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Found 6 results

  1. Okay, I just say right off the bat, I didn't follow the Donald Trump inauguration today, because I'am just not super interested in it, I'am also one of the few people who barely checks the news and doesn't read any newspapers. And I feel like that's one of the most embarressing things to admit, people who aren't informed about the news kinda seem to be looked down on. But it just takes up a lot of brain power that I could use for something else and therefore contribute to society, the news are just distracting and mostly contain information that's useless to me. I think that you should in general focus on only a few things and don't scatter your brain power over a lot of different areas, because then you won't acchive anything in any of them, you wouldn't believe how little I know about ceraint areas. Therefor I just think it's stupid to expect everyone to be informed about the news. But what do you think, is it okay to just ignore the news or should everyone know what's going on in the world?
  2. I was just wondering what was going on with that kid who attempted suicide after being bullied for liking MLP. I guess he has woken up but has serious motor damage. He is 11 so there may be some hope for some recovery. I saw a video that Andrea Libman (V.A. of Pinkie and Fluttershy) stopped by to visit and read in character voice to him. Then I saw this update video. I read this comment on there (and a couple response ones)- mind you this YouTube channel is managed by his parents. "WOW, He is basically screwed for life because he chose to try and kill himself. I cannot feel sorry. For one, because everyone gets bullied in school. That's what school is, a reflection of life ahead, and time to learn. This boy learned he does not have what it takes to take a little criticism. That is weakness.This boy should not be an example of what happens when people get bullied, this child should be a wake up call for all those who think they should try and kill themselves because they think life sucks. If you try and kill yourself and mess up, your basically at risk of being messed up for life! When you think your life is so bad from being bullied, stop. Think. What if you didn't have food to eat? What if your parents beat you mercilessly? What if your brother just joined the guerrilla army and killed your mother? These are facts of life for children outside America. Stop being so selfish, stop thinking of yourself all the time. When someone tries to bully you, SMILE at them. Say i love you. Yes, they will call you a homo, but oh well, be a happy homo, and move on. Love you all, but this kid is a loser. A selfish loser." I just got really mad because I honestly think he was serious.I usually don't reply to stuff like this but I really got mad especially since it was on an account run by the kid's parents. In a response comment the person also mentioned that they "LOVE" the show MLP. My Reply Seriously? The kid is FREAKING 11 years old. I normally ignore comments like this but I think you may actually be serious. However if you're not serious you're just sick. Why the hell would you even post this especially on an account that his parents run?! You mention Christianity. I see you certainly aren't, but may delusionally think you are. [He mentioned in another reply] This whole situation is bad enough and makes me sick. Then seeing IGNORANT people like you adding salt to to the wound makes me angry. Again this is an 11 YEAR OLD CHILD- Not an adult- If you think children and adults think the same than you are a MORON. Would it be good to let an 11 year old try to sail around the world alone? [mentioned because of this persons channel/blog] IGNORANCE (as bullying) is what caused this. You seem to put yourself above other people and are IGNORANT. An adult calling an 11 year old "a selfish loser" - You sir are the real LOSER HERE. Grow up and figure out what your problem is. People like you make me sick- especially if you actually believe what you are saying and aren't just trolling like a jackass. --------OTHER REPLY------------------------- Wow- I missed that, you're ADULT that "loves the show" but CALLS AN 11 YEAR OLD CHILD a SELFISH LOSER?!?! Plus on YouTube channel managed by his PARENTS!?!? Why do you even watch the show? You clearly have no consideration for others' feelings and aren't getting anything from it. Congratulations, You've REALLY pissed me off and that is VERY hard to do. I NEVER make replies like this. Kicking people when they're down really AGGRAVATES ME!! Just GTFO and leave this family alone. They have more than enough to deal with without your insults. I had to post this here too because I just got so mad- which usually never happens. The person supposedly being a "fan" of MLP and hinting that they are Christian bugged me a lot too (I am and would never think that way).
  3. There are those goofy-assed antibrony youtube videos make me squirm from the ignorance coming from their mouths. That doesnt bother me but what does are the minority of bronies that feel it's needed to lash out against the uploader. They are in my opinion as bad as the people mindlessly, ignorantly ranting anti's. The mentioned bronies make the group as a whole just look childish. Does a little phrase 'love and tolerate' ring a bell? What do you guys think?
  4. About an hour ago, I was school shopping in Walmart for supplies. The current one being folders. As I walked into the isle, I noticed that the majority of the items on the shelves were already taken. The only Folders that remained were Tinker bell, hello kitty, My little Pony, and pink folders. Now, there happened to be a boy and his father there looking for folders as well, the boy to me seemed to be bout 13-14. Now, given the selection, he chose a pink Folder. The father, who before this wasn't even paying attention, was aghast. Father: "You are NOT getting a pink folder!" Boy: "well why not?" Father: "Because pink is a color for girls. Jeez... what is it with you boy today?" Boy: "What are you talking about?" Father: " It's the government. They're teaching you to be more sensitive and turning you into half-girls." The father then ruffled through the folders until he found a black one and forced his son to take it instead. I then picked up one of the My Little Pony ones and walked out of the isle. Catching a glare from the ignorant father on the way out. :3 Here's the folder I got.
  5. Guilt. Every year, I get that same feeling. Guilt that I shouldn't feel, but feel it anyway. I was way too young to care when it happened. I found out about it much too many years later. Life began to make sense. The rudeness, the misunderstanding, the plain ignorance I dealt with in others. It never occurred to me that I shouldn't be blamed. But, nonetheless, they blamed me. Sooner or later, I began to blame myself. Childhoods go away quickly. Innocence dies with knowledge. The good memories stay to comfort me, but the bad ones stick like tar. I can understand what had happened, how it happened, and WHY it happened. Sadly, "Who" was what stuck in everyone else's minds. In reality, "Who" is a small group. A small group that does not represent the "Whole". Most of the "Whole" they are a "part" of does not agree with them. However, all it takes is a small "Who" to ruin the image of the "Whole". The "Who" shocks a nation. The nation fights back. We all know the story. The nation is filled with many people; Many shocked, Many scared... and Many ignorant. Ignorance is leads to Misjudgment. Misjudgment leads to Prejudice Prejudice leads to Fear. Fear leads to Hatred. A vicious chain of thought. A chain of thought that happens far too often in history. For a shocked, scared, ignorant person, the "Whole" became the "Who". I was part of that "Whole". That "Whole" was far too different from the nation for most in the nation to understand it. It was easy to see the "Whole" as the one who hurt them. After all, no one knew better. So, after all these years, with all the ignorance in the in people's words, in the air, in people's minds, it makes you, someone who it part of the "Whole", feel responsible. You give in to their Ignorance. Ignorance is a plague. A plague that is contagious. So now, I am sad to be part of that "Whole". I may know the truth, that the "Who" is not that "Whole", but what good is the truth when no one wants to change their minds. You can change laws, but you can't change people. People change themselves. Until people find out on their own that "Who" was ones who shocked the nation, not the "Whole", we will remain the same, and never learn from our mistakes. Those who don't learn from History will repeat it. We gather as a nation on this day, a day that won't be forgotten anytime soon. We honor the victims, the heroes, and the survivors. We curse those who caused it. Just remember "Who" caused it. Not the "Whole". Not me. This is what a Muslim American thinks on 9/11 - Anony To those who were not ignorant I am sorry you were lumped together with those who are. I appreciate your understanding throughout all these years. You were the ones that showed hope to this great nation. Thank you. If you have nothing nice to say, please don't say it.
  6. I made a tumblr (obviously for ponies), and my first post was a "What the fuck is up with these bronies" type of post, here it is: First of, what is a brony? A brony is a fan of the Hasbro franchise, My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic. This phenomenon started in the /b/ section of 4chanand quickly spread throughout the world due to the obvious popularity burst of it. A common misconception is that brony is derived from the slang “brother” and “pony”, but in actuality, it came from /b/ and pony. But why? What makes grown adults and teenagers so attracted to this? Four simple reasons. The animation quality, the humor, the interaction, and the community. It also helps that the show is created by the mastermind Lauren Faust, the creator of the Power Puff Girls and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, but lets start off with the animation quality. The show is animated in Flash, a type of animation more familiar to older teenagers and younger adults in the first place. It is incredible quality and made using vectors, a type of animation that has literally unlimited quality potential. The hidden pictures,easter eggs, and small games between the producers and fanbase only add to the quality and attraction of the show. Next, the humor. The show has a large amount of puns, surprisingly slightly made for adults despite the target audience of younger females. Other than that, the producers still have an excellent sense of humor, throwing in at every turn and corner that they possibly can. Thirdly, the interaction. The producers, especially Lauren Faust are specially known for interacting with the community. On of the most prominent examples of such behavior is Derpy Hooves (shown earlier in the Easter Egg link). This figure was originally show as an animation error, but being discovered (again on 4chan) and a large reaction from the fans, the animators put him in as a where’s waldo game for the fans, shown hidden in many of the scenes in odd places. Also, Lauren Faust commonly interacts with the community through her DeviantART. The main reason for the huge spread among all age groups is, without question, the community. MLP has a huge fan base and very active community that helps everybody everypony in times of need or just with desires. As this is a very simple statement, it is most true to the brony community and shows why many people are attracted naturally to join and help the community. Naturally, due to the basics of human psychology, we are naturally attracted to, and feel tendencies to help, others which offer help, are kind, and do not cause unnecessary harm or suffering to anybody else. This being said, people are naturally afraid to join the community, or at least publicly admit to joining the community or enjoying the show because of the fear of public rejection for enjoying a show intended for 7 year old girls. Only people not afraid of segregation and willing to publicly announce their opinions despite of it are open to the show, keeping egotistical trolls away. This causes the community to be formed completely of trustworthy welcoming members that love and tolerate everyone. The community is so active, that hundreds of submemes have been formed in its name. To sum it up. If you dislike My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic, you either have not watched it being accepting of the truth, are heavily subjected to bias, or you have not seen the show. But despite the ignorance of society, we will still love and tolerate the shit out of everypony. Whaddo you think? Any good?