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Found 5 results

  1. This is very much in the realm of overthinking it, but it's something I've wondered about, and this is probably the best place to talk about it. I'm sure many of you would admit to wanting to interact with and or hug and such, your favorite character(s) in the show. Goodness knows I have. But something always bugged me when I thought of that.. if you translate that sort of interaction into human rules, it gets... weird. You would be inclined to hug your favorite pony, nuzzle with her(or him?), and tell them how much you love them. But If you regard your favorite pony(s) as a human would another human, you wouldn't just hug them, it would be intrusive, or worse. Especially if it was one of the CMCs. I would hug Apple Bloom no problem, but if you tried that with a 3rd grader? Call the police! So wouldn't it work the same if you were a pony in the pony world? Would the rules be the same? The stigmas would be different. As a human you'd be tempted to cuddle them, but you wouldnt do that with other humans. You would have to know them super well or something.. So wouldn't ponies react the same way? Unlike the human rules though. not wearing clothes is seen as normal, but I think interactions between pony to pony would be seen as similar to human to human. But in the instinctiveness to adore one of the xharacters, you might rub them the wrong way. Star Tracker is a pretty cute and funny example of a similar reaction. But if you fangeeked out at your fav, there would be all these ramifications. You're adoring them, but basing on human customs. maybe they would not keen on it. Or maybe they would? In some case? Though you would probably take care to treat said pony the right way too. And this is worse. It's obvious Zephyr was doing things super wrong. I know I would feel bad if I did something to upset Applejack or Twi or someone in this hypothetical casee. That brings me to Fame and Misfortune, which i saw a few days ago. Pretty good and meaningful episode, and I'm glad to say I don't have anything in common with the complaining and nitpicking ponies. But I probably would be one of the supporter ponies. I think I would know when to get out of their manes. That takes into account that they're sort of celebrities too, that adds another layer. And then there's all the cases in the recent months of real people being ultra creepos that are being known. I saw this cute attractive image of Spitfire in her fan club thread, but although I want to love it, things like that just sort of bug me thinking about it, I dwell on it more than I need to or should. I know this is all weird to talk about, and is super unimportant, but it's some hypothetical thing that I've wondered about for some time. What do you think?
  2. Back in Season 6, Apple Bloom met this dancing colt with stage fright named Tender Taps. She helped him get over his fears and earn his cutie mark, and it's safe to say that there may be something between Tender Taps and Apple Bloom. This sparked a shipping between the two by the fans, and one wonders if the writers plan on taking the relationship between the two any further. It would make for some great character development for Apple Bloom, showing that she's growing up and such. Is there a possible chance for either Sweetie Belle and/or Scootaloo to get shipped with a coltfriend anytime soon? Do you think we'll see more with Apple Bloom and Tender Taps in Season 7?
  3. I think I have an Idea for how the writers can take Fluttershy and Discord's interaction further. I mentioned this before in some of my other posts, but I think it would be a cool idea if Discord would pop in when Flutter's needs help and temporarily Discord her, releasing her repressed alter ego when she needs to. I always thought that stuff like the Gala outburst and how "The Stare" works might suggest Fluttershy has some form of Dissociative Identity Disorder, but that's just crazy headcanon stuff.
  4. Being open about such a controversial topic as Broniness always has some sort of physical consequence. Whether that consequence is positive or negative, life-changing or trivial, depends on a lot of factors. And it is so hard to judge the community's size, so it is even harder to judge how many of them are open or are in the closet. If you're here, that means you're at least somewhat open about it. But there seems to be so many extremes here. Some would their secrets to the grave, while others seem to live and breathe ponies. I'm not saying that one is better than the other, though. My question is exactly what that title up there says: if you are an open Brony, how has your life changed? If you're not open, explain why you aren't. I think that there are many perfectly valid reasons as to why one may open or closed; I just want to know. I know that many push for being open, claiming to be more confident and more awesome. When open, you become more available to other Bronies and could potentially have fun; I dunno. Not too many advocate for being closed, though. But a reason I can come up with for that is simple safety. When closed, you know where you stand, and no relationships have to change. As for me, I'm somewhat open, and I really haven't changed that much. I've brohoofed a couple people at school, but things always stopped there. No extended relationships, no rush of awesomeness. To me, the idea of being open was a bit misleading. But that's why I'm asking you. Your experiences can only help explain this elusive idea.
  5. Welcome to the labyrinth. It is a standard role playng game. I got the idea from the Play the Game thread, but I guess it either ended or is about to end. I'm not sure. Anyway, lets get down to business. First, you create your character. It can be your avatar, an original character, or a character from Friendship is Magic. Please give a description, personality, abilities, cutie mark, etc. Please, no unstoppable gods (except me ). Next, you wake up, confused, in the center of the maze. I will act as both narrator for challenges, and as the Slendermane. I will explain my character latter. You must describe your journey through the maze. I will give you challenges, give you choices, throw traps and monsters, etc. (No, I have never played D&D.) Characters can team up and interact (it is encuraged), but they may be separated by me latter. Now, on to Slendermane. Take a look at my avatar. This is the physical manefistation of a powerful extradimentional being. It is based on the Slenderman, a monster from various internet horror stories. http://knowyourmeme....mes/slender-man It watches. It waits. It gives secret codes and clues (I'm not sure if I will or not). It drives you crazy. Do not try to attack Slendermane, or you will just wake up hours latter with a splitting headache, nausea, and possible rearranged internal organs. It will try to lead you. Where to, no one knows. No one knows what Slendermane's motives are (or if an extradimentional being can even have motives). It enjoys games, and playing with (manipulating) others. I will try to come by and update when I can, but no guarantees. I do have school. Please, enjoy yourselves. Enter the labrynth, if you dare.