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Found 3 results

  1. I currently have this bit of an animation done: What do you think I should do to improve it? Thanks. EDIT: For those who want to study that extreme close-up image, here you go: For some reason I put random details in one building but not the others. I'm weird.
  2. There's many cartoons that start off as decent or good, but gradually become something special as the show progresses. What are the best examples of cartoons that "grew the beard"? Mine are... Adventure Time - Giving the characters more depth, as well as fleshing out the setting, along with adding drama elements definitely helped the show find an identity beyond just a weird adventure show. Friendship is Magic - It's definitely come a long way from the safe, e/i days of Season 1. Ramping up the adventure and fantasy elements and putting the characters in more danger are certainly pluses, and the show continues to become a more daring and risky show, especially considering that it's essentially a 22 minute toy commercial. My Life as a Teenage Robot - I already listed it as one of the most underrated cartoons IMO, but I think the reason some didn't really like this show was because it does start off a bit rough. Season 1 was enjoyable, but it had some issues in terms of characterization consistency (perticularly with Jenny) and half the plots were just Jenny trying to be normal. Seasons 2 & 3 fixed many of those issues with more dynamic plots, tighter continuity, more consistent characterization and sharper humor. Season 3 IMO, is my favorite season because of how several of the characters were developing, as well as having the best continuity in show. It was pretty clear they were starting to set up a larger plot with Dr. Locus in Season 3. Teen Titans - What started off as a light-hearted omage to anime conventions with DC heroes, gradually took a darker tone while still retaining it's sense of humor. I don't think Season 1 would have an episode like The Dark Tomorrow. Not to mention, later seasons had a better balance with comedy and drama. It just a shame I can't say the same for Teen Titans Go! That show seems to get worse with every episode.
  3. So we all know how the children's networks aren't really as good as they used to be (except for you hub keep up the good work). So I was wondering, how would you improve the three major kids network's? Here's what I do. Cartoon Network 1. CANCEL ALL LIVE ACTION CONTRADICTORY NETWORK, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANNOYING ORANGE! 2. Make Adult Swim its own channel because it's so great, it needs its own channel. 3. Flesh out the network's schedule: They're rerunning the same five shows and constantly repeat them. Do we need to see Johnny Test 8 time a day? NO! As for original programming, they seem to have more coming up that look somewhat promising. Nickelodeon 1. CANCEL SPONGEBOB, THAT SHOW IS ALL DRIED UP! 2. CANCEL FAIRLY ODDPARENTS, THAT SHOW JUMPED THE SHARK AGES AGO! 3. Hire more people to make shows: They seem to just be sticking to Dan Schneider to make sitcoms. 4. Make more original shows: Really, Dreamworks shows and washed up shows Nick. 5. FARTS AREN'T FUNNY NICK! Disney Channel 1. Just stick to mostly cartoon since those come out the best mostly.