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Found 15 results

  1. So, theoretically, through the use of particle accelerators, we can "create" mini black holes. But if we don't shoot for a powerful one, a weak one will tear our planet's core a new one. Edit, if a powerful one is made, then it is a total game of chance whether or not the black hole will gain momentum or not. The particles will not gain any momentum if they hit each other head on, and will get stuck on Earth. Criticize at will.
  2. Hey guys! The most interesting thing about me is that my eye changes color based on my geographical position! I mean they change complete Color, not just a little tint. Also, I am absurdly good at predicting and impersonation. I just need to know a little and BAM!
  3. It was a dark room. Or, rather, darkness surrounded me; the figures at its center were easily visible. There was a man - older than myself - speaking. Addressing me. Asking questions. I was standing back to back with another man. I had the impression of him; of who - or what - he was. Either I couldn't see his face or didn't want to; though I felt strongly that his "face" would be bare and skeletal. The talking man inquired, "Who is this?" Despite my initial feelings, I experienced a sense of relief or of comfort, and I responded without hesitation. "This is my friend, and I will meet him someday." I met death in a dream.
  4. First off, an explanation as to what in the wide world of Equestria this thread is about. A history of the history thread if you will. If you dont know me you wouldn't be familiar with my complete obsession over all things engineering. Ive been hooked on building everything since I was just an itty-bitty-teeny-weeny kid. In the Fifth grade, I got to learn all about the medieval ages. The rise and fall of the roman empire, The Dark age, the renaissance, It was all super cool. The end project for the unit was to create something from the medieval era. At my school, everyone built castles. I wanted to be different, so I made a cathedral, and in the process I learned a crap-ton about gothic and romanesque architecture. In more recent years, Ive been taking engineering courses, one of them including Architecture, and since the 5th grade I have learned just about everything. A jack of all trades and a master of none. Anyway, I digress; Im writing this because I love architecture, and I thought this would be a fun way of combining my passion with my love for ponies and then sharing it with you in a way you may find interesting. So, without any further ado, I proudly present to you the reader... Architecture of Equestria A telling of history from an engineer's perspective. Abstract: The purpose of this post is to parallel the historical and technological advancements of Equestria to those of Earth and the Human race. Architectural stylings and choices will be observed and compared to human history to create an idea of the time MLP:FiM takes place in, and to generate history of Equestria as told through the construction of Equine towns and cities. Some aspects of the show will be considered to assist in the completion of this history, thus making it mostly headcanon, but otherwise this topic serves mostly to compare architecture and explain its purpose and relevance to history, and to entertain the intelectual minds of forum-goers. First things First: The first thing we will need to take note of is some of the technology present in Equestria. Primarily, the train. Trains require a lot of infrastructure to support, including water towers, steel mills, and coal mines. This gives us a hint at what present day Equestria looks like and how its modern cities are built. The first human Steam Locomotive was successfully driven in 1804 (Railroads existed prior to that, but carts were pulled by horses and were often small. Tracks were contained in cities and pulled only trollies and things). With that date in mind (1804) and knowing that Equestria is at least 1000 years old, we have our timeframe: ?800-1800. For the purpose of this topic, we will not exit this time frame. Also, I mostly only use the word "Equestria" when describing the nation. This may confuse you throughout the read. It is my belief that there was once Equestria the small Kingdom, and the n Equestria the empire AFTER the kingdom was destroyed by NMM. Keep this in mind while reading, as I may not be entirely clear about that. Beginning in a Dark Age: Despite Equestria's rich lore and culture, and its amazing means of communication (as demonstrated by Spike and the royal guard), Equestria's history remains rather confusing. We already know the nation is about 1000 years old, there was a time of struggle amongst the pony races and the Windigoes, there was also Discord's brief reign of terror, and the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon. However, lots of these historical happenings dont quite add up. I could write a whole other post on the topic, but I will let @@~Chaotic Discord~ go ahead and write that topic. Im not saying that his telling of the history of Equestria is entirely correct, but it is pretty close to my idea of how "shit went down" in the land of MLP. That being said, lets take a look at a map, as it will also help us get an idea of what we are talking about next: Starting in the middle, The Ruins. The ruins in the map are of the same ruin where Twilight fought Nightmare Moon (Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2). Now, normally one may think that one cant derive much from a ruined building, but quite the opposite is true. In the episode, one can note the architecture of the door's and windows. The parabolic shape and high pillars are reminiscent of Gothic architecture. Whats odd about this is that the most prominent gothic buildings were churches, cathedrals, and few civic structures. Perhaps this suggests that this structure was once a Hall of Harmony, a residence for the physical Elements of Harmony before they took on spiritual form. Its odd mostly because one would assume that such powerful tools would have been better guarded, and not left on display. There are a few counters to this, such as the presence of the large moat and the delicate rope bridge leading to the ruin, but the stone pillars by the moat would suggest a stone bridge existed previously. I would assume that there must have existed some sort of defense, as it also seems that the ruling family presided in this structure as seen in the final scene where NMM is vanquished by the EoH. Because this is a structure of such grand importane, there may have been some aspects of Scottish Gothic Architecture, which existed mostly in the 1300's and would have provided much better defense to whatever the hell this building was. Delving a bit more into gothic architecture: the style is characterized mostly by its pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and flying buttresses (of which the vaults and buttresses appear to have fallen). Gothic architecture evolved from roman building style and was popularized by the French. It began in roughly the 12 century, which would make sense, as this would be only 400 years away from the beginning of our timeline, leaving for plenty of room for the Foundation of Equestria, and the Rise and Fall of Discord. The use of Gothic style continued into the 1600's, and even later into the 1800's as seen in Modern Universities, but prior to 1600 Gothic architecture was chosen mostly out of Architectural necessity, as large stone structures required the extra support provided by vaults and buttresses. Anything after the 1500's was purely a stylistic choice, as much more advanced construction techniques had evolved. After the destruction of this structure, it would have made sense for the ponies to have relocated. After all, a castle in the middle of the Everfree forest is probably the stupidest idea concieved. Unless, that the Everfree forest sprouted up around the ruin after the fall of the original Equestrian kingdom. Architecturally speaking, the next place to be built would have been Canterlot, which is perfect because that matches up with the timeline we are building. After the banishment of Nighmare Moon and the collapse of the castle, Celestia and whatever royals were left must have moved to where Canterlot is today. Rebirth of a Nation: The design of the Canterlot Castle incorporates a lot of features reminiscent of the great churches of Kevian Rus'. The odd pointed-mushroom-dome things, large white detailed facades, and tall doors and windows are strikingly similar to the Church of the Insurrection. The only problem with this would be that Kevian Architecture died out with the invasion of the Mongols in the 13th century. There is one structure that still looks a load like Canterlot, though, and it fits right in on our timeline. The Ivan the Great Bell Tower features three main components. It is constructed entirely of brick, whitewashed to match the buildings around it in the cathedral square. The tower itself is comprised of octagonal drums, narrowing toward the top, and ending with the same odd mushroom dome things as the buildings of Kevian Rus'. The structure was started in 1504 and reached completion in 1508. This is relevant for a number of reasons. As compared to the previous Gothic style building in the old kingdom, the new Canterlot Castle, if built in the same architectural method, could have been built faster and stronger. What used to take decades to build could now be done in a fraction of the time. Considering the old kingdom was completely destroyed, swift construction of a defensive line would have been vital to the safety of the Equestrian nation, especially considering the horrible creatures that exist in Equestria. Defensive structures can be seen along the castle, including a large curtain wall, various battlement platforms, and a drawbridge and portcullis. It is also known that cannons exist in the Equestrian world, but none are shown on the outer walls of Canterlot's Keep. If there are any, they would be on this wall. Or more likely, fortification and colonization of the Equestrian Empire made Canterlot a less strategically important location. The outside of the castle is very similar to Russian Architecture, however, the interior is much different. While the high ceilings make sense for a regal keep, the original Canterlot Castle would have primarily served as a key defensive position, and the interior would be rather bare. Instead, Fine finished wals and floors and carpets are seen all over the castle. The interior work is also very similar to the designs of neoclassical empire style estates, especially French Renaissance Architecture, which also emerged in the early 1500's and lasted until the later 1700's. Stylistically Renaissance architecture followed Gothic architecture, so this is a pattern that makes sense. There are also a few gothic elements to the interior of the castle, including the Equestrian Hall of History, with its large, pointed, stained-glass windows and vaulted ceilings. Given the imperialistic nature of Equestria at this point in time, it would also make sense that the interior could have been redone. Once general security settled with ponies all across Equestria, there was minimal need for such heavy defense An economic boom may even have taken place, which is reinforced by the fact that there are crystal caverns beneath Canterlot Castle. Growth in the economy would have given room for lavish and luxurious lifestyle to be enjoyed by the noble citizens of Canterlot. Other towns must have also poped up at this time, such as Ponyville and Trottingham (Im guessing based on the name), and perhaps even Hollow Shades. These towns would have had to of adapted a Vernacular architectural style; they would have built homes using whatever material was available, and based whatever technological and cultural innovations they were accustomed to. Vernacular architecture in the human world varies in style depending on the environment and the culture, and can look anything like hawaiian homes to Tudor buildings. In the case of Ponyville, the town appears to have adapted a vernacular style similar to that seen across europe, especially similar to the towns of England and Germany. Houses would have been framed using wood, and then walls would have been built using a composite of hay and mud. Perhaps a forest or wood used to exist in the location of Ponyville, or perhaps even material was brought from the outskirts of the Everfree to the town. Coincidentally Vernacular styles in europe had been adapted for quite some time, but really began to boom in Europe in the 1500's, especially with the Tudor styling. Construction of towns at this point in time would also have been vital to the Equestrian Empire. each town would have to have provided something of need to the entirety of the nation. Hollow Shades may have been a lumber town. For Ponyville, it would make sense that they provided food, as they are located at the fork of two rivers, and therefore the terrain would have been rich for planting crops. It can also bee seen in most shots of Ponyville that there is a wind and water mill, clearly indicating that product grown in Ponyville was also processed in Ponyville. Wheat would have been turned to flour for bread and cakes. Perhaps sugar cane in the area could have been ground into sugar. The only indication we have for what plants would be grown there would be the apple trees. Obviously, the apple trees provide apples, but they would also indicate what the climate is like in Ponyville, and therefore what other plants could be grown with relative ease. Colonial Era: Further Colonisation of Equestria would have been essential sooner or later for the same reason that it became essential for Europeans. First of all, the population would have began to boom. This can only be supported by the idea that there may have been economic growth, and that there was already a move from Canterlot to make farming towns similar to Ponyville. Second, more people would have meant more mouths to feed. I could be entirely wrong on this as well. Perhaps the more food happened first and then the more people happened, but either way, there was obviously some period of colonization. Ill be perfectly honest with you, it gets rather headcanon from here, as I have very little from the show to back this next bit up. All I have to go off of is the fact that the Canterlot Castle interior looks odd, one shot from the show, and a couple of buildings from the iOS game. All OOC aside, here is what Ive gathered. Obviously, the French Renaissance style was adapted into the Canterlot Castle. However, a royal family would not have done this unless the style was trending. Kind of like how Rarity wouldn't be caught dead in stripes unless some hotshot in Canterlot said it was cool. Thats just how fashion works, and architecture is essentialy fashion for houses (and nerdy-ass engineers that like shows for girls). From what we have seen in the show, there aren't many houses that reflect French renaissance architecture. However, Filthy Rich's house in the iOS game, and a few of the Canterlot buildings, are strikingly similar to the 1600's style. For most of the costal cities, it would make sense that they too were built using this sort of a style, at least for the rich. The poor would have built homes in a Gregorian style, which also existed during the late 1600's to Early 1700's, and had direct tie-ins to english and french renaissance architectural choices, as well as throwbacks to classical architecture. The production of brick would have become rapidly easier over the last hundred years, especially considering almost all of Canterlot would have been built with brick. Having built a whole city from the material, it would be safe to asume that ponies got pretty good at making bricks. This is important, because it would explain why the poor could suddenly afford brick. Part would have been due to the economic boost, and another due to the swift rate at which bricks could be made. Its also safe to asume that forts would have been constructed durring this time. A growing empire in such an unstable natural environment would have required heavy defense. With the development of metal working, cannons would have been implemented anywhere seen fit, most likely along the coasts. At this point, we are assuming that the ponies spread from the center of the continent outward. This would mean that there were minimal naval developments, and therefore any attack would be most feared from across the ocean, where ponies are unfamiliar. There is minimal canon data to support this, but its a safe assumption. One last headcanon thing before we hit back to architecture: The map above shows the Liberty Bell in Fillydelphia. Well, this is interesting for a number of reasons, but first, take a look at this: This would appear to be a reference to a three branch government. The inclusion of the Liberty Bell on the map, as well as suggesting a democratic-republican government completely contrasts the monarchy established by the rule of the princesses. This could suggest that perhaps there was a political uprising in Equestria's history. Of course, Canterlot appears ill defended for such a thing, and there is no hint at cannons in the city walls. Its also possible that there was a peaceful government shift. Perhaps the princesses were wise enough to know that they could not possibly rule over such a large population on their own. IMO, thats a load of sappy BS, but a peaceful transition would make sense, considering the unity in the nation is out of necessity (Windigoes, and dragons, and hydras, oh my!). Booming on Up to Present Day: In Equestria, there are two cities that are perfect examples of American Western expansion. The first one, Appleloosa, is a perfect example of a vernacular western village. In the American West. Vernacular homes were made using rustic sod, semi-cut stone, mortared cobble, adobe bricks, and rough logs. As for Appleloosa, its safe to say that the latter was used, at least until the town began to grow in size. This sort of a village on its own isn't significant economically, but it tells quite a bit about the Equestrian society. Such a town would have been built due to the ever increasing population, and the apple farm seen there would have been a form of sustenance farming. We can prove this by looking at Season 1 Episode 21, where Braeburn explains that they need the apple orchard to feed the town. Odds are, the orchard started small enough to feed just a couple of families, and grew as people moved into the town. From what I got from the episode, it seems that the town is still growing, which would even further fit this town into the late 1700 to early 1800 time period where it belongs. Dodge City, namesake to Dodge City, Kansas, is an example of a boom town. The buildings would have been built in a similar way to Appleloosa, but was much more economically relevant. Most Boom towns existed near places that were believed to be rich in gold. Dodge City, however, was built around cattle. Livestock were herded to the city to be bought and sold, and then used for meat, leather, or milk (Real, whole milk, god dammit. Not fake skim milk). The presence of boom towns would suggest yet another economic burst in Equestria. The Equestrian Treasury must be overflowing with rare riches, especially considering that one bit is worth about 37 USD. Growth in economy usually means one thing: More luxurious lifestyles for the rich, more technological innovations, and more affordable things for the lower and middle classes. Even the poorest of the poor in Equestria can easily afford a home, three square meals, and clothing. Its probably also safe to assume that Vanhoover was founded during this time. As for Manehattan, Fillydelphia, and Baltimare, they would have been undergoing another architectural change to what we saw in the show. These larger cities are most likely industrial centers, just like their namesakes are in our world. If Manehattan had a steel foundry, that would mean economic growth and faster deployment of rail and quicker construction of high-rises. Manehattan appears to have entered an American Victorian architectural age, which could really only have happened with the introduction of steel.. The buildings are taller, but not much taller than 5 or 6 stories. Any taller building would require more time and effort to make, and would need an elevator to easily move up and down in. Thats not to say there are no elevators or tall buildings. Perhaps there are a few elevators in some of the larger buildings, such as the Chrysler building which appears to have been built, but its to hard to tell from other shots of the city. Also, Ponyville appears to have an Arched Dam. This is interesting, because it seems to resemble Hoover Dam, but on a smaller scale. Its hard to date this dam though. The first Dam was constructed by the Romans in 1 BC. This dam, however, was only a few meters high and retained drinking water. Not a single dam was built again until the 1600's, when the Mongols constructed one. The first arched dams appeared in the 1800's, and were made because they were stronger and better at retaining water. The Ponyville does have electrical generators, which appear rather old for a number of reasons. The first generators for AC current were made by Nikolai Tesla in the late 1800's. Tesla even had plans to turn Niagra falls into a generating station, a vision not recognized for another few decades. On top of the generator buildings even appears to be a Tesla tower. Perhaps it is actually an ionosphere tower similar in design to Wardenclyffe tower, which was also designed by Tesla, and was supposed to provide unlimited free electricity to the world wirelessly. Electrical energy could be safely tapped from the ionosphere whenever needed at no cost to anyone. Unfortunately, the project was never finished, as Tesla lost financial backing. Petty concerns about profit and shit. Hand it to the ponies to be the ones to do awesome stuff for free. Rock on Tesla-pony. A Brief Conclusion and Additional Afterthoughts: So, Ive left you all with quite a bit of reading material and even more to ponder on. I hope it is easy to read and understand, and I pray I wrote with clarity. Ive never been to good at saying whats on my mind with words unless Ive just written out exactly what is in my head. Even then, it still gets confusing. Just an afterthought that is completely irrelevant to the prior wall of text. Its not hard to notice that almost all of the characters in MLP:FiM are Female. At least, a vast majority are. In my mind, the males are most likely doing all of the more difficult jobs. Ponykind has not changed much, despite their technological advances. Its safe to assume that they still retain medieval notions of honor and chivalry. Men are all working in mines and factories, or are in the military. Women also work, but they are seen doing jobs that do not involve such hard labor. Running Spas and Bakeries is not as hard as digging up solid earth and melting iron and steel. Because the jobs are 'simpler', and the lifestyles are more easy going, the females have more time for recreation, and hence it is easy to follow the Mane 6 as they go about their daily lives. Well, I just spend a good two hours typing this all up. I hope everypony enjoy's it and gives it a good read and think-over. Im open to any comments, ideas, suggestions, and/or questions. Until my next rant! Brohoofs! /)
  5. Check it out! Generate fake antivirus names, and other random stuff. "A scary wooden indian chief ingested some black Uranium" lol
  6. So I guess I'm BronyDanceParty's 250,000th subscriber. Huh. I just hit the subscribe button, and it was EXACTLY 250,000...
  7. Most people see Danny as a comedy musician from Ninja Sex Party or the guy besides Arin Hanson (Egoraptor) from Gamegrumps. This Interview with his Grandma though, shows a more human site of Danny, which just makes me appreciate him even more. His Grandma has alot of great stuff to say. Here is the full interview: Also, checkout his band Ninja Sex Party, or his let's plays with Egoraptor on Gamegrumps. EDIT: Wow, Mandopony commented on this vid.
  8. Title is somewhat unrelated. A user posts an interesting fact about his or herself. The next user posts a fact similar to the above fact. Example: User 1: I don't like Apple Pie. User 2: I won a pie-eating contest when I was 12. User 3: I've won first-prize at two Science Fairs. I'll start: I own an umbrella hat, which I got as a school fundraiser prize.
  9. As a young child, I used to collect the orriginal "Bionicles" by LEGO. It was really fun to build them, make them fight, ect. Anyway, the orriginal "toa" bionicles used to come with a small CD that you could run on your PC to learn about the lore. Going over the entire first generation lore, I noticed some of the eerie similarities to MLP FIM. Here is a basic video explaining the original lore, although there are many more details that have my mind blown. (Post may be updated with more content) In case you didn't get what I'm saying: Mata-Nui = Celestia Makuta = Luna/Nightmare Moon 6 "Mighty Heroes" are the mane 6. Masks of power = elements of harmony. Makuta's Jealously that the islanders only loved Mata-Nui = Nightmare Moon's Jealously that equestrians only loved Celestia. Makuta's spell causing darkness = Luna not lowering the moon. There are also some similarities in the maps... Imagine MLP if Luna had defeated Celestia and banished her instead. It's not a carbon copy, but I think its strange to some extent that there are so many similarities. PS: Onua is best Toa. Vibe kill. Aren't you one of the guys who attempted to spam my profile? -.- Anyway, if only one or a few of the things mentioned above we're similar, than I would just shrug it off. The only thing is that there is a group of similarities which makes it even more similar as a whole.
  10. Hello I hope you like to ask questions
  11. Hallo, ponies~ I have a hunch that some of you guys have documentaries of interests that you'd to share. Post a link/video to share it with everyone~! I'll start Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie
  12. Ever since we realized we could die, we've tried to stop death. Our search has been fruitless (and I myself hope it to remain that way), but along the way, we've found countless ways to make life better while we have it, and to extend it so we can enjoy it as long as possible. In recent years, this has become incredibly apparent, with new discoveries being made every day. Both myself and countless others are fascinated and inspired by such things. As such, I'd like to bring these discoveries to light to others. I'm making this thread as a place to spread knowledge of and discuss the most recent developments in medicine, as to truly respect and admire these discoveries. I myself have found four to get the discussion started, and anyone with anything else of note can feel free to add them on here as to bring light to them as well. 1: Organs Off the Presses. A man recently had an operation on his skull. It had been seriously damaged, to the point that simply fitting the shards back together would have been impractical. So, they went with something different: they used a 3-D printer to make a skull plate out of a high-strength and body friendly polymer. Using this technology, they were able to replace 75% of this man's skull with a synthetic skull in the same shape as what he had before. Refine this technology, and we may end up being able to print off even internal organs, eliminating the need for donors, as well as the possibility of tissue rejection. 2: A New Meaning to "Spray-on Abs" Serious burns have been a problem for a long time. Until recently, the only option for healing was to graft skin from other parts of the body. Recently, however, scientists have developed a way to rapidly culture skin cells, and combine them with certain other biological agents (such as anti-clot factors) to create what can be applied to affected areas as basically "spray-on skin." The culture has proven successful in healing skin ulcers and the like in fractions of the time it would take for a graft to heal the same wound. 3: Selectively Deadly Toxins Venom is highly dangerous. Scorpion venom is no exception. However, a certain chemical found in the venom (the synthetic version is called T-601) has a rather helpful effect if isolated: it tags brain tumor cells, and brain tumor cells exclusively. It discolors the cancerous tumor tissue, allowing surgeons to more easily distinguish cancerous brain tumor cells from the regular healthy cells, allowing for more effective and reliable removal. And given how fragile the brain is, this is an infinitely helpful tool in the battle against cancer. 4: A True Replacement One area of medicine that never ceases to amaze is prosthetics. From the early days of muscular hooks to more modern metallic analogues, the field has advanced very greatly. However, the one of the most important improvements is coming from John's Hopkins University: a cybernetic arm that is controlled by thought. Electrodes are placed on the brain in the parts that control arm and hand movement, which send signals to a transmitter placed elsewhere in the body. The transmitter then sends the signals to the arm, which moves just like (and just as easily as) a human arm. What makes this truly astonishing, however, is another ability of this system. The arm itself contains electrodes and sensors that pick up environmental data that gets sent back to the transmitter. From there, it goes to electrodes placed in the areas of the brain where that area's sensory information is normally processed, basically, allowing the user the "feel" with their new arm These should be enough to get some discussion started. And again, feel free to share anything you guys come across; this thread IS meant to appreciate modern medical developments, after all. Here's hoping to more lifesaving medicine that has yet to be discovered!
  13. Hey just wanted to post one of my newer drawing. Let me know what you think or visit my DA to see more of my stuff. Thanks!
  14. Hey everyone! I have really nooby question which I have been dying to ask anyone. I was wondering, what is a good art program which a lot of people use to make all the INCREDIBLE Fan art? I am a complete Novice when it comes to this stuff, I make PMV's, but never attempted fan art lol. It would be good if someone could help.
  15. All those characters are taken by others, and I hate roleplaying as someone that isn't either me or an OC which is essentially just me (I like the word "me " big time) so I think I'll make a more interesting ask thread since I'm bored: ask me anything! That means anything. Anything from why I'm attracted to Twily intensely, why I both love and hate 4chan, why I'm better than all of you (hint: The Great and Powerful Ashbad likes himself quite a bit), things like/dislike about bronies and such, why Nickleback is such a horrible band, and why Twily is always on my mind. Feel free to also ask questions on why I like Twily so much. Expect some /b/read.