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Found 6 results

  1. Is it just me or is this season lacking music compared to previous seasons? We got the Slammed together songs of feather bangs and big mac in Hard to say anything, but past that we're kind of running low on Songs this season compared to previous seasons (Like how there's usually a song in the premiers). Think it might have something to do with Ingram being focused on the movie?
  2. I forgot to post this here. This is an orchestral remix I've been working on for about a month now, off and on.
  3. First things first.. *Newfriend Posting! - Release Screwloose!* ^^ I'm crediting this poster for mentioning the movie "Inspector General". This is a funny clip from said movie. If you choose to watch it, at least watch up to the first minute. I guarantee you will chuckle. The mention of a certain muffin loving mare is not to me missed. Anyway, I highly doubt it, but this song may have served Ingram's inspiration for The Flim Flam Brothers' Miracle Curative Tonic (a much better song overall, but I reiterate that one part in the Inspector General song is to die for).
  4. Brand new remix! Please let me know what ya think, and share it around if you like it! -BV- FREE DOWNLOAD! : UPDATE: Sweet Celestia!!! I just got featured on EQD! My day has officially been made.
  5. Ok so after a month of work I finally finished my orchestration of Hearts Strong as Horses! I took a lot of time and effort into this project so mind checking it out and leave some feedback? I would appreciate it! More "My Little Orchestra's" are coming soon, so subscribe to stay up-to-date! Thanks in advance! - TMM VIDEO:
  6. Hasbros has released some news about Applejack and Season 3 this week. I'll paste the few announcements. Daniel Ingram also commented on the possibility of giving AJ a unique voice actor. This is great news. I was hoping to hear something about John DeLancie and Discord, but I guess this will do for now. Tell me what you think.