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Found 15 results

  1. Hey, I'm just curious to see how international this forum is! I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but I now live in a small town in Denmark called Vejle! You don't have to mention the city if you don't want to, just the country will do!
  2. A gap year is traditionally a year that some students take between high school and college. It's meant to be a break from scholarly studies and an opportunity to go volunteer, travel, go on an internship, etc. Some people take it during or after college too. Here are a lot of programs specifically for people taking a year off: Are you planning on taking a gap year in the future? If you've already taken one, what did you do?
  3. In different parts of the world, "daddy longlegs" can refer to at least three animals. The cellar spider, harvestman, or cranefly. These unique arthropods are all very harmless, and can be beneficial as well. Cellar Spiders: These little spiders like to hang out in dark corners and eat small insects. They are a common find in many places. Harvestmen: In the order Opiliones, these tickly arachnids are actually not spiders, as they have one body segment. They are incapable of biting people, and even if they could, they are nonvenomous. These are what I consider daddy long legs. Crane Flies: They may look like huge mosquitoes, but they are harmless and will not bother humans. Unlike the other two, these are insects, having only six legs. Here where I live, I have seen all three listed. However, I only consider harvestmen daddy longlegs. Perhaps some of you may call another animal not listed as one. So what do you consider daddy longlegs to be?
  4. Welcome to the International Derpy Day Trivia on the MLP Forums. I know what you're all probably thinking right now. Since when is this an official day? The answer? It is because of reasons that most likely involve magic. Anyway, no doubt you know just how popular Derpy has been in the MLP fandom ever since she first became recognized amongst the many background characters that exist. Even though she does have an official name in Friendship is Magic, I'll be utilizing her fandom name because I'd rather not cause a scene. International Derpy Day Trivia... There is a badge associated with Derpy that you can win--I'm sure you all know what it looks like--but you will need to answer these questions. No... none of them are derpish in any way even though that would've made things more interesting. Instead, these questions are taken from both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. Of course EQG would be included here. After all, I make sure it gets included in these trivia challenges. Ahem! Who do you submit your answers to? Why @Derpy herself! Don't worry. Nothing is going to go wrong here. Here are ten questions for you to sink your teeth into plus a bonus. This last one can be used as a substitute answer in case you get one of the regular ones wrong. As before, you can work together with others though the difficulty could change depending on how you go about it. Finally, you have the usual four days to submit answers. In other words, I will lock this thread sometime on Friday. Remember! Submit to @Derpy! Not me, @Derpy! Are we good? Excellent. Here are your questions. 1. In which episode does Derpy first speak in? 2. Who does Derpy fight in 'Lesson Zero' due to Twilight's spell? 3. What is Derpy's Costume in Luna Eclipsed? 4. After being absent for a long time, Derpy returns in 'Rainbow Falls'. What does she end up doing? 5. What does Derpy deliver to Starlight Glimmer in 'To Where and Back Again Pt 1'? 6. What does Derpy mess up in 'Slice of Life'? 7. How does Derpy make a first impression at the School of Friendship in 'School Raze'? 8. Derpy gave Rarity quite a lot of stress during 'The Best Gift Ever'. What exactly did she do? 9. It can be said that Derpy is similar to a famous storybook character who was 'always difficult to find in a crowd' due to people trying to spot her. Who is this character? 10. Flash Sentry and Derpy have a sort of running gag in the Equestria Girls series. What is it? Bonus: In 'Rainbow Rocks', Derpy and two other characters had their own band. What are the names of the other two band members? What instruments did each of them play?
  5. Good morning, evenings and nights! I need your help ... my mother is doing a chef course, soon she will graduate... and needs to prepare an international dish for her graduation ... the fact is that we do not know which country to choose and the internet does not help us much... so if you can give us some typical dishes from your countries I would appreciate it very much. I need ... an entrée, a main dish, a dessert and a drink. (the drink can be alcoholic or not) in advance thank you very much for reading and I await your comments!
  6. My mother tongue is English but I've always had a knack for watching shows and movies in other languages besides English. It's fun and I like seeing other's interpretations on the characters. MLP is all around the world, with many different dubs. What's your countries dub like? Is it good? Is it bad? Are the voices somewhat good? My personal favorite is the Latin American dub. I am part Mexican and I have a few younger cousins who don't speak English and watch the shows Spanish dub, so I watch that one sometimes. I think it's quite good! The voices may not be the most accurate but they do their jobs well enough! My favorite VA is Carla Castaneda who voices Twilight. She's a very good impersonation and sings very well for Twilight! But for some reason, for episodes 14-21 they replaced her VA and it was pretty noticable. Not sure who voiced her but while she did a good job she didn't quite match Carla's voice for Twilight. Since I'm a huge weeaboo XD I love the Japanese dub as well! My favorite VA from there is Pinkie's VA (or seiyuu) Suzuko Mimori who also voices Sonoda on Love Live. She impersonates Andrea Libman's voice flawlessly and she promotes MLP quite often on her Twitter. She also voiced Maud in Rainbow Rocks. Sadly, the show never got passed Season 2 in Japan but the Equestria Girls movies exist over there and the merchandise is quite popular too. I've heard rumors of it coming back through Netflix but I'm not sure if they're true. So, what's your favorite dub? If you don't speak English and MLP airs in your country what's it like?
  7. So for those of you who know me, you'll know I'm a bit of a flag waver at heart but I also like to think I'm worldly enough precisely because of my patriotism. That's neither here nor there though but the culture and fiction of these great United States is key to this question I have. There have been a number of video games released in the past couple years by non-American developers who set their games within the United States and with American protagonists. -Alan Wake -Life is Strange -Heavy Rain -Beyond: Two Souls -The upcoming Detroit: Become Human Interestingly, these tend to be more relatively grounded as far as video games go, concerning the lives and interactions of otherwise ordinary people caught in extreme or fantastical circumstance. The two companies that predominantly come to mind in this regard are Quantic Dream and Remedy, who are French and Finnish respectively. Of course this goes further back than that but the primary perpetrator of this used to be Japan, with Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and such. Although those could hardly qualify as close approximation's of U.S. culture. Then again, R.E.'s scale went global and the remake seems to be taking cues from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Deliverance. That's part of the thing though, of the games I listed these aren't just backdrops, they're almost cultural tributes at least some of them are. Alan Wake is mired in a Twin Peaks eeriness with an accurate depiction of small town Americana. This is, by no means, a bad thing but it does kind of perplex me. Quantic Dream has yet to make a game set in France and pretty much ALL of Remedy's games are set in and mostly ABOUT U.S. locales. (Although I'm not sure where Death Rally takes place.) I guess the ultimate question is, why is this?
  8. I am in a sort Les Miserables mood lately, so this is probably nice video to post. 17 Valjeans, from their respective 17 international productions of Les Miserables, sing do you hear the people sing? in their own languages, with all of them singing the closing of One day more. Les Mis is one of my favorite Musicals and i saw the german stage show 2 times and own the movie version from 2012 on Blu-Ray. Countries in order of appearance: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Sweden, Poland, Holland, Canada, Austria, Australia, Norway, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, United States of America
  9. In celebration of International Coffee Day, lets also take this time to celebrate everyone's favorite coffee loving prosecutor, Godot Take this time to share your favorite Godot pictures, gifs, sprites and moments
  10. i'm pretty sure that not everybody on mlpf is fully english speaking, so why don't we have an international board? people from all over the world can make threads in the board so that people who are fluent in certain languages/have that languages' country as their background can talk with people fromthat same place. what do you think?
  11. Have you seen the latest “Google Doodle” for International Women’s Day? It's very bright and inspiring, but why not the Mane 6? It had Dora The Explorer, and Chamki from India's version of Sesame Street (Sesame Workshop produces international versions of Sesame Street all around the world); so why not the Mane 6? Feel free to discuss your thoughts. Happy International Women’s Day everybody and every-pony!
  12. First and foremost, this thread has a distinct purpose. This is sort of a rallying cry, you see. I find "debates" here to be a pretty ineffective way of finding clarity on a subject matter, especially in topics with lots of ideological baggage behind them so I'm going to try a different approach. Alright, here's what I'd like you to do: IF you are interested in learning more about the Ukraine protests and its intricacies, please make a post stating that you are interested. IF you believe you are knowledgeable on the subject and have sources to back up your points, please make a post stating that fact. Please keep all the information to yourself for the time being, however. All will be explained shortly. Should you meet both criteria, make a single post stating that fact. As for what I'm trying to accomplish with this approach, it's to gather those with a genuine interest in expanding their understanding on the matter and to keep out the ones whose only stake in the matter is that of national or political pride -- those individuals who are very polarized. I'm hoping that'll significantly streamline things for those of us with a genuine interest. Much of the discussion will happen in private. I will personally be coordinating all of this. As for those of you who have a lot of information on the matter, please avoid spilling everything up front. This is to avoid the polarized individuals from getting all defensive and tear this thread apart. With a topic this contentious, we're on thin enough ice as it is. That's why I'm just asking you to simply state that you have some concrete information and can back these up with sources. For your convenience Just some lines you can copy-paste depending which criteria you meet. For those with a genuine interest to explore the subject matter: "I am interested in exploring the subject matter and would like to attain a better understanding of the many things happening in and around the Ukraine" For those who have concrete facts but without an interest in further exploration: "I have concrete information that can be backed up with sources and my mind is largely made up on the matter" For those who have both a genuine interest AND concrete facts that can be backed up: "In addition to having concrete information that can be backed up, my mind is not completely made up at this point and I have a genuine interest in expanding my understanding"
  13. Has anybody (or 'any-pony') seen this article ( on Equestria Daily? Everybody give a cheer (and 'every-pony' give a neigh), Luna is headed to the International Space Station. Where else would you like to see Ponies go? A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame perhaps, maybe a Pony topiary garden in the center of a Roundabout or in Central Park of NYC, or perhaps naming a strip of Route 66 after one of the Ponies (or at least decorating it to "Pony" it up). Be certain to give Congraduations for this outstanding achievement in "Pony-dom". "Stay 'Pony' My Friends."
  14. (Not all of these things are specific to it being International. Some of it is just stuff I found weird about my school.) The girl I think I have a crush on is Danish. I was chosen to be the Treasurer of NHS without an election or me even knowing about it. First job: Find a broken car. The majority of the students in Model United Nations are German, but they still struggle to speak English for everything since they have to accommodate the Americans. This one time in Model UN, one of the Germans girls needed help with writing something, saying "I need an American." A Canadian went up to help her, and we pushed him out of the way yelling "She asked for an American!" The German girls I know seem to hate me in a loving way. In contrast, the Spanish girls I know seem to barely tolerate me. The amount of Spaniards in this school is absurd. Like really, I'm not joking. They form large mobs and just start talking really loudly. They ALL know each other... There are too many drugs at this school and too many of my friends are high :/ Actually, I don't think the drug problem is that bad, but rather the school so small that it's really "in your face." My best friend is Canadian. We are weirdly similar in our interests, which is hard for me since I'm used to making friends with people who are nothing like me. He's a little weird, but he's a good friend. In accordance to the absurd number of Spaniards, the American Football team is almost half Spanish. I once saw a Russian, a Macedonian, and a Spaniard talk to each other. They spoke American English better than some Americans I've met. While the school is an International school by default, it's still technically an American school run by the Americans. As a result, we have to do the Pledge of Allegiance every day. The international students just stand up and wonder why the Americans blindly repeat words that solidify our allegiance to a piece of cloth. Everyday. The amount of Spaniards here ensures that you'll probably learn Spanish by the time you leave French class. For some reason, I wish there were more Turks here. One of my friends is Jordanian. You know, Jordan. That one country you don't know but shatters your view of the Middle East that media outlets drilled into your mind. A Macedonian girl was really happy that I knew where Macedonia was. See? Being a geo nerd pays off at some point. I have a gaming class. The school is in several buildings, which is annoying since this is Belgium and it always rains. My literature teacher has a Ph.D. and used to teach college. He must've loved Belgium a lot to decide to teach us high schoolers. On the first day of school, I was given a sombrero. My school's mascot is the Spartans. I wonder what the Greek students think of that. I accidentally said "It's all Greek to me" to a Greek student. International students seem to curse a lot in English. The Polish kids are really tired on thursday because they have to go to Polish school from 5-9 on Wednesdays. Kids (mainly the girls, since the guys here don't sag their pants) will wear things that would make my old school cringe. People seem to be mature enough to handle it. People here are nice out of default. That's always nice.
  15. Me and my mom were marking places on a map, about all the places friends of mine online were from- like, I have a lot of people I talk to online, but not all of them are from the US. One is from South Africa, one is from Isreal! (Dat dot was tiny.... no offence Isreal...) So I want to get a big map, hang it on my wall, and make brony friends and non-brony friends and mark their names next to the countries and whatnot! Then maybe someday, visit them at their countries! What do you think? I'll start off. Name: Julia. (Just has to be a first name or nickname or user name if you aren't comfortable with me putting your name on a map)Location: United States, Florida. (You don't need your city or your address if that's too much but if we talk privately and you are more comfortable then I don't mind.) Favorite of the mane six: Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. Oh and what's your Skype? If you have one. What's your DeviantART? If you have one. I talk over Skype a lot so it'd be great if you could give yours to me. My Skype is TheBigAnimation. Brohoof! /)