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Found 31 results

  1. Based on the amount of feedback I've gotten on my last thread, I've decided to reduce the number of pictures I'm showing per thread back down to one. That said, I've been wanting to do something involving both Blender and Inkscape at the same time, and this is what I came up with. (My usual hidden symbol wasn't integrated into this pic, something I only realised just now.) I highly appreciate any feedback on this; I'm finding it hard to keep drawing right now due to self-doubt and just not having time to draw anything right now.
  2. This was supposed to be a family of images, but then while I was trying to incorporate shading, this happened. Two things: I was already experimenting with a way of adding extra depth to my flat design images by taking them into Paint.NET, duplicating the background layer, applying noise and Gaussian blur, and changing the opacity of the duplicate layer so that it creates a subtle blur effect, hence the upper image. I accidentally created a super-minimal colour system that relies on two pairs of opposing colours (here, red-vs-green and blue-vs-yellow) hence the lower image. Here are the questions and this is where I'm specifically asking for critique: How did I do with and should I continue with the blur-glow effect? Without noise, this is doable in Inkscape. How did I do with and should I also further experiment with opposing/complementary colour pairs that are not necessarily the primary character's colour(s)? This only works here because I can parse Pinkie Pie's silhouette against the flat design blooby-blob effect and dark-vs-light and whatnot.
  3. I've been working on this for the last couple of days, and now it's done: a drawing of my two main OCs, Mystic Rune and Whirlwind, made using Inkscape. So, what do you say? Your opinion is really important to me and all, so don't be shy! Feel free to tell me what you think about it.
  4. Just an idea I had, since both characters are voiced by Peter New. I guess it's a voice actor joke? Anyways, I'm not exactly great at making show-accurate vectors, so I'm looking for your feedback. This one is half traced-half non traced (if that makes sense), but are there any tips you guys can offer to make it look more like in the show? Also, I know he doesn't have his cutie mark, and that that portion of his leg doesn't have the stroke. I'll fix those up in the final draft. EDIT: Ah, forgot to click "Attach This File". Lemme try again.
  5. I drew my oc and Pipsqueak because they look similar. they are also pirates I made it in a program called inkscape. i hope you like it.
  6. Questions: About Art Opinions: So i have a question i love both programs and i have quellps with both programs. As i cant vector in photoshop because i might just be inept at useing the pen tool but after learning inkscape (though it is a vectoring program which im loooving cause my ocd isnt killing me on line thicknesses any more) i feel like im cheating any thoughts on this matter? (though i do love that i can finally get a good line thickness and not want to rip my hair out<-- been strugling with my oc for the last 4 days in Photoshop finally got somewhere currently working on an actual vector version and the back drop was just a quickie) PS: how are my proportions on this picture ? im doing a vector of it but i dont want to get so far only to find out i might be a bit to dis-proportionate i understand completely there two different programs one mainly used for vectoring of course and the other used for a multitude of things. About Flash: When starting animation is there a preferred image size for flash? im a graphics design student and im starting (hence why im asking) this semester so i wont be in animation for a while but i thought id get the jump. i also plan to do pony animations so i thought it be nice to get some advice About Photoshop: Any tips for drawing mlp related things in this program cause i have all but given up on it XD i love it for other things but trying to get a constant line weight throughout the entire picture has all but almost left me bald in one spot About youtube: Im planing to do some videos on mlp related things if any one here also does things like that i was wondering whats a good image size to role with when putting it into your desired video editor (or does size not even matter?) Signed, The AlphaAzn aka The Azn Analyst
  7. Hey everypony! Since mid 2013, all of my OC vectors have been designed in Inkscape and its Ponyscape derivative. However, I also own Adobe Photoshop CS6, and I've been considering learning how to draw ponies in Photoshop, be it digitally (tablet) or using a sketch pad and a camera or scanner. So my question to those who have worked in Photoshop before: what's the best way for a total Photoshop noob to approach drawing ponies in Photoshop? What Photoshop tools are essential for creating high-quality digital artwork? Are there any similarities between Photoshop and Inkscape? For beginners, is it better to use the tablet or just sketch things out first? Thanks!
  8. So i've gotten into drawing ponies, and have gotten better at it since my terrible first tries xD So i was just seeing if i can get some useful crticism from anypony else who's been doing this a long longer then i have.. I'll explain my current process from the beginning: First i use Blender with a custom rig i made to creature what i like to call my "drawguide", which is like the guide lines or circles you see most artist draw prior to drawing a character.. with some constrains and rigging, i can pose it any way i like and with some circles parented to each bone and tracking the camera, i end up with something like this, which i then use as a guide in my next steps.. Then i use the drawguide underneath the main layer of either krita or Inkscape, or both (Whichever art style i want to use) --- For the sake of keeping the images accurate to how i do it, I will show how i made my OC pony profile picture: First i posed and rendered my MLP drawguide: Then I used that in Krita (Which i only downloaded yesterday xD) and did my first test using my drawguide, did the face how it was 'cause i thought it'd look funnier xD In this instance i used the .png export of the Krita art and used Inkscape to made a vectored version of it and changed the face to look better.. the vectored version is a lot more accurate to the show but VERY time consuming.. -_- Still heppy with the result though.. --- But yeah.. any pointers for the pony art pros? ~AURA
  9. I'm finally getting the hang of basic Inkscape techniques. I'm still lost on shading techniques. Anyone got any good tutorials?
  10. This was my first try at making a pony image using Inkscape. I used an original drawing of Pinkie Pie done by Lauren Faust back when Pinkie Pie was supposed to be a pegasus pony. I think it's not bad for a first try.
  11. Hi, fellow bronies! So I'm dipping my hand into the world of MLP-related vector art (I've done LOTS of other vector art before, mind you), but I've come across a really specific problem. Take a look at this image: (I'd rather link it because it's HUGE) You see how that blue curl comes behind her ear? How is that done? Is the outline actually a stroke or are they two individual pieces layered one on top of the other? How does the MLP animation crew usually handle this? is this question too particular?
  12. Hey everypony ! I've been working on the fourth drawing on my list lately, the theme was the magic effects . The screenshot from the show was waaaay too complicated, so I tried to make something both good-looking and complex, yet not as complicated :okiedokielokie: . Hope you will enjoy it ! Don't forget to zoom . Also, I can provide the .svg for those interested .
  13. So... yeah. About 2 to 4 days ago, i did some pony art, well, i didn't draw, but what i did, was using bases to do it, so, not very original at all. Basically, what i did, was doing vectors. One from the show (The Adorable Smile), and one, that was based on 3 other vectors (Mah OC) The Adorable Smile by FizzyGreen Mah OC by FizzyGreen
  14. Ahoy, whoever is reading this. It's Rocket Punk here, presenting his 2nd gallery. Why second, you should ask? Cause I'm also working on 3D pony models, and I thought it would be a good thing to separate. Here, you'll be able to see what I draw on my spare time. Here's my first OC, created, like 3 hours ago. I drew him with Inkscape and coloured with Gimp. I have the honour to present you... Phoenix Sunfire! Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, I screwed his head up, but excuse me, I'm an Inkscape newbie, so while I wanted to to a perfect stallion mouth, I just sucked. And the worst is I just realized that. But I think it's a good beginning. I'll wait to better myself to draw 2 more OCs I imagined: Rocket Punk (yeah, that's me), and Blitzkrieg Punk, his brother. Don't forget to leave a comment as I could improve my drawing skills
  15. So, I've successfully vectored something in inkscape, and I tried my OC's head (current design), since I'm used to drawing her freehand. So here goes nothing. Hopefully that was decent, considering it's the first time I've vectored anything, ever. What do you guys think?
  16. I was interested in the We Love Fine t-shirt design contest and decided to make this. Ever since I heard the '3:10 to Yuma' reference in 4x12 (Pinkie Pride), I knew I had to ponify the movie cover All vectors were 100% hand traced, and everything was made in Inkscape. ScorpionByte Post and More Info: Direct Image URL: I'm still fairly new to Inkscape, and have since been practicing my textures and shading techniques.
  17. I needed an avatar so I downloaded Inkscape and watched a few tutorials. This is what I ended up with: Ivory Shadow the earth pony. He don't need no horn because music is magic. He don't need no wings because music gives you wings. That's all I got.
  18. My first time making an infographic in Inkscape (I am also very new to Inkscape). This is a very simple one explaining the basics of how a torrent (and a lot of P2P networking) works. I think I added a little bit too much text, and it might not have enough info to explain even the basics. Took about 5 hours, I just did it for fun. Direct File DeviantArt (I'm not active on DA, like, ever) ScorpionByte Post (I'm active on SB 24/7)
  19. There's already a bunch of tutorials about this on the internet, however I wanted to make a simple step-by-step tutorial where I show you one of the ways I use to create pony eyes in Inkscape. Note, this is a tutorial for anyone who have used inkscape before, I will not explain to you how to use the pen tool or how to change color of stuff and so on. Start off by creating a simple oval shape. Give it a slight rotation. Add two more circles for the iris and the pupil. Add two more circles for the highlights, one more round and one oval. Add two triangles which are placed similar to in the picture. Make sure they are exactly next to each other by zooming in far. Create a gradient for the iris. Put the triangles on the correct layer and change the color code of the top triangle to ffffff32 and the bottom one to ffffff98 (feel free to experiment with numbers around 32 and 98 to make it look good.) Not we're gonna make a clip. Make a duplicate of the eye white object (purpleblue one in the pic) by pressing Alt+D. Select the duplicate by pressing once on it and then select all other objects except the duplicate source. (This is why you select the duplicate first so you don't have to select the whole thing and accidentally select the original which is placed right under the duplicate.) Right click on the duplicate and pick "Set clip". Your eye will now look like below image. (NOTE that I have put the highlights on other spots plus changed the color of the eye-white to white. You can always make changes to free objects which aren't a clip source.) Put down a line and change its thickness, then make it follow the shape of the eye Select the line and press Ctrl+Alt+C. Now you can edit it. Go ahead and delete one of the end nodes on the bottom of the line and make sure the other node it placed right where the eye ends. Do the final simple steps and make adjustments to your eye. wooo! there you go (= Again, there's other ways to do this but this is probably one of the fastest which also looks quite good.
  20. Over the course of last week I started using Inkscape, and this is one of my first completed vectors. What do you guys think? Is there anything I could have done better?
  21. A couple of hours ago, I had nothing better to do, so I installed Inkscape and tried my hand at a vector. I'm just posting it here to see if I could get any constructive criticism on it. The color pallet, the anatomy, anything that needs to be pointed out.
  22. I was screwing around in Inkscape and got this (click for DA page): I dub her Sweetie Pearl. Maybe there can be pearl ponies, a variation of crystal ponies?
  23. Hello. Before I begin, note that OOC chat will be between two brackets ((like this)). ((I've been working on a new pony puppet for Flash from scratch (well, using show traces). I'm gonna use this thread as a fun way to show off progress. Finally getting back into ask threads, plus I don't even need to use any Double Rainboom assets! ))
  24. Okay, a big thanks to @@CamRad18, for this piece of art: I requested art, but left it open for him to do what he pleased, so he shortened my OC's (Mist Chaser) lifespan! all jokes aside thanks Cam, awesome work! From there i decided i wanted to digitalize it...sooo I did XD I took a few screen shots along the way to show how i did it. This is just the quick outline of it, traced off the image. Done on Inkscape. This is it when I had neatened it up (notice the lines are no longer straight and jaggered. from their I moved to Paint tool SAI and coloured it blah blah blah... and this.... Is the final product. Please reply what you think, critisizm is welcom as long as it is CONSTRUCTIVE!!! thanks for viewing
  25. So I did another vector of my ponysona on Inkscape. Took about a week or so, since I just can't be bothered to finish it up in a day. Please brohoof, and comment!