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Found 10 results

  1. Don't be afraid to critique my portraits. It's well appreciated. Attention: Just a word of warning however. I do not want this thread to become a Debate Pit thread (because that is overall not its main purpose), so please be considerate and respectful with your critiquing. And please be sure to look through the entire thread (including the pages) before you post your comments, because this thread is also a gallery of my work. Thank you. Click here for the most recent update for this thread: This one here is just the 1st of many others I have in mind. I hope you like them! And yes, the guy that is beside Sweetie Belle is me IRL. (Click on them to enlarge the photos to see the detail if you want) Me & Sweetie Belle in colour: Me & Sweetie Belle in B+W:
  2. Source: Chase Scene Short Film Assignment (with MLP IRL) [Now Playing]
  3. UPDATE (April 17, 2015; 11:06 EST): The link to my recent post with the short film will be linked on this sentence. I hope you enjoy it. I'm "nervousited" to announce that I am working on a project that I am honoured to do. It is a college assignment for Video Capture 1 (one of my courses), and it's so far on the pre-production stage (storyboard making and such). Hopefully this weekend I will get to the production stage (Video Capture, etc). The professor who has assigned it to me and the rest of the class has permitted me to hand it in by my last day of the semester (April 17th) the latest. And so I hope that I will have everything done by then (or earlier (God willing). ). This video here below this sentence is NOT MINE! It's only an example I have found that was already done by someone else (though not good production-quality wise imho) is this here: However, for my chase scene, I will incorporate multiple shots and angles (compared to the first-person camera perspective from the example above) so that my chase scene will truly feel like a professionally produced short film. When it comes to production quality, I will look at examples from LittleshyFiM and StormXF3 (as well as examples from other people of course). And that concludes the announcement. Any thoughts and questions? Feel free to make a post.
  4. Saying lol in real life is a habit I've someone found myself slip into over the last year. When It was mentioned someone's 9 year old daughter also said lol there was some face-palming. So do you say lol in real life?
  5. I'm not sure if there is an actual thread or topic or whatever for this already, but... I figured I'd star this one just in case. I've had a few odd experiences, after all. ^-^ Let's see, some rules... 1. Keep it Safe for Work. And that's all I can think of right now.. Think of this as a place to share and comment on odd experiences you and/or others have had. I'll start.... Once when I was still in middle school, I was walking home from... The library I think? Anyways, I was walking home sometime around 6-8 PM when a car pulled up next to me on the road. The End. Odd, right? Just kidding, that's not the end. After the car pulled up I was then offered a ride by the occupants, which was a group of clearly drunk girls... Yep that's not something I ever expected to happen, let alone in middle school. And yet... Not even close to the oddest thing that's happened to me, in my opinion. Feel free to laugh and comment on mine, and post your own odd experiences...
  6. I was working on a new signature and need a break so i figured i would practice on some In Real Life work. im still new to this but id like to think im getting better. hang on pic will be up in a second. im having a problem with the size.
  7. ok i have no idea where to post this so heres hoping. today i got a new (to me) canon sx40 hs and a subscription to cs6 cloud through work. so on my 8 hour shift of nothing to do but doodle ponies and hang out on here i decided to try my hand at a in real life of RD waiting to go for a ride in my mustang. this is my first attempt at anything with Photoshop since 2006. how did i do? also thinking of adding scoot to the back seat! edit: What was i thinking!!! not adding scoot! here she is. still a work in progress
  8. If you could have the entire mane 6 in your life, like your friends or something, would you? could you proudly walk into a public place with a brightly colored pony? or like adopt them from a shelter? I personally would take them if I found them, but I'd be kinda hesitant to take in public. scientist might want to take them and experiment on them... What would you do?
  9. A picture I made earlier today. It's my first time trying to make a 'ponies irl' picture. DeviantArt mirror link:
  10. Post all of your ponies in real life photos here! I did one bad one, lol So post them here I love seeing them!