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Found 61 results

  1. What would you say is one most important thing in life? Is it Love? Is it Family? Is it Wealth? Is it Friendship? Tale me what you think it is.
  2. Hey everyone! I do not think I have seen a thread relating to Astronomy on the forums yet, so here is one! Do you have a interest in it? I certainly do. I've been an amateur astronomer for about 2 years now, and I'm now trying to get into Astrophotography, where you take pictures of space stuff. Using my telescope, which is an Skywatcher 130P Synscan AZ GoTo, I've been able to take some alright pictures of the moon so far with just a normal digital camera: This one I'm quite proud of. It picks out a lot of detail on the surface and it seems to have come out really clear. But, enough of me rambling about my experiences, what about you guys? Do any of you have an interest in Astronomy?
  3. Title: Rarity Investigates! Air Date: September 19. 2015 Written By: Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco Synopsis: Rarity must prove that her friend is innocent when Rainbow Dash is accused of a crime that she did not commit.
  4. Hello everypony! I was just owndering what everyponys absolute favorite game is. Mine is Kingdom Hearts and all of the Legend of Zelda's (Except SS as i haven't played it yet)
  5. The basic purpose of this game is to kill the user above yourself in a random and/or ridiculous way. You can use anything you think of to achieve this task Next poster starts.
  6. Today's episode with Maud, Pinkie and Maud went down to the mines where Rarity and Spike were digging for gems, the same mines in Gauntlet of Fire! And Rarity was wearing that same hat! Now Pinkie and Maud show up in the caves again later in the episode to discover the beautiful waterfall cave place, and Rarity and Spike were nowhere to be found. Plus Twilight is completely absent in this episode! So does that mean that the events of Gauntlet of Fire might've happened during Rock Solid Friendship?
  7. Hi everyone! Here's the latest track I've made! As for every of my songs, there's a tiny little story coming with it. Here it is : "Sometimes Twilight Sparkle likes to have a rest enjoying a beautiful landscape from Equestria. But be careful not to overthink Princess!" As this is my first post in Fan Music, just a few words about Mane In Green : I've started making MLP fan music in early november. There are remixes of official songs and instrumental tracks inspired by artworks from the fandom. PS : my favorite color is red, even if I'm green, and I don't like green, but I fully assume this name's choice. :awuh: Voilà! I hope some of you will enjoy, and every feedback is welcome!
  8. God bless this man. God bless him.
  9. You refresh the page, and suddenly, you're logged in as the person above you! What do you do? Hopefully no one too powerful posts in here... Since there's no one above me, I would do nothing!
  10. These are two high points in a song that make me feel like dancing. Both can be rather intricate and complex. One belongs to rock and heavy metal music, the other belongs to "brostep." If I feel energetic, I prefer "bass drops" to solos. If I feel rather drained, a good guitar solo often energizes me. If you listen to both these genres, do you have a preference? Or does it depend on your mood? EDIT: Don't forget to vote on the poll.
  11. Forum Smile Song Project Over six months ago I hinted at something that was a stretch goal for the 2014 Making Christmas Merrier. An ambitious project that I expected to take some time to complete. I never got around to formally announcing it ... until now. Pink Pony Day presents me the opportunity to formally launch the MLP Forums Smile Project. What is the MLPF Smile Song Project? Simply put, we are soliciting your soul voice for inclusion in a Forum rendition of the song. Every member is invited to record as little or as much of the song as they want, and send a copy of them singing to me. When completed I will edit, master, and cut the clips together to form us all singing the song as one community. Whether it is one line, or the whole song ... sing for me. Wait, wasn't this done before? Eyup. It is part of the fandom legacy. This is definitely inspired by that project. That said, we are a community of friends and acquaintances, and many of us were not fans of the show when that project was announced and completed. I can't sing! Neither can I. Um, you may not want to click on those. I got voted to sing several times during our annual fundraiser, and I can't carry a tune. I am horrid. That said don't worry to much about it. If you are interested in volunteering your voice to this fun little community project of ours, but have fears about your own singing, there are options still. The song ends in a crowd chorus. You could easily sing that piece. Also, Pinkie does have some spoken dialog as well. See below. Speaking part is bolded See, even if you feel that you can't sing there is still room for you. Ok, so how do I get you the sound files? Simple, you can upload to Soundcloud and post them or link them here. You can attach the file in this thread, or you can email me at What format do you need? While I prefer lossless, I can convert if needed so send me whatever your recording device allows. What equipment do I need? You and all your questions! You don't need a Blue or Audio-Technica to do this. If you have a gaming headset, a cell phone, or a mic on your laptop ... it will do ok. How long do I have? I'm closing this on July 24. I'll be cleaning up the audio files as I go. Release of this will be in August. So is this going to sound like a mess? Nah! Well ... I don't think so. It won't be winning any awards or showing up in EqD ... but I can manage. Besides ... Will you use everyone you receive? If you sing a part of the song, absolutely. Do you want my OC? This is an audio project ... but yes ... eventually I will need your OC's for an unrelated project. Any questions. Lemme know.
  12. Summarize the user above you in one word.
  13. What race would you be? What would you look like? What do you think your cutie mark would be? Where would you live? I want some creative answers!
  14. It is truly a fantastic day here in Ireland! Yesterday, the people of Ireland were given the chance to vote Yes or to vote No to legalising same-sex marraige in Ireland. The ballots have been counted, and the Yes vote has won! As a gay male who lives in Ireland, I am so happy to hear this news!
  15. Sleepless In Ponyville. This seems to be one of the more well received episodes out there. It introduced Scootaloo's first starring role, and touched on something the show never did before-childhood fears of nightmares. It did both of these things in a superb manner, weaving Scootaloo's admiration of Rainbow Dash ( which we had seen some of before, ) in with the nightly fears that must of us have had at some point. Reasons I Enjoy It: 1: Humans have a tendency to like what they can relate to. Almost everyone had nightmares that frightened them when they were children. So we relate to Scootaloo's battle against these nightmares in the episode. Also, some of us probably try to hide our fears, because we worry what people would say or think. And many of us have no doubt had an idol we admired, and we attempted to show these idols only our very best side, lest they dismiss us. I had trouble with nighttime fears even in the start of my teenage years. To see Scottaloo own up to her own fear was very inspiring and heartwarming. 2:We see Rainbow Dash from a new angle. This is something I only now realize. We've always seen Rainbow as the dreamer, the one chasing an idol ( the Wonderbolts. ) But now, with Scootaloo as the starring role, we see Rainbow from her perspective: and it flips the whole thing. Now Rainbow Dash is the model, the dream, and the example. And now we see how it feels to try to live up to the dream of being like Rainbow, as opposed to always seeing what it is like to try to follow the Wonderbolts as from Rainbow's perspective. This is a very nice twist, and it's intriguing to see the characters from new angles and how they appear when viewed from new perspectives. 3:And, well, I can't leave without saying anything about the sisterly relationship between Scootaloo and Rainbow. Seeing that scene at the end where Scootaloo finally confessed, and to see Rainbow admit she once had those same fears, also taught a lesson: our idols are rarely what we make them out to be. So there. Everything I love about the episode. Say what you will about fan-service, I will always love this episode.
  16. So what if you (the reader) were invited to write or act or direct or in some way be involved in the production of an episode, how would you react and what would the episode be like?
  17. So I just realeised something. Anita Sarkeesian got 158 thusand dollars to make like 10 or so shitty videos, while our charity foundraiser is getting to 3 thusand maybe. What the hell is wrong with this world?
  18. Just wondering what video games you guys think have the best stories. Post your responses below. I would have to choose the Professor Layton games for the Nintendo DS/3DS. The stories in those games are simply amazing and have amazing and sad endings. My personal favorite in the series is the third entry: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. I HIGHLY recommend this series. . Anyway, post your responses below
  19. What do you think My Little Pony will be like in 5 years? Do you think it will flourish? Do you think it will fizzle out? If so, how? Personally, I have no clue, I don't think anything so friendly and accepted, yet against the general expectations of society has happened in the history of Mankind, I'm interested to see your responses! Oh, and sorry for kinda spamming the recent topics
  20. Today I saw a status, one that I feel is important to share. Since I'm not sure if someone else will. I wanted to let everyone know. I'll be honest I didn't know Natasha well but I do remember seeing her on the forums and I know she was a good person. I'll always remember her by her first signature, the first thing I did was to use it. She was happy about it. It is very sad that his happened, hopefully she found peace. Rest in peace Natasha.
  21. What's your favorite fictional alien and mutant species in video games? Alien: Mine are the Krogan from Mass Effect, they are the most interesting one imo because of the whole Genophage thing and their culture, and Wrex. Second for me would be the Salarians (Mass Effect) though, they are also interesting because of their short lifespan and their intelligence, and Mordin. Mutant: The super mutants from Fallout are pretty cool, but I like the ghoul more for some reason.
  22. On his way to a meeting in the next town over, Lee James Harrison almost gets thrown off a snowy mid December road by a speeding pick up truck. After he was able to successfully evade the truck, he noticed something rather peculiar in the corner of his eye right before he slammed into it and fell into a ditch. Waking up in a bed in a strange room, Lee Harrison finds himself torn from his family life and placed into a new life as a butler, working for a ruler of a species he's never seen before. Hope you all enjoy this sad/funny story.
  23. Navagating to topics from the home page always logs me out, be it from notifications drop down, the "recently discussed topics" area or the "Topics i've participated in". I'd say it does this 100% of the time now. It doesn't happen nearly as much (10% or so frequency) when I go through the corresponding part of the site map when navigating from the home page to specific topic. Also if I post a reply in a topic and the page reloads to update the thread, I get logged out. If this has been repeated a number of times in the forum please delete this post mods, or merge it with acceptable thread. Thanks. =)
  24. please take my poll because i havent seen a poll about places in equestria so why not if theirs a certain reason why this your fav place please say. and finally place state other places i have missed