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Found 8 results

  1. String Input Scene Author: Rikifive For: RPG Maker VX Ace v 1.0 // 26.05.2018 ( Introduction A fellow developer was looking for something, so I've decided to make that silly, small script. It doesn't add much, but hopefully does its job. I was thinking, that it may come in handy for some ponies here, so why not sharing it? Description In this scene you can input a string into a variable, similarly to name input. Features Allow players to input a string and store it in a variable. Can be used to say something in message box, can be used to change names etc., can be used to ask for password codes and so on... Instructions - Paste below materials; above main. - Assign [ 5 ] variables to settings in the configuration section. - To call the input scene, use the [ script call ] from 3rd page. Example > Event Commands \ 3rd Page \ Advanced \ Script... $game_variables[21] = "What's your name?" # desc $game_variables[22] =,125,60) # desc color $game_variables[23] = "Eric" # string suggested by default $game_variables[24] = 30 # length (max 30); Color is in [ RGB ] format; from [ 0 ] to [ 255 ] for each color. Maximum supported length is [ 30 ] characters. Putting more won't have effect. You can modify each settings as you wish, you DON'T have to include all of them each time you want to bring the input menu; for example: $game_variables[21] = "What's your name?" # desc; Will call a scene with the description specified above. The rest of settings will remain the same as they were set last time OR reset to defaults; see more in the configuration section in the script. /!\ WARNING HOWEVER, you HAVE TO to configure ALL settings when calling the input menu for the FIRST TIME. Otherwise it will crash, due to lack of values, or rather, them not being formatted correctly. Screenshots Terms of Use Can be used in commercial projects Can be modified to your needs Cannot be reposted without permission Credit me, { Rikifive } in your project Script... PASTEBIN or Certificates Egghead stuff confirmed. This script was tested by Eric. He didn't complain.
  2. I'm trying to get a review show going on Youtube and I don't know how to start. The idea of the show is that I review the games story campain. Analyzing the story, pointing out plot holes, choice of voice actors (performance matters), stuff like that. Not the controls, graphics or things stupid publishers do. I just don't know what game to start off with. I suppose I'm hesitant because I'm worried that theres someone else who did it first. Angry Joe supports story modes and well thought out stories in campains but he goes over the controls and graphics too. Picture it like Nostalgia Critic reviewing a movie but more nice and well thought out like Chris Stuckman. So what do you guys think? What should I start out with? What advice can you give?
  3. John Noble (Walter from Fringe or Scarecrow from Batman Arkham Knight) was at a convention signing autographs. I presented him with a fan vector rendering of Starswirl the Bearded. I asked if he was interested in doing some voice acting for MLP and I showed him the picture. I was trying to be passive and said "it's up to you sir, it's cool if you're not interested". His handlers got him up to speed about the show in one sentence. In the end he said he would consider it so it's more 50/50 rather than a "I'd rather not" so I'm happy with that. I have no proof other than the signature I got from Mr. Noble.
  4. Seeing as the Feedback brief states I can say what I "don't like", I'll post that last and start with what I "like". I'm going to be blunt, feel free to lock or delete. I'll keep it short and to the point with adding the important details. What I like 1. I like the design and interface of the site itself, having many topics to discuss various things. Also, necro-bumping is encouraged so old topics can remain, instead of cluttering with the same topic. It keeps discussion alive. 2. It's the most active forum of MLP, even though there are several dedicated to the show, they aren't as fun to post in as with here. I'm guessing the determination and commitment of prospering site growth is what separates it from the rest. 3. It's updated constantly. Not to be confused with most active since a lot of sites are active but aren't updated as frequently. That includes new banners for example, which keeps things looking fresh. 4. Spam/trolls are quickly removed. I remember having followed a forum section and noticing an advertising member promoting money-making ideas to sell. As soon as I noticed it, it was gone. I couldn't even attempt to see what it was about. Swift action I say. I haven't seen any anti-bronies on here yet (which what I referred to as trolls rather than just the regular jerk), which is good since it doesn't help by stating an opinion over an interest that no one has control over. 5. Overall the members here are more welcoming. Sure, I get a negative reply or rude comment here and there, but that's the use of having the block feature for. What I don't like 1. Quick punishments. Upon being called names by a handful of members on a blog I long before deleted, a mod deemded it justifiable to place me in wrong-doing. It was a chaotic mess of rude remarks and insults, which soon after reading enough of it, was removed by me. There was even a situation where upon trying to log on, I noticed I was permanently banned from the site from abusive behavior and having no absolute knowledge of the occurrence of it happening. I came to the conclusion it was more personal, but after a month of disputes, here I am. I still don't know if it was because of me being diverse or just misunderstanding. 2. Staff negligence. In short, I was ignored quite a lot whenever I had an issue which needed to be addressed. Personal PM's mostly. I could send plenty of details and in return get a sentence-long reply. It wasn't helpful to be honest. I know most are busy, but noticing my message being read a long time ago makes me believe I'm being put-off. Also, some staff strike me as being elite or superior more than giving good input as a sign of welcoming. 3. "Hugs". I appreciate the gesture, but some things are better not said after the term being considered more of a troll comment than actual compassion. I discard it as meaningless since it's over-used. Especially when that's all that's said, nothing else. That's the only annoyance I've found. So far I can't decide the outcome of recommending or disapproving. To each their own I suppose. Also, no offense intended. I know my experiences might not be good in some areas, but I took the saying what I "don't like" literally, with honest experiences included.
  5. It's pretty hard to find a reliable source throughout the rest of the internet. So I would like you my fellow Bronies to explain to me (based on facts and your experiences) how and why which projector tech is the best for gaming purposes? Particularly which tech and even which models are based on the different tech are best for gaming? Because I tried out using the Epson EX6220 (LCD) projector a while ago for gaming and I noticed that there was a lot of input lag even with the Image Processing switched to "Fast". Here is the list of the Projector Tech types there is: - DLP (Digital Light Processing) - LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), aka, 3LCD - LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon)
  6. ideas spur from the strangest of occurences. anyway. as the title says, i'd like some input on selling my Xbox 360. since i've really realized, i don't need, or even use, the thing all that much, and i'd need to save up money for a computer, and some other stuff, perhaps, i could help boosting that amount by getting rid of stuff i don't really use. the prime example that came to mind is my 360. since my brother uses it more than i do, i figured i could let it go somehow. i don't know how i should sell it though, what's the smartest way to go about it. i'd rather not have gamble about such a thing as a 360, and would like to get rid of it the most efficient way. the first thing i'd want to know is, how MUCH should i sell it for? what's fair price, what's too little and too much, etc.? i've been thinking that an average of about 150 dollars seems like a fair price for the console, maybe add on a few extra bucks for a controller to get bundled with it. i think that's all the equipment i have to it as of now. i'm not sure if this is a fair price selling it for, so i'd like to know from other people if it is? i've been thinking that the best, probably most simple way, to get rid of it, is if my brother himself could pay like 150 bucks or so, and it'd be him owning it, not me. i would get the money i need for my stuff, he can use it to his heart's contents. he doesn't seem overly enthusiastic with the idea, though... (yes, i know it might sound selfish to sell it to my own brother, but i really could use the extra cash from selling my 360) i'd also like to get some input, if i should sell it on someplace like eBay, is it a smart thing to do? i may have some other stuff i don't really use or need i could sell on there, maybe the odd album and game. if so, what's fair price selling music and games at? this should conclude all i'd like to know about selling stuff. if you have any useful input or advice on this, please tell me.
  7. Well lately I have been practicing with making signature/avatar's in photoshop and I just recently found a user that I made a signature for him. I just wanted some input/or thoughts on it. Anyways thanks for looking .
  8. So I was at a LAN-party with a few friends last night, and after 2-3 hours of constant Warcraft 3-gaming, I got a bit tired of it. And then they started playing RuneScape, BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT~ So I basically thought that I hadn't drawn anything for a while, and I had never drawn an OC-pony without a base before... So I decided to make one. So here you go - my first ever pony-drawing that's pretty much completely my work (no bases n' stuff): So yeah, what do you think? Please give me your opinion. His name is Dreamy Cloud... But that's pretty much a WIP-name. And also: He might not be finished. I need your input on this: Should he be a pegasus, unicorn or an earth pony? To help you on the way - His CM is a cloud with bubbles on it. Basically, he's a dreamer, and I thought of his special talent as being dream-based, though this can always be changed! And what should his name be? I just wanted to hear your opinions and ideas before I post this anywhere... Like dA. Well, I guess I just posted him here... And to finish this off - I already have an OC. Anypony interested in this one? Just ask~ Whoever get's him get's the first word on anything related such as backstory (you make one, but I can always help~) and special talent (I can always make a new CM if you want to~) So yeah, I'm giving him away if anypony wants him... I might just pick one of ye at random, or the first one. I've not decided that yet!