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Found 2 results

  1. I will start off by saying that this should go in the life advice section, but alas I am not a cupcake so I can't post there. Sorry mods! I am wondering if anyone on here has immigrated to the United States, and could give me personal experience with such. I'd like to know every piece of information, because as much as Google can tell me, it can't tell me everything I need to know. I am a little Canadian girl who is moving to the states before Halloween. I will be moving to New York, we were hoping that I could move next year but I need to be out of the place I live by the end of October, that was thrown on my shoulders about an hour ago >.<. I already have a place to live down there thankfully, and I know what I need to ship and sell. I'm really stressed out right now. Excited, but still stressed. Is it possible to immigrate in 3 months? How much of a shit storm am I getting myself into?
  2. Okay, I am rather desperate to emigrate from my country, but to where should I immigrate? I don't want to go through the trouble and expenses to leave this bleep country only to end up in one just as bad. No comment on where I am from. At the moment, the countries I am considering are Sweden, Australia, and Japan. At the moment, Sweden is my favorite choice and Australia is my husband's favorite choice. Japan is an option because it would be the quickest & easiest for us to immigrate there. I am worried about their political situation and economic stability, though. Japan is also the only country listed above that I have traveled to, and I have a number of good friends who live there. I am also most familiar with Japan's language and culture than I am the others. I am quick to learn foreign languages, so a country that does not speak English would be no problem for me. My husband, though, feels much much much more comfortable with places that are already predominantly English speaking. Topics that are very important to me that I am looking for are: 1) Peaceful foreign policy 2) Egalitarian society (females being equal with males and not punished for being inherently female, religions not being persecuted nor part of the ruling) 3) Non-crazy non-corrupt judicial system I have a degree and my major is Foreign Language & International Trade. When my husband graduates, he will have a degree in Computer Engineering. I consider mentioning our education relevant in that we would be "educated immigrants." From the research I have done, for most of these countries we could enter on a work visa. I have researched each country's immigrant policy according to their own government websites. If any of you have any relevant information about the countries listed, please give me a detailed list of pros and cons. Crime rate and frequency/type of natural disasters are also a factor I'd like to include. Also, for whatever country you are recommending, please state "safe areas" to live and also "not safe never live here" areas to make sure we avoid. Thank you everypony!