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Found 6 results

  1. *Okay, first off I really don't know where should I post this either it was here or the Debate Pit but I don't want it to be all... 'debate-y'. And, Hello! Almost forgot about that one. So, while I was away for a whole week on a school field trip and living high up in the mountains in a village doing the everyday villager stuff like farming carrots, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, and so forth. And in the third night, me and four other friends gather together and we suddenly discussed about lucid dreaming thus I've found out that one of my friends was a lucid dreamer and so it hit me to compare my notes with his about his understanding on lucid dreaming. Almost all I've know and experienced while experimenting on lucid dreaming was the same. So is it actually possible or is it just a bad case of suggestion?
  2. So, I searched for it, but it turns out that to my surprise, there is no Cristopher Nolan thread here. So, I took the liberty of creating this thread. Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite filmmakers out there. He is actually quite new. His first full length featare film was "Memento", and he made that in 2000. He is making a new film, "Interstellar" in 2014!!!! ...... Because it's the thread these Forums deserve.......but not the one it needs right now...... .....Just a quote, doesn't necessarily mean anything, Lol.... Lets get this show on the road!!!! :-D
  3. First thing’s first: Dom’s totem is NOT the top. As he explains to Ariadne, the top is Mal’s totem. So what is Dom’s totem? His wedding ring. In his dreams he is still together with Mal, and thusly is wearing his ring. Final scene? Not wearing his ring. REALITY. Hope I could bring some closure for anyone who was unsure, but that brings me to another point: stories with ambiguous endings. Are they good or bad? Well, a lot of people say happy endings are lame. But how about vague endings? There are two reactions you can get out of a vague ending. First: “That sucks!” This reaction comes because the reader/viewer will never know what happens next. Second: He or she could instantly start imagining what happens next. While I think everyone does this on some level, it’s never that easy. There is one big problem with imagining what happens next: you are not the author. Anything you make up is exactly that: made up. You know that depressive feeling you get when you finish a good/compelling/emotional story? That’s because the story is done. It’s over, and there’s nothing else to learn about that world/character. You can wish anything you want, but it will always feel inadequate because you know that you can’t change the author’s universe. It takes a special talent to be able to cause emotion in others with words. The best type of the story is the one that makes the reader feel like he or she is in the story. You know those stories where when something bad happens to the main character you feel like it happened to you? That’s a good story. (If you never felt that, you should start reading more!) To end a story vaguely can cause much more emotion/heartache than a full ending, and a good author knows when to use one. That said, it doesn’t apply to Inception, because we know it was real.
  4. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that inception jokes are far too cliché, but in this scenario, it's the primary basis. General idea is that Ganaram (my yet-to-be-registered OC) has his own story ideas that he loosely bases off his own life, but as he continues, he figures out how insignificant his own life is. And because I'm currently offloading it off-site at the moment,... I figured that I'd be able to share this idea (because I essentially never did before, and all the times I did before was with just one reviewer). Essentially I needed a bigger audience and actual advice... If this proves too confusing or too over-the-top, I can essentially strip one clean from the other, and if it proves to be unsuccessful, I can easily pull the plug on it. EDIT: Chapter updated; Additional notes added.
  5. Twilight Sparkle sat down at her computer and logged onto, her favorite social forum. After entering her username and password, she quickly navigated to the forum game section, intent on starting a new role-play, one of her favorite passtimes. "hey spike!" she called. "can you get that book on humans I ordered from the Canterlot library?" Spike sighed. "You couldve asked a few minutes sooner, I just shelved it." Twilight looked at him with a playful smile. "well then, you should have not trouble finding it again. I need it for this new game I'm doing." Spike grumbled as he got the book. "all this work just so twilight can play her games..." he said under his breath. He handed the book to twilight, who used her magic to flip to page 127. She thanked spike and began to type as she read. "human role-play Character sheet Name: Nikolas flamel Gender: male Description: a talented alchemist and magician. Nikolas is a kind hearted magician who uses his powers to help people, when he isn't studying new types of magic or trying to create new alchemical substances. Everypony make a human character! I have a book on humans if you want any information. I have books on human behavior, anatomy, history, culture, anything anypony could want to know and more!" Twilight wondered about how she should start her RP. I could come up with a storyline right now... But what if other ponies didn't like it? I should wait for other ponies to join before deciding how to start. she thought for a second and flipped through her human literature book. I'll just start with a basic story. That way other ponies can take it in any direction they want. She began typing again. "nikolas woke and ate breakfast, excited to get back to his work. He finished quickly and went outside, to where had a large, ornate garden. He walked to the largest tree and jumped down into the hole he had dig at it's base. These sure are nice roots. I'll be able to get a lot of extract out of these, but they aren't exposed enough. he picked up his shovel once again. I must go deeper. he began to dig around the roots, making more room around them so he could cut them more easily." Satisfied, twilight logged off the site and went back to her studying. I'll check back in a few hours. Surely somepony will like this game.
  6. That is probably the best FiM trailer. Ever. I didn't make it, it was made by the talented starrose20 FANTASTIQUE.