, Boomer is often scatterbrained, sly and very perverted. He is the dumbest of the Boys, as he doesn't know what his brothers' plans are half the time and even doesn't understand euphemisms. But he is the only one who admires the Girls and actually wants to be civil with them. Since Bubbles is the only girl that ever liked him , Boomer especially admires her due to her willingness to give him a second chance. (Although he's obsessed with her up to a point where he would consider holding her against her will), but he does show sweet gestures to her, such as planting a rare blue rose for and apologises whenever he goes too far. Boomer represents a element of both HIM and Mojo Jojo due to his ditzy personality, his violent, sporadic behaviour and that he cross-dresses in secret, which he was taught by HIM. But he is mostly the target of his brothers' abuse because of this. His signature power consist of electricity and energy which he can manipulate to his will and can form weapons from these powers. He, of course, has a huge crush on Bubbles and is never afraid to show it. Butch - the darkest of the Boys. He has black side swept bangs that cover one of his forest green eyes, wears a black and dark green hoodie with black jeans and dark green sneakers. His signature colour is dark green and his ingredient is 'snails'. Butch is definitely the cruelest of the Rowdyruff Boys due to his ruthless nature and has a psychological method of torture. While Buttercup is slightly sarcastic and feisty, Butch is very cold, calculating and is incredibly sour to anyone, no matter who they are. unlike his brothers who resort to fighting, Butch uses his cursed right eye (that's covered by his hair) to possess anyone and try to bring pain to them telepathically. Although Buttercup can be hot-headed, Butch has a hidden psychopath that is unleashed whenever there is a fight, especially if it's between the Girls. He also shares Brick's arrogance and intelligence, although he has an calmer temper and patience than Brick. Like Brick, Butch also hates Boomer so he often fools and belittles him. Having a borderline psychopath mind, Butch loves bringing pain to others and threatens to use a knife against any victim who even makes fun of him. He represents an element of HIM as he is the most evil and relies on psychological methods to stop the Girls. Butch's signature power are creating poisons and toxic chemicals which he can control to poison or severely damage enemies. He does have a crush on Buttercup due to her tough attitude and quiet nature (and that she is the only one who is immune to Butch's cursed eye power) but he struggles with facing his crush or trying to defeat her like his brothers.