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Found 12 results

  1. Name: Wild Bellflower Gender: Female Species: Unicorn Talent: Magic Personality and morals: As herself, Bellflower is kind and friendly pony, generally happy, doesn't like harming anyone. When taken over by magic, she's pretty much the opposite Skills outside talent: Reading old ponyish and other ancient languages. Source of income: - Backstory in short: Potion's twin-sister. Was brought up by her foster family as their own in Manehattan. Her childhood was as normal as it could be for an unicorn, school, friends, and learning magic. At some point during that time she got interested in old languages and started to self-study them. After coming to right age, she moved away from her parents, still staying in Manehattan, and focused on learning new magic. After undefined amount of of studying, Bellflower found herself becoming more and more hungry for new, more powerful magic, until one day, a new unspecified spell she tested was too much for her, and the magic quite literally broke out of her through several points in her body, causing her to fall unconscious for a day. After Bellflower woke up, she didn't quite remember what had happened, but when she walked to a mirror, she realized that she was missing a piece of her horn, and that there was blue and red wound like marks around her body. Naturally she went to see a doctor, but regardless of several tests over several weeks, they weren't able to figure out what they were. Bellflower spend her next week trying to figure out what happened, but with no avail, any of the spells she had studied that day had nothing about weird marks around the body, and it seemed that for some reason, she hadn't written down anything to her journals before testing the unspecified spell. Then, one late evening when she was going to wash up after busy day of things not going like she would have liked them to, she suddenly felt a rush of magic inside her, and her body ignited with magic pouring out of her horn and from the mysterious marks. She could only stare into the mirror where there was now gray pony staring back at her with white glowing eyes, red mane flowing like it was made of fire, and flaming armor and pair of flaming wings. But there was something that scared her more than the monster in the was the fact that she couldn't control that monster, she tried to move, but she couldn't budge, and instead, an uncontrollable grin rose to her face, a satisfied grin.... After that point Bellflower's life revolved around finding a solution to her problem, and doing the best to try stop from it doing any harm to anyone, which unfortunately didn't always succeed. At some point Bellflower went through his father's journals, where she found out that her parents weren't her biological parents, and most importantly, that she has a twin-brother named Magic Potion. After learning that and bunch of other things about her actual origins, she set to find this brother, and thanks to a help of an stranger, a weird cat-pony hybrid that seemed to know more than he should, she knew to go to Ponyville, where she learned his brother's location... OCs who she has met but aren't in backstory: She
  2. by Pripyat pony. Name: Magic Potion Gender: Male Species: Unicorn Talent: Potions, poisons, acids, bottled magic.... Personality and morals: Rather deadpan/passive, Strong follower/believer of "You reap what you sow.", Loner, Fearless, Potions=life. Doesn't have morals, makes decisions based on what is best choice for him. Skills outside talent: fighting/combat, sensing magic, knowledge about creatures, plants and magic. other things. Source of income: Random favors and such, studying magic too risky to be studied by more important ponies (like princesses.), selling potions etc. Backstory in short: Parents are Unicorn and Pegasus. Has a twin-sister, but she was adopted pretty much right away to other family so for most of his life, Potion has been unaware about this fact. His childhood was mostly normal, only differences being that he was that he was home-schooled and that his father basically brainwashed him to what he is now. In his bloodline the first unicorn born to the family gets the name Potion, and after the father dies, the son gains the name Magic in front of Potion. Lived his childhood in unnamed town, and there he met and became friends with Gleaming Grin and The Wanderer. After reaching the age to move out, Potion headed to Ponyville, but after few months, he came to the conclusion that it was hard to work on his potions there and moved to abandoned house that was carved into a tree deep in the Everfree forest, and lives there still. After undefined amount of years of him moving there, his father passed, thus giving him his first name, and forwarding 300-400 years old family curse to him. During his time there lot has happened, he met his childhood friends several times, working with them in various things, but one of them (GG) was eventually taken over by sentient mask, the same mask that 300-400 years ago had caused the chain of events that had lead to the Potion's bloodline's curse. He also at some point met mysterious cat-pony hybrid, who helped him with some things and knew oddly lot. Said hybrid disappeared from his life as quickly as he had appeared, leaving Potion with only unexplained appreciation towards cats and lot of questions. At some point, Potion also met a red dragon from outside Equestria with ability to transform into a pony (Ruby Shine) but that didn't lead to anything else than he getting some dragon-based ingredients in exchange for some favors.The last noticeable event in his life was when he met his sister for the first time. OCs who he has met but aren't in backstory: All but Staunch Fidelity and Nada.
  3. Long ago, back when Chaos was an Admin who ruled over the three races of Pegasi, Unicorn and Earth Ponies, an announcement was made which detailed many helpful topics and resources from around the forum. Ultimately this announcement was lost to time and grew outdated. Most of the staff didn't realize it ever existed, but I called it the Resource Map. Today such a thing has been recreated and linked at the top right of the forum index for all forum-goers to see. While I was hired to help run the library with Her Royal Bookhorse, I couldn't resist the opportunity of bringing back something I had always been rather proud of. You're welcome.
  4. (DQ stands for "Daily Question" it is a new theme me and SugarfootWillie started recently.) I have the impression that most everything in America is negative and focused on murders and beatings. Why don't we change that around and find a few things to be proud of.
  5. You can find a good amount of accurate information on yourself if you enter your birthday on the following website: So, what do your birthday say about you? My information:
  6. Frosty's guide to Equestria Well, first of all, there's a lot to know about the MLP world. I probably can't list every last detail, so I'm going to try to write a general guide. Also, I'm counting the comics as canon on subjects that the show itself gives little or no information. Different races Each race has it's own charactaristics. Unicorns have magic, pegasi have flight, and earth ponies have a deep connection with nature. Earth ponies: Earth ponies are the most common race in Equestria. These ponies are strong ponies, capable of pulling heavy carts, lifting heavy stuff, running for miles, etc. Not every earth pony is super muscly, but the average earth pony is still way stronger than your average unicorn. Earth ponies also have been shown to have increased stamina. They'll keep going for far longer than any other race. It also seems that earth ponies have more fine movement skills than the other races. Some of them can (for example,) use their tail as a fifth limb to pick up objects, or to swing a lasso around. They can have all sorts of talents, not only ones related to crops or physical strength. They live (from what I could gather,) pretty much everywhere. There are some settler ponies who live in Appleloosa, a small town out in the desert. They are pretty important for society, as they provide all the food for the rest of Equestria. Pegasi: Pegasi are strong as well, but their strength lies in their wings. They're more focused on speed and agility, more than pure strength, like the earth ponies. They have a special kind of passive magic that allows them walk on clouds and manipulate the weather. They also can use their wings as some sort of arms, using it to carry items. Pegasi are in charge of the weather. They schedule what the weather is going to be, and they make sure that the weather doesn't get out of control. Most pegasi live in Cloudsdale, which is a big city in the clouds. There are of course pegasi who live in other towns as well, but Cloudsdale is the city with the most pegasi. They also have a weather factory, where they make clouds, snow, rainbows, and other things. They get their supply of water from local lakes, which they pump up with a massive tornado. They make that tornado with a lot of pegasi who fly around in a circle, which creates a large current of air. Unicorns: Unicorns are mostly made up of academics and aristocrats. What sets these ponies apart is their mastery over magic. They're not that strong, but they can make up for it with magic and smartness. Most of the time they have only a little magic, magic that matches their special talent. However, some ponies's special talent is magic, and those ponies have some pretty powerful magic. They're able to levitate many objects at the same time, or cast complicated spells. Whenever a unicorn casts magic, their horn glows in a colour which usually matches either the colour of their eyes, or the most prominent colour of their cutiemark. Unicorn magic is quite complicated, so I'm not going to explain everything about it. Most of pony nobility consists of unicorns. Unicorns live all over Equestria, but mostly in big cities. Canterlot is the biggest city, and is also mostly populated by Unicorns. Alicorns: These ponies are very rare, and are incredibly powerful. Alicorns are automatically royalty. Alicorns have the best of all three races, and they even have their own type of magic, "Alicorn magic". We don't really know how it works, but it's apparently limited to Alicorns. There are at the moment only 5 known alicorns, and they all seem to posses powerful magic. It has been proven that the raw magic of 4 alicorns roughly matches all the other magic in Equestria. Growing up How ponies grow up depends on their race and where they were born. Unicorns from Canterlot are going to have a totally different background than pegasi from cloudsdale, for example. But one thing all ponies go through when growing up is getting a cutiemark. Getting a cutiemark: Getting a cutiemark is a thing every pony goes through when growing up. A cutiemark is a mark on a pony's flank that represents a pony's special talent or destiny. For example, if someone's special talent is cutting hair, then their cutiemark would maybe be a pair of scissors. Getting a cutiemark means finding who you truly are. Finding out what your special talent is, what sets you apart from the rest. Usually something special happens to make the pony realize what their special talent is. Pony society The 3 races work together to keep society going properly. The earth ponies provide food, and do a lot of jobs. Pegasi control the weather, and make sure the earth ponies can actually grow crops. They also do jobs with air transportation, as they are the only ones that can fly. Unicorns do jobs that the other 2 races can't do, and are generally intellectual ponies. They pay with Bits, small golden coins. Places There are a few important places to know, so here is a list of those: Griffonstone: A kingdom to the east of Equestria that's populated by griffons. Griffons are half-lion, half-eagle, and their greed for money and gold rivals that of dragons. They used to be very rich, but they lost their wealth, and now live in poverty. Yakyakistan: It's a country with a lot of yaks. It's in the far north. Not much is known about them, but they seem to be not very smart. Saddle Arabia: Country far away. Everfree Forest: A forest located next to Ponyville. It houses mysterious creatures, like Timberwolves and the Ursa Major. Ponies are generally scared to go there. Zecora lives here. Ponyville: Town where all three races live in unison. Also the home of the Mane 6 and Twilight's castle. Canterlot: The capital of Equestria. Celestia and Luna live here. Most of the rich ponies of Equestria live here. Cloudsdale: Large city in the clouds. Only Pegasi live here, as other ponies can't stand on clouds. Manehatten: Large city. Appleloosa: Hometown of Applejack's cousin. It's in the middle of the desert, with apple orchard as main food source. Tartarus: A place where evil creatures are banished to. Important ponies There are some important ponies you might want to know about, here's a list: Royalty (Present) Twilight: Princess of Friendship and former wielder of an Element of Harmony. Former student of Celestia. Princess Celestia: Alicorn that raises the Sun, and is the closest you can get to the ruler of Equestria. Princess Luna: Celestia's sister, Raises the Moon. Appears less at social events, unlike her sister, but chooses a more personal approach towards citizens. Can also control dreams, and appear in them. Princess Cadance: Princess of Love, and ruler of the Crystal Empire. Married to Shining Armor. Shining Armor: Twilight's brother. Former head of the Royal Guard. Prince Blueblood: Celestia's nephew. His family link to Celestia and Luna is far (Roughly 50 times) removed. He's really self-centered. [*]Important ponies (Present) Mane 6 (Twilight and co.): former wielders of Elements of Harmony. Now wielders of the "rainbow power" from the Tree of Harmony. Sunburst: Former student of Celestia. Has much knowledge about magic, but isn't able to use it all. Lives in the Crystal Empire. [*]Royalty (Past) Note, some of these aren't actually royalty, but I count them anyway as they were the leaders of their people. Princess Platinum: Leader of the Unicorn Tribe before Equestria's founding. Chancellor Puddinghead: Leader of the Earth Pony Tribe before Equestria's founding. Commander Hurricane: Leader of the Pegasus Tribe before Equestria's founding. [*]Important ponies (Past) Star Swirl the Bearded: A powerful unicorn, that created over 200 hundred spells, and is "the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era". He even created time-travel spells. He disappeared without a trace one day. He lived before Equestria was founded in the Unicorn Tribe. Clover the Clever: Princess Platinum's adviser. Student of Star Swirl the Bearded. Smart Cookie: Chancellor Puddinghead's adviser. Private Pansy: Commander Hurricane's subordinate. [*]Villains (Defeated) Chrysalis: Queen of the changelings. Tried to take over Equestria, but failed. Unlike the other villains, Chrysalis doesn't seem to be that powerful. She instead uses deceit and disguises and strategy to conquer enemies. King Sombra: Ruled the Crystal Kingdom for some time, enslaving all the crystal ponies that were there. He's apparently a "shadow pony". What that is, we don't know yet. Tirek: Mysterious creature that absorbes magic. He is able to strip the magic from every race of pony, which generally leaves them tired and unable to resist much. Pegasi can't fly, unicorns can't cast magic and earth ponies don't have their strength anymore. Sirens: Powerful beings who feed of negativity. They posses powerful mind-controlling singing. They were banished to the human world. Nightmare Moon: Luna who was corrupted by her envy. She felt that the night wasn't appreciated, so she refused to lower the moon. Celestia banished her to the moon for a thousand years with the Elements of Harmony. One thousand years later Nightmare Moon returns, and get's turned back into Luna by the Mane 6. [*]Villains (Reformed) Discord: Creature of chaos. Causes mayhem and weird stuff everywhere he goes. His morals are questionable, but he says he's reformed. Sunset Shimmer: Former student of Celestia. Stole the Element of Magic, and fled to the human world. Transformed into a demon, but was defeated by the Magic of Friendship. Now lives in the human world. Starlight Shimmer: Former student of Celestia. A powerful unicorn who founded "Our Town", a town where all ponies are equal. She has the ability to strip ponies of their cutiemarks. Now friends with the Mane 6 and Sunburst. Lives in Twilight's castle. Important objects and things Here's a list of important things that appear in MLP:FiM. Tree of Harmony: A mysterious tree that brought the Elements of Harmony and the Friendship Castle. It seems to know when Equestria is in danger. Alicorn Amulet: A powerful amulet that grants the weilder great magical power, but corrupts the user. Used by Trixie one time. Elements of Harmony: Six Elements that, when wielded together, give great power. The six Elements are Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty, Kindness, Honesty and Magic. They are currently inside of the Tree of Harmony, keeping it healthy. They can be weilded by one person, if that person possesses all of the characteristics. The Cutie Map: A map that displays Equestria. It changes to accurately show what Equestria looks like. It originates from the Tree of Harmony. It shows the Mane 6 where to go and who has to go to solve a friendship problem. It's exact powers aren't known yet. History The history of Equestria is quite rich with things that have happened. Here's a general line of things that have happened, in the order of them happening. Equestria founded (See Hearth's Warming Eve) Unknown timespan Celestia and Luna rise to power Unknown timespan Discord rises to power Elements of Harmony found Discord defeated Unknown timespan Crystal Empire taken over by King Sombra King Sombra defeated / disappearance of Crystal Kingdom for 1000 years About a year Luna corrupted / appearance Nightmare Moon Luna banished to moon for 1000 years 1000 years Nightmare Moon returns Elements of Harmony used by Twilight and friends to bring Luna back Lore Here are some stories from Equestrian lore. Equestria's Founding: Magic Here are a few theories on how magic works: Theory by MindPalace: Festive days Equestria has a lot of days where they celebrate something. Here's a list of them, and where they came from, and what they mean to Equestria: Hearth's Warming Eve: A feast celebrating the founding of Equestria. It looks a lot like Christmas in the decorations that they use. For origins, see Lore: Equestria's founding. Every year the ponies of Equestria celebrate this day with a play of the events that happened. There are many plays all over the country, but the one in Canterlot is the biggest one. Summer Sun Celebration: This is a celebration that commemorates both the longest day in the year, the summer soltice, and the defeat of Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Night: A celebration where young ponies go around collecting candy, much like Halloween. That pretty much sums it up. They collect candy, and offer it to Nightmare Moon, so she won't eat them. Even though Nightmare Moon is no more, they still keep up the tradition, because it is fun. If I'm missing anything, please tell me, I'll add it to the list.
  7. im starting my own server, and would like to know what plugins, or mods, anything, you guys are using over at the poniarcade minecraft server, ive been on there for about two or two and a half years, and would really like to know, as the simple layout and all really pleased me, thanks in advance, -Cocoa_Surprise
  8. I just noticed today that something new has been implemented that is now a part of our user posts (I not exactly sure what to call it besides user information outside the forums). I am talking about the Youtube/Twitter/DeviantArt/Steam/etc. user information blocks that when clicked on, will take you to their channel/profile on those site. I am sure there are still some kinks to work out, but as of right now, mine does not work (I only have a Youtube one). Even though I am able to bring up my channel on my own, the link on the forum says my channel does not exist. I checked my user profile to see if maybe the information was wrong, but it is correct. I am not sure how far along this new addition is, but maybe there should be some posting about it, informing it is in progress or maybe is already fully implemented (and I'm just having a bug with it).
  9. I live in Warner Robins, Georgia. I would really love to attend one. Are there any Brony cons or My Little Pony events in the Georgia area? Any information would be helpful.
  10. Not doing hurtful things to your waifu chart *Nightmare style* Is it real? Or are you just screwin' around? Why is it not "Doing hurtful things to your waifu"? Is it bloody? Is it violent? Is it stupid? Do bears REALLY shit in the woods? Why are the requests taking so long? Why am i reading this? Why should i care about your shitty OC when i requested you to draw my awesome OC? Why have you barely been on the Forums lately? When will my questions be answered? ^So... Yeah. I've been busy lately. And my interest in My Little Pony has gone down significantly. Due to "not great" writing, and poor story lines in season 3 and 4 (My opinion) I've lost interest in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, So doing anything MLP related is more of a chore. I needed a break from MLP so i've been working on mostly non-MLP projects lately *I'm not allowed to discuss them yet*. However, i am back to doing MLP stuff, so i should be back up and running very, very soon. I am working on requests again, and should be back to releasing them daily.... I hope. I also plan on being a bigger member of these Forums, since i never really interacted with anyone before. We'll see how that turns out. I am still packing and getting ready to move to California, so that will slow me down for another 3 weeks to a month. But after that, it's game on when it comes to the drawings. Soooo yeah..... ~Thanks for being patient with me guys. Oh, and as for the "Not doing hurtful things to your waifu chart" picture..... Is it real? or was i just screwing around? Well..... Just wait and see
  11. My suggestion is pretty simple but nonetheless I think it needed to be brought up. I apologize if this has been brought up before. Below the avatar of each user there is a logo depicting their usertitle/rank. I think there should be some more information added as well such as join date, post count, etc. Here's a quick mock-up of what I'm suggesting. Sorry about the bad quality of the mock-up. I threw it together on Photoshop in a few minutes. I'm kind of a statistical person that's my reasoning behind this suggestion. It's pretty simple and easily implemented anyway. Thanks for checking out my thread! Originally Posted Mock-Up:
  12. I am one who loves knowledge. Particularly, I love useless information that makes people question my sanity. Yeah, there's Ripley's Believe or Not, or the World Record books out there, but there are just some things that are proven fact that people never really think about, or are so bizarre that they make you ask "Dafuq?" over and over, trying to get the mental image out of your head..... So without further ado, post the weirdest or normal-est random facts that you think everyone(pony) should know! That way, you can learn something everyday (and impress/weird out your teachers, friends, family, and the random person walking down the street that wonders about your sanity after the fact (and then proceeds to walk into a large intimate object due to their oblivious pondering cuz its funny). Did you know? The human heart is capable of squirting blood at least 30 feet? (or 9.14 meters for those outside the US) Being scared of heights is technically a misnomer, in order to be scared of heights you have to look into the sky and freak out. Most people who are scared of heights are actually scared of depths. For those familiar with American coins, a dime has 118 ridges around the outer diameter, whereas a quarter has 119 ridges. I also know why they have those ridges, but I don't really want to go into a historical discussion