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Found 7 results

  1. A simple poll with a simple yes or no answer. Are you above average in intelligence and why? Simply for curiosity.
  2. A Houyhnhnm is one of a race of intelligent Horses from an island south of Australia (not Tasmania to the east). These horses keep a race of barbaric Humans called "Yahoos", named after the Horses' word for "evil". They also practice eugenics (and possibly racism), they never fall ill, their personality is cold and "perfect", and they never lie. Also, they do not mourn or celebrate death; they dismiss it as a trip to the "First Mother". * By contrast, the "sunny" (and "stormy") Equestrians, or "sapient ponies", are in, many ways like us. They live in a different world, they don't have Humans (shut up, Lyra Heartstrings!), they just accept you whoever you are (unless you're a "monster" like Discord or Queen Chrysalis. Or Krastos.), and they do fall ill and die, in which they wail in sorrows. What if a Houyhnhnm (as enountered by Lemuel Gulliver) meets a Pony in Equestria (or vice versa)? Will they start some sort of flame war, between the Equestrian's changeable emotions, and the Houyhnhnm's cold perfectionism? Though it'll be something nice to watch: what will the Equines do to each other? Please come up with your results! Thanks! EDIT: * First Mother - a possible Houyhnhnm deity/goddess, alongside "Law and Reason". This might become a strong debate if this falls into Equestrian ears, which comes with the controversial possible interpretation: "THE FIRST MOTHER OF YOURS IS OUR QUEEN FAUST!"
  3. I recall reading before they say some geniuses have quirks. Then some of my more intelligent people I know like some weird shit. Granted it could be due to things like being a nerd makes us smarter, and increases our odds of weird stuff, or I am weird and find other weird people to talk to so my personal experience data is biased, as all case studies would be. However the first fact I shared leads me to believe its possibly not just me. Then I thought well what are taboos to the mind? The mind when you have a prefrontal cortex (25/26 years old its finished expanding/developing usually) then that part of the brain generally has a few uses but the primary use of relevance is that it can restrict thoughts and behaviors. This in some people can be like, idk an example is like a villain who enjoys doing bad things, but irl serial killers tend to have prefrontal cortex issues. This means they do not restrict alot of their irrational decisions- they act on them. So perhaps intelligence is tied to villainy in movies for a reason (that's more likely due to the subconscious mind archtypes being portrayed in media, or related to satan ideas which satan was deemed to be smart, so if its mostly in western or western-influenced media that'd be why is because of the satan thing) but that's not true about smarter people always being bad because serial killers are stupid (prefrontal cortex problem = rationality problem). So the conclusion I get from that is, if there are a type of smart people who are odd-balls and its related to their intelligence, its due to using their frontal cortex differently. This means they could for instance be more curious- About more things that others find repulsive or fear. So they end up liking more things because they are, simply put, more open minded. More open to reality disproving them. More tolerant of the truth, any of these things. Their minds may be more comfortable pondering about uncomfortable things. Then they find out, hey, I actually like some of this weird stuff and I'm not just doing it for attention. Granted this concept only works so far, theres a point it becomes inaccurate which is when is it too weird? When should I not be weird? Knowing when to do certain things, and not other times is related to the prefrontal cortex as well. And social isolation alone could be reason for weirdness, not necessarily a sign of intelligence. It could be they simply had more free time on their hands to acquire weird tastes, and develop their knowledge or rationality on their own- school doesn't teach rationality or logic classes for instance. Alot of parents even do not. Just some food for thought.
  4. So, If you had the option to turn heads or break heads, which would you prefer? Be honest. Personally, I choose brains. Let's not kid ourselves, all of us are conceited one way or another, so let's not play Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. Anyways, I would choose to have brains over looks, and i'm not just saying that to make myself look good. I'm saying this because I feel that grades are a little more important to me than looks most of the time, and with me being a chick, yes I definitely do care about my looks as well. Having brains gets you somewhere in life, ya know. I'm not downing anyone who chooses looks, no judgement here. Just personal opinion.
  5. It is said that ponies (real ones, like Shetlands) are smarter than horses, owing to their ancestors' intelligence in the wilder and harsher regions of the world.
  6. I don't want to offend anyone, but it seems to me that most bronies are very lazy. It seems like smart, successful, hard-working bronies are few and far in between. Most seem like living-in-mother's-basement or video gamer types of people. I would love to be proven wrong, but it seems like all bronies that I've seen IRL are losers. Is this true, or is it just that the better bronies hide the fact that they are bronies?
  7. Sorry if thread already exists, couldn't find anything that fast. So I was just thinking (and maybe you know what happens when I think to much...), which species do we have that resemble intelligent civilizations as in having a language, a society/community, perhaps also currency or something equivalent.Probably some better way to word that, but I hope you all get what I mean. (Not all ancient civilizations worked with an economy based on a currency like we do now) And perhaps, which unknown species could fit the bill (like showing up in future episodes) Thought I'd type it out a bit So here's comes my big post (which I hope you find interesting at a total of 8k+ characters) On earth it's basically only Humans... but the world of FiM throws in something new there. Adding other species which have their own or shared civilization and contribute to that as any other would. Like if we would have Monkeys walking around doing business, buying groceries and anything we also do for a living. Now they probably don't need to have cities or even little towns, but tribes and such should be more than enough as well. (like here how we still have human tribes right?) So I thought about making a list of "intelligent" species and perhaps also sentient species *looks at all the animals Fluttershy speaks/interacts with* Feel free to post things I missed from the show and to think of other non-confirmed species who might fit the bill. correct mistakes I make or something Intelligent (as described above) Buffalo Cattle (?) Changelings (Diamond) Dogs Donkeys Draconequi Dragons (?) Goats (?) Griffons Minotaur Ponies (Pegasus, Unicorn, Earth, Alicorn) Sea Serpent (?) Zebras With bit of my observation and description about them:BuffaloWe have seen them having tribes and interacting with the ponies of Appleloosa like any other pony would be able to. They already have a known civilization. Similar to those of Native Americans back in the days. They are seen living together with Ponies. Using pies as currency.Cattle (?)Cattle as in cows, They could possibly be integrated into the modern pony society, they can talk and interact, but have not been shown or indicate they have a civilization of theirself. Rather seem to rely on other species, residing in barns and whatnot as domestic semi-intelligent farm animals.ChangelingsThey seem like an entirely separate civilization, ruled by a queen who is capable of communicating with other species like we see them do with Ponies (Chrysalis speaking, but also a changeling responding to Pinkie Pie's request to change in her)Now their community probably looks completely different and more like a hive, but they seem capable enough to integrate with other societies (if they wanted...) (Diamond) DogsMore specifically the Diamond Dogs, since Fiona seem to be more like a normal dog as we know it. The diamond dogs might mean there could be other sub-species who are capable of communicating with other intelligent species and living in a society.But the 3 main Diamond dogs seem to be the only ones able to talk. All the other dogs seem semi-intelligent as they just bark (even though they can understand language) Dogs are probably one of the more complex species around having sub-species ranging from intelligent to just sentient or your average animal (pet) DonkeysFairly similar to ponies, though far less in numbers (in these pony dominated regions that is). Other than being a different specie and looking different they function much like Ponies and mingle with their society like any other pony would be able to.DraconequiThat's Discord... Most unique, and if we had more of him... they probably had their own civilization. But he's alone, though he has ruled the lands before, so he is more than capable of building up a society. and whatnotDragons (?)These are also fairly hard to pinpoint. As they grow up they become mainly solitary creatures. Hoarding bunch of gems. But Spike is capable of a normal live like any other pony. And the teen dragons he meets also seem to support an intelligent community. Although rather fragmented for most of the time.So dragons are capable to live in a Pony like community given the right conditions. Because when Spike got greedy he wasn't really capable of doing so anymore... Goats (?)We haven't seen these a lot, they worked for Iron will. But against what price? are they earning money? or just help them around more like a pet. They do seem to be able to speak with at least Iron Will (Minotaur) because they use headsets. But just how far the Goat civilization has evolved? Not sure.But seeing as they are quite intelligent like any other pony, it's possible they have. But might just be more like Cattle. Edit: TessHM pointed me to the "Best Pet Song", goat just chewing there. and Iron Will's goats just meh goat sounds. So they're probably even less than cattle (for now) and more like Fluttershy's little animals GriffinsMost likely have their own civilization somewhere as well, like Donkeys. Gilda has gone to the Flight Camp with Rainbow Dash. And Gustav in s2e24 MMMystery. Like Donkeys, not high in numbers in these parts of the world, but function like any other.MinotaurNow, Iron Will, the only seen Minotaur, he's a money maker, which should be enough to show he can make a living in modern civilizations. Now whether there are more like him, no idea. Probably at least have tribes, maybe more.But Iron Will could be one to teach himself modern ways and parted with his own species. Like Zecora, but just more integrated. Traveling from place to place, making money. Ponies (Pegasus, Unicorn, Earth, Alicorn)They are basically The main civilization. Ruled by Princesses, what more could I say? they are the main equivalent of humans.Sea Serpent (?)He speaks, he is fabulous, he's fan named Stephen Magnet and he could fairly well design clothes and make money it seems. But he lives out in wilds. So far the only one of his kind we have seen. But if they are like him, who knows, they might contribute to the community. Although their size might cause some issues... so probably will never integrate as much into Pony society like others can.ZebrasWe've seen only one, but we know there are tribes somewhere. Zecora comes from somewhere right?And maybe it's only her home place to be just a tribe. Perhaps they have a bustling city somewhere, but Zecora's tribe wanted to live by their traditional standards. Maybe the reason she lives in the forest and not in Ponyville. But anyhow, most similar to Ponies than any other probably. Other possible species civilizations: Most of the species listed above seem to be hoofed, goats, ponies, donkeys, or mythical creatures, minotaur, griffins. Though of course the majority of mythical creatures are not... and not all hoofed creatures speak. (pigs have hooves right?) But that begs the question, which species could have capabilities of speech, building up a society, economy etc. Like... where would Elephants, rhinos and the like be? We got Buffalo/Bison so th African Cape Buffalo could probably have tribes as well right? Maybe shared with Zebras as they share the environment in our world. Would we have cats similar to the Diamond Dogs, rather than Opal? Also, we have canon chocolate moose. Are they just pets or a species we have not yet seen but has been seen by our Donkey friends. Which brings me to other hoofed forest creatures like Deer, or back to Africa, species like Antelope. What about mythical creatures. We got plenty who speak, but also plenty who don't, Cerberus, Manticore, Hydras. We probably won't see things like Centaur since those have human heads, not animal. Maybe the more Satyr, which are more similar to Minotaur as in capable of having animal heads. But the difference there might be too small for FiM. Perhaps mythical towards Repitlians or birds might work better. Serpents ala Medusa or Naga or something. We could even go into anorganic materials, like the Timberwolfs do, though maybe those are more suited as just wildlife. Also, I find it kind of funny how the only Monkeys we have seen have been garden animals *looks at his name* Probably to close to humans. Semi-Intelligent or Sentient species: Now this list is probably fairly big and with a fine line. I see this group as species who are able to understand other species in communication. Much like pets. Though some seem a lot smarter than our average pet... Like Fluttershy's angel, who is capable of requesting specific things from Fluttershy. Telling time, communicating with her, just not capable of speech. Most animals in FiM seem to understand language, but just can't speak it. I think that's probably the biggest difference when it comes to FiM species. When I have to name something that is even below this, then probably Fish... which I think only served as food (Fluttershy, you so cruel)