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Found 18 results

  1. Anypony here have any tattoos they're willing to share on? If not, do you have any plans for getting any, and what are your views on them? I was just wondering because I want to get one eventually. I plan on getting this on my forearm...Thoughts?
  2. Hello, everypony Rainbowdash here up in clouds dale I play app games on glitterplay bits store now enjoy what I've shared. ANGRY BIRDS EVOLUTION ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS ANIMAL CROSSING POCKET CAMP
  3. Hi everyone This is a doodle I drew this afternoon as part of my drawing lessons at my animation studies. It took me like... 5-10 min, not very much. I hope you'll like this doodle
  4. Hello and welcome to the thread that, hopefully, will document my venture into the realm of traditional art. The purpose of this topic is quite simple, really - to post one's attempts at drawing, explain what was supposed to be done, and, if anyone stumbles on it, recieve constructive critique, maybe tips even. Now, Before I present the examples of my, ahem, "current skill level", I'd like to pause for a moment to talk about where I wish to go with all that. Otherwise my presentations would be in a void of sorts. So, I first tackled just a single medium, pencil sketches. My workshop consists of a set of KOH-I-NOOR pencils (12 piece set ranging from F to 8B), assorted erasers and blending stumps, drawn on A4 paper. Just so you know. I try to draw everything freehand, without rulers and such. My "end goal" in this medium could be summed up by this example: Once I become proficient with shapes, I intend to expand into inked sketches, line and shaded, then gradually add color. My weapon of choice would be the dip pen with a lot of nibs and inks (I already write with a fountain pen exclusively, so nib care is nothing new for me). Again, a presentation on what I'd love to achieve one day (I know they're digital but can be as well done with dip pens) Daydreaming section done, so it's time to get back on the cold hard ground. I don't have a scanner in this apartment, so I made pics instead. Each piece will have it's individual spoiler. As you can probably tell, I've got a looong way to the examples showed earlier. I welcome critique and advice, and meanwhile, I will focus on getting consistently good side views, front view portraits and those pesky 3/4's. Later I intend to move into custom poses, and if I won't break the pencils from frustration, expand into actual scenes, with backgrounds and stuff. Hopefully.
  5. Greg the changeling... changing. I've uploaded the same image on DeviantArt and Tumblr, but I figured I'd toss it up here too.
  6. So a while back I pioneered an art style I call "chaos" art - it is entirely subconsciously done. Here's what you go - you get a piece of paper, and a pencil. Close your eyes, and think of an emotion or thing you wish to convey - and then with pencil in your hand, just start scribbling - go nuts - let that emotion flow through you - make sure to cover as much of the page as you can, keep adding if you don't feel satisfied, but keep your eyes closed when you do this. then open your eyes and look at the mess you have made - and then, using ONLY the lines you see, start to see what you can see come out of the mess, and start outlining lines, and then colour it in. It sounds like the results would be retarded, but you might be amazed at what you see.. the first is called the abysmal demon of hair - it was made using anger emotion the second is called the snail- it was made using the feeling of nature. both are copyrighted. also see my other thread - OC my character - which I showcase some of my other work
  7. Whats everyones opinions on tattoos? I have some myself, but i would enjoy to hear about everyone elses. What tattoos do you want? Where did you get your tattoos? Pictures? Anypony have or want any MLP tattoos? What about other body mods??
  8. Hi there, over the next few days I'd like to showcase some of my artworks, especially the traditional ones and thought I'd start with a portrait of Queen Chrysalis I did some time ago. I used pigment ink (and if I remember correctly just one pigment ink marker). I tried to create an artwork similar to old portrait depicting royalty so I included a stronger focus on the symbols of power (crown, royal coat) as well as designing a fitting frame, relating to the portrayed queen. DeviantArt-Link:
  9. I'm not really satisfied on how the scan turned out and there are a few areas I'm not 100% satisfied with... but the idea popped into my head and I followed it through.
  10. I did two stippled ink drawings of rainbow dash and one of vinyl. I plan on doing more,and i am very open to suggestions and critisism
  11. Take a look, and tell me what you think about it. Took me 5 hours. Bamboo brush and stick with ink, on Bristol board. Plz enjoy! -a~N
  12. I kinda messed up on Rainbow so I scrapped this drawing, but I'm gonna end up re doing it later so yay. I really liked how Pinkie came out though
  13. ((EDIT: I forgot how this thing works so I attached the thumbnail first before I remembered how I was actually supposed to do this and I can't remember how to remove attached thumbnails. Bah. Anyhow, I inserted a better one above.)) So, yeah, ain't been on in about a year now. I've still been watching and drawing, but there's school and life issues and all the good stuff that I have to do now that I'm turning 18. Also, I've gotten more sucked into the Transformers fandom than the pony fandom. I have a Transformers RP blog on Tumblr and am thinking about making a pony one, too... I had an OC, Oracle. Maybe him? Or Barnabas Kelvin! But I'll probably be on here more now. Gonna change my icon, too. Oh, yeah! The last things I posted were some Spike designs, so I figured that another one was the most appropriate 'hey I'm back' thing. What'chu all think?
  14. I thought that id have a go at drawing Luna in sort of a graphic stile with more wafty wings and gnarly mane and tail (not to mention belly button!) and I hope you guys like it. constructive criticism and all feedback is appreciated
  15. So today I started off my Easter picture, I have new pens and thought this would be the perfect time to use them! It's not finished yet, but I thought you guys would like to see my progress. I'll probably end up watercolouring this one. I hope you like how she's looking so far!
  16. Hello everyone just wanted to share my derpy hooves tattoo, I am absolutely in love with her. The original image is by and the artist is local. Hope you enjoy it The image is right after finishing
  17. Derp. Just drew this and decided to see what y'all here on the forums think. Drawn with pen. yay.. she's wearing a scarf, fyi. PS: Sorry, it has a crease in it, and the scanner scanned it in.. v.v;
  18. My imagination is a strange place.... This is a nothing-but-ink sketch I made out of nowhere. I wanted to draw a dark, steampunk-ish version of Alice & Wonderland's Mad Hatter, and this is the end result. Feedback is appreciated!