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Found 4 results

  1. I'm watching A Friend in Deed in Season 2, and I'm realizing that I relate to Cranky Doodle waaaay more than I'd like to. LOL. I love the lesson of this episode, though. Reminding people that some friends are introverts, and it's okay if they want some space. You don't see that kind of thing a lot in cartoons.
  2. Their personalities and antics are the factors at hand. I realize Fluttershy may get along with everyone but for some people this is not the case. (Moderator edit, 10/15/2012: This thread now covers which ponies you identify with and whose personalities are most like your own.)
  3. Me? I identify with dogs and feel like if I was an animal, I would be one. Other people see me as doglike as well - my loyalty, obedience to authority figures, and the way I show affection is sort of like a dog. Apparently, I'm also warm and caring like one as a friend of mine told me. I think it is also my openness (well, when I get past my anxiety/anger to show it) to friendship and people that makes me doglike. Plus, I love dogs and have lived my entire life with them, so I understand their behavior and think I kind of emulate it sometimes. Also kind of a dog furry, I guess. And you guys? I'm interested to know your answers.
  4. So I found this song i liked in the middle of a youtube video i found, but it didn't say what the song name was.. I tried many audio song recognition software but none where able to find out what it was.. Soundhound failed me, as did Audiotag.. So I thought "Maybe someone else knows who this remixed song's artist's name is?" And that's why i decided to ask here I'm aware that it is a remix of Calvin Harris's "I need your love" but there are just too many remixes, i can't find this one in particular.. Here's a link to the MP3 file i uplaoded to my Mediafire thingy: LINK TO MP3 But yeah.. If anypony can help me identify (and link me to the original soundtrack or video on youtube or something) i would be grateful ⁿ-ⁿ Thanks in advance ~AURA