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Found 29 results

  1. What is this about? It's for a few websites that I copy an image for.
  2. Hi im trying to do a blog =) but when I try and place an images using " image properties" box and click ok nothing happens, am I doing something wrong? also I cant copy and paste sentences or links on my blog. I can do links on my profile but not the blog =P please help?
  3. I would like to start a topic in the fanart fourm for tutorials, resources, and tools for the artists and future artists that are looking to draw ponies. However when i try to post an image i keep getting this devination does not exist, or just a bunch of code. Iv tried the special bbcode and keep getting the blank image saying devination does not exist, I also tried posting it in the code button but all i get is a jumble of code no image. I dont know if this is prehaps a problem, or im doing something wrong myself as im not the most code savy person. If someone could prehaps help me id very grateful.
  4. I recently have tried to use two animated gifs of Thorax from the web to illustrate my points. But when I put them in my posts, they turned completely still, spoiling the effect. Is there a way to fix that?
  5. I can't seem to add images to my signature anymore. I have tried all different images, smaller than the restricted pixel size. If I add text and an image, the editing box shows that I have added the image successfully, but after I have finished editing, the preview of what my signature is supposed to look like only shows the text and not the image. If I go to post something on the forums, my signature will only show the text and not the image. This problem only started to occur about a week ago.
  6. Welcome to Raritas' Astrophotography Gallery! (Come on in, take a seat!) Hi, Raritas here. I've been a budding astronomer for a good few years now, I'll always remember the first time I viewed the moon through my trusty telescope (A Sky-Watcher 130P Synscan GoTo reflector). Since then, I've viewed all manor of celestial objects, from Jupiter, to Saturn. From the Pleiades to the Andromeda galaxy. However, my catalog of sightings is still very small! Recently, I've decided to take up the art of Astrophotography, taking pictures of the objects I have seen on my travels across the sky. Unfortunately for me, as of now I only have my trusty digital camera to take the pictures with, holding it up to the telescope lens. However, this has given me surprisingly good results! So, without further a do, below I will post all my recent pictures I have acquired for your viewing pleasure. If you would like to ask me any questions, feel free! 28/09/2015 - Lunar Eclipse ( :comeatus: ) The total eclipse/super moon was a sight to behold, I'm proud I managed to see it. Next one is in 2033, expect pictures of that then! Additional images of separate objects will be posted when I believe I have decent enough images. Thanks for clicking on my gallery, please, if you have any questions or criticism, post away! (If you wish to download any images and use them else where, please ask me first)
  7. Recently, I've noticed some (but not all) of my posts and PMs which include images change a while after I have posted them... one or a few of the images will copy and replace some of the others, like here- And now that I look again, it's a different image that has copied itself. Even after I edited it back to normal, this happened again a few minutes later... I'm not sure what it is that's causing it. And I'm not sure if this makes any difference, but every time this has happened, the images I posted were from Derpibooru (though almost all of the images I use are from there). I haven't seen anyone mention something like this before, so I'm not sure if it's only affecting me or if it can happen with anyone. Edit: it looks like it's happened here as well... =/
  8. So... what pony do you think looks best as it's opposite gender? Well, my opinion is Princess Molestia(yeah, molestia) Look at this LOOK
  9. So, who has a few favorite pics of these? These three are my favorite: 1. 2. 3.
  10. When you add a background image to your profile, the maximum size is 255kb. That's fine if your image is a repeating pattern, but if you want to upload a single image to fill your background, the 255kb limit means instead of filling the background it appears as a small image in the top-left corner of the screen. It would be great if we could have larger size backgrounds for our profiles. I know it's not really a big deal, thought it might be worth mentioning though
  11. I will cut to the chase on this one. There appears to be a problem of some kind with the text box I would use to comment on threads or topics. I cannot post images, gifs or even text. Furthermore, the options above, such as URL or Special BBCode do not work properly. I can access them, but when I try to insert a spoiler or a web address, they do not work. Could somepony help me fix this? It would be much appreciated. EDIT: It appears to be Internet Explorer which is suffering this problem. Everything works fine on other browsers like Safari for instance. Should I shift forum operations to Safari?
  12. That may sound confusing...but here's what I mean. Let's say... I post the word, "anger", and then the person after me has to post a gif or picture of a character showing that emotion: #1 Poster - Anger #2 Poster- #3 Poster - Sad #4 Poster- and so on... Also, no, the character in the picture or gif does not have to be MLP...Also...emotions CAN repeat, as long as you don't have the exact same picture that has already been posted. But, if this gets big (which it won't), then you can post the repeated image anyway...since going through several pages can get annoying.
  13. Whenever i go to put an image in my signature (it is 600X100) it comes coming up with something about the image extention. I've tryed wth .png and .jpg and neither work. Please help someone D:
  14. Hi Guis Hers wut u do Shumone gonna post somethin Den u post a pichurr dat describe him/her Rules: No inapproproaririate Shtuff. All Images must be funny or else you will be punished.. idk and also if it has text make sure it makes sense I will start out. I DESCRIBE NOONE WITH NOTHING!
  15. The iron roses gleams with a silvery glow Under the sun they sit A site that will make you stare in awe When a plant could shine like this Pick them and bring them back into town Swirling shapes shatter shared space It seems they don't want to leave The fog rolls in out of the blue A great grey shroud gives way Putting them back the fog will fade Making their message clear as day Either appreciate with your eyes or don't come back again Those iron roses.. those iron roses
  16. As it stands, I don't know of any way to resize images on-site. In other words, if I want to place images in my post, and they're too big, I need to save them all to my computer and shrink them all there, then re-upload them. This is time-consuming and horribly inconvenient x) One of those annoying little things that keeps me from wanting to make those huge gaphic-detailed Show Discussion topics I use to make. If Feld0 and/or Lavo could possibly look into this, I can't imagine it'd be terribly difficult to find a forum addition that allows you to grab the corners of embedded images and shrink them after you've embedded them into a post you're writing. I've seen it done on other message boards and sites that use forum-like setups. * If there is in fact a way to do this already in place, please point it out to me~
  17. ♥ Feel free to comment, rate and subscribe.
  18. Even though we know that 99% of images we see in a magazine are photoshopped...but does that still stop us from feeling insecure about our own looks? Do they pound YOU with insecurity? Be honest.
  19. I'm very much referring to here For some reason all of the images save this one break, making me unable to see them. I tried copying the image address to try and see the image in a different tab, only to find myself with this; "Could not locate remote server Check that the address is spelled correctly, or try searching for the site." This being one example: Huh... Some tinkering revealed that I can see the image if I were to copy the link and personally remove the ".s", giving me the following link; url= Now the image is visible to me. OK, so I figured out how I could see the images but this shouldn't be happening to begin with... So what's going on?
  20. So I remember seeing a topic on this section regarding the issues with images not showing under the asker's profile. I have the same problem, but it's not just the bronyland result. It seems like with all sorts of images I try to put now, it no longer shows up as an image but rather as a link.. I've seen some good advice around. To quote some: Ex.1 If you look at the options at the top of where you're posting, like with the things for bold, italic, underline, links, stuff like that, there's a little picture. It's next to the symbol that looks like this: <> If yo click that, put the link into the little bar, and the image should show up. Hope I helped:) Ex. 2 Easy, when your about to write, you have tools on top to add extras like bold lettering. One of them is a picture next to the code icon. Click the picture icon, and it will ask the link, right click the picture of choice and copy the URL. Then, just add it there, press ok, and done. ^Yeah none of that method is not working for me. I've been trying for hours. For days! To no avail. I don't understand. They were working fine for me just a month ago, which is why my older pictures are my profile are able to show but none of the new ones can't... Feld0 help meh! o: Lol, but seriously...what do?
  21. Post the creepiest images you've ever seen on the internet. Simplicity. (Keep it Safe For Work) For me, this is the creepiest image I've ever seen. It has ruined how I view Woody. (Yeah, this isn't exactly SFW.) :>
  22. Theyve been working on this since, like 2011 right? Why did the images released show the weird pony-eared, winged designs? The trailer shows human ears, show style and wingless dash and Fluttershy. (Yeah, like in the human world there happen to be two winged ponies!)
  23. Hello everyone, I am new here so I tough I could make an art thread to introduce myself... I guess... Haha, but anyway, I also wanted to know what do you think about my drawings ... hehe... Here you go! I hope y'all enjoy them! Some of these are kinda old but its just that I didn't draw a lot of pony recently due to laziness... But now that I joined this forum I am going to draw ponies again! So yeah, feedback is appreciated and expect some more art soon*. * (well... maybe not "soon" but, you know... Someday.) Oh! I totally forgot to mention ill be doing commissions and I will take requests for anyone that would be interested into my drawings and that wanted one. Thank you.
  24. I'm completely new to putting videos and music onto the internet so with that in mind... I got done with a cover of The Gypsy Bard and I want to put it up on Youtube, but I don't know the rules on what kind of image I can use for the background, whether I'll be violating any copyrights or anything if I just pull something off of Google. So I'm looking for tips on where I can get images, a good way to make my own or anything like that from anyone with experience posting stuff to Youtube. Thanks!
  25. Simply put... When posting an image in the forums, you are able to upload directly from your computer/device. However when you want to upload an image onto A personal Message, you must input a URL for it to apear. This annoys me to no end, for many times I want to post an image to someone and cannot because I do not have the URL of the original site thay came from. Can this be changed? if not, then can someone at least explain why not?