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Found 4 results

  1. Well, it has been a long time since I have made a thread. I have been inactive on this website for a few months now because of school, work, and life in general. With all of that said and done I would like to talk about something that really grinds my gears. That's gay. This a phrase that many a teenager has probably uttered at some point in their life and it really bothers me when they do. I'm sure a lot of us can agree, whether you're gay or straight, that this phrase is used in a very malicious way when it comes to teenagers. It's a put down, an insult, or an overall degrader. It would seem to me that many teenage guys are very insecure in their masculinity since they are the worst offenders when it comes to using this phrase. I never understood why we guys are so obsessed with trying to be masculine. That's why I had no trouble embracing a colourful show about ponies. I don't think that most realise what they are saying and how hurtful it can be. Although, I'm sure a lot of people use it because they don't care about hurting gay people. What do you guys think about this phrase and how it is used. Do you think it is hurtful? Or do you think it is acceptable? Let me know your thoughts and opinions and as always keep it respectful. Cheers.
  2. Say something that would get you banned if you insulted the mods. Don't go overboard doe
  3. We all know, love and play games Most ( popular ) games have multiplayer Sometimes, people run their mouth when they play. Some do because some incredible bullshit happened Some do because, well, we do get angry from time to time And some do because it's just bloody hilarious. I'm Guilty of all 3 Yes, this thread is dedicated to the spectrum of thrash talk and insults you will experience on multiplayer games. Though, I'd much prefer if this thread be filled with the funniest, most hilarious ones you have heard. I'll list mine below. ------------------------ 'Good luck having fun' - cs go, multiplayer round based matches I am constantly guilty of using this at the start of every game, because i personally find it hilarious. It parodies the tradition of saying GLHF ( good luck have fun ) at the start of the match, and is generally good manners. 'Life with parkinson's must be really difficult' - General This one needs no explanation 'This is my care cup \_/. See, it's empty' - General 'You have a reaction time slower than a coastal erosion.' - General 'I f**ked my mother last night' This typo by the enemy team was ridiculously funny 'Do you wear a helmet to bed?' And lastly... 'If you stopped sucking horse cock maybe you won't be so salty.'
  4. (This will include some strong language so be prepared for it) This is a note on how I feel about how everyone treats each other on the forums here, because I’ve noticed that people aren’t being treated well at all. I mean come on, didn’t MLP:FIM teach us something and that thing being accepting others differences and tolerate everypony, because what I’m seeing here is contradicting itself. I could care less if this is the internet. We are all human and we should all be treated equally unless proven otherwise. I think this needs to be said more often because the only thing I deal with day in and day out is negativity and rudeness, insults, and racial slurs, constantly pulling away at me sanity. I thought everypony knew better. But for the ones that have been helping anypony out then I salute you with my greatest honor, you are the kind of people we need more in this world to make it more friendly and tolerable. That’s all, I hope you guys can think about this more, because this issue needs to be addressed more. -Amethyst Star