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Found 18 results

  1. Hey everyone! I do not think I have seen a thread relating to Astronomy on the forums yet, so here is one! Do you have a interest in it? I certainly do. I've been an amateur astronomer for about 2 years now, and I'm now trying to get into Astrophotography, where you take pictures of space stuff. Using my telescope, which is an Skywatcher 130P Synscan AZ GoTo, I've been able to take some alright pictures of the moon so far with just a normal digital camera: This one I'm quite proud of. It picks out a lot of detail on the surface and it seems to have come out really clear. But, enough of me rambling about my experiences, what about you guys? Do any of you have an interest in Astronomy?
  2. You know, among other related interests that MLP:FiM has generated among its fans and general viewers, I believe that MLP:FiM has definitely generated interest in Horses and Equestrian culture (I mean Real Equestrian culture); and I do wonder if there are any Bronies or anybody who is basically into MLP:FiM who actually rides real Horses and/or Ponies or at least thinks about giving it a try. Imagine riding in a Pony pulled cart, much like this: Who would love to see something like that as an activity at a future Brony convention? Could you see MLP:FiM influencing a renewed broader interest in riding Horses (whether Horseback or Horse drawn vehicles), perhaps with the help of the Brony movement? Feel free to share your thoughts.
  3. I don't really like being questioned about it because I dunno how to explain my reasons.
  4. Hello everyone, I am a curious one! So i would really like to know more about you guys (besides the mlp community) 1. What kinds of interests do you have? 2. Do you have any fun hobbies besides internet ^^? 3. What do you do for fun? 4. do you have a job? if yes, what kind? I would just in general want to know more about ya'll But ill start by answering my own questions .. and i'll give a bit more information. Btw my name is Sara, i live in a teny tiny country called denmark, i am 22 years old and engaged. Well Aswers: 1. I am very interested in ice skating and love to do it, i am also taking drama classes with is tons of fun! I am also a social gamer, i dont really play alone. 2. I am an artist, both digitally, traditionally and with paint, i am a very creative person 3. That depends on my mood, i dont really "party" like other young people at my age, i like to skype with my friends or chill with a good book and a cup of tea. 4. No i dont have a job, because of reasons. but my goal is to one day become a bioanalyst! Now your turn! And i would be more than happy to know about other things in your non mlp life
  5. Since there is a thread for cartoon crushes, I have decided to make a thread for video game crushes. Oh god why the fuck did I think this was a good idea? Anyway, post and vidya game characters you have a crush on.
  6. Alright, for this thread, you will post a letter of the English alphabet and the next person will name something they like/love that starts with that letter, and so on and so forth. Ex. Person 1 - A Person 2 - Apple F Person 3 - Frogs U Oh, and multiple word answers are allowed. I'll start with: E
  7. Ever had this happen to you? Not necessarily with a show that you felt was bad or mediocre, but with one you could clearly see was good, that plenty of people enjoy and recommend, but no matter what you just can't get into it? I ask right now, since I'm kind of in a position like that with Gravity Falls. Since MLP is on hiatus right now, I've been checking out some other shows lately. Particularly other animated shows, ones from my childhood I hadn't seen in years, ones I hadn't really given a chance yet, and some that I'd seen before but never fully clicked with me. One of these shows was Steven Universe, which I'd tried a few times before in the past but always walked away uninterested, but which after giving it just one more shot and sticking with it a bit longer, I finally fell in love with it, and now it's one of my new favorite shows. Since I'd had a similar history with Gravity Falls in the past, trying it out a few times and not getting into it, I figured I should give it one last try too, and...still nothing. I can very clearly see why people love it, but nothing I see drags me in. I don't find it very funny, the mystery doesn't feel very compelling, I don't really find myself caring about the characters very much, etc. It just does nothing for me, despite everyone telling me I should love it, and despite the fact that I can see the quality. I also might have a slight personal grudge against the show holding me back too, but I'm not totally sure about that. Anyway, personal experiences? Ever had a show you could see the value of, but just don't find interesting personally? Ever tried and tried and tried to watch something, but just couldn't really care? I find this kind of situation oddly interesting right now, so I'd love to hear others experiences with this.
  8. Are there any games that you really wish you could play, but you are unfortunately terrible at? Either because the game is too difficult, or just because it's a style that you have no idea how to play; these are the games that you've droolingly watched a thousand LPs of, but wouldn't dare pick up yourself. For me, this would be grand strategy games, especially the Paradox titles. I love the idea of conquering the world one historically-accurate nation at a time, but unfortunately I've always sucked at strategy games in general; and every GS game I've tried has just been too complicated, too obtuse, and too unfriendly to new players for me to have any fun with it.
  9. If you guys haven't heard of Matthew Patrick, then I highly suggest you check him out. He has videos of a whole assortment of knowledge on many topics. He connects history, science, sociology, and psychology with video games. It makes these topics very interesting and should leave you with a greater sense of appreciation into how a human mind concocts the beauty known as video games. I particularly suggest this one, since it was the first one I've ever watched. Enjoy!
  10. Maud made me interested in rocks. I went to see Twelve Apostles after watching Maud Pie..what do you know, Sediments did make me sentimental! I am also interested in partiology now...if that's a real thing.. Did anyone else find new interests from watching MLP? Hippology?Mythology?Cosmetology?Astronomy? Or history maybe?
  11. Currently, Hasbro holds on to 40% of the recently renamed Discovery Family, and programs the network's daytime schedule. But how long will this last? Hasbro hasn't really done anything with the daytime schedule in a while, could they be planning to phase out of the network's operations all together? Honestly I wouldn't be supprised if they did. I imagine Hasbro is just holding on to part of the network to allow some of The Hub's leftovers to finish whatever season their currently in, after which, Discovery will become the sole owner of the channel. As for Friendship is Magic, If Hasbro decides on doing a 6th Season, it would probably move to another channel, maybe Boomerang as they too are getting a shift in channel operations. If not, then they could end the show after Season 5 and and part ways with Discovery for good. This is all just speculation of course, but what are your thoughts?
  12. Warning, If you are easilly offended with the Occult or other such subjects, read no further. As the title says, what subjects are you interested in that others may find disturbing? For me, i am interested in strange or mysterious religions. More specifically, Cults. I find Neo-Pagan and other Cults such as the Warlocks very interesting. The Occult and the Satanic Church are all so fascinating. I am an atheist myself and don't actually practice or believe the religions I study, I just find them interesting. Anyway, what are you people interested in.
  13. Well, most of you have seen the trailer for Equestria Girls and already decided your opinions on it. But I want to know what you guys think of what looks like Twilight's love interest. Post what you think below. Well, first off, I just want to hope that for all that is good in this world that the love interest character isn't a generic stereotypical perfect boy character we see in a lot of TV shows nowadays. Now that I've said that, I would like to give some more opinion on it. Knowing the writers behind MLP: FiM, we know that they are very capable of making "3-dimensional" memorable unique characters, so I hope that they do the same with this character. Also, I hope that this love interest doesn't mess up the character of Twilight and make her act stupid, out of character, lovey-dovey, or too girly (Notice how I said "too"). But this has potential. My personal theory it that they probably look into something about him being a human and her actually being a pony, but we don't know the whole story of EG so I can't confirm anything. He too might even be a pony which would possibly mean he would carry over to the show. Well, that is all I have to say. Post your opinions about him below.
  14. Hello all! Well ever since I got interested in My Little Pony, ive been scrolling through some other kids channels on sky. And ever since i started to watch MLP ive started to watch other kids shows as well such as GravityFalls and Adventure Time. So i was just wonder if anyone else has started to watch more kids shows after watching My Little Pony.
  15. Just wanted to know because I met one Pagan Brony/Pegasister on a site and I wanted to know are there any other Bronies and Pegasisters who studies Paganism and/or Wicca.
  16. Anypony here listen to SModcast? I've been looking for a long time. Feel free to voice your fandom or talk about fat Kev Smith's endeavours.
  17. We are on an off season, so there's nothing much to discuss at the moment about the show (but, since some 'footage' of season 4 has been revealed, there are couple of things to talk about), on top of that we are in a 'crisis' stage of the fandom, by having the Twilicorn and Equestria Girls, which were really hated at first but slowly gaining a little bit of acceptance. Anyways, what things that you do keep the spark of your bronyness alive? In my case is mostly drawing and sometimes animating. Drawing ponies is pretty much what I do and I have a lot of fun doing it while I still have interest in ponies. If I wasn't doing this I would be bored of MLP honestly due to all of this nonsense controversy, this keep me alive while I wait for season 4. This is my example, now you tell me, what do you do. Do you go to conventions, do you collect merchandise, do you do art, animation, music, etc. Do wear brony t-shirts, do you chat with brony friends about the show, do you watch brony related videos on youtube. Anything goes, post the things that keep you interested in the fandom while there's no much to talk about and in the middle of this dark moment the fandom is experimenting
  18. So recently, I have been noticing that I am alot less interested about the show and the fandom in general. I was even going to re-watch both the seasons during the summer but I only got to season 1 episode 15 and couldn't be bothered to watch any more. Is the show really losing it's charm on me? Am I just one of those people who only likes to watch things once? Could it just be the off season that's making me lose interest?