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Found 3 results

  1. With not many raw episodes to watch on Youtube (episodes with commentary narrated over them aren't "raw", so to speak), Dailymotion is the website I know that has just about every episode of the show online, free to watch, with the only fee being the internet plans. Then again, maybe it's only because the episodes on Youtube are only available for certain regions and I'm not in one of them. I'm not that familiar with the monetization that Dailymotion uses, but I have to ask a question: Are you sure it's legal to watch the episodes on Dailymotion? Or even on Youtube? Sure, the episodes being up on Youtube and Dailymotion may have helped the growth of the pony phenomenon, but I believe that the end doesn't justify the means. Not everyone has the show on TV so they resort to the internet, but is it legal? Will Hasbro even approve of it (at least regarding the episodes on Dailymotion)?
  2. This happened to me a few hours ago. I live really close to a Target and when I get the opportunity, I occasionally like to drive over there to look at the MLP merchandise as well as the video games/electronics. So I drove over there, got a quick lunch from a nearby Taco Bell, and went inside Target. Today when I went to my Target, there weren't many people there shopping. This is good thing because, well, I sorta get embarrassed when I'm strolling down the pink section if people see me there. However, the particular aisle where the MLP stuff is provides a clear view to the clerks working the electronics checkout area. This usually doesn't bother me, until I saw someone I kinda once knew from high school working there. I pretended to not notice him and figured I could just look at the video game aisle first, since I was going to look at it anyways. I was nervous because I didn't want this guy to see me, remember who I am, and see me walk into the MLP aisle. For about 3 minutes I looked at all the overpriced video games Target was famous for while avoiding facing this guy. Then, what appeared to come out of nowhere was a Target security guard who saw my nervous face. He gave me a suspicious look and kept walking past me. I was even more nervous now. Finally, I grew a pair and decided just to walk into the pink section and not look back. Looking at the MLP merch, I finally felt at home, even if I still looked nervous from before. I touched an Applejack toy so see the back of the packaging, when the security guard came and behind me and asked, "What are you doing?" I froze. He proceeded to ask me in a suspicious tone, "What's wrong? Are you lost?" In hindsight, I should have said I was lost, because that would have explained my "nervous" look. Instead I said, "No, I'm not lost!" The guard looked at my person for a second and then asked, "What are you doing here then?" At that moment I remembered what some of you have said; That we should be proud and not ashamed to be bronies! It was a bad time to all of the sudden show off my bronyism. I then said, "I'm looking at cute ponies of course!" Doh! My answer appeared to be a lame excuse and a lie to the guard. He said even more suspiciously, "Really? Then I guess your buying it for your little sister? What's her name?" I replied that I was the youngest in my family and that I was buying it for myself. Next, the guard just outright said it, "Okay sir, we think you are shop lifting. It says it all on your face." I panicked. "I'm not shop lifting, I swear!" I then overturned my pockets and revealed my phone, wallet, and keys. The guard gave me one more look and laughed. "Haha, so you're seriously buying girl toys? You look like your 21!" I regained my confidence and tried to justify why I was there. "Actually, I'm just looking. Look at how empty the rack is, it's because guys like me like to buy them!" (the rack where pony stuff usually goes was in fact, pretty bare) The guard shook his head laughing and walked away. I ended up just buying a MLP trading card pack and some batteries I needed for my keyboard. I was probably never going to get arrested, but it felt like I was! Have you guys have anything like this happen to you?
  3. I'd love to do my pony metal album, but, there's one problem. Couldn't I get sued for selling an album that uses characters, locations, and stories that are created, copyrighted, and trademarked by Hasbro? I'd have to get some kind of written document saying I have permission to use those characters, correct?