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Found 36 results

  1. So basically lately my schedule lately has not allowed me much free time on my PC due to circumstances. I used to have a lot of free time in this case, so I spent a lot of time playing video games and programming. Well now that I have less time I have been taking the lazy path and just playing CSGO, and let my skills in programming sit to rot. I used to feel inspired to want to code this game, but lately I don't feel motivated at all, or ibspired, and I end up using all of my free time on playing video games. Now being about 17 now, it seems normal for soneone to just finish their school and just spend the rest of their time playing video games. But I want to create, not just use. Do any of you have any ideas or tips on how someone like me (lazy/unmotivated/un-inspired) can get to be how I felt before, creative and inspired? I used to write passages about the fictional worlds I had thought of, but now I just sit around wasting time. If you have any experience in such a dilemma, or just anything to say, it would be much appreciated.
  2. Hey everyone! So I think it's safe for me to say that we've all found ourselves in situations where we just lack motivation to do a particular task. Maybe you're struggling with your latest school assignment or a personal project you've been working on? Perhaps you have a fantastic idea in your head, but you can't seem to find the desire to put it to practicality, you just procrastinate and put it off until you no longer care for its significance. I know I've been there. Maybe you just feel downright uninspired lately, unsure and unexcited for the future. You feel in your heart that you want to get out and do something, but you're lost to what exactly that is. Maybe the daily grind of life has just dampened on your soul, and you feel trapped in a loop with no clear sense of purpose to it all. It can really bring you down, mentally and physically. Sometimes we just need a little bit of a jump start, a fresh perspective! A place where we can retreat to clear and our heads and give a sense of clarity and newfound inspiration to our minds. Or perhaps we need to do something a little more exciting, something we have never done before, make the step outside your current boundaries and just go for it! Ride the wave of motivation to new possibilities! Or maybe it can be something as simple as talking with a close friend. Whatever the reasons; I'd like to know what is YOU do to become motivated when you feel that you're in a rut? What do you do or where do you go to recharge your batteries and make yourself feel whole again? How do you regain lost inspiration? Share your tips and stories here.
  3. Easy thread. Write a quote from a person, that you feel very strong about. Person can be famous, fictional, or your family, dosen't matter. I start with mine. "I grew up with an alcoholic father. He never beat me, he never raised a hand against my mother or anything like that, but I'd seen enough stupid and ridiculous things between that, my mother and her prescription pills, and just hanging out with an older crowd when I was a kid, that I didn't understand a lot of the fun to what partying was, so I just never did it. I didn't understand waking up next to somebody you don't remember going to bed with; I didn't understand getting, you know, blackout drunk and not remembering the good times you have with your buddies; and I feel so strongly about it that I've just always been this way—it just made sense." -Phil Brooks, AKA CM Punk EDIT: The reason i pick this, is because i was also never the biggest party guy. I drink a bit of alcohol, but not that i get a blackout and remember nothing. You should cherish the moments you spend with your friends.
  4. The question's straightforward as it can be, but let me reiterate. What inspires you to do what you do? Rephrased, why do you do the things you do? When I was about 9-10, I read the Harry Potter series and fell in love with it. I was fascinated at how such an amazing thing could be expressed solely through writing. I started trying to write shortly afterwards; the result wasn't exactly... It wasn't bad, but I wasn't contented. Without any bias, though (okay, maybe a little ), I think I improved over the years. This one's a bit more personal, but another time, a year ago, there was this really cute guy in my class who was also a wicked artist. His art was amazing and I couldn't help but stare at his works. So, I really liked him (still do), so I tried to do what he was doing and drew my heart out. Horrible, and still is, but hey, I still do it for his sake, and it's fun too. Win-win. But this isn't about me, it's about you! So, please, think back to AAAAALLLLLLLLLLL the hobbies you've done and think about why you've done them. Doing these kinds of things kinda bring some enlightenment to me, so probably, it'll help you too! TL;DR Check the title. This smiley's adorable. Put it in your replies for my sake. So cute.
  5. right now i have a bunch of things i want to do but i just dont have any motivation to do them so i decided to ask this question in hopes i might find a scores of inspiration and motivation consuming music i usually just get distracted and listen as appose to doing any work :c but yea what inspires you guys, id like to know
  6. Feeling down low? I always seem to find a specific line of words or a quote to cheer me up and give me that boost I need. I have one fav. in particular, which is how I live my life. Here it is; "You don't have to sit around complaining about the way your life has wound up. Think of all the time you waste and time's a precious thing to let go by! Sure, you've hit the bottom - but remember you'll be building from the ground up! Every day's another step that takes you even closer to the sky, so suck it up, be a man and give a try!" What about you? Do you know any inspirational line of words/quotes?
  7. Most of us, or at the very least some, have encountered this thing where a character- fictional of course, has inspired you in some way. Hmmm, best way to explain and give an example by an "inspirational character" is say.... If there was this character from some animated show that you really like and this character is really into art but you are not into it by trying to get into it. But because this character has so much- or at least some- impact on you that you're all like "Because this character that I really love is into art, and has shown me the inner-love that I have and other stuff like that, I will now get into art!". You see what I mean? So basically, you just talk about characters that have inspired you in some way shape or form and such. Enjoy! :3
  8. If you're ever feeling upset or disappointed that something didn't go as you wished just remember that it's only one day and one time. No matter what it is, you can always fix it or find another chance. Like if I have a bad hair day I try not to care because the next day I can do something different. Or if I didn't get into the play I auditioned for there would always be other plays. This can really go towards any situation . If you think that your situation is un-fixable or so horrible your world is going to end: just tell the truth and change your attitude about the future.
  9. In classical Greek mythology, when Pegasus struck the ground on a mountain's sides, it caused springs to burst out. These springs became sacred to the Muses, who raised Pegasus after Athena brought the winged horse to them, earning his association with the Muses and inspiration. Since Rainbow Dash herself is a pegasus, how do you think she would also be as inspirational as the classic Pegasus of mythology?
  10. Before I had gotten into MLP, I had been doing a bit of research into topics such as addiction, parenting in psychological development and human behavior. From this I was seeing how good humans can be. Some time later, I gave the show a chance and that's what got me convinced that bronies could have the potential to do some real good in the world. With Dr. Gabor Maté's scientific but valid hand to matters of addiction, of chronic illness, Dr. Gordon Neufeld's expansive knowledge on parenting and how that connects with Dr. Maté's work, Dr. Brené Brown on vulnerability and even Dr. James Gilligan who sees violence as a problem in public health and preventive medicine, adding all these on top of the magic of friendship may have turned the brony community into this place of refuge for the tormented. I even went out of my way to help comfort such tormented souls, almost acting as a surrogate parent. It did help with their stress and it was a heavenly experience in places while it lasted. I'm fully aware how silly this sounds right now but this was the inspiration I had in the wake of being exposed to all of the above with FiM only being the cherry on top. In the years that followed, several realizations were made. We as part of this fandom are nothing more than creators and consumers of content. Mostly the latter. Second, we are no different from those outside of our fanbase or even on the internet for that matter. Third, nobody is interested in anything I've mentioned above, they just want to go on consuming pony content and finally, people don't really give a damn about your feelings or what you've been through -- all people will care about is what you do in the immediate present and how it affects them. Your drives and motives are irrelevant. More and more has this caused me to withdraw. I wish I could just say I felt lied to but in reality, I shouldn't have seen the brony community as anything more than what it is: a collection of people with a common interest in a particular genre of content -- nothing more and nothing less. I tried being open about my feelings as I believed to be encouraged to but that hasn't worked either because again, nobody wants to waste any time figuring out why you do whatever you do or did. Nobody wants to hear it. What inspiration I got entering the fandom has eroded and I've seen myself return to my rather misanthropic ways. Now I seem more determined than ever to be this lone wolf where the less I need people or their approval, the better. I thought we were supposed to care for one another but seeing as that's not the case, the only person left to take care of me is myself. Not only has my inspiration been reversed but I've regressed even farther than that. Friendship -- true friendship -- is a most precious gem. The reason for that is clear: there are very few people in this world you can trust and be confident in. Slip up in your judgment and unto you shall a wound be inflicted that may bleed your heart out. Should it come to that, you'll never be the same again. For four years I've fought this realization but one can only BS oneself for so long. The futility of this struggle sinks down like a stone in a pool of filthy sludge: it may be slow and the sludge may get tougher the deeper down you go, but this stone sinks down with time. It is simply inevitable.
  11. So, I was wondering if anyone had any personal quotes that they, or someone else, made that they find inspirational (or just funny) that they think people would benefit by hearing. These can range from an inspirational quote to a corny joke concealed in a saying. Show me wat chu got!
  12. So, until a few days ago, I considered myself a very creative and imaginative person. I have always loved sci fi and fantasy, and creating my own worlds and such. For years now I have actually been working on creating a world and trying to write a book. Then about two weeks ago, I started really looking through my notes and my world and realized that every single idea I had in there was basically a rip off of someone else's idea. Every thought or idea I thought I cam up with was inspired or based off of someone else's work. Every Character, location, story, and object was not my own. I'm having a crisis of creativity. But being inspired isn't a bad thing. using other peoples ideas as a base and making them your own isn't inherently wrong. Very few ideas are 100% original, but what if 100% of your ideas aren't original. When does inspiration become copying, and when does copying become plagiarism. I'm not sure what i'm looking for here, your opinions words of advice on how to be more creative and original, weather being inspired to much is bad thing, or weather you can never have to much inspiration. where the line between being inspired and copying someone else's work is. I just feel like i have never had an original thought or idea, I have just been copy my favorite authors work, reshaping it, and calling it my own.
  13. Wrote this song based on the episode "Inspiration Manifestation". Been listening to too much melodic hardcore music lately lol . Feedback please?
  14. For example, Mr. X writes several fictional works. They are indirectly inspired in one way or another by MLP:FiM (e.g. anti-pandering, anti-cliches, Shetland ponies and horses' silly adventures, pink-haired girls). Would these works, for being either from indirect inspiration; or characters and settings based on characters and stuff from the show itself, become a target by the furious Brony audience (because they might expect their franchise to be supreme; no competitors!)
  15. This man is a skilled author, but it has been revealed that he has been inspired in a number of ways by MLP:FiM, or was a Brony himself. Will this man be a target for harassment, despite all of his fame? Will he be shunned?
  16. Clichés of every form Pandering All outside references (though a line needs to be drawn on what is a forced meme or reference/true inspiration) Should I purge my writings of such methods as these, for the sake of several people who complain for "originality"?
  17. The main character in this blog (for the moment) is a pink-haired girl who faces bullying because of her hair. I based her on EqG Pinkie. Is this inspiration, or is this actual plagiarization? You decide.
  18. In those times when your feeling down or scared, what have your parents said to you that's given you the inspiration or the drive to do something you wouldn't normally do without them to support you? I am terrified of heights, always have been, one time when we were on a family holiday, my dad wanted to go on a roller coaster but he didn't want to go on alone, he asked me and I said no way, It was really high and I probably would have cried. Then he do what he usually does and get all philosophical on me and he said "Feel the fear and do it anyway." I didn't fully understand but for some reason it struck me and I got on the coaster. I don't understand it to this day but I always remember it when I'm scared and I feel fine again.
  19. So, we all know that some people are just charismatic. They just have that certain "gift" which makes them popular, attractive, and desirable to associate with. Recently, I have been wondering what the opposite of charismatic is? Is it merely just not having that special "stuff" which makes one attractive, or is there perhaps a "gift" of negative charisma, where you just have this innate ability to repel people? Thoughts?
  20. (posted under "Books" because MLP Forums requires me to choose a prefix) I have two questions I'd like to ask: Question 1: Think of a piece of artwork, a book you've read, a film you've seen, a song you've listened to, etc. that has changed you and your life somehow. Which book/movie/song, etc. was it? Question 2: What was the change that occurred? - - - - - This answer I give: many of the words that the character Father Zossima speaks in Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel "The Brothers Karamazov" have influenced my life choices, particularly the ones regarding the fulfillment of desire: From Chapter 3, "Conversations And Exhortations Of Father Zossima": The world has proclaimed the reign of freedom, especially of late, but what do we see in this freedom of theirs? Nothing but slavery and self-destruction! For the world says: "You have desires and so satisfy them, for you have the same rights as the most rich and powerful. Don't be afraid of satisfying them and even multiply your desires." ...And what follows from this right of multiplication of desires? In the rich, isolation and spiritual suicide; in the poor, envy and murder... Interpreting freedom as the multiplication and rapid satisfaction of desires, men distort their own nature, for many senseless and foolish desires and habits and ridiculous fancies are fostered in them. They live only for mutual envy, for luxury and ostentation. To have dinners visits, carriages, rank, and slaves to wait on one is looked upon as a necessity, for which life, honour and human feeling are sacrificed, and men even commit suicide if they are unable to satisfy it. We see the same thing among those who are not rich, while the poor drown their unsatisfied need and their envy in drunkenness. can a man shake off his habits? What can become of him if he is in such bondage to the habit of satisfying the innumerable desires he has created for himself? He is isolated, and what concern has he with the rest of humanity? They have succeeded in accumulating a greater mass of objects, but the joy in the world has grown less.
  21. Heya Everybeing it has been quite long i haven't been in these amazing parts of the internet,and with such dedication i am here to announce and launch something new. Onto many keys of knowledge,many care about governamental affairs and political disorder to be a key in society ,i personally believe that happiness should be key,i've through these years of life and many hospitilizations ,that happiness heals the inner and outer being. It makes them smile, be proud and even sometimes , share beautiful moments of love . I have dedicated many moments of my life in making beings happy and even save some from making the worst choice in their life. I believe that everybeing can achieve everything they want,that includes you and the whole wide population of beings . I believe in you , that you can achieve everything, i will support you no matter what and onto these subjects.If you ever need some cheering up ,i am always here ,i may seem young,but i have dealt with much older beings than me.You are all my family,my inspiration,my love.I,Afrox Jones,Thank you for reading this and love everyone and each of you amazingly beautiful beings <3 if this wonderful website let's me,i would love to do these everyday,for those who might need it :3
  22. So I'm just gonna dump my old art here. I'm not an artist and I haven't drawn anything in a long time but I'll just leave it here if someone wants to look at it for some reason. Also I wanted to show that practice does indeed make perfect and maybe give inspiration to artists that are just starting out. If you're just starting out as an artist and you think your drawings aren't that great then don't lose hope in yourself. Keep practicing and you'll eventually get better. Here's some proof: My first drawing. Now here's a better drawing. I drew this a few days later. Now here's two more drawings. I drew these about a week or two later. Now here's the last and best drawing I ever made. Just keep practicing and one day you might be surprised at how good you've gotten.
  23. Well i had my first day of practice for the season today and honestly it kicked my ass but I had more in me and felt like shit because I didn't give everything. So I looked for inspiration and I sure did find it. So I'm going to share the story that inspired me. So I football player is looking for someone to help him make money for his football career. So he goes to this Guru. He says to the Guru " I want to be like you. Will you help me" . The Guru says back Yes meet me at the beach tomorrow. Well the next day the athlete is at the beach at 4:30 in the morning. And the guru tells him to go into the water. The athlete is skeptical and asks" How will this help me make money" but the Guru continues to lead him in the water until they are about chest deep. The Guru then holds the athlete underwater for about a min or so . When the athlete comes up the Guru tells him." when you were under the water all you could think about is getting air. Well you need to want to succeed more than you want air.When you were under the water all you wanted was air you didn't think about parties, money, being, cool, or anything your only thought is you need air. Well when the day comes you want to succeed more than getting money or going to parties or anything else. you will succeed. You need to want to succeed more than you even want air"
  24. well the title explains it all who do you think in real life inspired the creation of the mane six though there is not alot of proof nor is there anything against it i think they are based on the six teenagers who died on the same day becuase they are quite close to the descriptions of each character story below but as always what do you think
  25. So, I saw Lost's Art thread ( and decided that it was a pretty nice way to showcase your art on these forums! I've decided to do something similar. I will still make new posts for new drawings, but this is where I'll group all of my drawings together. I hope my tale of improvement will help others get motivated to draw more! Early Work: SRS BSNS (Traditional): SRS BSNS (Digital): Sketches and Sketchdumps