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Found 36 results

  1. Personally, I think that Molestia is simply awful and the DWM supporters should be heard, but other people are shrieking garbage about how "IT'S NOT RAPE" and "SHE'S JUST FLIRTY" Ugh. Clock in your opinions while I draw DWM art.
  2. Is a particular song (or more than one song) that takes you back to an important time in your life, a particular moment, or just a song that reminds you of someone? Here's a couple songs that remind me of when I first met @Cyclone1066. We both refer to them as "our songs" That first summer we spent together.... This song takes me back to the day I bought my truck. It started playing over the radio on the drive home. This one takes me back to all the memories of just this past summer. Graduating high school, all the hot and steamy afternoons working on the truck (especially with @Cyclone1066 ) cruising around the back roads outside town with nothing to do..... Hearing this song takes me back to....a particular night this past February with @Cyclone1066.
  3. If you had 3 wishes, what would you do with them?
  4. Feeling kinda bored right now, so I thought I'd make a new topic. I'm curious how tall a lot of you are. As for me, I'm about 5'5" What about y'all?
  5. Das Story..... I think everyone has a story. I just don't think they meander and get side tracked that much...
  6. WELCOME TO MY TRADE Welcome everypony who looks here this is my trade and ya trade so if you want to do one leave a comment and say who you want me to do and things like that I also do random things to so if you want something random to tell me here is some examples of my art PONYS not done pony face anime CATS AND DOGS (literally just made this in 2 min) backgrounds made using
  7. Sprinklepie

    MLP songs

    What MLP songs are there? I wan't to do covers of these songs, but I can't think of many. Lullaby for a Princess Luna's Response This Day Aria Pinkie Pies Parasprite Polka what other songs are there?
  8. idk, I just wanted to draw them with shorter mane cuts, since I have short hair and I wanted to see how some of my favorite ponies would look. I wanted to add Rarity ('cuz she ties with Pinkie for second best pony) but I didn't have enough room and I'm not the best at drawing Rarity. Meh. It's not great but at least I tried.
  9. "Look behind you, little Rave..." This is a little birthday gift I've did through this afternoon for @JonasDarkmane. It took me over 6 hours because problems with the light going out and me being pissed, and I think I've never screamed at the screen so hard because of body parts, but as far as it looks, I am happy with the result. It was a trip, needless to say. But yeah, I hope he has a nice birthday and all that. He is a great guy, and I bet he will love this ... right? and on yeah, obligatory deviantart link to check the piece on its original site -> Clicky!
  10. Disclaimer: this follows by no means any established canon about any of the mascots of Poniverse. This is only written by my own amusement, so if you love it, I will love you back, and if you don't love it, I will give you a patient smile and ask what should I do to make it better, m'kay? c: It was the beginning of a new day, and things seemed to look positive and bright for anypony around. The fillies were running around, the colts and mares were opening their shops, getting for a new day of business. As the light of dawn crossed through the trees, it started to touch somepony's face, and thus bringing her away from her slumber... "...Just 5 minutes more, and then I will get into it, please..." That was none other than Viola, the always lovable musician pony. Just like she said that, her promise was met, and after 5 minutes, Viola got up and starter putting her hair in the style she loved the most. After she was done, Viola looked at the mirror and started talking to herself: "Don't I look simply divine?. Now, Buffy still won't come around for at least in a couple hours, so I can use this time to practise my music for a bit..." As soon as she finished that, she streched her hooves for one brief second, and moved on near her favourite instrument, the violin. She carefuly removed it from its box and started playing it, and at the same time she started making a subtle whistling. In her own words, it "helps to keep concentration early on". It's a beautiful day outside, without a doubt. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these... "IN THE NAME OF EVERYTHING I LOVE AND RESPECT, HOW THE **** COULD I DIE LIKE THAT?!?!?!" That sudden scream made Viola drop her violin to the floor, and it caused it to break its strings, specially due for how fragile they normally are. While normally she doesn't get angry, that one thing was something that truly pulled Viola's inner anger, which made her to open the door quite violently and to mumble something as she went outside, onto her Neighbour's residence: "..ponies like him should be burning in hell" Viola recognized that voice immediately, as only one pony would scream at such high volume for something like a death. She quickly rushed to the door to the buiding that faced hers, and started to hit the door quite hard. "NOVA, I KNOW YOU ARE THERE. I HEARD YOU SCREAMING OVER YOUR DEATHS AT YOUR VIDEOGAMES, SO YOU BETTER OPEN YOUR DOOR" After that hard knocking, a few seconds passed... and nothing happened. She waited a minute more, until she got tired of waiting, and was about to start to knock again. But, just as if her prayer was heard somewhere, the door opened slowly, revealing a light coated pony, along with his bright orange mane. "Oh hai there. You should know by now that I like letting people wait before tasting this stallion, y'know? Not that it's a shame to admit..." Nova Blast had always had that sort of personality. He was by no means evil or nothing like that, but he always thought of himself as "too cool to touch", which leads him to be the way he shows himself. Evidently, Viola wasn't in the right mood to argue with Nova about that, as she had more important problems to take care of at that point of time, specially as her mind was busy at that moment... Oh my celestia, you are so dead Nova, I am going to rip... calm down, Viola. Don't lose your mind. Take a deep breath and then think again about what you are going to say... Ready? Then let's go... "Nova, darling, I know that as much as I enjoy your presence around here, your constant screaming has lead me to some... accidents. Namely, your last scream made me lose my concentration, and my violin has payed the price. So I thought that, maybe, you had something to say?" Nova noticed that Viola was wearing the violin on her back. In that same second, Nova quickly used his magic to move it near him, much to Viola's dislike. "Come on Violy, this has an easy fix, y'know? Just give it to me and you will have it sorted out in less than what it takes me to beat a side scroller with my eyes closed" Viola couldn't avoid but blush slightly at that nickname, which he always uses whenever referring to her, with both a smile and a bit of anger. Both Nova and Viola have always had a long historial of bickering between them for almost everything, but that didn't kept them from having a strong friendship, even when they didn't showed it to each other that often. "Can I at least walk inside while you do your "magic"? Not that I don't trust you, but you know..." Nova knew that her worries were founded, so he just nodded, which was a positive signal for her, which lead to her coming in. Even after all this time, this was the first time that Viola had seen Nova's house from inside. Yeah, they have met before in other places and such, and even he made a visit or two to her house, but she never had the chance to see how did Nova's house looked like. Maybe this was some sort of "destiny" thing, although she could only focus on having her violin repaired in time at this moment. "Nova, can I ask how long will it take you to fix this? Again, not doubting about your skills or nothing, but I don't have all day." Nova simply pulled a small tool and pulled the strings away. In less time than she thought, it was fine and perfect for use, thing that actually left her completely confused. "Violy, Violyy, Violyyy... You should know by now that I know what am I doing. I use this small tool oftenly when the cables of my controllers get broken and such, and seeing that your strings are no different from my cables, it should do the same job... which it looks like it did" Viola was actually impressed at that. Sure, she was a bit angry that Nova was comparing the strings of her instrument to some... cables from a video console controller, but she saw by herself that she was in no position to argue about its effectiveness. Either way, she took the string of the violin and put it again on it. After that, she started to play something on the violin, which sounded clean and pure... in fact, it sounded more clean and pure than anything she ever played before! Whatever Nova did made the violin's strings capable of producing much more pure sounds than what she could have never imagine. "N-Nova! I don't know what you did, but this is incredible! My music sounds so pure now... I cannot thank you enough for this!" The anger that she formerly had was long gone. What Nova did truly made her happy, and even Nova seemed to enjoy the new sounds of her violin, specially with its new sound. For all of its flaws and criticisms against video games, Viola always admitted that they helped Nova to have a surprisingly good taste for music, along with a good knowledge of it, which worked in tandem with his skill as a video game creator and the music being an important part of it. Sure, it may not be as good as somepony's knowledge if they actually studied about music, like her, but that didn't made it less impressive. In that moment, Nova approached Viola and heard once again the notes that she played. "You know, Violy? Maybe you could try playing some different notes, not that I doubt about your talent, but I would like to see if something can work. Here, let me see if I can..." In that same instant, he grabbed Viola's hooves and moved them slowly, along with the violin's bow, until they were in a slightly different position. For many ponies, this would not make a difference at all, but Viola knew what he wanted her to do, and she played the same song as before, although this time it gave a better sound. She wanted to argue against that, specially seeing how she was properly taught in the art of music, while Nova just learned by hearing videogame tunes, but he somewhat found an harmony on her tunes, so she let it pass this one time. "See, Violy? I know what I am doing, after all, for a reason everypony likes to have me around" Even after this show of kindness, Nova was still the same silly pony as before, always showing the best of his confidence, while kindly flipping his hair with his hood, which actually managed to crack a laugh out of Viola, which caused Nova to laugh back at her. Even with their wars and battles and such, they enjoyed each other's company. With all this dandy stuff and all that, she just noticed that she only had 30 minutes left to prepare herself for when Buffy comes! "Oh god, Buffy will be coming soon! I'm sorry Nova, but I have to leave, I'll see you later, I guess" She immediately got up and ran back to her house, although Nova noticed that with all the hurrying, she forgot her violin on his house, so he followed Viola without her seeming to notice him just to give her back the violin. Viola didn't tend to close her door with key, so Nova just knocked as he came in, while trying to speak to let her know that he was no stranger. Even if he has been at her house before, it was always a mysterious place, seeing how he was not used to her "organization", vastly different from his house. "Violyy... Just for your information, I am Nova. I just want to give you your violin baack, because it seems that you forgot it at my houseee.... Just sayiiingg...." He put the violin back at her room, and gently walked outside, although he got interrupted by a cloud of water vapor. In the middle of that cloud there was a weird and not commonly seen Viola, with her hair watered down while she was cleaning it and such,, although with a towel over her head, keeping most of her hair under it. She was getting ready for Buffy's coming, as they were going to take their morning breakfast, just like they did for a while already. Viola was actually going to hit Nova with a random bottle under the assumption that it was going to steal something, until he noticed that he wasn't a thief and it was just Nova. Then she stopped right on her track and looked at him annoyed. "Nova?!?! What are you doing here?! Do you even known the most basic rules?! A gentlecolt would never present himself in such an uncouth way!!" In that same instant, her towel fell from her head, leading to the show off of her hair when it was totally free. This was truly something strange, as Viola rarely showed her hair without her recognizable hair style, although this "watered hair" had some sort of charm to Nova. He didn't knew what it was, and he couldn't mumble a word for the life of it. "V-vio.. y-you ha-hair.. It looks so.. so.." "So beautiful..." That last sentence went unheard by Viola, so she just picked off her towel again, and put her hair back to its prior state before continuing talking. After Nova explained how did she forgot her Violin at his house, he wasn't as mad at him anymore, and she just smiled as she rubbed her head in a forgiving manner. "Heh, yeah, sorry darling. But I bet you would react the same if I suddenly came to your house and I caught you at the shower, or wouldn't you?" Nova suddenly smirked a bit and quickly hide the subtle red on his cheeks with his hoof, before coming with his confident self to answer Viola's question "Hah, I bet I would love it, ponies like my company, and I cannot reject the love, y'know Violy?. Wait, I mean... No! Of course I wouldn't! You are sneaking at my house! But the love though..." He was about to speak again, but then he knew that the more he talked, the more he would mess things up, so he simply answered with a "Maybe not that much". Viola just smiled and had a sudden red shade on her cheeks before quickly going away, just before Nova could notice it. For a few minutes, they just were staring at each other, just smiling, and even if they were only a few minutes, for them they looked like hours... hours that neither of them wanted to end. But as the minutes went on, neither of them noticed that Viola left the faucet open, while it was still dropping water, although thanks to Viola's habit of not letting the faucet to drop a lot of water, it was a very slow flow, which left a tiny pool at her bathroom. "O-oh Celestia! I got distracted and I forgot about this!" Viola quickly ran and closed the faucet, but she ended up slipping afterwards thanks to the water pool. In that moment, Nova went and helped her to get up, although he pulled her a bit too hard, and their faces ended up a bit too close... Nova was the sort of pony that didn't tended to show this kind of things, but this was one situation where he had a hard time hidding them, so he simply showed a slight shade of red on his face "Sooooo....." Viola, on the other hand, wasn't doing much better. When she first got up, she didn't thought that she would end up like this with Nova, which, unexpectedly, caught her by surprise, and her face also showed a shade of red. "Sooooooo.....?" He hardly knew what to do on this situation. He would normally try to be the confident one and the brave one, but again, he was put in a situation where this wasn't as easy as it sounded. "Sooooooooo..." Not too long later, Buffy knocked on the door, while playing with her scarf. She was ready to go with Viola on their morning breakfast, which has been a tradition between them for a long time. But as the minutes went on, she didn't seemed to reply. "Hmm, I wonder what will be that silly pony doing..." She knew perfectly that Viola never closed her door with key, so she just knocked in and walked through. She observed that the main room was still covered in vapor, which meant that it wasn't too long ago since her last shower, so she kept looking for her, until she spotted her silhouette, being shown by a bit of light. Buffy then approached the corner and started to see Viola, although she was not ready to see what she was about to witness.... "Hey Viola, what are you do.... WHAT IN THE HOLY NAMY OF, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?" She inmediatly saw something, something that she would have never expected o her entire life. Viola and Nova were still in the same position as they were minutes ago, but they were, they were... They were kissing each other. Not a big kiss like those that she saw in her trash movies, but it was a kiss, a genuine kiss, which was the absolute last thing that she expected to see in like... ever. "B-but h-how is t-this possible.. i-i cannot process..." Viola and Nova got distracted from their kiss as soon as Buffy started to malfunction, and they simply stared while still holding their hooves, although Viola spoke first. "Uh..." Nova then continued what she was going to say, seeing how Buffy was about to explode in some way. "We can explain this..." Buffy was still speechless after what she just witnessed. Again, nobody would have expected neither of them kissing each other, so this came as a surprise to her, expecting to just have a nice breakfast with her lovely friend Viola, but coming to see how did she kissed Nova Blast, the Nova Blast. "Okay... I don't have nothing against what you just did or anything like that, buut... Can I ask for an explanation, please...? I think that I wasn't simply ready for this kind of thing..." The end...?~
  11. first i was afraid of it, then i it got closer to me i still was afraid finally now i realize what i was hiding from i was hidning away from everyone i only talked to nicks here bbunch of letters not real people i was afraid of people now i see that i am nothing without people people and the community is everything and i need to know that there are more out there than just letters and i know there are many lovely ponies here happy beautiful and amazing <3 humN BEINGS together we are strong and no one is alone thank you for being yourself <3
  12. As a last post of the day (sleep is much soon lol), I guess here's an ask topic? You're welcome to ask me anything, or ask my oc Snow Angel I suppose. Honestly, she's just supposed to make a cute profile pic, but I can always try to answer and see what happens xP Anyway ... Cthulhu's blessings and sleep well to everypone
  13. So My Birthday Is On Jan.1st And it let me see.. Sep.23 So That Mean My birthday is in: 4 Months and A couple Of days! Finally the Day I turn 13 Anyways, How is it like to be 13?Fun?Insulting?Embarrsing? Give me your answers!i Am already in 7th grade now. So Here is the list of things i want to do when i turn 13 Create A deviantart Account Go on all age social sites without having my parents confirm the email And TELL EVERYONE(I know.Its not important,BUT TO ME IT'S AN ACHIVEMENT IN LIFE)!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading my blog~
  14. -Not enought Ridge Racer -Not enought Giant Crabs -Not enought $599 PS3 -Did I said not enought Ridge Racer?
  15. see i think since there are not that many people out there to support your idea i thought it would be smart to put it on mlp forums. What app would you make? you dont have to go pitch an actual app because of this but if u do ill totaly shout you out. it can be like anything. i dont care if you put a funny in the forum i have a sense of humor.
  16. I'll be going for Friday. Just curious if anyone else is coming.
  17. Alpha9571

    ayy lmao

    ayy lmao ayy lmao ayy lmao ayy lmao
  18. I'm 19, still taking high school classes. I don't have enough credits to graduate Last Thursday, this new girl was introduced to the class: Stacy. She's beautiful. Now before you criticize me, hear me out. I'm NOT a popular guy. I'm tall, too skinny, dressing weird. Anywas, this was my chance. A new beginning before anyone told her about me. Now get this: the teacher sat her right next to me. I was determined to get her; I mustered every ounce of courage I have in my lanky being. So I talked to her. We had an amazing conversation, and got in trouble for talking during the lecture. She's also in my next class. We still get yelled at for laughing and talking during class. We got kicked out of Vet Science shortly after. I'm bummed because it's my favourite class. She's so energetic... We run off campus, and I'm having the time of my life here. The day ends, she says goodbye. I go home to a dysfunctional family, going straight to my computer. One. New. Friend. Request. It was Stacy. I was ecstatic. We hung out all weekend, and had a great time. It's tuesday. We hang out at school all the time. I'm in love with Stacy.. She says I'm different than all the other guys. She likes me, so we go out. Butterflies were in my stomach; but I was on cloud nine. This is the best feeling in the world. When I got home, my parents got into a huge fight. I told them to calm down; my parents yell at me, and tell me to get out of the house. So I call Stacy, and she invites me over. This is the part where it gets crappy. I get to her house; it's huge. There's even a pool in the backyard. Her dad is a hoarder. The house is full of junk. Stacy apologizes and invites me to her room. It was spotless! We spent the rest of the day together swimming and messing around. I didn't want to go home, so I sleep there for a night. When I awoke, I was still bummed about my parents fighting and kicking me out. There was a knock on the door; it was her mom. She's a big CEO of an insurance company that just got back from a business trip. Stacy bought us McDonalds breakfast. We get ready for school, and her mom drives us to school. That's when it hit me. I asked Stacy if I could come over after school. We hung around by the pool. Her mom came back from her business trip. She was around, she wasn't trying to give me the slip. She knows I'm not the little boy that I used to be. I'm all grown up. Now baby can't you see? Stacy's mom has got it going on; she's all I want, and I've waited for so long. Stacy can't you see? You're just not the girl for me. I know it might be wrong, but I'm in love with Stacy's mom. <3
  19. Requested by @Wingnut.Someone pls explain dis to me. Yeah,because Senpai asked me with kindness and all,I'm gonna ship this ponies,because,who knows? Maybe they're OTP too <3 x SHIP AWAY <3
  20. Hey guys! How's it going? So today I came up with an idea for Discord's family: Creatures that begin with the letter "D"; Decay, Despair, Desire, Death, and Destiny. So yeah, I might draw more of them.
  21. Hey everypony! So sorry for not beong active lately... But I thought I'd start a new topic. ALICORNS OC'S!!!!!! I just want to say this. I hate alicorn oc's... They are usually very overpowered, no backstory, related to the princesses in some way, dating one of the mane characters, or is just complete mary sue. Don't get me wrong. There are some good alicorn oc's. When the creator actually spends quality time and puts creative thought into it. But its as rare as flying unicorn... With enough work, it is possible. But is still quite unlikely. Now I will link some examples below. Or you could just google bad alicorn ocs. may add more later :3
  22. Anyways,here it comes a random (aka Sir Cracklefruit) and Lyra Heartstrings shipfic. Why? Because they're bound to each other... It was a nice morning on Sir Cracklefruit's moonhouse.It was a bit ordered,and with a lot of Pringles,with a sign who said "NOT SHARE >:C".Anyways,Sir Cacklefruit was waking up,and opening the door,when,suddenly,a smiling green pony appeared in front of him. The pony simply stared at Sir Cracklefruit.Then,he poked the pony with her hands,and that caused a response from the pony's part.... H...h...h...aaands!!!! The pony then jumped over Sir Cracklefruit's body,and hugged his hands.Sir Cracklefruit didn't knew how to respond,and just laughed awkardly,and proceeded to ask to that pony what was she doing there. Hello,mynameisLyraHeartstrings,andIdefinetlyloveyourhands!!! She hugged again the hands,and Sir Cracklefruit stared at the mad pony.He didn't knew why,but felt the urge of rubbing her head,and he...liked it,he liked that feeling,and it seemed that Lyra liked it too,as she purred at the mere touch of his hands. The next thing that he made was to try to give Lyra a single pringle,and to see how she would react. OMG,THAT'S A PRINGLE!!! Lyra ate the pringle instantly,and he tried to give her some more,and she ended full of pringles.Then,she started to walk on circles and rested her head over Sir Cracklefruit's belly.He,of course,smiled,and rubbed her head before sleeping too... Of course,they started to meet each other,fell in loved,and,guess what? They made sofas <3 THE END
  23. So this is a song a made a long time ago, just thought i would upload it I gone done used a Charlie Chaplin speech to express the new thought of Discord. Mind you This was based on when discord was first reformed ages ago XD luefhbdncsoyeqdr Tell meh what ya'll reckon!
  24. Ummm... I really don't know what to say about this drawing. It's kind of trippy though...
  25. Hey guys! What's up. So I just drew this Unicorn God looking thingy... Not sure what she is my self Hope U Like