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Found 15 results

  1. !!WARNING!! (Nah I’m joking) I’m back and I’ve seen a ask Nightmare Moon/Luna threads,but I’ve decided to make a ask Nightmare Moon,with a twist! Let’s just say Nightmare goes insane one day,so ask away! Please,Nightmare is holding me hostage! Rules: Ask Nightmare ANYTHING This is meant for “fun”,not a horror film Watch your profanity and don’t go TOO far... Anyways here’s Nightmare... Greetings mortals...(chuckle)...i want to play...this “questioning” game that I’ve seen...please ask me anything,or else...have a nice night... (PS I could only find this pic that actually looked like she was crazy,besides it’s 3am over here so....yeah,not a fan of creepypastas at night)
  2. We all know who Discord is. The reformed Spirit of Chaos with a cunning demenor and has became an ally to the mane 6 and Fluttershy's sidekick of sorts. He has dialogue so vague that you can't tell if he's for real, or is just screwing with you. But there maybe an entity more powerful than him. One that can only be seen inside your mind. Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls is an omnipresent Dream demon who first appears in episode 19 "Dreamscapers". Whereas Discord is mischievous, Bill is sadistic. He won't hesitate to get inside someone's mind and tear it appart to the point of death if he wanted to. He can rip people's souls out and possesses their bodies, the only way he can interact with the real world. And he can make you question whether everything is real, or just a creepy illusion. So this begs the question, who is superior, Bill or Discord?
  3. This is a topic where you can come up with a ridiculous episode premise for FIM, you can also write down dialogue for the characters in said episode idea if you like. And remember there is no limit to how crazy or dumb your episode ideas can be.
  4. Does anyone here consider themselves insane or atleast carZY. I would like to know im not alone. To show my insanity here is a picture i made ___ (i may use this as an outlet for my insanity)
  5. This was originally for my Tumblr ask blog for Nano, but I'm so proud of it, I just had to share it here~ (Though this is the reason for relatively low resolution and the text.) Also, her mane here is FINALLY colored in the shade it's meant to be. This is the way Ariel looked when she had her first mental break, and was about to take Nano apart. Those familiar with her character know what I'm talking about. All comments are welcome~ Except for hate or flaming. Please don't do that.
  6. (( Not in order from wierdest to least or vise versa.)) 1. So I walked into German class, and keep in mind this is probably the wierdest part of my day, and I look over to see gun powder all over my teacher's grading book and Mr Baker is sitting there rolling up gun powder packets on his desk. He says nothing but tells another student to close the door then continues rolling. 2. There is a tiny christmas tree with a Jack's ornament, an owl with arms coming out of it's chest, and a massive golden orgnament that's half the size of the tree itself. 3. There are these two incredibly dumb ass guys in there. So dumb that Mr Baker put labels on their desk reading 'pot' and 'kettle' because they were always arguing about who is dumber. 4. We never really do much work except for about five minutes, the rest is just talking about food, sports, and what ever else happens to come to mind. For example we spent 45 minutes quoting Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. 5. There is a stuffed bob cat in the corner of the room named Bobby. 6. He rode a horse onto the football field.... 'nuf said. 7. One time he showed up to class with swords in a full body Civil War uniform, that had nothing to do with anything as he teaches German. 8. During our test today he devoted at least 5 minutes to listing different names for bras, only one was actually german. 9. When a strange whistling noise came from a hole in the heater venlation he claimed it was his pet baby elephant reginold trying to regoin him after they got in a fight over a bag of ramen. 10. He hung paper stockings on his desk for Christmas and labeld his own sock "Sir Shawn".
  7. Finally finished up the last bit of this wallpaper and I must say, I like how it turned out. In total it took around 13 or more hours as everything, including the characters and background, was drawn by me. I hope you enjoy. Resolution: 1920x1080 Background Development (many images): Character Development and such can be found within my art thread.
  8. I just found this discord picture while involving myself in a Spitfire vs Dashie prettiness contest. I don't know about you, but the longer I look at it, the better it gets. It just screams utter insanity; the eyes, the just stares into your soul! Do you concur? If not, post a Discord you find better!
  9. The numbers, what do they mean? I can't sleep now, they beckon me. They whisper to me yet incomprehensibly. The more I try to focus on them, the blurrier they become in my mind. Yet they've told me all there is to now, but there is no room to retain it, no, only the numbers remain. They live in the numbers, you know? The ones from beyond. They retain inaudible screams on their charred, forsaken faces. I only know one thing: Follow the steps to salvation. But what are the steps to salvation? _______________ (Several pages later) Do you see them too? They inaudibly scoff at my attempts to resist. They are held captive in my mind, and they want out, I have no way to refuse. They have showed me the signs, the bird, the arch, and the sword. Those are the steps, but I can't decipher them. Whenever I try to think about and decide what they mean, my mind screeches to a halt, I develop a severe pain, and a loud screeching noise is created. The doctors tell me only I can hear them, but I knew that, the ones from beyond told me. They say they don't exist, that's where they're wrong.
  10. Where to begin? Okay, let's start at the beginning, then. The initial note played is very Inception-esque, with the ticking clock only adding to the brilliance of it all. The way the sun "ticks" with that foreboding "CLUNK" sound sets the mood perfectly. Her faces are beautiful, of course, and I want to pay special attention to the very end, when she flies out of the room in an insane rush. Just look at it. Brilliant. Have you ever felt like this? I know I have. Just sitting there staring at the screen, and then I realize... I'm supposed to be turning this in at class in two hours, and I have two pages to write. I can just identify with this so well. Also, it makes me laugh.
  11. The whole idea behind this picture came from a dream that a character of mine, Satyr, has during his story. I won't try to summarize it, rather just put all of the text from the dream here. (At the moment, he is currently going insane from meeting and marrying a girl he dreads to be with. After the first week that he sleeps with her, he has this dream. Also, he is actually human when this happens.) (Mature content warning) Ohoho! I can't believe it... she actually thinks that I will accept the thought of me having sex with her! Stupid bitch... Like I would ever want her here? Absolute nonsense, that is... There it is, sitting on a lit stone furnace it was... the blade that I shall use to finally end all of this suffering! And, of course, the star of the show -- laying the front of her torso on the table ass-naked, other than a blindfold, expecting some sort of sexual intercouse... Ha! This will be the end... The end I say! I need to plan this out well... the bitch needs to suffer as much as possible! I need to find a place on her body that won't instantly kill her, rather just let her die slowly... Wait, why am I even thinking about this? She expects something to be forcefully shoved into her anus, so I shall give her JUST THAT!! Without any trace of hesitation, I snatch the blade from its resting place on the furnace and straight at the target! She releases the shriek I wanted to hear, the shriek of pure pain and suffering! Blood, being shot out like water from a fire hose. Even though I knew what was happening, It still wasn't enough. I took the blade out from where I first inserted it, and continued stabbing at other parts around the waist. Now, this was much more satisfying! Now, to let the fiery aspect of the blade set in... I press the dull side of the blazing blade up against her forehead. It burnt off the blindfold that was originally soaked with tears of pain. "Go to hell, you obnoxious little fool!" I shout, ruthlessly at her face. Then, I finish the whole thing by thrusting the blade right into her eye. I shot clean out of bed, heart pounding, and almost drowning in sweat. I look down at my hands. That was certainly interesting, I thought, whether it was a dream or a nightmare is beyond me... (END) I love insanity.
  12. 54 Flaming monkeys at sea They are not beautiful, pretty like me Echidnas fly out of their faces and explode destroying the places The monkeys attack the little critters Eating some avocado-watermelon fritters Flaming Wheelchairs fall from the sky They are not clever or witty as I The town and the city burns to the ground Not a single ATM to be found from the sky, darkened ash falls I am most definitely tripping serious balls As the clock ticks by, slipping away counting up to the very next day I sit there, looking at once was a city yet I cannot feel any pity For I am a robot squid zombie wizard, who can play ping pong and conjure up blizzards Shooting lamp posts out of my hand I sustain myself by eating rubber bands Marco can not play tribes very well It's because he doesn't play much he will tell He doesn't have much tactic to refer to Some line about something should be here, shoe I am very tired, writing this thing the stream's title has a very nice ring I have no idea what I'm talking about At your face I will throw a trout
  13. No, this is not about a 70s band, rather, it's about another reason that PETA is insane. This is a thread to talk about their campaign to rename fish to be "Sea kittens". This sounds like some kind of joke that should be in forum lounge, but no, it's real. Check the link: What do you think of this? Personally I think it's one of the long list of reasons why PETA should not exist and it's members are whackjobs. You have to remember. PETA was also the group who suggested that Ben And Jerry's ice cream replace their cow milk with human milk.
  14. this is timmy, a young killer with incredible strength. he wields a 500 pound hammer called the Crater Crusher, he has a demented mind and enjoys blood being splattered everywhere. (MWHAHA this is something you guys didnt expect, every entry i get for my armory adopt, i shall redraw and use later on in a very big project of mine! lets just say, timmy will be meeting some other contestants in a short while ) armory parts 1 and 2