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Found 9 results

  1. To satirize of "Evil Empire" Nation X's propaganda (e.g. "we have become what you fear"), Nation Y adopts a pink pony (one of hundreds of modern icons symbolizing Nation X's enemies) as its national emblem, using it in counter-propaganda to represent "themselves" against Nation X's "evil army". After Nation Y wins the war by defending itself, Hasbro sets up its business in Nation Y's capital. The whole nation celebrated to thank Hasbro for that same pink pony, now being used as a national icon in Nation Y*. They have even saved thousands of dollars just to pay Hasbro, in case if Hasbro will ever sue (and bankrupt) the national economy. What will Hasbro do? * Sue the government. * Accept its culture, and even promote various products (not just MLP, but everything else) under Nation Y's native culture(s). * P. S. Nation Y did not become "effeminate", nor did it submit to "Bronyism", after adopting the toy; it was shortly abandoned after much controversy, and reverted to the classic "three soldiers". But this particular incident haunted the nation's popular culture, to even mock the government itself! C'mon, everypony, I need some help!
  2. Say, you ended up on an island, where a primitive tribe takes you as their prisoner. After some incident, you either kill over overthrow their king, and the tribe's members consider you as their next ruler. How would you rule that tribe? Would you: Bring your culture to modernise the tribe, and host diplomatic relations with your home country? Preserve the tribe's culture and traditions, and also encourage them to write so they can preserve their knowledge? Preserve the tribe's culture, but gradually enact reforms to eliminate worse practices (such as slavery, cannibalism, and ritual murder) and modernise the tribe?
  3. Do you think there could be too much fandom influence in the show? You know, with the memes and such.
  4. I find a few unconventional things attractive/not attractive. I find pale skin very beautiful, not being racist, but very pale skin I just happen to find beautiful. I also think longer noses are beautiful, and wish I had that rather than a childish button nose. One last and very uncommon thing is I like guys that are around my height. Really tall guys are scary to me.
  5. Personally.. One of my friend's parents are super-religious. And I'm a pansexual atheist...yeah, you could see where this is going. Her dad likes to mock me, while her mom thinks I'm a bad influence and wants to separate us from hanging out. My other friend's parents love me, and enjoy how I make her friend happy. And another friend's step-parents think I'm a bad influence and would never let her hang out with me. I don't recall being so awful, but whatever. How about you all?
  6. You always hear the cynical adult say, "Video games rots your brain." But I never had much of an ear for Django Reinhardt until Bioshock. I had never wanted to take up basic coding until Portal. I had never wanted to learn German until TF2 (dat Medic ) So tell me: Are there any video games that spiked your interest in something new, and have caused you to try new things IRL? What were they, and to what extent were you affected?
  7. Hi, guys. I was wondering if you could help me in any way. Sooo for my Psych class, our final project is to do a research paper. As in we choose something, we collect data about it, we analyse our data, and we write about it. I want to do something related to MLP but I really don't know where to begin. The only real idea I have right now is seeing if I can work with one of the elementary school classes and possibly do a survey to see the effects that a certain episode would have on their opinion of the characters. I would maybe have them circle the picture of their favorite pony of the main 6 and then have them watch an episode with a prominent character role (I was thinking Magical Mystery Cure) to see if more children would change their opinion and on a second survey, more people would circle Twilight as their favorite. But I'm not really sure how I would make this work or anything like that. If you guys have any suggestions that could make my idea better, or if you have any ideas for a project of your own that I could borrow, I would reallyyyyyy appreciate it. Thanks so much.
  8. Okay, in just about every anime, there's just that one scene that stays with us. Sometimes, it may make us shed a few tears. Or maybe feel an abundant amount of joy. Or maybe, think about our own actions in our own life. For me, it was the scene in DBZ where Vegeta admits that Goku is better in him. This was a sign that Vegeta would turn out to be good. Yet, after the Majin Buu Saga was done, Goku and Vegeta were still rivals and still fought. But that one scene just completely touched me in a way that I can't describe. It made me think twice about being prideful in situations and thinking that I am perfect. Well, nobody is perfect in this world. Also, another scene that touched me was from Pokemon, when Lucario sacrificed itself to save Mew. Tears were running down my face in that scene, for I loved Lucario and didn't want him to die. Anyway, what scenes in anime touched you?
  9. Since today is my 1 month anniversary of being a brony ( nov 17- dec 17) I think this is a good to say this Before I became a brony, I was a dark cynicle person, and I had come to expect failure from every thing I did, it got worse when my grandmother died a year ago(some time in October or November) after that, it became very hard to care about other people, when people talked about how bad there life was, I told them to suck it up and deal with it, and I was very insensitive and intolerent of other people, that was probably due to the fact that I was bullied from 1rst to 9th grade, But ever since I started watching ponies, Ive felt much happier, the taste of successes I've had with how well my abridged series is going so far has far excededed my expectations(I thought it was going to fall flat) I've found my self laughing more, and I think I'm rediscovering how to care about others again, and joining this forum has probably been the best that's happened to me since I discovered the internet Thank you all Maybe one day I'll tell you how I became a brony, thats an interesting story