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Found 12 results

  1. Note: Some content from Season 8 was leaked near the end of last year. While much of it is officially revealed, much isn't. So, please keep leaked content under the tag and don't post or link leaked assets. Zap2It first announced the episode's title and date, and Hasbro released their August lineup on July 20. Episode synopsis C&P'd from the linked PDF. Title: Friendship University Airtime: Boomerang/Australia: August 5, 8:30am AU Time. Disc. Fam./U.S.: August 11, 11:30am EST Writers: Chris "Doc" Wyatt & Kevin Burke Synopsis: When Twilight Sparkle discovers there's another School of Friendship, she and Rarity go to investigate and are shocked to discover that Twilight's idol and Pillar of Old Equestria, Starswirl the Bearded, is enrolled at the school. Episode Link:
  2. Note: Some content from Season 8 was leaked near the end of last year. While much of it is officially revealed, much isn't. So, please keep leaked content under the tag and don't post or link leaked assets. Zap2It first announced the episode's title and date, and Hasbro released their August lineup on July 20. Title: The End in Friend Airtime (DF/U.S.): August 18, 11:30am EST Writer: Gillian M. Berrow Synopsis: Rarity and Rainbow Dash begin to question why they are friends when they can't find anything they both like to do together. Episode to be linked after it airs. Mega:!jv51mbhZ!_rsWL0IkGGTAZN1RyQuyqQqvBcEFvS6q4Lq-Y8sxWO8
  3. Hi everybody! {I feel like there's a pop culture reference I could put here...} Since the Golden Oaks readings are starting to hit their stride and we have plenty of readers putting on fanfiction performances, it might be a good idea to know when our actual audience would be available - after all, there's little point to either one without the other, and while not everybody is going to be available for everybody, finding our mutual sweet spots probably wouldn't hurt. So, without further ado, a few questions - and if there's other useful things you wish to share, by all means do. 1} Are you interested in the Golden Oaks Library readings? If not, is there something we can do to pique your interest? 2} Are there any times that you'd like us to lean towards for readings, or lean away for that matter. Please include your timezone or, if you're not comfortable with giving that away, let us know in something like UTC. 3} As for the material, are there kinds of fanfiction that you would prefer we do, or steer away from? Do you like certain genres more than others? Do you prefer short stories to multi-chapter minibooks? Specific authors? Specific seasons? Specific stories, for that matter? Thanks for your time!
  4. Guest

    staff Introducing the Readers!

    Hi everyone! This is a very long time coming but I'm finally on it. Everyone's noticed the Golden Oaks Library and the readers therein. There have been quite a few readings since we opened up, but what many may or may not know is that the readers are themselves staff and you know what that means around here. First I want to introduce the readers who were already staff members. We have quite a few- there was no shortage of people on staff who liked the idea of the library. TheTaZe: TaZe is actually the first person to become a reader which I think is a pretty neat distinction to have. Today is also his birthday so please leave him a lot of love on his profile. ^ ^ Jeric: And then there's this guy... > > J has been involved in so much you may not have expected to see him pop up on this list, but he did! Our very own MLPF force of nature has no shortage of hands to stick into the many cookie jars around the staff washroom. PathfinderCS: You're probably expecting a deer pun. I'm almost expecting Path's first story to involve Spyro the Dragon. Or Bambi fanfiction. Or Something pertaining to King Sombra. Hard to say since he's been so busy. What do you think? Dark Horse: Mr. D. Horse, Esquire himself! I hear he likes ponies. And tea! Batbrony: The plot thickens! You want to know how meta having Batbrony on this team is? He approached me outside of the application thread and after a short back and forth very quietly snuck his way into the reader staff chat. Yep, that's Batbrony alright. cx From our community, however, we had a relatively decent turnout of applications. From those applications we've managed to find a few incredible people, if I do say so myself! Quinch: Quinch is one of our more levelheaded readers and I'm actually pretty thankful for that. He also has a really interesting voice. I have a lot of recommendations for him, but we'll see if my slow drip of Twilight Sparkle fanfiction drive him crazy. (Or recruit him... as planned... > > ) Clod: So... I was listening in to what I thought was Quinch's reading session yesterday and I needed to step away for a while. I came back and Clod was reading the US constitution... Expect anything from this one! Mesme Rize: Expect sneks. Lots of sneks. Seriously, the very first story he told me he's be reading involved snakes and hypnotism. I guarantee you know what you're coming for when Mesme is reading even without looking at the story beforehand. cx I'm very proud of and thankful for all of you. This was originally just a silly thing I did with ponies elsewhere before I came to MLPF but I'm really happy to see this starting to gain a bit of traction here. I know this announcement was a long time coming but I hope that everyone knows how much it means to at least me having you all here. Thank you all very much. <3
  5. "Looks like we might be due for a big ol' storm of chaos!" Or at least... I hope so. I'm new to these introductions, but I will do my best for the sake of the person I want you all to meet (or in the case of many of you who have been here for a while, reacquaint yourself with). One thing I've learned since we've opened the Golden Oaks Library is that it's going to take a lot of effort from more than just me to make it fun and accessible to everyone, including our readers. So for that purpose, I'm hiring up someone to help me run it co-operatively. @~C. Discord~ , the master of chaos himself, has volunteered his services once again to MLPF and I personally couldn't have been happier to see another former staffer return to us. And a writer no less! Here's hoping Golden Oaks isn't too set on it's current design and direction of gravity. "But Rosie!" you scream, "Isn't it irresponsible to hire a spirit of chaos to look after something as organization-heavy and quiet as a library?!" Let me ask you this; have you ever even tried reading upside down in the fourth dimension with your story's words constantly shifting in font? It might actually be fun! Thank you very much for coming back to us, @~C. Discord~! We're gonna have all kinds of fun.
  6. Jedishy has donned his ceremonial robes and lightsaber to become the second user to join the Event Coordinators. Coming from a military and project focused background, he is perfect for helping us steer the ship of crazy .... crazy fun that is. Congratulations @Jedishy for making it on the team. I love the enthusiasm and ideas that you have already brought to the team.
  7. In case some of wou missed this, the trivia has started
  8. That's right! MLP Forums' sister social/roleplay site Canterlot Avenue is looking for talented web application developers to help fellow MLP fans just like you! You would helping to maintain and add new functionality to the site in an effort to improve the overall user experience and to help foster a more positive and inclusive environment. If you're looking to get your feet wet in the world of social networking and web development, being a Poniverse/Canterlot Avenue developer is a great resume builder! If you're already a professional, why not have a fun little side project? Please note that this is a volunteer position. Per Poniverse policy, you must be 18 years of age or older to be considered. Responsibilities: Program new "apps" and update existing ones as needed Oversee and analyze general user behavior and improve the user experience Answer user technical questions on the Canterlot Avenue Development page in a professional manner Be responsive Requirements: 18+ years of age Must have Discord, per general communication practices Experience in PHP development and comfortable working with frameworks Experience in database design and usage with MySQL Experience with JavaScript, jQuery, and possibly Node.JS for a future project Experience in HTML/CSS (LESS) design Benefits: Access to Poniverse's extensive developer tools and network Resume experience Possible god-like status If interested, please email me at for more information or reply here.
  9. Welcome to the official MLP Forums Fan Clubs section! In this topic, you'll find a list of every fan club related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As usual, all global rules apply. Please also ensure that you only create fan clubs related to MLP:FiM and its fandom. Don't hesitate to comment in this thread to tell us if we're missing a club! Additionally, please make sure to look through this list before posting a new fan club to ensure that it doesn't already exist. It'll go a long way toward reducing clutter! Note: characters in each category are sorted in alphabetical order. Mane Cast Applejack Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Rarity Twilight Sparkle Starlight Glimmer Spike All Mane Six Cutie Mark Crusaders Apple Bloom Scootaloo Sweetie Belle All Cutie Mark Crusaders Princesses Princess Cadance Princess Celestia Princess Flurry Heart Princess Luna Wonderbolts Fleetfoot Soarin Spitfire Secondary Characters Big Macintosh Bulk Biceps Cheese Sandwich Coco Pommel Daring Do Maud Pie Princess Ember Shining Armor Zecora Background Characters Bon Bon Button Mash Candy Mane Derpy DJ Pon-3/Octavia Doctor Whooves Lyra Roseluck Shady Daze Sunshower Raindrops Villains & Antagonists Adagio Dazzle Aria Blaze Babs Seed Diamond Tiara Discord Gilda Iron Will King Sombra Lightning Dust Nightmare Rarity Queen Chrysalis Silver Spoon Sonata Dusk Sunset Shimmer Tirek Trixie Cozy Glow Midnight Sparkle Student Six Ocellus Yona Gallus Silverstream Sandbar Smolder Ships AppleDash FlutterDash LunaShy RariJack RariPants SoarinDash Sparity SunLight TwiDash Fluttercord Pets Boulder Opalescence Other Bat Ponies Minty Momlestia Nightmare Night Snowdrop
  10. Alright so at the first page of the forums you can see a little box for mlpf tweets, however I would like to hide it. There is an option to hide all the other boxes on the side and I very often minimize stuff to keep everything small and clean but after minimizing sections I currently don't use I'm just ending up with a bunch of white space because I am unable to hide the twitter box. See spoiler below. Or maybe the forum has a set height to it and won't change even if I hide the twitter box? If that is the case, a fix would be appreciated.
  11. The right hand side hooks are missing when I use my mobile device Android default browser. If I use chrome they are not missing. I've always used the default browser so I wouldnt like to change it. This is how it looks Default browser: Chrome browser:
  12. As some of you know, i just built my new computer and as the majority of you run windows, i was wondering what everyone's computers score on the Windows Performance Index (found on Windows 7 under start > Computer > System Properties). I know that it is not entirely accurate and it doesn't take quite a few things into account, but it does give a general idea and i'm curious My PI: My PC thread: