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Found 2 results

  1. DQ stands for "Daily Question". It is a theme I started recently. These days, you see inventions being made day and night on news covers and magazines, but where do these wonderful inventions go? Did they just, never happen? I think the problem is that our infrastructure in the current state that it is just can't keep up with all these numerous advances in science. We know about this problem, but how can it be fixed? Specifically I want to focus on power generation and all the alternative sources.
  2. So what's your writing tool of choice? I tried to be as inclusive and specific as possible, but this insensitive clod probably missed something. For myself, it has to be the mechanical pencil. It is such genius when you examine it next to a regular pencil. It doesn't have graphite embedded in it, it's added into a chamber for temporary storage until it's needed. You don't need to pull out a pencil sharpener and try futilely to get a sharp point while the graphite breaks each time you get close. For a mechanical pencil, you click a button, shake the pencil or it might automagically feed out for you. Convenience and simplicity. It doesn't have nearly the same amount of class as a fountain pen though, but I can't really use those anyway. They're great writing tools too, but I don't want to risk them leaking in my pocket... Since I'm so frequently on the move, that's my container for writing tools, usb dongles, etc.