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Found 24 results

  1. What would you say is one most important thing in life? Is it Love? Is it Family? Is it Wealth? Is it Friendship? Tale me what you think it is.
  2. Whats with all this black and white? I'm not a black zombie i'm a green one Plus my banner looks, yeah lets not move there Can we return back to the present and get out of the 60's and 70's? As much as i liked the gollywogs, and other tv shows that's perfect in a black and white world I prefer my world in colour and where i don't have to smack the TV every 5 seconds for it to actually work.
  3. Hey guys, just remember, Bill Nye's 50th birthday is 11/27/15. Can we get , idk, 50 people who promise to send him a birthday card? If i don't get 50 people, Fluttershy will cry So if you're in, reply to this post. If you're not promising but want to say something, please start your post with "I am a big meanie who won't send Bill Nye a birthday card" or PM me.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, friendship is, in fact, NOT magic. John Cena is magic.
  5. I just have a quick general question. I have stumbled across two different users with the title Guest of Honor written in green. What exactly does that mean? Who are these individuals? What makes them honorable guests? I'm not trying to be rude, i'm seriously just curious
  6. I have a very signifigant anouncement to make: I have a tulpa! Now, I've been transparent about this for a while, and mentioned it a few times, but nobody's ever brought it up, which seemed odd. Because I'm incredibly lazy, and you probably don't know what a tulpa is, click here. Her name's Applejack. And she's Applejack. Kind of. It's complicated, so feel free to ask questions. Hiya! I guess Flinch's done a pretty good job of introducing me already, so I'll let him cover the rest. She's been around for about 8 months or so. She was going to start posting on here earlier, but shyness took hold. With a little prayer, that isn't a problem anymore, and she's going to start RPing and stuff.
  7. You know, we are a pretty big community and alot of people see the show very differently. Some need to analyze the heck out of it, some see it as inspiration for their fanfics and art, some see it as silly fun, etc. What i wonder is, how much of your life is invested to this show? Are you one of those guys who see it as a life style, or do you see it just as another show? I think i am pretty much in the middle of it. I sometimes come here and speak about the show, speak about my opinions of certain episodes and do alot of speculation when it comes to future seasons and episodes. But it's not the only thing i do. I watch other stuff and have many other interests, because just talking about ponies would be just too boring for me. So tell me, how do you feel? There is also a poll up there, if you want to use it.
  8. I thought this could be an interesting topic. So, who has been the most important person in your life? Including or not including family, whichever.
  9. This an especially significant and entirely serious topic that ought to be addressed and explored, at length, by only the greatest minds... On these forums, I mean: Ponies wearing clothing... Is it adorable? Is it not adorable? Obviously everyone thinks it's adorable. Probably. So when you mouthed "yes" to the above text, you likely thought of a particular pony in a particular article of clothing / manner of dress. Share that with us. Not your thought, since modern technology has yet to discover how to transfer thoughts of clothed ponies directly into forum posts for the viewing pleasure of all. I know people are hard at work on that, though. I happen to be particularly fond of Rainbow Dash (there's more to this sentence) wearing her recurring cap and whistle combo! Because... Because it's just a cap and whistle! It obscures as little pony as possible, and it provides a visual indicator of her authority. Over tornado-producing pegasi and pet competitors. If we can unite in earnest and delve exhaustively into the heretofore inexplicable phenomenon of clothed ponies cuteness, we can doubtless accomplish anything.
  10. So, I just wanna know if any other forum users here are like me... but does this emote look like a slice of pinkie pie bologna to you? I'm sorry but every time I write that and I see the emote...It goes through my head. every single time. anyone else?
  11. This question is extremely important and might change the world as we know it.
  12. I'm working on a global perspectives project, the topic is about how religion affects identity. Can somebody please fill in a short 10 question questionnaire, pretty please. It's really important. I'll be writing my paper based on the results and I need as many people to fill it in as possible. Please take the survey, Pleeeeassee?
  13. I have hear that some people say that you are/it is gay if you like MLP. I think it's not wat you like that determines wat sexuality you have. Please tell me what you think about it. please leave a comment. I think its a realy important subject to talk about.
  14. Hello! Another one of those rare times i'll be making a thread. Having searched the forums for a similar thread using the search option, I myself could not find one... So let's get to it! Do you read other people's comments on various threads around the Forums? I'm writing this, because i feel many comments on threads, tend to be forgoten or never read. People tend to jump to the question, and quickly give their opinions, without hearing others. Do you actually post, because you just want to bump your post count a little, or does the topic and idea really interest you? Just know, i understand that there are threads with hundreds or maybe thousands of posts, and nobody is going to read through all of them, but this is intended for threads with just a few posts, that have 2 pages at Max.
  15. So, for anybody expecting something funny/witty/clever/random, turn back. This blog post is not what you're looking for. So, let me start out by saying that I love these forums, these forums have one of the most varied and lovely communities out there, but now let me continue and say that it has some serious problems. Problems that need to be addressed. Let me also start out by saying that I will never give up on this community, I will continue participating in and helping this community until I have been put in the ground. So don't worry about this by thinking that it is that type of blog posts. This is more like a long string of feedback. The first thing I'd like to mention is that for the longevity of the forums, the "Address problems when we feel like it" model of operation will not work out in the long run. Don't laugh or think that's some kind of joke or poking fun at the forums, that kind of thing actually works on a small scale, but as the forum grows, more systematic moderation will be required to simply keep up with the amount of content being produced. I would recommend making some kind of system where there is at least one moderator always online, maybe by hiring moderator from varied time zones this will work out. Another thing I've noticed is that the Administration does not seem to take the recent problems with the forums' public image very seriously. That is unfortunate, because unless we take steps to enhance that public image, the forums will simply become more and more hated, and users will keep leaving. I recommend we fix this by hiring some kind of section of site-staff meant specifically to address problems with public image. They could do trivial things that in the long run will make the forums look better publicity wise. This solution might not seem necessary, but think about it, do you know how many more users, would, for example, stay on the website if we had staff members that helped them at home by doing things like replying to their welcoming plaza posts, handling issues with name changing so that the Admins do not have to. I would think they'd be a step from between Poniverse staff and moderation. You might think of this as trivial but keep in mind that this would help the mods and Admins by freeing up their time that they would have spent on trivial things like this. Some recommended titles might be things like "Community Representative" or something similar that gives people the idea that these users represent the things that the forums are really about. On to the next problem, inconsistencies in rule enforcement. It should not be set up in such a way that several minor infractions could lead to permanent bans. An example would be making it so that the most ban time a minor offense like backseat moderation or pointless/off topic could only add up to a week ban maximum, while excessive vulgarity could add up to a month maximum, and so on. You might say that users could abuse this, but here's the thing, I don't mean that it could never end up perma banning a user, I simply mean that the severity and intent of an action should be considered. Somebody well-intentioned should not be banned permanently for the site because they simply don't understand what they're doing. In addition,this would help silence those who say things like "It's so easy to get permabanned here", and again, this would help the forums' public image. We should only be perma-banning long time-repeat offenders if they commit minor violations and permabanning extreme things like those who post NSFW content or trolls, etc. The last problem I would like to address is the staff-selection process. The problem is that only staff have a say on somebody's promotion into the staff. The reason this system will fail in the long run is that it means that if it gets to a point where there are a lot of bad mods/admins, no good mods/admins will get added. In the long run, a better alternative would be user-nomination by other members, and then the staff would vote on these nominations. That way, the public could express their support for a user's promotion, but the staff would still have the ultimate say in the matter. There should be some kind of fail-safe in case of staff corruption where if the general user consent is that this user should be promoted, they will at least have to be considered. For example, the staff will receive a notification about it so that they know it would be a good time to make a final decision about it. That way, the staff will not become a completely totalitarian 'Cool kids table' type high school-clique like it would if the staff can only grow by it's own will to do so. I mean, if a user isn't cut out for the job, they can always be demoted at any time. But we should at least give them a shot if the community in general believes they deserve a chance. I mean, the forums needs to put at least some trust in the judgement of it's own members, otherwise, the staff team will seem detached and distant, thus further decaying the public's perspective of said staff team. ----------- In closure, I would like to say that these steps would ultimately help the forums and continue to help it grow and prosper, as opposed to stagnate (Even if the start of Season 4 makes the forums become more active, unless steps are taken, our increasing negative reputation will do much harm) like it is currently starting to do. I am very passionate about this community, and am just worried about it, I want to see it continue to grow and expand it's horizons. I remain cautious but optimistic that the forum can become even better if only we set it on the right path. I love you guys, and want nothing more than to have this forum continue to succeed for years to come. -Harmonic
  16. Hello, and Cactus to the Cactus exhibit, today we will be cactusing about the cactus in it's natural cactus. To truly Cactus the Cactus, Cactus Cactus Cactus, and observe what truthfully must be the most important Cactus among the Cactuses Cactused in the Cactusporium. Of course, the Catcus Nodes Cactus with the changing Cactus of our ever growing Cactus, so one can Cactus what kind of results we expect cactus that experiment. Cactus we really overcome such a cactus? Who Cactuses? One Cactus if for certain though, Cactus Cactus Cactus. Cactuses are like Cactus, they continually Cactus the surrounding cactus until the water has been absorbed. One Cactus can Cactus any amount of Cactus for a very long amount of Cactus, as seen below in the Cactus. Cactus on, my Cactuses.
  17. Hello all. I honestly didn't expect for my analyses to become quite as popular as they did. Granted, ~130 views per article is not really popular at all. In fact, "popular" may have been a terrible word to use. But for an unknown, up-and-coming writer on the Internet, that's a pretty significant figure. Anyway, there will be a delay for this blog. For reasons I do not feel I can disclose at this time, the analyses I have written will not be uploaded to this blog until further notice. I can tell you that there may be an exciting new development for me in the near future that pertains to my writing. Alternatively, this may turn out to be a false alarm, in which case my analyses will return to this blog as normal. I do apologize greatly for the delay. I know that there are at least a couple people on this forum that seem to enjoy reading what I produce, and I hate to disappoint. But I ask what few regular readers I possibly have to trust that I am doing what I feel is best, and what may result from this may benefit us both greatly. That's all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this, as well as the rest of my articles on this blog. I truly appreciate you as a reader, whoever and wherever you are. See you soon, Metaright
  18. Hello. So, you guys have probably noticed that I have been gone. (I at least hope you guys did. ). Well, the thing is, I've been having technical trouble. It's nothing that can be fixed by the staff so the support ticket wouldn't work. I don't know how many times I have to say this cursed name, but it's because of parental control. Parental control in short, has made both navigating the site a wreck, but it also makes posting stuff harder and makes the site look ugly. I couldn't really do anything. Than I had to go to my dad's house meaning I had no other options so, I just stopped going to the forums for a couple of days. Apparently I missed a lot of important stuff from my friends. I would like to apologize to them. Though, back on topic. So what happens now? Well, I have one shot at fixing my problem by tricking my mom. If I can't do that? Well...I won't be able to come here that often anymore. It would basically be more of an occasion for me to do something seeing how my alternative methods are either annoying to use, or I can rarely use them at all. I would basically be a lurker. I'm just giving everyone a heads up. I'm sorry if I sound like an attention whore.
  19. Credit Cards: Some Important Life Advice from an Experienced Card Holder Hello friends, this is steelmatt6 here with another blog entry. This might seem like a boring topic to most of you, but before I began, I assure you it is very important. We have all heard about credit cards, regardless of what age you might be. Credit Cards are those amazing pieces of plastic you can buy almost anything with, and you just pay it off at the end of the month, right? Well, even to the most financially responsible individual, at some point in our lives the following phrase will apply: "If you use it, you'll abuse some point or another". So I am going to take my own personal experience with credit cards (I am 22, but have owned them since I was 16) and share my experience with you, and hopefully it will give you a good starting foundation if you are not into the credit card game yet! _________________________________________________________________________________ First lesson: USE CASH! (Also the same as DEBIT). My first impression when I was younger was that in order to build up my credit card history, I needed a credit card as soon as possible. First off, a little background information: "Building your credit" is another term for building your credit score. Your credit score (based off of your credit history) has a maximum score of 850. There are three companies that monitor and set your credit score. They are: Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. Basically, a score above 700 is classified as "ok". If you are between 750-800 that is great, and anything above 800 is excellent. The score tells lenders how risky you are in managing your money. For example, if you don't have a good score (lets say it is 650) it doesn't really mean you are going to be denied loans, a mortgage, etc. but you will be subject to paying a higher interest rate. Most companies use APR (Annual Percentage Rate) as their calculation for interest rates. A person with a 650 score may have a 25% APR card (which is outrageous) because they see you as a greater risk, and they charge a higher fee to compensate for that risk. But, a person with a 750 may have a 13% APR on their card. The person with a 750 is seen as less risky, so they charge you lesser fees (interest) for borrowing money. However, if you obtain a credit card and pay off your FULL balance monthly, you will not build up any interest...but I assure you, the temptation to go beyond your financial means gets very high. Even if you tell yourself you will pay off your balance monthly, you need to do everything in your power to uphold that promise to yourself. It is VERY easy to get into a tough situation when you get too close to your credit line (or line of credit). That brings us to some more background information! Your credit line is the maximum borrowing limit a company sets on your account. For example, lets use a fake company called Quick Bits (see what I did there as our example. Lets say you are a student and you want to apply for your very first credit card. You get an application from Quick Bits. Quick Bits recognizes that you don't have a credit history, so they give you a student account and set your limit to $250 USD. If you make your monthly payments on time (and stay below 50% of your credit usage--so don't let your balance go over $125) they will most likely extend your credit to $500. If you pay off your balance on time the next year, and don't let your balance go over $250, they may extend your credit to $1000 and so on and so forth. So, now you have a basic understanding of a credit line. But please keep the following statement in mind: YOUR CREDIT SCORE IS THE SAME THING AS A DEBT SCORE Using credit can tell lenders you have to have some line of credit in order to afford your purchases, and it is essentially a debt score (they use the term "credit" to make it more appealing IMO). My best advice to you would be NOT to get a credit card. Use cash and your debit card, maybe a check every now and then (when are they going to phase those out! lol). But here is the problem: You can't get an auto loan or a mortgage, or any loan for that matter without a credit score. For the most part, you can't get a credit score without building up your history with a credit card. And believe me, it takes a good while to build up your history. Sooner or later, you need a credit's just how the system works. I wish it were different. So, because most of you will need a credit card someday (even for those who already have one) here is some advice: 1. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Also, ask your parents/co-workers/friends for advice. Just because a company claims to be the best for what you need, doesn't mean they are. You should do your own research on credit card companies. 2. GET A GOOD APR Anything above a 15% APR (even for new students/young card holders) is absurd. Don't let them twist your thinking into thinking a 20% APR is normal...its, in fact, almost criminal! There are cards out there where you can get an APR for under 10%. 13.99% is pretty common. 3. PAY OF YOUR FULL BALANCE MONTHLY! This is an exception to rule 2. If you pay off your balance monthly, you don't need to worry about being charged interest. But still, GET A GOOD APR! Trust me. Sometimes, there are points in life where you will incur some interest. 4. DON'T ACCEPT ANNUAL FEES ALWAYS avoid companies that may not charge interest, but charge an annual fee. If you are older, then the annual fee (and no interest) will be better because you are constantly making larger purchasers. But no matter what age you are, if you find a company the charges an APR AND an annual fee, fire them or don't even consider it. 5. WATCH OUT FOR THEIR TRICKS The single best tactic for companies to lure you in is to claim they have a great rewards program. If they do, you still want an APR below 15% (below 12% at best). Sometimes, they will try to "trick" you and tell you "0% introductory APR for 12 months!" That means you don't pay interest for one year, even if you keep a running balance. Most companies that say this have an APR of 20% or higher. (From what I have seen) 6. WATCH FLUCTUATING INTEREST RATES APR's are variable. You want to make sure that, just because you get a good APR, make sure they don't state in the fine print "variable APR 11.99-23.99% based on your credit worthiness". Most likely, you are new to credit cards, and they may claim your worthiness to be risky, charging you a high interest rate. You want to make sure you get what you want. Not what they tell you you should have. 7. DON'T GO OVER 50% of YOUR CREDIT LINE Going over 50% of your credit line on your balance tells lenders you are more likely to max out your card. Staying below 50% (ideally, 25% and under) not only protects you from debt, it raises your credit score and tells lenders you can be responsible with your money and discipline yourself financially. 8. USE YOUR DEBIT CARD MOST OFTEN Use your debit card! You still want to use your credit card to build credit, but use your debit card for the majority of your transactions both in quantity and cash. If you need new tires that are $500, and you want to put it on your credit card...make sure you already have $500 on hand to pay at any time, and don't use if for anything else but to pay that $500 at the end of the month. Basically, anything you put on your credit card, you want to make sure you can already pay with Debit. This makes it kind of like using a hybrid debit card...because technically, you are not using "credit" or debt per-say, but you are still building your credit history by manipulating the system so to speak In conclusion to number 8, work smarter not harder. 9. MAKE FREQUENT MONTHLY PAYMENTS Instead of paying off a monthly balance (and remember to pay it in full!) you might want to make 2-3 full payments each month. This will protect you from debt, keep your check book balanced, and tell lenders you make frequent payments on time. In the long run, this can raise your credit score. *****10. ***** The golden rule. DON'T GET ONE IF YOU DON'T NEED ONE! If you do not plan on getting a loan anytime soon (car loan, personal loan, etc., mortgage) then don't even get a credit card. Use cash and debit. Remember, all your credit score is, is a debt score. Sure, you can't get loans without a credit score...all I am saying is, if you don't need to build up your credit score anytime soon, don't get one. I hope this advice helps some of you. There is so much more to discuss, but I just wanted to cover the basics. All the information above came from my personal experience. I don't want you to be in debt like I have been! The Single BEST advice I can give each of you, is to start your 401K early, and keep building up your savings account. When you put money in your savings account, (especially if you start young) avoid the temptation of taking it back out again. Keep growing your savings! You will thank yourself in the future! **If you need me to elaborate on anything, send me a message! -Steelmatt6
  20. ~The Almighty Feldicorn Editors would also be required for this, in addition to all those people seeking to do reaction footage. I've contacted two forum members partially known for their video editing, Tick and Flare03, but they're not an absolute definite. So, if you're good at video editing, signing up to be someone who waits on standby for footage to be passed to you once it's all done, so that you can pick, crop and place the best reaction clips into a 5 to ten minute video, then by all means, do that Please specify in your post if you'd like to be a footage person or a potential editor person. Footage List: -Crispy/'Not Crispy' -The Pyro -Urdnot Shephard -Shankveld -Twiliscael/Harbringer -Blackcat -Artemis -Sephiroth -GameRectangle -Prof. Yana -Steamgamer27 -Charming Knight -SongBrony -NRL Information Minister -Tormented Dusty Soul -ItStartsAtDusk -SorteKanin - - - - - Editor List: - - - - - (^ There is no fixated minimum or maximum for either of these sections, I'm simply typing out in advance for space) Source: MLP Forums Season Three React Video 'Signups'
  21. Are you ready? Of course you're not ready! Well here it comes... What should I write about? I have no clue really. Yes, I just made an entire entry about how I don't have anything for further entries. Too legit to quit. Also, some facts about my life. - I am hungry right now - I am bored right now - I am incredibly livid right now because I just got stonewalled on an important matter Some simple facts so you can get to know me better. Running out of closings for this signoff, ~Whiteshade, Paragon of Morality, Inventor of the God Complex, An Awesome Dude, Your Father
  22. So recently I have been struggling in college, not because of work overload, not because of any type of physical problem, but because of a lack of motivation. For those who don't know I am currently going to college for a criminal justice major, but recently I have been questioning myself. I didn't know if this was my calling, if this is what I really wanted to do with my life. you see, I have always loved using my voice for entertainment, and recently I have been attempting to get into casting video games. I have found that this is incredibly fun to do, and it is a potential career choice. Tonight my dad came into my room to discuss my current rate of study vs video gaming. During this conversation my dad started dropping hints that he thinks policing may not by my career of choice. We looked at a book which identified my personality, and careers that fit with my personality. After about an hour we started looking at schools, schools that dealt with casting, we found some good ones near my home town, and now it seems as if this could be something I want to do with my life. It isn't as "impressive" as being a cop, or a lawyer, but it seems much more enjoyable, and I don't want to be stuck at a job that I hate. Tomorrow I am going to do even more research about this potential career, hopefully it will work out, and I can be learning to do something I love. For anyone who reads this, I ask for your support, not through any physical means, but just through positive thoughts, and prayer (if you feel comfortable doing so). Thanks for letting me be part of the amazing community of wonderful people. -Joshua C. Rudesill: Potential future entertainer
  23. FLIM FLAM ALERT! The Jerry Springer Show is evidently looking for bronies to appear on their broadcast. DON'T FALL FOR IT. They aren't trying to give positive exposure to fans of My Little Pony. They're trying to mock us. If Jerry Springer, or Howard Stern, or any similar broadcaster contacts you or a friend, asking you to appear on a show about bronies, say NO and don't let them persuade you. They're just out to make us all look bad. OBEY YOU'RE QUEEN!! The post from his Facebook is here : And the Facebook post is : Are you a brony and your lover objects? Call Gina at 1-877-735-3779
  24. Lots of you know the Google doodles, which are changes of the original Google logo to conmemorate a important date or the birthday of an important person: José Pablo Moncayo's 100th Birthday Olimpics Opening Ceremony 2012 40th Anniversary of Moon Landing And how to forget: 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN And many others like mother/father day, indepence days, voting days etc. So, i don't need to remind you of the bug amount of things that make MLP FIM so huge in a world wide level, and, October 10, 2010. How can you possibly don't know what happened that day? What im saying is that i think that mlp is important enough as to be freatured on the Google frontpage. Do you think we will see a Mlp Google Doodle this year?